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    Such mixed emotions. While I am grateful we got to the Super Bowl, my appreciation is tempered by our rotten performance. While a loss is a loss, if we'd played well, we could hang our hats on having simply been outplayed by a team who performed just a bit better than we did. But to watch a team who had such a great offense all season struggle mightily while our best player was a total non-factor is a bitter pill to swallow. Very similar in many ways to the last SB we played against them. And it was an awful Super Bowl to watch- no excitement, no scoring, no red zone opportunities.

    Will take a LONG while to get over this one.


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      The Ram's showed up...and that's about it. We were outmatched, outplayed, and outcoached; and while I do appreciate where we are, I am pissed about this!

      Worst Superbowl in a generation, so...grats!?


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        Superbowl XXXVI Mirrors the WWF.
        by Guest
        1st draft of this page is ready for viewing and critiquing. It will make you sick but it needs to be brought out for everyone to see. If anyone has clearer video of superbowl XXXVI I would really love a copy. My copy was a tivo experiment however it shows enough blatant favortism to reconsider supporting the NFL.

        Bin Laden Bowl
        -02-20-2005, 07:46 PM
      • LA Rammer
        Superbowl XLI
        by LA Rammer
        How would you rate it?

        1.) Good

        2.) Fair

        3.) Poor

        I just simply wasn't interested in this one. Even when I did watch it it was pretty pathetic. For obvious reasons (1) the teams (2) location (3) coverage.

        Wish Supebowl Sunday would go back to being a game and not a festival.
        -02-05-2007, 10:37 PM
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        Did this really just happen?
        by Guest
        Did the Rams really have some of the greatest teams in history not win a world championship. Was it really because of stupidity and ego. Did the Rams really commit the biggest waste of talent ever seen on this globe? Was I really the only one who saw him as a threat to his own creation in 2000? Was my website boycotted by Rams fans because I supported a petition to fire Martz in 2000? Was our coach really so out of touch that he threw downfield at 7 and 8 defensive backs when the opponent was daring the Rams to Run the best player in the league? Did it take a guy blowing up a couple of buildings combined with the stupidest coaching the superbowl has ever seen to barely beat us by 3 points? Did we really cut a two time MVP? Did we really score over 500 points 3 straight years? Did our coach really forget to get the team prepared for the season after we lost the superbowl? Did we really waste a 1st round draft pick on a talent we didn't need and was projected to go in the 3rd? Did we really have a head coach that thought turnovers were unimportant? Did we just lose to the Arizona Freaking Cardinals? Did we really fail to win the worst division in the worst conference when 8 - 8 would have won it? Did all the shat really happen or is this just a bad faulking nightmare?
        -12-20-2004, 04:10 AM
      • RamDez
        superbowl ads
        by RamDez
        OK, who has the link for this years superbowl ads ?

        -02-04-2008, 12:32 PM
      • Marshall1
        Remember the 80's? And our Rams
        by Marshall1
        Do you all remember the 80's? Mullets, hairband's? The Rams going to the Superbowl and then being a mediocre team? Remember the Bear's beating up on us? Do you remember a player with size and speed(Dickerson) and our team going no where? Like stuck in the mud.My oh my does history repeat itself. I love my Ram's but I think the Best show on turf is gone and I knew it would happen when we lost two great coaches, Vermile and Smith. The only difference is, we won a Superbowl in 2000 went again and lost, that's where the similaritys start and stop. :clanram:
        -12-05-2005, 05:08 AM