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Rams 3 losses...........

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  • Rams 3 losses...........

    In our three losses this year......Rams averaged 300 yds passing and 70 yards rushing. Since we dropped the consecutive games, Rams have averaged roughly 200 yds passing (well below season average) per game and over 225 yds rushing per game. (above season average)

    I think McVay switched it up after defenses dared us to pass. The Bears and Eagles were formidable in pass defense taking out our mid range routes. Since McVay has switched it up My question is, now that (perhaps) opposing defense will be looking to stop our run game what does he have up his sleeve this week? Has to give our opposition something to think about at very least........???

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    CJ is what happens...and Gurley

    Press coverage is the best way to defend against the Rams WRs--problem with that is it leaves the middle open for Gurley or CJ to chew up yards. That is putting a lot of pressure on your defensive front to handle the run. And actually that is the best over all defense to put on the Rams....allow the Rams to run but don't allow the rams to raddle off 20yards or more on passes and speed the game up--because the Rams defense "might" drop the hammer on your offense

    The next "trick" I'd say is Special teams (been rather quiet of late) but mostly the TE. Yes as a defense you can defend against the run and pass but take a page out of the Patriots playbook and the Chiefs and that leaves the TE. Its near impossible to defend against all 3. If the Rams are allowed enough time to "delay" a pass rush and allow a TE to slip off a block, its 10-to-15yard chunk plays. Again that is if the Rams OL can hold off a pass rush just long enough to make use of TE. Which puts the screen play back from the playbook. Normally a defense has to put a fast LB on a TE to neutralize him in one-on-one. It leaves a void to do so and thus a RB screen exploits the voided spot where a LB would normally be.

    And that really is the first of a two headed snake the Rams have used in 2018 that has found success. Motion/shifts and misdirection first while getting a defense to second guess themselves being the other head to that snake. Its also why the Rams dropped those games--a disciplined defense has to play the odds and maintain their assignments. Yes a Rams player will make a play and move the chains but over all the odds over numbers of plays favor the defense and a stop is made.

    For the Rams going forward, its first they can't be predictable; need to show something different that game tape hasn't shown them do before; and power football at the point of attack to beat a disciplined defense. The Rams can't afford to count on the opposing defenses to fall for the shifts/motions/misdirection but first have to focus on imposing their will on that defense then sting them with the first of the 2-headed snake
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      I was wondering if McVey realised that these were the teams that we would meet in the playoffs and didn't want to show them too much to soon


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        We need to run the ball successfully against new orleans. Not complicated.

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel


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          We have two excellent running backs instead of one. The Pats got to where there have been through successful rehab projects. It looks like we may have one of our own with C.J.

          Goff does better with less pressure, and the running game relieves the pressure so he can pass if needed. The Saints have a good defense, but the Cowboys did, too.


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            I was wondering of you guys thought that McVay adjusted after losses........seems to me we turned into a power running game (after Goff horrible December)and we sort of lucked into CJ to really kick that along. way different offense then the first 11 games IMO.

            As i said last week....playoffs are won in trenches. i


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              Obvious that the OL and DL have stepped it up a notch and that's what you want to see. I think the Rams have had a power running game and lately they are just featuring that part of the offense. CJ has the mental and physical skills that fit well with the Rams blocking scheme. He has great vision, excellent patience, shifty footwork and a compact frame to utilize the run lanes that the line is creating.


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              • viper
                What pass defense are we running?
                by viper
                Has anybody been able to determine just what pass defense we are running? It seems like we are running a hybrid of different schemes or situational schemes.
                -09-24-2009, 04:19 PM
              • general counsel
                Rams vs dallas, keys to the game
                by general counsel
                Well, the Rams get dallas. All games generally get decided by turnovers and red zone conversions, but what is special about this upcoming playoff game in addition to those two always critical factors?

                First, dallas just completely shut down the #1 rushing offense in the nfl this weekend against the chickens. Can we run the ball enough to take pressure off Goff and make play action effective?

                Second, can we stop the run enough to force prescott to beat us rather than letting them pound elliott over and over on us?

                Third, which team can do a better job protecting their qb and giving them time to throw?

                Fourth, I hope Talib is ready to deal with Cooper. He is a key weapon for them and their offense improved dramatically after they acquired him.

                Finally and critically, I really hope that Goff and McVay are ready to take what the defense gives them. Get the ball into gurley's hands in the passing game if need be and make sure that we are prepared to throw screens, slants and quick drops to get the ball out of Goff's hands so its not all 7 step drops.

                Let's remember that dallas beat new orleans earlier this year on the road with a terrific defensive effort. It's the playoffs so you certainly can't expect any easy opponents. I think if we bring our A game we are going to win.

                Ramming speed to all

                general counsel
                -01-06-2019, 05:05 PM
              • kman1521
                This defense needs to start stepping up
                by kman1521
                Is anyone else frustrated with this defense? They cant seem to stop anything. The Seahags just drove up and down the field at will. Peters got torched. They kept running the same draw play over and over and we couldn't stop it..The run defense is so disappointing. I know they are 5-0 but they cant keep winning this track meets, sooner or later it will bite them ni the a$$. Barron's tackling was horrendous. He will be a goner next year for sure. And please Zeurlein come back soon, these kickers are awful..
                -10-08-2018, 07:38 AM
              • DJRamFan
                Battle of strengths key Minnesota's Saturday matchup
                by DJRamFan
                By David McCoy Minnesota Daily
                Minneapolis, MN (U-WIRE) -- Anyone who has been paying even remote attention to Minnesota's football team the past three weeks has noticed the way it has been able to run all over its nonconference opponents with ease.

                After those three games, the Gophers are averaging 335 yards per game.

                That figure is No. 1 in the country.

                But the Gophers know they can't get too excited about that fact.

                After all, they haven't exactly faced the nation's toughest run defenses, such as, well, Purdue.

                The 11th-ranked Boilermakers have the nation's best run defense, giving up an average of just 16 yards on the ground per game.

                And they just happen to be Minnesota's next opponent at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Metrodome.

                "Everything goes up a notch," Gophers center Greg Eslinger said. "You've got to play at your absolute peak. There's no such thing as taking a play off or getting a bad block, because if those things happen, you're going to have some serious consequences because you're going up against the best opponents in the league."

                On the flip side, Purdue's running attack is ranked fourth in the Big Ten at 225 yards per game while the Gophers' run defense is ranked sixth, giving up an average of 95 per game.

                Their passing attacks are similarly ranked. The Gophers are seventh in the Big Ten in both passing offense and defense, while the Boilermakers are ninth in passing offense and 10th on defense.

                The present scenario could mean one of two things: The team that wins the key matchup between the Gophers rushing offense and Purdue's run defense will have the crucial advantage, or the two strengths will cancel out and whichever team can revive its mediocre passing attack will dominate through the air.

                Wide receiver Logan Payne said the Gophers receiving corps not only feels responsibility for taking the pressure off their top-ranked running backs, but also feels the need to make big plays as well.

                "The home run is going to be there," Payne said. "There's no way that they can stop our run and also take away the home run. The challenge is there, and we need to make those plays."

                While the Gophers' ground game has been consistent each week, their passing attack has been spotty at best.

                But quarterback Bryan Cupito said he saw a lot of improvement in the passing game between the Colorado State game (190 yards, two touchdowns, one interception) and Saturday's game against Florida Atlantic (230 yards, two touchdowns, no picks).

                "We proved that we can catch the ball as good as we can run the ball," Cupito said. "We're ready for Purdue."

                Not quite on the former. Better be on the latter.
                -09-20-2005, 02:29 PM
              • DJRamFan
                UW Ready for Deceptive Running Attack
                by DJRamFan
                Air Force Brings Option Offense to Seattle

                Sept. 2, 2005

                It's a rushing attack that hasn't been seen in the Pac-10 since a guy named Tuiasosopo played quarterback at Washington.

                The Air Force Falcons bring to town this weekend their own version of the once electrifying option offense.

                Many Husky glory days were spent watching speedy quarterbacks race down the field before pitching to a running back and sending them on their way to the promised lan. However, this attack will be a little different, look a little less organized and won't be run by the team in purple.

                Air Force will show the Huskies the Wing-T, also known as the Triple Option to some. High school football fans from Seattle might have heard of it before since it is run masterfully by the four-time defending State Champion Bellevue football team. However, only three Division 1 schools run the offense. And the last time Qwest Field saw an offense like it was when that Bellevue team snapped the 151-game winning streak of De La Salle last fall.

                The offense includes two wingbacks, who line up behind tight ends on both sides, with a fullback directly behind the quarterback. Many different plays can be run out of it, mostly rushing, but some passing, and the main goal is to deceive the other team. This well-organized attack has to be run to military precision and is a far cry from the NFL-like passing attack of the Pac-10.

                "We're definitely glad this is our first game," senior Evan Benjamin said. "We've had a couple weeks to prepare and watch film."

                Every player agreed that the only way to stop the Wing-T is to stay disciplined. There will be players running all over the place, going in motion and pretending they have the ball.

                "They try to mess with your mind," senior Joe Lobendahn said. "If you miss your assignment they will take advantage of that and there will be a big play."

                Players have been going over film and practicing the ways to stop the offense. They know that the key to the offense is the quarterback. The quarterback sells the play, deciding whether the ball should go to the fullback diving up the middle, to either of the wingbacks, or whether he should keep the ball and run himself.

                Air Force boasts a quarterback who is projected to pass for 1000 yards and rush for 1000 yards in sophomore Shaun Carney. Carney earned the starting job in the summer as coach Fisher DeBerry moved his competition to other positions.

                Defensively the Huskies are working on man defense where each man will have an assignment on a specific player. If each players stays with that assignment, such as a linebacker with the quarterback and another linebacker with the...
                -09-02-2005, 08:15 PM