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Rams v Patriots Super Bowl LIII Prediction!!!!

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    I have had to study both the Patriots offense and defense to get an idea and how the Rams have to beat both. Comes down for the Rams on offense to come from every angle to keep the Patriots off foot. Its easy what the Patriots are going to do on defense and that is play position, having a man in every area of the field, disciplined defense--the Patriots are not going to buy the Ram's shifts and motion pre-snap and are not going to chase after the ball to avoid misdirection plays burning them like most of the defenses the Rams have faced. Second they are going to twist their OLB in obvious passing plays up the middle to get to Goff. To deal with Gurley and CJ, again easy what the Patriots are going to do--gap cover defense with LB support.

    And that is why the Rams have to come at the Patriot defense from all angles. And why the Rams have an up front advantage--the number of Ram play makers out number those of the Patriots when the Rams are on offense--so the Patriots have to be patient and wait for moments when their defense has an advantage. This time Goff has to be "on" with his passes because again like in the Saints game T. Higbee is the 2nd and 3rd long go-to-guy. The Patriots can match up against Cooks, Wood, Gurley but its the "other" guys that have to make plays. And in the Saints' game that is what McVay attempted but too many poor thrown balls kept New Orleans in the game. Honestly the Rams to show the Patriots they haven't seen before on game tape is to have CJ and Gurley on the field at the same time and line up in a power "I"---yes run the ball with either/both as FB,, come off that formation putting Gurley in the Slot stacked with the TE as a double TE formation or just play action, pass off the Power "I" with either Gurley/CJ as potential targets

    Defense its an easy script for the Rams defense...they are not going to stop Brady--but they can upset him and cause disaster to occur. Wish the Rams had more depth at Safety because I would have 3 on the field on 3rd and long--but that's the formula, Safety blitz and always threat a Safety Blitz or CB blitz. Put Peters on Gronk--he is faster and tall enough to disrupt plays to Gronk. Brady is going to short pass mostly but the real hope the Patriots have is a ground game--they have to average 3.5 yards per run play to keep it manageable. The Patriots would like to get a comfortable lead like any other team, but barring that its going to be about tempo and position on the field. Their plan is to have the last 5minute of the game with Brady having the ball twice

    Assuming the game plays out and each team does what they should do--SPECIAL TEAMS is the difference

    Rams 27
    Pats 20


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      I imagine Gurley and Anderson in the Pro formation if both see the backfield...that would be sick!

      Rams 30
      Pats 24


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        Rams 72
        Pats - bus catches on fire.


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          If the Rams can eliminate the long passes by Brady and force him to hurry...

          If the Rams can keep Gronk contained...

          If the Rams stay flexible on defense and don't get rattled early in the game...

          If the offensive line can protect Goff...

          Then it will be Rams 27, Cheaters 21.

          I'm wearing the #52 jersey, I've got my St. Louis Rams wall flag hanging in plain sight in the family room, my bobbleheads (Faulk, Pace, Wistrom) are on the stereo beneath the TV, my 10th anniversary EJD hat is the hook by the fireplace, and I went into the shrine this morning to pay homage to the GSOT. I decided not to break out the Faulk autographed SB XXXIV hat or the Warner autographed jersey for today...even though my #52 jersey is a Ramik Wilson jersey, it's also the same number worn by Mike Jones.

          All I know is I am far too calm today...


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            All Ive got is my AD jersey, my LA Rams t-shirt and my LA Rams (circa Anaheim) hat signed by Mr Todd Gurley and a Rams drinking glass.

            May the horns be with us.
            “Oh, 100 percent,” Donald said. “I feel like the words, ‘Thank you,’ ain’t enough. You’ve got to show it... Instead of saying thank you — show it.”


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              Rams 30. Pats 10


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                Rams 27
                Bad Guys 17
                “Oh, 100 percent,” Donald said. “I feel like the words, ‘Thank you,’ ain’t enough. You’ve got to show it... Instead of saying thank you — show it.”


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