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Divisional Playoff 2019 Rams v Cowboys

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  • Divisional Playoff 2019 Rams v Cowboys

    Playoff prediction time!!!!!

    The Rams, on the heels of a successful regular season campaign, take on the Dallas Cowboys in LA. our Rams finished the regular season at 13-3. Seems like just yesterday the Rams were perennial below .500 team. Seam McVay has breathed new life into this franchise. Exciting for all long suffering Ram fans.

    The Cowboys hold a slight edge here in head to head match-up at 17-16. These two teams have met in playoffs 8 times and are 4-4. Some painful memories for me as a kid were the playoff losses in the 70's on Ram teams destined for SB greatness.

    This game comes down to who can control the line of scrimmage. Rams offense going against a good Cowboys defense. Can Goff deliver under pressure? Will McVay be patient? If the Rams play and execute as they did most of the regular season, we will prevail!

    Side note....Rams undefeated when Aaron get a sack

    Edit: Rain in the morning but should be all finished by game time temps in the 50/60's

    Rams 24
    Cowboys 16

    What say you?
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    I think we can win if Goff does not have a great day. But if Goff has a good to great day, we will definitely win.
    “Oh, 100 percent,” Donald said. “I feel like the words, ‘Thank you,’ ain’t enough. You’ve got to show it... Instead of saying thank you — show it.”


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      This can only go one of two ways.... The Rams destroy Dallas on the Score board
      Rams 44
      Dallas 17

      Or Rams lose 27 to 33

      Comes down to defense. Rams stop Zeke and Prescott blowout Rams. Rams let Dallas hang around they lose. My thoughts are simple, if the Rams play their game they win--having to press and allow Dallas to tee off on the Rams, it'll be the worst day in the 2018 season for the Rams


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        Originally posted by Ram Dragoon View Post

        The Rams destroy Dallas on the Score board
        Rams 44
        Dallas 17

        My thoughts are simple...

        That's why I keep bringing up Eric Dickerson. We use Dickerson and Gurley ... 44 point are almost guaranteed for the Rams offense. Rotate also with CJ Anderson for good measure.

        Simple. - (^_^)


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          Dickerson may not total another 248 yards rushing as he did in the 1985 playoff game vs. Dallas but 148 should suffice. Add to that Gurley's and CJ's production this weekend and, watch out!

          GO RAMS !!!

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            I am reading pundit after pundit climbing aboard the cowboys ban wagon. General thought is the Rams will lose due to porous run defense.


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              I really want the Rams to dominate the game this Saturday, Also, like macrammer mentioned, the radio hosts are all over the cowboys winning this game because of their defense and our horrible run defense. We as a team have gone down in value since we lost two straight to the bears and eagles. We have been the better team all season and I am hoping for a good fan turnout for us at the coliseum. I say we win:

              Rams 34
              Cowboys 17


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                If we can hold on to the ball (no turnovers and more time on offense than defense) then I think we should have a pretty smooth path to victory. I think we have more weapons, a better coach and home field advantage working for us.

                As far as the Dallas "hype" coming from all of the sports hosts and writers, I think they are obligated to be that way to draw up interest in the game. I must admit I bought into for the Ravens last weekend and missed the mark entirely. However, I think our 13-3 is stronger than their 10-6 (several of those games they were lucky to win) and I like our chances.

                "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

                Jack Youngblood


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                  Originally posted by Macrammer View Post

                  General thought is the Rams will lose due to porous run defense.

                  Our run defense is porous at times, alas, perhaps more often than not.

                  BUT if we could only get our act together in that area, show up during the playoff game(S), during 4 quarters, literally stuff that game plan of Dallas and keep Elliot from getting too excited...

                  I hope Coach Phillips and his troops will be ready for this battle to really help the Rams WIN.


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                    I am surprised that the Rams and Cowboys have only played each other 33 times. As well as only 8 times in the playoffs. Regardless, we should win if we play mistake free offensively. While I haven't heard anything, I'm assuming Andrew Whitworth is fine and 100%. Gurley and Joyner I've heard are fine and ready to go. My only concern about Gurley is being a bit stale after a few weeks off.

                    That concern is important as I believe we need to get a lead early and hold it. That will force Dallas to pass more and run less as Elliott will be tough to contain. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Elliott suspended for the game last year. If we can make Dallas one dimensional that will give us a huge edge in the game. We need our defense to play their A-game and I think they will. The Rams have to get this win not simply to advance but also to get McVay a playoff win. His playoff record not only with the Rams but the Redskins before that is zero wins. I don't want him to become the coaching equivalent of Kirk Cousins (can't win the big one).

                    We are the better team and the better coached team, so I'll say we win 31-17.

                    Go Rams!


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                      It's funny, last year I was real concerned for the fact that von_fickenstein might have to kick a game winner. As it turned out, he was the best mannered of all the problem children. This year, I'm going with The_Leg being the difference. If I had to put money down, I'd probably take the Cowboys and the points. But since I don't, I'm just going with Zuerlein making at least six kicks, in any combination, to be a major contributor and Rams win by at least 1 ...
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                        home field advantage working for us.

                        Hey Joe,

                        I know you will be there rooting your heart out. I am thinking 60/40 split between Ram fans and Cowboy fans at the game? What do you think?


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                          I know you didn't ask me, but it's hard to say Mac. The problem I'm seeing is a lot of Rams fans are selling their tickets for huge profit to all the Cowgirl fans (there's loads of them in socal). There'll be a fair share of them, unfortunately. I'll try to root extra hard to counter them, ok?!


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                            The Rams run defense averages something like 5.1 yards per carry. That's pretty high. That gap needs to close dramatacally for the Rams to win this game OR the defense will need to force multiple turnovers. The 54 - 51 wins won't happen in the post season. This game rests on the shoulders of the front 7. The linebacker crew in particular will need to play the games of their lives. This game won't be a cake walk.


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                              The Rams will have a home "field" advantage. It's the grass field they are used to playing on now, and it's a different kind of field than the Cowboys play on at home. But there will be little to no home "crowd" advantage for this game. That's just always going to be an L.A. problem, and it's going to be pronounced against the Cowboys, a team with fans everywhere.
                              The Rams must be able to draw energy from the crowd and atmosphere, even if all the cheers are not for them. That's an attitude this team will have to develop, long term. I expect they have a fair understanding of this, at this point, and won't be discouraged by the noticeable Cowboys' support.

                              Most of the conversation around this game focuses on the Cowboys' good run offense and the Rams' not-so-good run defense. So sure, the team must play the best run defense it can play. But, don't expect us to suddenly become a shut-down run defense. We are who we are, and that's who we have to be. You don't emerge with a new personality in the playoffs. We are playmakers on defense, and we have to make plays: drive-stopping plays and (hopefully) turnovers. Donald must penetrate. Fowler must attack the QB and the ball from the edge. Littleton must attack the ball from the middle. Talib and Peters must make pass plays an ordeal for the Cowboys and must prevent YAC, as we brought them in to do.

                              But our offense must be our best defense, as it has been most of the season. Our offense must be the dominant unit in this game, and that means our offensive line must win at the line of scrimmage. That is the primary imperative in this game for us. Even if we don't rush for 150+ yards, we must have a viable running game that can get us 3, 4, 5 yards on 1st down. Goff must have the time he needs to deploy our variety of pass-catchers and weapons. We really need to play from the lead in this game, and that will help neutralize the Cowboys' running attack. The first quarter will be huge. If the Rams can get up by 2 or more scores by the 3rd quarter, the game is ours to win. If, however, it is a one score game or the Cowboys are ahead in the 3rd quarter, it will be a gut wrenching slog, and will likely come down to who makes the plays in the fourth quarter.

                              Of course, I'm picking the Rams in this game. We're the #2 seed and we belong in the conference championship game. GO RAMS!!!


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                                Rams V Cowboys Predictions
                                by macrammer
                                A great history between these two teams. In the 70's, Rams and Cowboys squared off in the playoffs a number of times. I remember the 28-0 drubbing the Cows handed us in the '78 Championship game. I also remember the revenge we got a year later beating them 21-19 in divisional game as we made our way to SB XIV.....

                                We have dropped three in a row. I can see no other better message to send to the league then to beat the Cows on their turf. This Rams team is different.

                                My prediction

                                Rams 24
                                Cows 20

                                What do you think?
                                -09-27-2017, 04:32 PM
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                                How 'Bout them cowboys!!!!!
                                by Guest
                                I was working last night and didnt see any of it. I just got up at 4am eastern time to go out and run my 8 miles and i checked espn and low and behold, i see we are back in first place!!!!!

                                And we think that we have problems on defense!!! The seahawks are a mess.

                                We need to beat carolina. One week at a time. We control our own destiny.

                                ramming speed to all, this is really great news.

                                general counsel
                                -12-07-2004, 01:19 AM
                              • general counsel
                                Rams vs dallas, keys to the game
                                by general counsel
                                Well, the Rams get dallas. All games generally get decided by turnovers and red zone conversions, but what is special about this upcoming playoff game in addition to those two always critical factors?

                                First, dallas just completely shut down the #1 rushing offense in the nfl this weekend against the chickens. Can we run the ball enough to take pressure off Goff and make play action effective?

                                Second, can we stop the run enough to force prescott to beat us rather than letting them pound elliott over and over on us?

                                Third, which team can do a better job protecting their qb and giving them time to throw?

                                Fourth, I hope Talib is ready to deal with Cooper. He is a key weapon for them and their offense improved dramatically after they acquired him.

                                Finally and critically, I really hope that Goff and McVay are ready to take what the defense gives them. Get the ball into gurley's hands in the passing game if need be and make sure that we are prepared to throw screens, slants and quick drops to get the ball out of Goff's hands so its not all 7 step drops.

                                Let's remember that dallas beat new orleans earlier this year on the road with a terrific defensive effort. It's the playoffs so you certainly can't expect any easy opponents. I think if we bring our A game we are going to win.

                                Ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -01-06-2019, 05:05 PM
                              • AlphaRam
                                9/30: Rams vs Cowboys in Dallas
                                by AlphaRam
                                I had a thread about this game but I couldn't find it.

                                There were a number of people that were going to that game. We got BigRedMan coming in for the game.

                                We (PA_gal and I) will be arriving Saturday and leaving Monday. We are going to seek out the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday at midnight.

                                Anyway, everyone check-in that will be attending so that we can get together on saturday before the game, or after the game.
                                -08-04-2007, 03:59 PM
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                                Lets go cowboys! rams playoffs
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                                our quest for the playoffs is BIG TIME effected by the cowboys eagles game tomorrow night. I just read that if philly wins, the saints clinch second seed. If i read that correctly, this is a must win for the cowboys from our perspective. we need the saints to beat carolina next week and they will do it if they have something to play for. It would dramatically reduce our chances if carolina is playing to get in and the saints have nothing on the line and an incentive to rest injured guys.

                                Romo, romo, romo and ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -12-24-2006, 09:49 PM