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projected - Rams to get 2 third round compensatory picks

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  • projected - Rams to get 2 third round compensatory picks

    Rams to get two third round compensatory picks in this year's draft based on trumaine and sammy watkins leaving (neither of which did squat to justify the money that the jets and chiefs paid them)

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    That's exactly what Snead & co. hoped. Great news. No 7th for Davis, though? That was floated in some of the projections last month...


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      Originally posted by general counsel View Post
      Rams to get two third round compensatory picks in this year's draft based on trumaine and sammy watkins leaving (neither of which did squat to justify the money that the jets and chiefs paid them)

      Ramming speed to all

      general counsel
      I know how the game of football is played from the standpoint of the Xs and Os….ok but how players are paid--not a damn clue and thus my lack of understanding a player's motivation. This is what I understand:

      There is a player's market at every position based on need and difficulty. Elite WRs and DBs get paid big money with QBs getting the lion's share followed by playmakers and difference makers like Donald. So aside from their yearly salary (contract) and bonuses (if any) it all breaks down to number of games played. However come the playoffs, I am sure there has to be cash on the table for each player in the post season--now is that a fixed amount or a percentage of their 16 game season?

      So I am guessing Watkins gets something because the Chiefs are in and T. Johnston get notta being the Jets ended their season in Jet style--Again. So what is it about players like Johnston who knew he was on a championship bound team want to pack up and play for a cluster (censored) team like the Jets? L.A. has more off season potential for making money off the field for someone who didn't study Rocket Science in College...just wondering what's in the heads of NFL players. Having a Super Bowl ring opens doors outside of football then anything else, just as that ring opens doors inside football even if its no longer being on the field.

      Anyone care to give me some back drop to these questions?


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        Quoting from Yahoo Sports: "The NFL awards compensatory picks to players who lose free agents and don’t sign other free agents to replace them, and the more expensive the free agents you lose, the better the picks you get."

        Apparently there is some type of mystery formula, but salary is said to be the largest and most significant factor in the determination of the awarded picks.

        While I don't know for certain, I'm curious if the Rams benefited from the loophole of gaining Cooks, Talib, and Peters - all quality players at the positions where they lost Watkins and Johnson - via trade. If the compensatory picks is specifically looking at free agents signed vs. free agents lost, then it's possible players traded for may not count, allowing the Rams to maximize their compensation while still filling those holes via trade.

        Anyways, maybe GC can clarify, but I don't think this has been officially confirmed by the league. The Yahoo article says it's based on typically accurate projections by OverTheCap. Still, there's little reason to doubt it at this point. We know the Rams lost guys who were signed to big deals, so we should be expecting good compensation.


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          Nick, i just looked it up. Compensatory picks per the nfl are based only on free agents signed and lost. Players "lost" or "acquired" via trade dont count in the net gain/loss calculation. Furthermore, if you sign a player that was released by the prior team (ie Suh) that does not count as an acquired player, nor does a team that released a guy get credit for "losing" a player.

          Ramming speed to all

          general counsel


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            Can we change the title to "projected", please? No offense GC, but I thought you started this thread because compensatory picks were finally announced. Apparently, that's still not until next month at the start of the offseason. These possible compensatory picks for the Rams have been projected for months.


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              No offense taken, you are correct Koa, its projected based on an article i read. The title of the thread is misleading, it should be projected.

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel


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                Cool, thanks GC. Doesn't change the hope though! When taking comp picks into the equation, it certainly paints a more vivid picture of how Snead has been handling affairs. And it certainly softens the initial shock of paying a 1st round pick for Watkins, only for it to be a 1 year player rental. It comes down to this: he has been trading picks for players, on the chance those players come in and excel. If they excel, pay em to stay. If they don't, they are high caliber enough players to fetch $$ on the open market, thus turning into comp picks. It's literally how the Rams got Fowler Jr. With Obo lost for the year & the other guys not playing strong enough for a playoff push, and knowing a 3rd round comp coming, he traded it to the Jags.

                Unbound by Fisher, Snead has been showing smarts and aggression the last 2 years. I'm digging it.


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                  The really good about this....

                  The Rams made the payoffs which means they get a 1st round pick late. So far I only see the first eleven possible picks in the 2019 draft as being real first round worthy of being first rounders that are immediate plug and play with excellent results--just my view on this coming year's draft. There still is lots of meat left on the bone deep in the 4th round and I am already thinking LB and another DT or NG for need as well as OL and a developmental QB


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                    Patriots, Rams in good shape for 2019 compensatory picks
                    by r8rh8rmike
                    Patriots, Rams in good shape for 2019 compensatory picks

                    Posted by Michael David Smith on May 9, 2018, 5:46 AM EDT

                    The deadline has passed for any free agent signings that will affect the awarding of compensatory picks in next year’s NFL draft, and the Patriots and Rams are the teams that look to be in the best shape for 2019 compensatory picks.

                    Both the Patriots and the Rams are likely to be awarded two third-round picks next year, according to That’s the best haul of any team.

                    The Patriots are always smart about getting compensatory picks, which are awarded to teams that lose more free agents, and especially more expensive free agents, than they sign. It’s no surprise to see the atop the list of compensatory picks.

                    But the Rams’ presence at the top may surprise a lot of people, because the Rams made offseason headlines by attracting a lot of players. How can the Rams get so many compensatory picks after an offseason dominated by headlines about the Rams bringing in big-name players?

                    Because those big-name players weren’t the unrestricted free agents who count toward the compensatory pick formula. Players who arrive in trades, like Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib, don’t count toward the compensatory pick formula. Nor do players who were cut by their previous teams, like Ndamukong Suh. But players who leave your team as unrestricted free agents and sign big-money contracts with other teams do count toward the formula. The Rams lost two such players, Sammy Watkins and Trumaine Johnson, and that’s why they’re expected to get two third-round picks.

                    Other teams expected to get third-round compensatory picks next year include Washington (for losing Kirk Cousins), Minnesota (Case Keenum) and Carolina (Andrew Norwell).

                    The NFL doesn’t publish the full compensatory pick formula, and part of the formula relates to players’ performance during their first seasons with their new teams, so it’s possible that some of this could change before the compensatory picks are awarded for next year’s draft. But right now, the Patriots and Rams are looking good.
                    -05-09-2018, 09:46 AM
                  • 39thebeast
                    Why a trade down is unlikely
                    by 39thebeast
                    Here is an article written by Mike Sando. What this means is all you guys who want us to trade down and get Gholston don't expect it....
                    -03-02-2008, 03:55 PM
                  • ram3057
                    Bonsignore: Aggressive Rams acting like team that knows it’s on cusp of Super Bowl
                    by ram3057
                    By VINCENT BONSIGNORE | | Daily News
                    PUBLISHED: March 9, 2018 at 2:17 pm | UPDATED: March 9, 2018 at 3:18 pm

                    The best track and field coaches will tell you races begin long before the actual gun goes off. Training. Mental preparation. Strategic planning. All of those lead-up factors play a major role in the eventual outcome. And while no race is ever won before it actually starts, many have certainly been lost.

                    Clearly, the Rams are trying to avoid the latter.

                    And they are doing it by acting every bit like a franchise situated in the second-biggest market in the country, one that genuinely believes it’s on the cusp of Super Bowl contention and is confident in the leadership and culture in place to add difference-making players with the kind of bold, combustible personalities that sometimes accompany them.

                    The new league year doesn’t technically begin for another five days, but when the gun sounds to set off free agency and the opportunity for teams to reshape their rosters and fill needs and better position themselves for the 2018 season, the work general manager Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay and Vice President of Football Operations Kevin Demoff have put in prior to the actual frenzy has already given them a major leg up on the process of building off last year’s surprising 11-5 season.

                    The Rams are thinking big.

                    Like Super Bowl big.

                    And they are doing so with a level of intelligence and calculation often lacking when teams take big, mighty swings for the fences only to be undone by their own aggressiveness.

                    The Rams are being bold and smart. That’s a fine line that often gets crossed.

                    By agreeing to trade for Chiefs and Broncos Pro Bowl cornerbacks Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib and trading away linebackers Robert Quinn and Alec Ogletree and using their franchise tag to guarantee the return of safety Lamarcus Joyner, the Rams have already addressed a major area of need while preserving the financial flexibility to do even more.

                    Peters and Talib provide Wade Phillips with two critical components for his 3-4 defense: A pair of elite cornerbacks whose coverage skills will create more opportunities for the front seven to pressure the quarterback. And they make as much money combined (about $12 million) as it likely would have cost to retain free agent to be Trumaine Johnson by himself.

                    Meanwhile, both are under contract for the next two seasons on their base salaries. To put that in perspective, just imagine what it would cost in salary and signing bonuses to reel in players of Peters’ or Talib’s caliber on the open market. Let alone two.

                    Yes, both come with big personalities and emotional levels that sometimes need checking, but the Rams believe they have the necessary leadership in place to manage them accordingly.

                    Joyner’s return keeps intact...
                    -03-09-2018, 04:24 PM
                  • A-Web
                    RFA: How does it work?
                    by A-Web
                    Just wondering if anyone understands the system for Restricted Free Agents.

                    I understand that an RFA can be given an offer from another team, and that the current team can either match the deal (thus securing their player) or they can let the player go. At this point, there are draft picks sometimes attached to the player. What I am wondering, is whether these draft picks are picks for the current draft, or whether these picks go into the 2010 pool.

                    Also, say a player (Lance Moore) was marked with a 2nd round pick. What if a team had two second round picks? Can they pick which of the two are given away, or does it default in some manner?

                    Thanks for any responses I receive.
                    -03-15-2009, 08:16 AM
                  • Nick
                    Rams Mock Draft: There’s so much work ahead, but it is never too early to project
                    by Nick
                    Rams Mock Draft: There’s so much work ahead, but it is never too early to project
                    By Vincent Bonsignore Dec 26, 2018

                    The​ Rams still aren’t sure​ who​ they’ll​ play in the​ first round of​ the playoffs,​ let alone​ whether they’ll skip​ the Wild​​ Card round by earning a free pass through the first week, so you can probably imagine where they are in the process of finalizing their 2019 draft plans.

                    Put it this way, we haven’t even gotten to the main course of the college football bowl season, so there is still an incredible amount of scouting, background checking, analyzing and assessing to do before anyone can truly say they’ve got a handle on next April’s draft.

                    And that doesn’t even account for the self-scouting they’ll do of their current roster to decide what their most pressing needs might be.

                    (Hint: The Rams will be looking for defensive help, specifically on the defensive line, edge pass rusher, linebacker and safety and there is always room for young cornerbacks and offensive linemen to groom. Granted, some of those areas will be filled through free agency, which precedes the draft by a month, but for every hole that gets filled another is liable to be created.)

                    Keep in mind, safety Lamarcus Joyner, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and outside linebacker Dante Fowler Jr. are all unrestricted free agents at the end of the season, and how their situations unfold will go a long way in determining where the Rams zero in come April.

                    That said, while most hands are on deck as the Rams prepare to mount a postseason march they hope reaches Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, an incredible amount of resources and staff hours are being devoted to a future that extends well beyond this season.

                    Specifically, maximizing the seven picks they expect to have when the draft unfolds in Nashville in four months.

                    As we sit today, general manager Les Snead and his scouting staff continue to chip away at their draft board. They’ll typically assemble a 150-player big board and, considering the pace of these things, are likely nearing the halfway point of that process.

                    But there are still a ton of data banks left to tap into as they tweak and tinker and adjust that board over the next few months, including the Jan. 15 deadline for college juniors to decide whether they are declaring for the draft or returning for their senior years. The official infusion of those juniors to the current crop of prospects will certainly change draft boards across the NFL.

                    Beyond that are big-time scouting events at the East-West Shrine game on Jan. 19 in St. Petersberg, Fla., which features more than 100 FBS Division I players, and the Senior Bowl a week later in Mobile Alabama.

                    The NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis takes place in late February, at which more than 300 prospects...
                    -12-27-2018, 06:01 AM