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Rams vs dallas, keys to the game

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  • Rams vs dallas, keys to the game

    Well, the Rams get dallas. All games generally get decided by turnovers and red zone conversions, but what is special about this upcoming playoff game in addition to those two always critical factors?

    First, dallas just completely shut down the #1 rushing offense in the nfl this weekend against the chickens. Can we run the ball enough to take pressure off Goff and make play action effective?

    Second, can we stop the run enough to force prescott to beat us rather than letting them pound elliott over and over on us?

    Third, which team can do a better job protecting their qb and giving them time to throw?

    Fourth, I hope Talib is ready to deal with Cooper. He is a key weapon for them and their offense improved dramatically after they acquired him.

    Finally and critically, I really hope that Goff and McVay are ready to take what the defense gives them. Get the ball into gurley's hands in the passing game if need be and make sure that we are prepared to throw screens, slants and quick drops to get the ball out of Goff's hands so its not all 7 step drops.

    Let's remember that dallas beat new orleans earlier this year on the road with a terrific defensive effort. It's the playoffs so you certainly can't expect any easy opponents. I think if we bring our A game we are going to win.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    To defense against the Cowboys is easy--ON PAPER

    Contain-contain-contain first and last is what the Rams need to do. The Rams have to seal the edges so Prescot or Zeke can't bounce a run to the outside. Zeke killed the Squawks when he saw he couldn't run inside but bounced the run outside. That is the basics to defending against Dallas. But the Rams need to show different looks on defense. On long passing downs I'd put Donald at DE paired up with a line backer and dare Dallas to run a draw because I'd have a Safety slide inside the box with first responsibility to take on a slant run second. Show single coverage with Peters on Cooper covering high but bring a LB low while putting Talid on Dallas' number 2 receiver...and mix up coverages throughout the game. If I where the Rams I would be afraid of using an exotic run blitz on first down. Its pretty simple what Dallas is going to do...and that is always put 2 hats on Donald and most likely they are going to either pull a guard or use a TE the way the Eagles did. But should the Rams blitz someone has to spy Zeke because that is about the only way Dallas can beat a blitz with Donald on the field

    Its trickier for the Rams on offense. Power Run and Screens to counter the Cowboys LB. Make Dallas shift to counter any Rams pre-snap adjustments and always press one WR deep to take out any coverage. My guess Dallas will attempt a lot of man coverage and keep their LB close to the line to thwart Gurley or CJ. Personally any down that is long have both Gurley and CJ in the Back Field... Slide Gurley to the Slot like the Rams ran a few times with Faulk (1999), or use Gurley/CJ as A FB blocking or have both as wideout pass catching receivers

    Basically the Rams have to come into the game with all flexible options where Dallas can't make adjustments. What it all comes down too is who makes plays and who doesn't. All the craziness wouldn't be needed if the Rams defense just shows up. This really is the big test because this where it all matters and hopefully the Rams defense comes in with attitude


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      I think stopping Tavon Austin will be the key.


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        The main key will be, can McVay and Goff confirm they have what it takes to win a playoff game. The playoffs are a whole different animal than the regular season. There's no such thing as an easy game.

        If the Rams defense can successfully slow down Prescott and Elliot, and if the offense can find a scheme that forces the Cowboy's talented LBs to be off balance, and Goff being patient with what their defense is giving him, it will be a win.


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          I think stopping Tavon Austin will be the key.

          It really irks me when players underperform for the Rams and then hit their stride/find their niche with the Cowboys. I would have been irritated with Rafael Septien if it weren't for the fact that Frank Corral was still an upgrade.


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            Just hope and pray that you all do not have to play the Eagles! Good luck!
            Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos 2/7/2016 CBS 6:30PM EST Santa Clara CA!


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              Interesting little factoid.

              The last time the Rams and Cowboys faced off against each other in a playoff game was January 4, 1986. HC Sean McVay was born 20 days later on January 24, 1986.


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                Win the turnover and penalty battle. Inform all kick returners to run in the opposite direction in which the ball came.


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                  Recipe: Combine Todd Gurley AND Eric Dickerson in Rams backfield vs. Dallas.

                  Rotate with CJ. Protect Goff. ...Enjoy!

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                    Originally posted by Ram Dragoon View Post
                    All the craziness wouldn't be needed if the Rams defense just shows up. This really is the big test because this where it all matters and hopefully the Rams defense comes in with attitude
                    Dragoon's point here resonates with me. Our defense has a different personality than most of the other teams in the playoffs, including Dallas, and is not the style of defense one normally associates with playoff success. We don't have the run stoppers and the tacklers to play the kind of smothering, shut down defense you see in most of these playoff games. We have mostly relied on individual playmaking to end drives and cause opponents to settle for 3. So, the big question to me is whether our defense can play enough run defense and can make enough 3rd down plays to nip opponents' drives in the bud, get the other guys off the field, and give our offense a chance to stay on the field and get into rhythm. This is the big issue about this team that has been developing and looming all season. The Dallas offense runs through its O line and Elliott. This challenge is front and center.

                    On our offensive side, putting aside the obvious variables of Gurley's health, turnovers, etc.:
                    • The spotlight is on our offensive line. We must win at the line of scrimmage, be able to keep the running game going, give Goff the time he needs to execute. The finer spotlight is on Whitworth and Sullivan. Is Whitworth healthy? Is Sullivan still a top center? Do these guys have enough left in the tank to dominate against the best defenses?
                    • To reiterate GC's point, McVay must bring patience and balance to the game plan and play calling. He should employ all forms of the short game to maintain control at the line of scrimmage, keep the D honest, and open up downfield opportunities. Run, screen, short passes. WRs, TEs, RBs should all be involved. It would seem to make sense to use CJA liberally to spell Gurley and keep a fresh back coming at them.
                    • Another aspect of managing our offensive line of scrimmage is that Goff must get the ball out. He still has a young QB's tendency to hold onto it a tick too long.
                    Another very important point: no slow starts! We must come out focused and energized and ready to jump on this game at home. We've had a tendency to start slow this season, especially our defense. This simply cannot be afforded in the playoffs.


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                      As I stated in a different stream.......The Rams should win this game. Last year they were not ready and fumbled it away, literally. The Cowboy are 10-2 when they get 70 or more yards rushing. Rams are undefeated when Aaron gets a sack. Undefeated when Gurley gets over 100 yards. Simply put, like most playoff games, the winner is the team that plays best in the trenches. If the Rams play to their potential, we got this.


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                        It doesn't take much to state the obvious, but first and foremost, players must execute, on both sides of the ball. That said, coaches must put their players in the best position where their execution will prevail over the other side. And here we have two interesting, and diametrically-opposed, dynamics at play. On one hand, we have a youthful offensive coach who insists he has learned lessons from his early "mistakes"; and on the other, we have an experienced defensive coach who others insist has the track record to produce an exemplary record.

                        Yet, to this point, the offensive scheming repeatedly has demonstrated a failure to adequately accept that just moving the chains, short slants, screens, TEs up the seam, running TG 10x in a row can be just as glamourous as 5 step crossing routes, posts and flys. Defensively, coaching has yet to demonstrate that they can stop the run, stop the TE, stop sustained drives, or get off the field with 3 & outs. This is not simply a failure of execution, it is also a failure to adjust, scheme, blitz, reconfigure and that goes to coaching. So how are these two acclaimed coaches going to game plan for the playoffs? Weaknesses in both the O & D have been exposed. Are they both up to making some timely adjustments? Nobody was ready for the spotlight last year, coaches included. It's going to be real hard to make excuses for anyone this year.


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                          We have to score early and often. If we can get ahead with a significant lead by halftime, the game is ours. Dallas is not built for a high-scoring game. They want to control the pace and run the ball.

                          If we can stop Zeke and can counter their LBs with screens and intermediate/deep throws, we win.


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                            Originally posted by Macrammer View Post

                            Rams are undefeated when Aaron gets a sack. Undefeated when Gurley gets over 100 yards. Simply put, like most playoff games, the winner is the team that plays best in the trenches. If the Rams play to their potential, we got this.

                            Sweet and oh, so superb! Sounds exciting indeed Mac!

                            Can't wait to see our key players - our potential as you put it - perform. IMO, the Rams potential is higher, stronger than that of the Dboys.

                            Elliot, Gurley match strengths. But the advantage for the rest of the players in their respective teams, I feel, goes to US.

                            ...Thus, we MUST NOT DEFEAT OURSELVES as stated elsewhere in this critical context.

                            Just take advantage of it, just use said potential. GOOOOOO RAMS !!!
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                              A bit Off Topic...

                              According to, 01/05/19, the L.A. Rams will be wearing the blue and gold uniforms for their playoff clash against the Dboys.

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                              • general counsel
                                upcoming cowboys game, i hate to say it, but.....
                                by general counsel
                                I hate to say it, and i would LOVE to be wrong, but i have a bad feeling about this week's game on the road vs. dallas. I watched Dallas play arizona tonight (on the road) and they are a really good well rounded team that runs the ball very well, rushes the passer effectively, and doesnt turn it over much (tonight, not at all). Of course, they got blown out last week vs denver, who lost this week to buffalo, so who knows? We better be ready to stop the run about 1000x better than we have in the last two weeks because if we don't it's going to be a very long day. On the offensive side, we absolutely have to find a way to establish some kind of running game to keep goff out of 3rd and long all the time. Arizona's offensive line is a problem and they had two starters out tonight. Dallas was killing Palmer in the second half while rushing three guys and putting 6 db's in the game. We are going to have to give Havenstein help with Lawrence. This game is one of those games on the schedule with a ton of upside, but i am not particularly optimistic. By the way, we are 7 point underdogs. We are all alone in first place and regardless of what happens on the road at Dallas, if we can beat Seattle the following week at home i think all of us have to say at that point that we are dramatically improved and off to a competitive start. This is the part of the schedule where if we want to have a legitimate season above .500 we really can't be losing three in a row to dallas, seattle and jacksonville (on the road, which is not an easy game at all).

                                Please tell me i am being overly pessimistic about this coming week vs. dallas, i would love to hear some other views.

                                Ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -09-25-2017, 10:21 PM
                              • AvengerRam
                                10 things I think will happen on Sunday vs. Cowboys
                                by AvengerRam
                                My pick:

                                Rams 27
                                Cowboys 24

                                1. The defense will come out looking fired up and will have some early success. The question is whether they can sustain it.

                                2. Jared Goff will have a lower completion % than he has in the first 3 games as he is forced to throw the ball away more often.

                                3. Goff will also make a big play or two rolling out.

                                4. Todd Gurley will find it tough running the ball early, but will come on as the game wears on.

                                5. Gurley will also have 5 or more receptions.

                                6. Alec Ogletree will force a fumble.

                                7. Quinn and Donald will each record (at least) one sack.

                                8. If Sammy Watkins is able to go, he'll have a reception of 30+ yards and total at least 80 yards.

                                9. Tavon Austin will break a play (run or reception) for 20+ yards.

                                10. The Rams win on a Greg Zuerlein FG in the 4th Quarter.
                                -09-27-2017, 12:09 PM
                              • macrammer
                                Rams 3 losses...........
                                by macrammer
                                In our three losses this year......Rams averaged 300 yds passing and 70 yards rushing. Since we dropped the consecutive games, Rams have averaged roughly 200 yds passing (well below season average) per game and over 225 yds rushing per game. (above season average)

                                I think McVay switched it up after defenses dared us to pass. The Bears and Eagles were formidable in pass defense taking out our mid range routes. Since McVay has switched it up My question is, now that (perhaps) opposing defense will be looking to stop our run game what does he have up his sleeve this week? Has to give our opposition something to think about at very least........???
                                -01-13-2019, 03:18 PM
                              • general counsel
                                Rams crunch cowboys 30-22; The good, the bad and the ugly
                                by general counsel
                                The Rams won their first playoff game of the McVay era and advanced to the nfc championship game next sunday by thoroughly running the ball down dallas' throat on the way to a hard fought 30-22 victory. The Rams gained 273 yards rushing on 48 attempts for a 5.7 average against a dallas defense that completely shut down the #1 ranked chickens run game in their playoff win last weekend. Both Gurley (16-115) and CJ (23-123) ran for over 100 yards, the first time in Rams playoff history that two backs have done so in the same game. The Rams recorded three rushing touchdowns and the dominance by the offensive line in the trenches allowed the Rams to control the clock, leading to an almost 37-23 advantage in time of possession. When you consider that the Rams did not turn the ball over all game, punted only once, held Elliott to 47 yards rushing on 20 carries, converted 7-13 on third and fourth down while holding dallas to 1-10 on third down and recording one huge fourth down stop, you pretty much explain the Rams victory. But for some early redzone struggles and a brutal drop by Ebukam on a sure pick six, this game would have been over a lot sooner. The Rams really deserved to win this game and they now await the winner of the philadelphia vs new orleans game to see who they play for a chance to go to the big dance.

                                The Good

                                Offensive line, offensive line and offensive line. Absolute dominance both in the run game and in pass protection. 273 yards rushing!!!!! Goff was not sacked and was not hit much. The holes at the point of attack in the running game were sensational, especially when you consider the quality of the opposition. All five guys played well and they were terrific as a unit. Needless to say, if we can run the ball the way we did today, we are going to be very very very tough to beat by anyone anywhere. Just absolutely outstanding play. With the game on the line and McVay going hyper aggressive on 4th and about one and a half rather than kicking the field goal to make it a two score game, the oline did the job and created enough of a hole for CJ to plow into the end zone and make it a 15 point game. Really can't say enough about the way the Rams offensive line took over the game and imposed their will on the dallas defense. By far Sullivan's best game of the year.

                                Gurley and CJ were both terrific, showing power, speed and ball security. Gurley showed great burst on his 35 yard touchdown run to put the Rams ahead 20-7 late in the second quarter. Great run. CJ was critical today because Gurley obviously needed to be spelled because of his month off on the cardio side. You have to give Snead huge credit for finding CJ after Malcolm Brown went out for the year with the shoulder injury. We are not here in my view without CJ and he will likely remain an important part of our title run because he can keep Gurley fresh and provide very hard running between the tackles.

                                -01-12-2019, 11:12 PM
                              • MauiRam
                                Thoughts on next Monday Night
                                by MauiRam
                                Our starters on O have barely seen any preseason action. The same could be said for the starters on D. Crazy stuff can happen in any given football game. A couple of bad calls, an unlucky bounce of the ball, fumbles, you name it. I hope our players do not believe all the recent hype from the press. We are going to face an angry team and a coach who would especially relish winning this particular game. On paper we appear to match up well. We'll see how far that goes on the field of play. I am still very concerned as to whether we can stop the run.

                                We played well on the road last year. That said, this is this year. Oakland is an extremely noisy and hostile stadium. How long will it take before both our O and D gel? On paper, we’ve got a lot of stars, but none of them have played a meaningful down as yet. The eggs have been incubating, and come Monday Night we will find out how many chickens hatch. For now – I just hope the Rams don’t lay an egg. Is this a winnable game? Sure ... It is also losable. Maybe McVay absolutely did the right thing by not playing startes in the preseason - we are about to see. I for one am not brimming with overconfidence. I believe we can win, but I am not expecting it to be easy....
                                -09-03-2018, 02:47 PM