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The recipe for beating new orleans

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  • The recipe for beating new orleans

    Let's begin the discussion of what the Rams need to do to avenge their loss earlier this year at new orleans. Personally, i think the Rams have a 50-50 chance at this game and the formula for victory is not complicated and frankly, similar to last week against dallas.

    First, as in any game, red zone and turnovers are critical. Red zone is an area we have all agreed the Rams can improve. When i say turnovers, i also mean turnover opportunities, such as the chance ebukam had yesterday on the potential pick six and the chance graham had in the philly game today when he failed to recover the fumble after he tried to run with it.

    Red zones and turnovers are givens. Let's put them aside.

    The relatively straightforward points. First and foremost, the Rams need to be able to run the ball enough to take the pressure off Goff and make play action effective. Second, we need to be able to control the new orleans running game which will help us put pressure on brees which is what dallas did successfully to win against new orleans and what philly was able to do for the first 1 and a half quarters today. We didnt get pressure in the first game and brees lit us up for 45 points. Same thing happened today after philly stopped getting pressure. To state the obvious, Brees is not prescott, dont count on him missing open receivers if you don't get in his face. Next, we need a plan to control michael thomas. He absolutely killed us last time and that was with talib out and he murdered philly today. With the game on the line, 3rd and 13, and philly has single man coverage on him with an average db and of course brees hits him for a critical first down. We will see how much of a difference Talib can really make next week.

    So, to me, run the ball (then use play action, taking what the defense gives you), control the saints running game, pressure brees up the middle, stop thomas from killing us, convert in the red zone, and win the turnover battle and we are on our way to Atlanta to the big dance. Let's hope that McVay can learn from the last game at new orleans and can give goff the best chance to succeed both with play calling and coaching him all week on taking what the defense gives him.

    I think the fact that we faced that hostile crowd earlier this year has got to help us as the environment will not be new to us. Let's hope we dont dig ourselves a big hole like we did last time.

    I really dont think its all that complicated. Execution is another story, but we will see how far we have come. McRammer keeps beating the drum and he has a great point. These games are typically won in the trenches. I don't want to count on Goff having to outperform brees slinging it around 40 times or more, its about pounding them into submission or at least pounding them enough to give goff a reasonable chance which he showed he could do against them the first time around.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    It looked like Philly was playing a defense similar to what the Rams have been doing with a four man rush and the DB's playing quite a way off of the line. It didn't work too well for Philly. I agree that the Rams need to contain Thomas better than they did last time.


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      Philly held new orleans to 20 points. If i told you right now that new orleans was going to score 20 points next sunday against the Rams would you take that deal? I would. I think to win we need to score more than 20.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel


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        Simply put (obvious too) How well we do on the o line and d line will dictate this game. Simple enough


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          Originally posted by general counsel View Post
          Philly held new orleans to 20 points. If i told you right now that new orleans was going to score 20 points next sunday against the Rams would you take that deal? I would. I think to win we need to score more than 20.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          Yeah I'd take that deal. I agree we need to score more than 20 and I am confident that we will.

          I sure hope we run the ball more than philly did. They did not run enough. I think McVay will stay balanced and continue to use his new two back attack


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            Originally posted by fearsome foursome View Post
            It looked like Philly was playing a defense similar to what the Rams have been doing with a four man rush and the DB's playing quite a way off of the line. It didn't work too well for Philly. I agree that the Rams need to contain Thomas better than they did last time.
            Didn't work to well? Philly had a chance to win the game on their last possession and held NO to 20 points. I'll take that defensive performance every Sunday. If the WR doesn't blow that catch, we could of had a home game next week.


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              I really hope the Rams don't blitz too much. it usually get's picked up and, although we don't get a ton of sacks, the front 4 does pressure the QB enough to make him have to get rid of it after a few seconds.

              whenever we blitz we are just leaving guys open. if our corners were better, or our D'line was worse, then I could justify blitzing more.


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                New Orleans is the deserved #1 seed. They're a very good football team who are capable of winning it all. If we play poorly, they will take advantage and beat us. That said, they are no juggernaut. They did have 3 losses. Dallas beat them. Teams have played them close. An outstanding game will beat them.

                It all starts up front where putting pressure on Brees is critical. We also need stellar play from our secondary, which was without Talib and totally torched in our first meeting. Hopefully the chickens don't come home to roost in this game, as we have had periodic issues with putting pressure on QBs (by guys other than Donald) and covering guys adequately.

                I think a balance of both Gurley and Anderson is once again the ticket and run play action off their success. Once again, the O-Line is the key to the same success we had against Dallas. Keep NO guessing. Goff shouldn't need to throw for 350 yards nor should he be put in a position where the game rests on his shoulders. I think we're in trouble if this happens.


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                  Originally posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
                  It all starts up front where putting pressure on Brees is critical. We also need stellar play from our secondary, which was without Talib and totally torched in our first meeting. Hopefully the chickens don't come home to roost in this game, as we have had periodic issues with putting pressure on QBs (by guys other than Donald) and covering guys adequatel
                  To me the key variable will be, once again, defense, particularly pass defense. We need to bring the same caliber of run defense as in the Dallas game. Kamara and Ingram are a top of the league running duo. And that Tayson Hill is a dangerous weapon for them out of the backfield too. But the pass defense will be under great pressure in this game. Dak Prescott is not Drew Brees. NO will look to attack in the air, and Brees is an assassin. As NJ says, we need pressure up front and coverage downfield. Gotta have 'em both in good measure in this game. Talib and Peters are particularly in the spotlight. They must play at a high level in this game, and Joyner and Johnson as well. But those corners in particular will be pushed. We must play solid defense against the big downfield pass plays.

                  I sure hope that McVay gets out ahead of Peters, and let's him know to keep his mouth shut this week. He was torched by Thomas in the first game, and then had some back and forth with Payton about it. We can't have any of that. There's increased media attention this week, and there will be microphones in Peters' face. He needs to wear his muzzle, control his pride and temper, and play his best. Frankly, the way he's played this season, he really should keep his mouth shut. Much may be forgotten about Peters play this season if he shows up big for us in the conference championship game against Brees. I think we need both he and Talib to do so.


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                    That is correct, Seacone, NJRF1. Our defense needs to attack with its 'A' game, especially against Brees. Sure hope the front seven come up big and thus provide better support to the secondary.

                    Hence, better support to the offense!
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                      Its actually super simple to beat the Saints--just hard to do.

                      Stop the Saints Run--duh....pressure Breeze, no surprise there, but put pressure on the entire Saints team by scoring. That is the huge aspect to the formula. If the Rams can play lights out defense for the first half and get a 3 score lead, that takes the Saints out of their comfort zone. But just as important come the second half the Rams must answer any scoring drive immediately with one of their own. Here your not talking Xs & Os, your discussing psychology. Both teams are going into the game in a hyper state of emotions and anxiety, and he that starts to panic is more likely to lose

                      So on offense the Rams must carefully and efficiently move the ball down the field. A mix of power run, pass but show the Saints something they haven't seen on Ram's game tape. Defense, Split Suh and Donald on two assignments....Donald to focus on the Run, Suh the QB and Run Blitz behind Donald...get a LB or Safety in the Saint's back field and cause havoc because Donald always draws a double team---that happens there are only two types of plays left to the Saints before they have to drop the double team on Donald--those are TE slants and pick & catch RB passes on the edge--the Rams need speed to get to the edges to limit those plays and take chances jumping the rout. Force the Saints to use their TE to block Suh. The over all hope is the Rams secondary can hold off any medium to deep balls

                      It would be great if the Rams can average 4 yards a run especially on first down but the Rams shouldn't be afraid of play action on first down or hit the Saints with a screen. If the Rams can achieve all the above then come the second half come after Breeze and force the Saints to go to the ground game as an answer--yes the Saint will start raddling of yards but a ground game is slower then one through the air. Let a winding clock ticking away the seconds add a sense of urgency to the Saints and cause them to have to fall back on Breeze and his arm
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                        I don’t know anything about recipes except the ones I’m learning from the TV show Bong Appetite, but the recent addition of the CJ ingredient has turned the menu upside down. (Boy, add the Rams to the list of teams thanking Gruden for giving up on difference-makers). NO just has added a new level of complexity to its game-planning that has to be to the Rams’ advantage.

                        The Rams’ D-line showed they can stuff the run if they put their mind to it. Now they have to show they can compress the pocket from the front, not letting Drew step up, and since he’s got that quick release they need to get taller if they can’t get to him and bat some balls down. He’s gets time and Peters is gonna eat that gumbo by himself – whatever that gibberish he spewed about Peyton was supposed to mean (and speaking of Peters, I’m starting to think that he sees the writing on the wall regarding his “play” and he’s starting to try and establish his street cred down in South Central for when he needs to look for a new job).


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                          Without reading any other responses, or getting past the first sentence, my first thought is paying the ref and replay team enough money to spot the ball by Hekker where it actually went out of bounds instead of a yard or two short to force a turnover. IMO, no matter how bad the RAMS played the rest of that game, they win if that ball is spotted correctly.



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                            Control the line of scrimage. Now that Talib is back blitz more than last time. Put more pressure on Brees otherwise he"ll sit back and pick us apart. Win the turnover battle.


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                              Rams have no ‘fear of the unknown’ heading into showdown with N.O.

                              Connor McGlynn
                              FOX Sports West
                              Jan 15, 2019 at 4:10p ET

                              When the Los Angeles Rams visited the Superdome to take on the New Orleans Saints in Week 9, they left empty-handed.

                              Their pursuit of a perfect season was over.

                              Their maimed defense was exposed– allowing 487 total yards and seven third down conversions in 12 attempts.

                              Their secondary was dissected with the precision of a Dr. James Andrews surgery by a Hall of Fame quarterback finding a singular target in Michael Thomas so often even Tom Brady and James White would roll their eyes.

                              Their All-Pro running back was stymied as Todd Gurley only rushed for 68 yards.

                              And yet, there’s plenty of good to take away from that 45-35 early November loss.

                              “Getting a chance to feel what a tough atmosphere that is to play in where, I think there’s a lot of times a fear of the unknown and now that we kind of know what to expect with a great crowd and how that’s going to have to alter some of the different things that we’ll do specific to offense – some of our communication, I think we can use that as a positive,” head coach Sean McVay reflected ahead of the NFC Championship.

                              That game on November 4 is the only game the Rams have played in this season where they never held a lead and it was a game where emotions were at a boiling point.

                              Rams are ‘a different team’ heading into NFC Championship Game against Saints

                              With Aqib Talib out with an ankle injury, Marcus Peters was tasked with shadowing the Saints’ Thomas all night and– refer back to the Dr. James Andrews analogy above– it didn’t go in his favor.

                              Thomas, who has since been named first-team All-Pro, torched Peters for a career-high 211 yards on 12 catches, including a dagger 72-yd touchdown with under four minutes left to seal the win. Following the game, Saints head coach Sean Payton provided the hot-headed Peters with some bulletin board material.

                              “They were going to travel Marcus to him, and that was fine by us,” Payton told reporters. “We thought we really liked that matchup — a lot.”

                              Peters, well, he didn’t take too kindly to that.

                              “Tell Sean Payton, keep talking that s—, we gonna see him soon. You feel me? Yeah,” Peters said in the locker room. “Cause I like what he was saying on the sideline too. Tell him he can keep talking that s—. And I hope he sees me soon. You feel me? Then we’re gonna have a good little, nice little bowl of gumbo together.”

                              It seems like Peters is finally ready to make the invitation, two months later.

                              But while Peters may have been the Ram who lost his cool off the field, there were others who needed to control themselves on the field.

                              Both Aaron Donald and Roger Saffold were called for unnecessary roughness penalties (Donald’s leading to a touchdown; Saffold’s moving the Rams out of Saints territory just before half)– mistakes the Rams will need to clean up if they hope to finish their gumbo with a satisfying taste in their mouth.

                              “Any time that you go against an opponent, you can definitely be able to utilize some different things from that game to try to help yourself (inaudible) move forward,” McVay said. “I think we showed some good mental toughness … At the end of the day, they made enough plays and they ended up being able to get it done at the end.”

                              If the Rams are indeed able to get it done at the end this time it will mean a trip to their first Super Bowl since 2001, a feat that isn’t lost on the 32-year-old play caller.

                              “It’s something that when you get a chance to play for one game away, that’s exactly why you do all this hard work. To be able to see the people that you love and care about so much – having that success and sharing that with them is what’s special about it,” McVay said.


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                              • general counsel
                                Rams lose 45-35 to new orleans: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
                                by general counsel
                                Despite a valiant comeback to overcome a 21 point deficit and pull even in the fourth quarter, the Rams fell short today on the road against a very tough Drew Brees led new orleans team, suffering their first loss of the season by the score of 45-35 in what could prove to be a preview of the NFC championship game. The offense certainly played well enough to win, but subpar red zone play, failure to take advantage of a crucial turnover in the first half, the weekly torching of Marcus Peters, lousy 3rd down play on both sides of the ball, and most importantly a horrific first half defensively were our our undoing today. The Rams were not going undefeated in any event and this game was likely the toughest one on the entire schedule, but the Rams will fly home for a really important division battle next week against the seachickens with a bad taste in their mouth of opportunities lost to win this game. The key will be what the squad learns from this and how they bounce back next week.

                                The Good

                                Jared Goff and the offense scored 35 points and gave 483 yards, punting only once. Gurley scored a td for the 12th straight game, although new orleans did a great job of keeping him in check (65 yards rushing and 11 yards receiving). The offensive line allowed zero sacks despite 40 passing attempts by Goff. Goff was 28-40-391-3 td's and one interception for a rating of 115.7. Unfortunately, he made one of his two horrible throws of the game with the outcome on the line late in the fourth quarter when the Rams had a chance to take the lead (see below in bad section on the miss to an open Woods). Goff made several terrific throws, including a couple that were not caught, such as the perfect throw that Higbee dropped in the end zone. The long ball to cooks was terrific and the out pattern to kupp was sensational. The 4th and 2 at the end hit Cooks in the hands. Sure, he got outplayed by Brees, but there is no shame in that. To take the next step, and if realistically we want to win the superbowl or for that matter get to the super bowl, goff is going to have to play his best with the game on the line, something he has not done in the last two weeks. Great catch and run for Malcolm Brown along the sideline for the td.

                                It was nice to see the tight ends involved today (collectively 5-88 plus the two point conversion to Everett). Cooks played well with 6-114, Kupp was 5-89 with the 41 yard td catch and run and woods was very strong again with 5-71 including any number of really big catches.

                                No injuries that i saw.
                                Leg kicked a 56 yard field goal.
                                The defense recovered nicely in the 2nd half holding new orleans to 10 points. Not spectacular, but potentially good enough to win if the offense hadn't died with the game on the line.
                                Fowler showed a pulse with a couple of nice pressures and a rare hit on brees along with one tackle for loss. Can't wait for him to play more.
                                Donald had...
                                -11-04-2018, 06:00 PM
                              • general counsel
                                Rams lampoon lions 30-16; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
                                by general counsel
                                The Rams overcame a subpar performance by Jared Goff, pushing their record to 11-1 with a 30-16 road win against detroit by riding Todd Gurley, outstanding red zone defense, and an another otherworldly performance by Aaron Donald. The Rams win today clinched the NFC west title for the second year in a row and gave the Rams a one game lead over new orleans in the race for home field in the nfc with four games remaining. The giants win over chicago in overtime (aided by huge defense plays by former Rams Tree and Janoris) gives the Rams a three game lead over chicago in terms of the week one bye in the playoffs. Today was far from the Rams best game, but keep in mind that detroit has been strong defensively under patricia, especially of late against the run, and beat new england at home earlier in the year. The performance of the defense today was encouraging, albeit against a detroit team that is offensively challenged at the skill positions. To state the obvious, there are no style points in the NFL and the win is what counts. This was a game that could have gone either way in the fourth quarter, and once again the Rams found a way to get it done.

                                The Good

                                There are no words any longer to describe the impact that Aaron Donald is having on a weekly basis. He had two sacks today, one of which was a strip sack fumble recovered by Ebukam that was the critical play in the game when the Rams had a three point fourth quarter lead and detroit had the momentum. He had a third sack called back for a penalty. He had 5 overall tackles which included four tackles for loss. He drew three holding penalties and was held another ten or more times. I have watched 50 years of football and i have never seen an interior lineman play the way Donald is playing week in week out and while he is surrounded by other first round draft picks, he is not surrounded by other linemen who are exactly lighting it up. Just another incredible performance and he was as or more responsible for this win today as anyone.

                                Red zone play. The Rams were 3-4 in the red zone today offensively and held detroit to 1-5. The one time the Rams were stopped in the red zone, Reynolds was clearly held in the end zone on the third down play. The td pass to woods on 3rd and goal from the 8 before half gave us a 10-3 lead and was huge.

                                Todd Gurley had an excellent game with 23-132 and 2 td's rushing along with 3 catches for 33 yards. It was tough going most of the day for gurley, especially with malcolm brown out early with the shoulder injury and Gurley being the only active back on the roster. Very tough for him to get any room up the middle with snacks harrison clogging things up. He had two huge runs, the td run from the 13 with great blocking and the game clinching long run where he alertly fell down on the one yard line forcing detroit to use the rest of their time outs and putting the Rams into a position where even if they don't...
                                -12-02-2018, 05:47 PM
                              • general counsel
                                Rams Knock Off New Orleans 26-20; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                                by general counsel
                                Apologies for the delay, i just got a chance tonight to watch the replay of the Rams knocking off New Orleans 26-20 at home to move their record to 8-3 and retain their one game lead in the division over the seachickens. While it pained me to miss the game sunday, the good news is that my deal finally signed this week and I was able to catch up on just a little sleep. The Rams were impressive, defeating a saints team that had won 8 in a row. This was a big step forward against a quality opponent coming off a loss on the road to a top grade minnesota team. The Rams defense (with the exception of one ridiculous long run and one 45 second drive at the end of the game) played outstanding football. The Rams offense was terrific in the first half and good enough in the second half to get the job done, despite our inability to punch the ball into the end zone in the second half which allowed the saints to hang around the game longer than they should have.

                                The Good

                                Goff was terrific today. Not perfect, he still missed some throws, but terrific by any reasonable description. He was 28-43-354-2 tds and 1 int on a fluke sammy bobble/deflection for a qb rating of 96.5. He made some outstanding throws and is really demonstrating an ability to go through his progressions to find the open receiver. He was sacked four times, all in the first half. The pass protection was generally good and that certainly helps Goff's confidence and ability to be patient looking for receivers and then stepping into the throw. He threw a nice slant for a short td to sammy (although we never ran that play again for some reason) and hit reynolds at the back of the end zone for the first td of reynolds career on a play where goff had about 2 minutes to throw. He threw a nice long ball to sammy to draw the INT (although if he throws it further out in front of sammy its probably a td). He made a very nice throw at the end that the saints corner made a terrific play on or its td # 3 and game over. One criticism, not really bad so keeping it in the good section, he was picking on the backup saints db's all game. The guy covering sammy was about ten yards off him play after play, even down in the red zone at the end. I really want to see goff take advantage of that. If db's want to play that far off the line, its pitch and catch and a great chance for sammy or another wr to break tackles and even if they dont its an easy 5-8 yard gain every time. That requires a pre play sight adjustment that i would like to see more of. Really nice play to higbee who broke tackles and rumbled for 38 yards. Excellent connection with Kupp obviously. On the INT, while sammy juggled it, i thought gofff could have made a much better throw as sammy was a couple of yards behind the defender. Using gurley very well again as a reciever, he is so dangerous in the open field. A HUGE goff throw came with roughly 7 minutes left in the game 3rd and 8 to reynolds, perfectly done. Almost unlimited...
                                -12-01-2017, 09:17 PM
                              • general counsel
                                Rams crunch cowboys 30-22; The good, the bad and the ugly
                                by general counsel
                                The Rams won their first playoff game of the McVay era and advanced to the nfc championship game next sunday by thoroughly running the ball down dallas' throat on the way to a hard fought 30-22 victory. The Rams gained 273 yards rushing on 48 attempts for a 5.7 average against a dallas defense that completely shut down the #1 ranked chickens run game in their playoff win last weekend. Both Gurley (16-115) and CJ (23-123) ran for over 100 yards, the first time in Rams playoff history that two backs have done so in the same game. The Rams recorded three rushing touchdowns and the dominance by the offensive line in the trenches allowed the Rams to control the clock, leading to an almost 37-23 advantage in time of possession. When you consider that the Rams did not turn the ball over all game, punted only once, held Elliott to 47 yards rushing on 20 carries, converted 7-13 on third and fourth down while holding dallas to 1-10 on third down and recording one huge fourth down stop, you pretty much explain the Rams victory. But for some early redzone struggles and a brutal drop by Ebukam on a sure pick six, this game would have been over a lot sooner. The Rams really deserved to win this game and they now await the winner of the philadelphia vs new orleans game to see who they play for a chance to go to the big dance.

                                The Good

                                Offensive line, offensive line and offensive line. Absolute dominance both in the run game and in pass protection. 273 yards rushing!!!!! Goff was not sacked and was not hit much. The holes at the point of attack in the running game were sensational, especially when you consider the quality of the opposition. All five guys played well and they were terrific as a unit. Needless to say, if we can run the ball the way we did today, we are going to be very very very tough to beat by anyone anywhere. Just absolutely outstanding play. With the game on the line and McVay going hyper aggressive on 4th and about one and a half rather than kicking the field goal to make it a two score game, the oline did the job and created enough of a hole for CJ to plow into the end zone and make it a 15 point game. Really can't say enough about the way the Rams offensive line took over the game and imposed their will on the dallas defense. By far Sullivan's best game of the year.

                                Gurley and CJ were both terrific, showing power, speed and ball security. Gurley showed great burst on his 35 yard touchdown run to put the Rams ahead 20-7 late in the second quarter. Great run. CJ was critical today because Gurley obviously needed to be spelled because of his month off on the cardio side. You have to give Snead huge credit for finding CJ after Malcolm Brown went out for the year with the shoulder injury. We are not here in my view without CJ and he will likely remain an important part of our title run because he can keep Gurley fresh and provide very hard running between the tackles.

                                -01-12-2019, 11:12 PM
                              • general counsel
                                Rams choke seachickens 36-31; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
                                by general counsel
                                The Rams rebounded from their first loss of the year by pushing their record to 9-1 with a hard fought 36-31 victory at home over the seachickens. The Rams overcame 6 personal fouls, a total of ten penalties for over 100 yards, horrific first quarter defense (again), subpar red zone performance, 273 yards rushing by seattle, a final Russell Wilson possession with a chance to win the game for the chickens and a potentially serious knee injury to Cooper Kupp to emerge victorious. Once again, the Rams did what they had to do to win and simply found a way, despite playing far from their best football. The Rams are a very good team, you can not have a 9-1 record if that is not the case, but if the squad is going to make a serious run at the super bowl there are going to be any number of things that need to be improved on and with kansas city, chicago and philadelphia still ahead on the schedule it is going to take better football than we played today if we want a realistic chance to overcome the loss to new orleans and earn home field throughout the playoffs. The good news is that as a practical matter, the win today effectively clinches the division for the Rams who now enjoy a four game lead over seattle and have beaten the chickens twice. While McVay said that the situation with Kupp's knee "doesn't look good" lets hope that there is a chance that we can get him back later this year.

                                The Good

                                Goff had another strong game going 28-29-318 with 2 td's, no int's and a qb rating of 113. He made some terrific throws again and only had a couple of "bad" misses, one of which was to an open kupp on a play where his arm did get hit. He showed good presence dropping the ball off to gurley a few times and i loved the way he used the wide receiver screens and throws to the tight ends that so many of us have been looking for all year. He continues to improve although you would really hope he would find a way to improve in the red zone. Our problems in the red zone are certainly not all on Goff, but i think he can get better.

                                Gurley had a td in his 13th consecutive game with a strong run for about 16 yards behind great blocking from whitworth and woods. He finished with 16 carries for 120 yards and 3 catches for 40. I thought we should have pounded him even more often, especially earlier in the game before seattle started to stack the box and i didnt like the ball not being in his hands on the first down play on the last drive where we went three and out and gave wilson a chance to win the game. Another all-pro performance.

                                Aaron Donald had 2 and a half sacks today and was held 5 times or more. Super disruptive force. Suh had 1/2 a sack and 9 tackles. Littleton had 9 tackles as well and a nice pass breakup on a third down. The defense stepped up when it absolutely had to despite having another rough day. Fowler, who almost cost us the game with a horrible penalty (see below) showed...
                                -11-11-2018, 06:34 PM