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Marcus Peters had a message for Amari Cooper after Rams' win

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  • Marcus Peters had a message for Amari Cooper after Rams' win

    By: Cameron DaSilva | 2 hours ago Follow @camdasilva

    There was plenty of talk leading up to Saturdays game about the matchup between Amari Cooper and the Los Angeles Rams cornerbacks. With Cooper, Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib all spending three-plus years in the AFC West playing against each other, they had plenty of past history.

    Cooper did the most talking leading up to the game, saying he knows Peters and Talib inside and out.

    Obviously I know their tendencies, but at the same time, they know mine, Cooper said, via the Dallas Morning News. I think it definitely helps me. I played against those guys twice a year, both of them. I know them in and out, how they play. And Im able to tell my teammates, my quarterback their tendencies.

    Knowing their tendencies didnt exactly work out well for Cooper, who was held to just 65 yards on six catches with one touchdown. It was a complete team effort holding him in check, not singularly Peters or Talibs doing.

    After the game, Peters had a message for Cooper.

    These scary-(expletive) was talkin (expletive)! he yelled toward Cowboys players, per Robert Klemko of the MMQB. What now?

    That was for Amari Cooper. He got strapped today. He said he knew us. Looks like he dont know us too well cuz yall just lost.

    Peters opened up even more to Mike Silver of, saying Cooper was crying for his mama.

    Tell Coop I thought he knew us. He said he played us two times a year thats 12 times he played against me and (Talib). I think he got strapped tonight. He had that TD, but he didnt do (expletive). Peters said. (While incurring the personal foul) I choked him out. He couldnt do nothin. He was crying for his mama. Thats how he is. Thats why the Raiders got rid of him.

    Peters and Cooper went at it during and after the game, nearly coming to blows multiple times. Peters was flagged for a 15-yard penalty after getting into a shoving match with Cooper in the first quarter, one play before the wideout scored his 29-yard touchdown.

    Neither player managed their tempers very well on Saturday night, but ultimately, it didnt cost either side. Future opponents should just take note of this and make sure not to instigate Peters because he seems to feed on adversity.

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    I don't know about you, but I've had enough of Peters. He'd be my first cut after the season is over. No discipline, gets out of position more often than not and can't keep his mouth shut. Good riddance.


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      Peters is an interesting man. He runs hot and cold and talks too much. I would be fine with letting him go.
      "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

      Jack Youngblood


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        Originally posted by viper View Post
        I don't know about you, but I've had enough of Peters. He'd be my first cut after the season is over. No discipline, gets out of position more often than not and can't keep his mouth shut. Good riddance.
        I agree completely. I could put up with his BS if he backed it up on the field, but he rarely does. All the talent in the world, wasted because of a "me first" attitude. The guy is a nut who can't keep it together. That said, I hope he proves me wrong in the coming weeks.


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          Agreed, just let him go, get rid of him.

          He even looks like a trouble maker - and not a very good DB. Peters is another pro bowler whose shine has faded mostly due to character and the wrong type of pride.


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            I would be ok with him going now. I know they won't. His mouth runs overboard and his skills are even less impressive.


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              If I was Peters I wouldn't get too mouthy because Peters mostly was every bodies (censored by Ram Dragoon {lol!}) most of the season and a lot of TDs scored off him.

              I like the fact Peters put Cooper in is place for spouting off about what he knows and could do against the Rams, and the W counts more then the L being the PERIOD in that sentence. Still could have been better worded


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                Well he can make it up to his team next week by not being torched all over the Superdome and looking like he's never seen a football which happened in their first encounter. If only his on field play matched his off field mouth. I hope he wins a Super Bowl this year and moves along.


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                  Peters is exhibit "A" as to why I do not want talented jerks on any team I root for. When you've had the lousy season he's had, one would think you might show a little humility and just keep your mouth shut, but of course that's not in Peters' nature. He did the same thing after getting torched vs. New Orleans, yapping at Sean Payton and running his mouth. This is what we signed up for, and he is who he is. And if he shows himself to be incapable of covering guys Sunday, the coaches should get his ass out of there early. Totally sick of his nonsense and lack of good play.


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                    Im done with this clown, they better let him walk..The guy gets torched left and right, gets hot headed penalties, and does all this smack talk, what a joke. Its simple, he is awful. Im trying to think positive about it, at least, the rams know NOW, before they give him a lot of money in an extension. I wouldn't even want him at a significant discount, he sucks that bad.


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                      Originally posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
                      Peters is exhibit "A" as to why I do not want talented jerks on any team I root for. When you've had the lousy season he's had, one would think you might show a little humility and just keep your mouth shut, but of course that's not in Peters' nature. He did the same thing after getting torched vs. New Orleans, yapping at Sean Payton and running his mouth. This is what we signed up for, and he is who he is. And if he shows himself to be incapable of covering guys Sunday, the coaches should get his ass out of there early. Totally sick of his nonsense and lack of good play.
                      I so agree here. My son was highly rated BB prospect until he tore his shoulder out. But I was most proud of the fact he ALWAYS let his actions speak for him. We are teaching my grandson same lesson. I simply am disgusted with his antics His play has been VERY suspect. He should be a Raider.


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                        Shut up Marcus


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                          Originally posted by Ram Dragoon View Post

                          Still could have been better worded

                          Understatement. (^_^)


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                          • RamDez
                            Peters Takes Accountability for On-Field Mistakes
                            by RamDez
                            Myles Simmons RAMS INSIDER

                            NEW ORLEANS Down 38-35 with 4:02 left in the fourth quarter, the Rams had the Saints in 3rd-and-7 on their own 28. If Los Angeles defense could hold quarterback Drew Brees and the prolific New Orleans offense in this situation, there would be a clear opportunity for L.A.s offense to have an opportunity for a go-ahead score.

                            But, as we know, that didnt happen.

                            Brees dropped back and fired a strike over the outstretched hand of cornerback Marcus Peters and into the hands of wide receiver Michael Thomas for a 72-yard touchdown.

                            Detailing the play to reporters postgame, Peters said Thomas beat me off the line, I looked back and tried to make a play on the ball, [stuff] like that happens in football.
                            Prior to the snap, it looked as if Peters was trying to communicate something to the rest of the defense. But then the ball was snapped and Thomas darted down the field.

                            We were just trying to the line and we were just trying to get something out and it just happened like that I got beat communication, all that, regardless, I got beat, Peters said. "Once the play starts, you got to go out there and compete and I didnt and they got off and got a 72-yarder.

                            One of the pillars of head coach Sean McVays tenure with the Rams so far has been accountability. Its part of why he so consistently says that he will look at himself critically, and readily self-criticizes when things dont go Los Angeles way.

                            Peters did the same postgame, making no excuses for his play. Not every word was fit to print, but he was frank in discussing what he sees as his recent failings.

                            I got beat on the play. I can stand up, I can play better, Ive been playing [poorly] the last couple weeks and thats just being honest, Peters said. With me, Im going to continue to fight and thats the type of player I am. Youre going to get beat in football, but you go out there and you compete to the highest of your ability and [stuff] happens.

                            Given that he suffered a calf injury against the Chargers in Week 3 and never missed a game, Peters was asked if he was fully healthy. He didnt necessarily take kindly to the line of questioning, but eventually ceded, Im healthy now.

                            If I wasnt healthy, the coach wouldnt have me out there, Peters said. As I said, Ive had a bad couple of weeks you feel me? I own up to that and I step up to that. Im a top [expletive] corner in this league and I aint been playing like that. You can put that on me.

                            I get beat sometimes, but I go back and I change to go do what Ive been doing every week to week, day to day, grinding I come out here and I compete my ass off, Peters later added.

                            Despite Peters comments, safety Lamarcus Joyner defended his teammate when the corners self-criticism was brought to his attention.

                            -11-05-2018, 07:16 AM
                          • Rambos
                            Meet Cooper Kupp
                            by Rambos
                            By Sam Gardner

                            ARK CITY, Utah Any coach in college athletics will tell you that recruiting is far from a perfect science, and theres no better evidence than Cooper Kupp.

                            An All-American wideout at Eastern Washington, Kupp may be the best college player in the country, to say nothing of his place in FCS history. A rising senior, Kupp has already caught more passes for more yards and more touchdowns than Jerry Rice and has done so in two fewer games. And by the midway point of this season, he should hold every major FCS receiving record there is.
                            But coming out of high school in Yakima, Washington, Kupp wasnt just overlooked by the major FBS programs that dot the Pacific Northwest. He was hardly on the radar for anyone, at any level.
                            "It was frustrating for him, and it was frustrating for me too," Kupps father, Craig, said recently. "You just dont quite understand it."
                            That the 6-foot-2, 208-pound Kupp wasnt pursued by every program on earth is clearly a massive oversight, and with the benefit of hindsight, any recruiting coordinator worth his title knows they should have been knocking on his door. Even so, its almost implausible that a player of Kupps caliber could fall through the cracks.

                            Fortunately for those misguided coaches across the country, Kupp has a plan to make sure it never happens to anyone else again.
                            An economics major with a minor in business administration, Kupp owns a 3.62 GPA and might be as bright in the classroom as he is talented on the gridiron. And during his time on the Eastern Washington campus in Cheney pronounced CHEE-nee hes taken a particular interest in the study of what he calls econometrics.

                            "Its similar to the Moneyball stuff," says Kupp, referencing the 2003 Michael Lewis book and 2011 film, as he watches TV in his hotel room on the first day of Big Sky media days outside Salt Lake City. "Its the measurement of efficiency, putting labels on things and seeing, How much does this variable effect this dependent variable? And in doing that, you can put together some really interesting models."
                            One of the models Kupp has created was inspired, knowingly or not, by his own experience as an undervalued high school star. In it, Kupp takes 30 different figures available for any high school player and plugs them into a formula. The formula then crunches the numbers and spits out a result that predicts how productive that player will be in college.

                            Some of the variables Kupps model considers are predictable height, weight, speed, on-field stats but others, like hair color or the enrollment at a players school, are perhaps less obvious.

                            "Typically kids with dark-colored hair mature faster than those with light-colored hair," explains Kupp, who is blonde. "So if you have a guy with dark-colored...
                            -05-05-2017, 09:46 AM
                          • SavageRam
                            Is Marcus Peters the wrong fit for this team?
                            by SavageRam
                            If you look at the replay of the Brees-to-Thomas 72 yd TD today, the Rams were doubling Kamara in the slot. The Saints also ran Ingram outside in motion, resulting in an empty backfield, further indicating Kamara was going to be the primary target over the middle. Based on Marcus Peters' position on the play, his responsibility was to cover Thomas in close man-to-man. This was critical because the Brees-to-Thomas connection has been lighting up the NFL all season, and it had been murdering the Rams defense all day.

                            One problem, Marcus Peters was communicating with his teammates right before the snap allowing Thomas to zip to the outside and easily run by him with no over the top help.

                            This one play made it a two possession game with 3:52 left, pretty much sealing the game for the Saints and ending the Rams eight game winning steak.

                            In a vacuum, you could give Peters the benefit of the doubt by saying if he had more experienced teammates in the backfield with him, he would have been less distracted and would have been able to better cover his man. But, based on the amount of times Peters has been beaten this season, you would then have to conclude he must be distracted an awful lot. AFAIR, wasn't he beaten many many times while with the Chiefs? His big MO when arriving in LA was his quick instincts and aggressive corner coverage, which would result in a good amount of turnovers, some pick-6's, and a little look-a-me swagger coming along for the ride. With the exception of the season opener pick-6, and accompanying jewel grab, his contribution in this area over the last eight games has been very little. Like exactly 0. Are the Rams trying to fit a round peg into a square hole by trying to insert a look-at-me player onto an all-for-one team?

                            I'm hoping this game is a wake up call to the D, particularly Marcus Peters, to whom I'm particularly growing impatient.
                            -11-04-2018, 07:23 PM
                          • MauiRam
                            From Rams cult hero to possible cut, Nelson Spruce forges on
                            by MauiRam

                            Whittier Daily News

                            By Ryan Kartje

                            Was this a dream?

                            Around him, the scene felt so surreal, he couldnt help but wonder.

                            Tens of thousands chanting his name. The entirety of the Coliseum pulsing with energy, roaring in harmonious praise. This was only a preseason game, and he was merely an undrafted free agent with a punchers chance of making the Rams 53-man roster. But as time ticked away and the Rams marched down the field, it was as if hed stepped into the chill-inducing climax of a Hollywood sports classic, unaware he was the star.

                            SPRUUUUCE! the crowd roared. SPRUUUUCE!

                            In a quarters time, Nelson Spruce rose to cult hero status. Then, just as quickly, the hope hed forged on the Coliseum field slipped away.

                            Ecstasy and agony

                            In the year since a stadium of Rams fans chanted his name, Spruce recalls watching film of that preseason game just once.

                            That one night was enough to earn him a roster spot then. Not to mention a place in Rams lore. But this season, as he fights 12 other receivers for a spot on the Rams roster -- a spot that will be determined this final week of the preseason -- his feelings from that night remain messy and complicated. The highest of highs, he says, and then, the lowest of lows.

                            With under two minutes to play, in the Rams first game back in Los Angeles, backup quarterback Sean Mannion threw the winning touchdown pass, capping the comeback Spruce had manufactured almost entirely by himself with a game-high six catches for 51 yards and a touchdown. But away from the play, Spruces knee buckled. It seemed innocuous. With the adrenaline still pumping, he left the field still thinking of the celebration to come.

                            The prognosis was more deflating than he could conceive at the time. Hed miss the rest of the preseason, they told him, probably more. He acknowledged the news, let it wash over him, but struggled to process what it meant. <em>How could this happen now?

                            His family, still in shock from his performance, greeted him after the game. He couldnt find the words to tell them. He called his father, Neal, from the bus.

                            That night, he couldnt muster up the enthusiasm to celebrate, either. Instead, he stayed in his training camp dorm room at Irvine, wondering what was next.

                            Hed never been injured, never missed a game in his life, Neal says. Not Pop Warner, not high school, not Colorado, and he ended up missing his whole first year in the NFL.

                            The knee injury gave way to a calf injury in October, which led to him being placed on injured reserve. Spruce was devastated. Everything hed worked for seemed to lead to that moment a year ago, and then, poof. It was gone.

                            He went to a dark place, Neal says. His body had never let him down in his life, and then, at the worst possible time, it let...
                            -08-30-2017, 10:25 AM
                          • Nick
                            Washington dismisses Marcus Peters
                            by Nick
                            Washington dismisses Marcus Peters
                            Updated: November 6, 2014, 2:33 PM ET
                   news services

                            SEATTLE -- Washington cornerback Marcus Peters, a potential first-round draft pick, has been dismissed from the team after another argument with assistant coaches in practice Wednesday, coach Chris Petersen announced Thursday.

                            "These are not decisions that are taken lightly," Petersen said. "We have high standards for players in our program and they are held accountable when those standards are not met. I wish Marcus the best in the completion of his education and in achieving his football goals."

                            The school will still provide Peters' scholarship through the completion of his education.

                            The Seattle Times earlier reported Peters' dismissal, citing multiple sources.

                            Petersen later spoke after the Huskies' morning practice, saying, "I don't think anybody on either side was happy with the whole situation."

                            Peters has clashed several times this season with Washington's new coaching staff. The third-year starter was suspended one game earlier this year after committing what Petersen called a "stupid" personal foul followed by a sideline tantrum in a game against Eastern Washington.

                            According to the report, Peters also argued with coaches in Saturday's win over Colorado and did not practice Tuesday.

                            The 6-foot, 190-pound defensive back from Oakland has posted 30 tackles, four for losses, and led the Huskies with three interceptions. ESPN's Mel Kiper has Peters as the No. 22 prospect on his most recent Big Board.

                            With Peters gone, Washington will start freshmen Sidney Jones and Naijiel Hale at cornerback against the Bruins with freshman Budda Baker and sophomore Kevin King at safeties. Washington has been experimenting with wide receiver John Ross at cornerback.

                            "It's never one thing. We're not going to dismiss a guy because it's one thing," Petersen said. "That's not what we're in this business [to be] about. But when you feel like it just can't work, you've got to do what you've got to do."

                            Peters is the eighth player to be suspended or dismissed since Petersen took over the Huskies program last December. The most noteworthy was the suspension of quarterback Cyler Miles during spring practice for his involvement in a Super Bowl night altercation last February. Miles was reinstated following spring practice but was suspended for the season opener at Hawaii.

                            Peters was a stabilizing part of the Huskies' inexperienced defensive backfield. He was a second-team all-Pac-12 selection last season as a sophomore.

                            It almost seems a certainty now that Peters will enter the draft, but will now be tasked with proving he can avoid being a problem. Petersen said he would give Peters a positive recommendation.

                            "Marcus [has]...
                            -11-08-2014, 09:09 AM