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Lawsuit filed to have game replayed from bad call spot.......

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      Couldn't get it done on the field....
      to get it done in the courts....oh boy the optics of that are just stunning but imagine you could overturn a game result using the courts just as a mental exercise in stupidity...

      It would mean any game with a "bad" result could be would take 10years to get half a season in if the courts had to decide things because EVERY game has a questionable call. Take Packers/Vikings game. Did Mathews ROUGH the Passer which gave the Viks a 1st down that lead to a score and thus caused the game to end in a tie


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        Originally posted by general counsel View Post
        The lawsuit should ask to be replayed from the point of the Goff facemask non call. As an aside, this is everything that is wrong with the US legal system

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel
        Amen brother. Amen


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          Lawsuit!?! Ugh, what H O O E Y ,,,

          Use Colin Cowherd's observations recorded in his program, brief but so keen and true ... and unbiased ... of what New Orleans could have done to win the game at home despite the refs blunder.

          They had a number of opportunities to make up for their "disadvantage" and and thus avoid their demise.

          New Orleans should 'sue' their own NFL football team for losing the way they did. That's where the crux of the matter resides, not a O N E play call produced by the officials.


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            There were several missed calls including a defenseless receiver and helmet to helmet non call on Woods @ 7:15 in second quarter, the reach back donkey stomp of Goffs arm, the face mask which more than likely puts the Rams up by 4 instead of kicking the tying FG.....I feel the fans on this, but it is over, it ended with and interception and a 57 yard FG.
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              Over 600,000 people have signed the petition on It just means 600,000 are going to be massively disappointed.

              At this point, I have zero sympathy. I'd get it if it was a non-call during the last play of the game or if it took points from them. It didn't . They still scored on the next play. Asking the NFL to give them a rematch or have the game be played at the spot of the non-call is asinine.

              For all of their brash overconfidence and saying they're the better team, they sure love to sound like the only way they could have won was on a penalty. Yeesh. My eyes couldn't be rolling harder.


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                This is really funny, we are called "fans" for a reason LOL

                Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                  Id love to be in that courtroom, Saints fans openly weeping, clutching their brown bags that used to cover their heads in the 70s n 80s, pleading with the judge to do something as they've lost all faith in the NFL and are devastated about the loss of entertainment due to that damn ref.


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                    We've already beat them 6-3. WTF are they on!


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                      Whitworth explains the situation very nicely in this article:



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                        I get the frustration on their part. But what bothers me the most, is the how the 'aints fans complain they would have won if the PI call wasn't missed.

                        Reminds me about how after the Rams Titans super bowl, people would say, Titans were a single yard from winning the super bowl. Ummmmm no... Rams were up by 7 and the Titans were trying to tie it to take it to OT. They weren't short of winning the game, they were short of not losing it.


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                          Originally posted by Seacone View Post
                          Whitworth explains the situation very nicely in this article:

                          Well, he sees it for the way it is. Time for all of us to put our focus on the Patriots. Go Rams


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                            ...The reality is they got football after that snap. They played in overtime with the football. ...They didn't score; we did.

                            "We can argue about it all day, but they had an opportunity to win the game and we won it."
                            - A. Whitworth


                            Exactly as we've been saying about weighing in on that ONE play (turned into a goof by the refs) with the rest of the opportunities New Orleans had to salvage their misfortune and turn it into a victory.

                            Are the N.O. fans 'pretending' not to understand? Too irate to see the reality that Whitworth is talking about?

                            The governor of Louisiana and the mayor of New Orleans should sue their own NFL team and discuss their dirty laundry in their home. Don't blame the refs. You were just too crazy loud even for them to think straight about officiating.

                            And for crying out loud, don't blame the Rams!
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                              Just saw a report that Rod Perry and Nolan Cromwell have filed a lawsuit demanding the second half of SB XIV be replayed due to a crappy outcome.


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