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Rams open at 3 or 3 1/2 underdogs

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  • Rams open at 3 or 3 1/2 underdogs

    Not a surprise on the point spread. I think the oddsmakers view this as an even game and new orleans is getting 3 points for home field. If this game was in LA, i think we would be 3 point favorites.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Hoping for the win but I am very happy that we have got this far. Everything else is just gravy .......... am loving it

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      I was doing research this week on Vegas number because so many quote them and what I found out was interesting.


      "Thatís the most popular question on social media whenever a game falls exactly on or near the spread. But the truth is oddsmakers donít know and they arenít nearly as accurate as theyíre given credit for being..For example, the NFL is by far the easiest league to create point spreads for. Double-digit lines are few and far between and very rarely will they be greater than 14 points. Yet, since 2002, nearly 60 percent of NFL games have been decided by more than seven points of the spread, according to Spreadapedia. More than 28 percent of NFL games have been decided by more than 14 points over the past 10 seasons. And only 5.5 percent of games have landed exactly on the closing point spread."

      So what this tells me is that at 3.5 point, 3 coming from home field advantage, Vegas has no idea on who the better team is in our match up. That means it's ours to win, if we want it enough!
      "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

      Jack Youngblood


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      • general counsel
        rams 3 1/2 point underdogs
        by general counsel
        We are 3 1/2 point dogs this weekend. I thought it would be at least 5 and maybe 6. Anyone have any view on the point spread?

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel
        -09-05-2006, 07:39 AM
      • renrawtruk
        high scoringing in the NFL this year
        by renrawtruk
        it's definitely a new era with teams regularly putting up 40 points.

        I'm sure it's a combination of things, but i would argue it's way less about rules against hitting quarterbacks and receivers and much more about teams running more spread offense plays. like Tom Brady said, it's becoming college football.

        The other piece is simply teams are being more aggresive pushing the ball down the field given that the Jeff Fishers of the world are mostly gone and more coordinators are realizing you might as well copy what the Patriots (or dare I say Rams) are doing.

        for years I have brought up a game that happened in the late 90's or early 2000's where (if i recall correctly), the saints and packers both were chasing a wild card spot and were tied in wins and wins vs. common opponents, etc... and it was going to come down to point differential, assuming both teams won. (and both teams were pretty close in that category too - I think one team had a 3 point advantage.)

        low and behold, both teams put up close to 40 points that week and I knew then that you just need to plan to score 40 to score 40.

        I think it's a little of the Tiger Woods effect. now everybody plays the game differently after they've seen what is possible.

        again, just think it's more aggressive, spread offense than the fact that you can't hit a defenseless receiver or land on the QB....
        -10-20-2018, 09:35 AM
      • Guest's Avatar
        How do you explain the point spread?
        by Guest
        I agree with those who believe we have a great shot to win this game. How do you explain the 7 point spread? 4 for home field and 3 for the bye week?

        general counsel
        -01-12-2005, 05:12 PM
      • rxb97
        Can You Point to 4 plays that make this team a 12 game winner
        by rxb97
        With 4 losses of 3 points or less it seems this team is on the verge of being a NFL stud team.... I mean it was well within the teams capabilities to be a 12 or 13 game winner going into this weekend resting players for a strong run at the playoffs. So win or lose this weekend The 2010 Rams have made Huge strides
        Go Rams!
        -01-01-2011, 06:29 AM
      • general counsel
        This is an UPSIDE game
        by general counsel
        Injuries aside, this game really has only upside. Its a very tough road game against a team we dont match up well against, even with their injuries. We are healthy, coming off a bye and hopefully rejuvinated for the rest of the season, but we have been unable to consistently stop the run all year and this is one of the best running teams in the nfl with what is maybe the best back in LT and a solid young improving qb. They have a stout defensive line and a monster nose tackle.

        If we can find a way to stay in this game, we have a legit shot to win at the end of course. If we can protect bulger, we can score on them, but of course, merriman is a part of that and his status remains up in the air at this point. I hope we have a plan to control that nose tackle, but i suspect this is one of those cases where a plan is great but execution is very very tough. If jackson cant run at all and we spend the day in long yardage situations, its going to be even tougher.

        We are 9 point underdogs which is a very big spread and tells you that the oddsmakers, who know more than any of us, think that bye or no bye, injuries or no injuries, we are in big trouble.

        To me, our shot at this game is simple. We have to win the turnover battle convincingly and score tds in the red zone. In short, we will need to play our best game of the year and hope that they make some mistakes. If we can do that, we have a shot in this game. If we only play a half or maybe even three quarters of football, it wont be enough on the road against sandiego.

        At the end of the day, this is NOT a game we have to win. Thats what i mean when i say it really has only upside as long as we dont get hurt. The game we will have to win is the following week at home vs kc.

        Ramming speed to all

        general counsel
        -10-24-2006, 08:24 AM