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    Hey guys, I'm new to your site but not to the Rams. I can't believe I've never seen this site before. I feel like such a dip. Anyway, my nickname RamSpud is because I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho. (FYI)

    I've been a sick Rams fan for my whole life (34). I cried when they lost the bowl in 1980 to the Steelers. Bit of trivia, who sang the national anthem at that superbowl? Better yet, who cares? It was Cheryl Ladd. Personally, I prefer SB34 singer Faith Hill.

    I'm the type of fan who gets sick to his stomach just before kickoff and doesn't come down of the emotional high from a huge win for several hours after the game. Last night was huge !

    Key Points: Our offensive line did a great job. No mistake, the Saints were head hunting and our O Line deserves a lot of credit.

    Defense, come on, all the injuries, all the turnovers and we still contain them, great job.

    Defensive Line: Great pressure all night on Brooks, with a healthy secondary, they get two fewer TD's. Great Job.

    CLASS: That's right, punch them right in the face and thank them afterward. That is class.

    HAKIM: It's a love hate, he did fumble but he also caught a huge 3rd down ball for 30plus yards to set up a score. He also put us on a short field at least twice on the night, one of which was called back for a penalty. I'm still up in the air on Hakim.

    Martz: Get a clue about replay. Get a clue about timeouts. Other than that, great play calling but I'd rather see more running plays and less willingness to give up on Faulk and the O Line running the ball.

    I'll go no further. Look forward to talking with you all. Can't lose another game this year. We need HOME FIELD. If so, I think we bring home the trophy one more time.

    D Y N A S T Y !?!



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    If you're RamSpud, why does it say mxbrian? Either way,

    You've gotta be impressed with how the D is playing with all the injuries and substitutions. Someone did their job right.

    I agree that Martz has got to do better at deciding what is worthy of a challenge. That first one was just a matter of 5 yards at a point in the game where it just wasn't crucial to the win.

    Hakim has his moments that make you cringe and moments that make you want to hug him. The latter one is the only reason he's still here.