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Where in the World is Todd Gurley?

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  • Where in the World is Todd Gurley?

    Forgive my weak attempt at a Carmen Sandiego reference, but I think the question needs to be asked again and again until we have an answer.

    Through the regular season, Gurley averaged 18.2 rushes per game and four receptions per game. In the playoffs, he rushed the ball ten times a game on average and caught four passes in three contests.

    This offense is built through Gurley. The strength of the running game is what makes play action so effective. Finding ways to get the ball in Gurley's hands should be priority number one for anyone making decisions about this offense, yet it seems like after his injury, and more specifically after the Dallas playoff win, Gurley just disappeared from the gameplan.

    There are some people across the internet - I know because I've seen the responses in the Twitter feeds of those who cover the Rams - who are abandoning ship on Gurley. I think it's way too soon for that kind of overreaction. But it really does make you wonder, in the biggest game of his career, why Sean McVay didn't do more to make Gurley a focal point of the gameplan.

    The Rams insist he's completely healthy, and Gurley does as well. I wouldn't be surprised, though, to find out in a couple of weeks that he had some nagging injury that needs cleaned up over the offseason. Still, it would be rather baffling if that's the case after so much insistence to the contrary.

    It kind of makes me wonder if there's something else going on behind the scenes, some kind of personal issue that Gurley is going through and the Rams have been trying to help him by easing his workload or not putting too much on his plate. I have no evidence or anything to base this off of, aside from just the mere speculation that will occur when someone who normally is so heavily part of a gameplan gets left behind so strangely.

    Either way, the Rams need to spend this offseason looking in the mirror and figuring out why, when all the chips were on the table, they kept their stud workhorse on the sidelines as much as they did. Maybe Gurley just needs an offseason away from football to get back to his normal self or to recover from whatever ails him. Let's hope that's the case, and we're not looking at the symptoms of a bigger problem here, either for Gurley or McVay.

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    Im throwing all my chips in on injury.


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      It's a fair question, made so by the Rams less-than-forthright explanations and their "he's perfectly fine" proclamations. And it's a weird situation, because if it is an injury, he probably shouldn't have been out there at all. Yet, he certainly ran well vs. Dallas. So what gives?

      If it's an injury, at least we'll know definitively what it was, know that he can physically rehabilitate and can excuse his performances. If it's something other than that, it's a concern- knowing that our best player couldn't be counted on in the biggest two games of our season.


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        Bizarre situation. IMO, Gurley didn't look bad or ineffective when given the ball. If you take away the horrible bogus holding call on Sullivan that took away a 13 yard gain, he would have had 48 yards on 11 carries, for a 4.4 yard average. To not utilize him with a substantial number of touches (barring some injury) is criminal.

        Here are some interesting quotes from the Rams locker room after the game:

        "It's cool, man," Gurley said after the game. "It's a team sport. There's 11 people on the field. Everyone can't touch the ball."
        "There was some different situations, you could always look back, certainly that is going to be something I'm sure I'll say, 'I wish I could have got him more involved,'" McVay said. "The film is always a good chance to go back and look at it, and I know there is a handful of decisions that I'm going to want back, for sure."
        Quarterback Jared Goff said he would "love to get [Gurley] the ball," but added, "That's not my decision."
        "I felt good," Gurley said. "Whenever my name is called to get in, I'm ready."
        If Gurley has some sort of injury that kept him off the field, these quotes certainly don't indicate that. Why would the no injury narrative be continued after the game if it wasn't true? Again, bizarre.

        Does it sound like Goff is questioning McVay's use of Gurley?


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          I'm wondering a lot too what happened to him. It could be something physical but I don't really think so, when he played Dallas he was looking good, he still had burst on couple of carries so I don't see it as a problem. Maybe McVay made bad decisions and "forgot" to involve him after he got hurt and wanted to give more responsability to Goff and he plans games around passing offense late in the playoffs or not trying to be too predictable with running with Gurley... I also consider a lot, mental weakness from Todd Gurley, I remember his 2nd season playing in the league, after his great rookie season (mainly first half of his rookie year) he was not looking like the same man on the field, very unconfident. One year later he did bounce back when Mc Vay became our head coach. I know the situation with Fisher was not easy to handle but I remember at that time I was questioning myself about his competitivity and self confidence. I think sharing the backfield with someone else was maybe not good for him and his confidence started to fall down a little. I feel like Gurley is a workhorse who needs lot of touches to be able to really shine, he is great cause he is a big play guy but you can't expect from him to be able to have those big plays without having those 3 yards run, I feel that's why we try to do during the playoffs...
          I'm sad cause the guy is humble and handle the situation very professionally, I was hoping for him to finally got his mojo back and be our superbowl MVP...
          Let's hope he will learn from that experience and that we'll be able to go back to superbowl soon.
          Si vous croyez en vous, que vous avez de la fierté, et que vous ne lâchez jamais, vous serez un gagnant.
          Le prix de la victoire est chère, mais la récompense en vaut la peine.


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            This is an extremely bizarre situation.

            Gurley hasn't looked great catching the ball in recent weeks, but yesterday he wasn't running badly. Very weird how we used him so sparingly.

            McVay, for all of his successes and strengths, showed last night that sometimes he gets way into his head and digs his own grave in big situations like these.


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              I just feel like McVay was going with the hot hand(CJ Anderson). I watched an interview of Gurley's after the game and he almost looked close to tears. I know McVay was heaping praise on TG for the way he handled his demotion two weeks ago in the New Orleans game. Emphasizing the WE NOT ME attitude in Gurley, but I think the truth is a little different. Knowing how much of a competitor has been since coming into the league. I believe it was killing TG to be stuck on the sidelines yesterday, especially when the team was struggling so much, for the most part in his absence.

              I'm not very happy with coach McVay and Jared Goff this morning, I tell you that much. I expected better from them, I really did. Hats Off to the Patriots, though. They did what they had to do, as per usual.


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                How many times do we have to hear McVay say he wished he had used Gurley more? it's ridiculous. How do you forget about the best running back in the league? The guy that creates the synergy on offense? It's absolutely frustrating.


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                  Rams 11-0 when Gurley has at least 15 carries!


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                    McVay choked. Seen it before a few times. The "wish I would have gotten him involved more" quote isn't something he should admit out loud. Mcvay was too stubborn to bail from his game plan which seeming was to pass. Gurley gains 4 on the Rams first play then doesn't have an attempt the rest of the half? That makes zero sense. When your QB is being rushed and is on his way to having a bad game largely because of it it McVay should have gone to plan B. Instead he did the dear in headlights approach. Gurley needs 25 touches in that game.


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                      I might be in minority, but I truly dnt think his knee is injured. I just think McVay lost grasp of getting a running game going, and he seems to just love CJ Anderson as much as Gurley..I don't get it, I am really pissed off.


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                        The Rams offense didn't face 8+ men in the box the entire game and still only ran it 17x.
                        Supposedly (no way to verify) it's the first time ever that a team didn't once stack the box against the run in a Superbowl game. There were only about 4 plays the entire game that the Rams had 2 yards or less for 1st down. (not counting when they punted)


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                          There certainly won't be another 'Great Season' in 2019 without a dedicated, full-time TG as part of the Rams offense. It certainly would not seem feasible to see - or fathom - that TG is frustrated and "wants to be traded" either; it just does not fit Gurley's apparent character as a person or as a pro. [Flashback to Dickerson, 1987]

                          Coach McVay will sooner than later have to come up with a clearer, more credible answer.


                          Sooner than later Coach McVay.

                          Yours respectfully,



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                            Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
                            How many times do we have to hear McVay say he wished he had used Gurley more? it's ridiculous. How do you forget about the best running back in the league? The guy that creates the synergy on offense? It's absolutely frustrating.
                            That's twice now, we've played the Patriots in the SuperBowl, and used a game plan which played straight into the Patriots hands. Not to take anything away from the Patriots, because their defense deserves a lot of credit for the way they controlled the LOS, and I'll admit their secondary played a hell of a game. But we're not talking about the 2000 Ravens here.! I'm sure if McVay would have just been a little more patient with Gurley, or atleast attempted to use him a little more in a variety of ways. If nothing else, it would of atleast give the Patriots defense a little more to think about, and more importantly makes them defend the whole field. But with Gurley out of the game, and CJ Anderson in. It automatically gives the Patriots defense license to attack the Rams offense vertically, which fits perfectly with the type of players the Patriots have on defense. Freakin maddening.!


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                              Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
                              Bizarre situation. IMO, Gurley didn't look bad or ineffective when given the ball. If you take away the horrible bogus holding call on Sullivan that took away a 13 yard gain, he would have had 48 yards on 11 carries, for a 4.4 yard average. To not utilize him with a substantial number of touches (barring some injury) is criminal.

                              Here are some interesting quotes from the Rams locker room after the game:

                              If Gurley has some sort of injury that kept him off the field, these quotes certainly don't indicate that. Why would the no injury narrative be continued after the game if it wasn't true? Again, bizarre.

                              Does it sound like Goff is questioning McVay's use of Gurley?
                              And aren't there consequences or penalties from the league that the team could face if a player is injured and they don't disclose it?

                              I'm starting to think it's a confidence/mental thing. Hopefully the offseason will help shake it.


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                              • r8rh8rmike
                                C.J. Anderson: Gurley Was 'More Hurt Than We Thought" When He Signed With Rams
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                C.J. Anderson says Todd Gurley was 'more hurt than what we thought' when he signed with the Rams

                                Gurley barely saw the field in the playoffs, but the Rams have insisted that he was completely healthy

                                by Sean Wagner-McGough
                                15 hrs ago • 4 min read

                                It's been two weeks since the Super Bowl and the mystery surrounding Todd Gurley's strange absence has yet to be cleared up.

                                All along, the Rams have maintained that Gurley was healthy during the playoffs and attributed his lack of playing time to football reasons -- with Gurley saying he simply got out-played by C.J. Anderson in the NFC Championship Game and Sean McVay saying he didn't do a good enough job getting his star running back involved. To no one's surprise, neither of those responses have been considered satisfactory answers to the biggest mystery of the playoffs.

                                On Tuesday, Anderson provided more support to the theory that Gurley was dealing with a knee injury during the playoffs, hence his decreased workload. During an appearance on FS1's "Undisputed," Anderson revealed that when he arrived in Los Angeles, Gurley was more hurt than anyone initially thought, including the Rams and Gurley.

                                "He was more hurt than what we thought," Anderson said. "The injury was a little bit more than what everybody in the building thought, including himself."

                                So what was the injury? Anderson described it as a sprained knee, but he couldn't call it that with any kind of certainty.

                                "He'd never really tell me. It was tough. I would say sprained knee," Anderson said. "Obviously, it's the same knee injury he's had before in his career. Obviously, I had surgery on my meniscus and once you have a knee, you always have a knee. So it aggravates. If he was getting a lot of touches earlier in the year -- obviously, him being one of the best running backs that probably was the case."

                                Gurley dealt with a knee injury at both the beginning and the end of the regular season, which led to the Rams sitting him for their final two games of the season and signing Anderson to fill in. Anderson played well in relief of Gurley in Weeks 16 and 17, rushing for 299 yards and two touchdowns as the Rams secured a first-round playoff bye.

                                When it came time for their playoff run to begin against the Cowboys in the divisional round, Anderson and Gurley shared touches, and both of them thrived. Gurley rushed for 115 yards and a touchdown on 16 carries while Anderson racked up 123 yards and two touchdowns on 23 carries.

                                Gurley certainly looked healthy.


                                But Gurley was almost entirely absent in the NFC title game, garnering four carries for 10 yards and dropping a couple of passes in the early going while Anderson carried the ball 16 times for 44 yards.

                                -02-20-2019, 07:38 AM
                              • Nick
                                PFT: Todd Gurley has yet to run with injured knee
                                by Nick
                                Todd Gurley has yet to run with injured knee
                                Posted by Mike Florio on December 20, 2018, 9:32 PM EST

                                Rams running back Todd Gurley has a knee injury, and there’s a chance he may not be able to play on Sunday.

                                Gurley has yet to practice this week. Asked by reporters on Thursday whether he could play if the game were today, Gurley said, “That’s a tough question. I haven’t tried to run. So, yeah, that’s a tough question.”

                                He nevertheless expressed optimism, despite the fact that he hasn’t yet tried to run.

                                “I think I’ll be fine, man,” Gurley said. “Just taking it day-by-day recovering, resting, trying to feel better.”

                                If he plays, it likely will happen without practice; he said he doesn’t plan on participating at all this week. He wants to play, obviously; however, he seems to recognize the chance that he won’t.

                                “We’ve got a game to win,” Gurley said. “I’m pretty sure me being out there — if I can be out there — I would put this team in a good position to help them win. So why wouldn’t I be out there if I can play? In the situation that we are — we just lost two. We’re trying to get a first-round bye. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to win.”

                                Coach Sean McVay has said he won’t risk Gurley’s availability for the postseason by playing him in the final two regular-season games, if he’s not healthy enough to play.

                                He’s clearly not healthy enough to practice. At this point, he’s not even healthy enough to run.
                                -12-21-2018, 08:43 AM
                              • RockinRam
                                Gurley on Second NFL Season: 'Like a Nightmare'
                                by RockinRam
                                • By Chris Wesseling
                                • Around the NFL Writer
                                • Published: Jan. 24, 2017 at 02:53 p.m.
                                • Updated: Jan. 24, 2017 at 03:05 p.m.

                                After a successful debut campaign as the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year, Rams running back Todd Gurley suffered through a miserable second season.

                                Mired in an inept Los Angeles attack, Gurley clearly regressed as a playmaker, finishing with the lowest yards-per-carry figure (3.2) of any back with 150 or more rushing attempts.

                                In a Tuesday appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Gurley was asked to categorize his 2016 season.

                                "Like a nightmare. I still can't believe the season," Gurley said. "It was definitely a tough year, a learning experience for me. To be 4-12 this year? I don't want to feel that feeling again."
                                Gurley made news in December, describing the Rams' attack as a "middle school offense" in the wake of back-to-back lopsided losses that led directly to the firing of coach Jeff Fisher.

                                Provided a forum to explain that criticism, Gurley clarified that he was speaking strictly of the players rather than the coaching staff.

                                "The week before, we played New England. I think we probably scored one touchdown and that was the last two minutes of the game," Gurley explained. "Then we go play Atlanta, and they probably put more points up on us on defense than we actually put up on offense."

                                "It was frustrating. I kind of told it like it was, kind of how we looked. It was too many mental errors from everybody, including myself, just turning the ball over. You just can't have that."

                                Gurley was gracious enough to let the coaching staff off the hook, but Fisher's offenses were dysfunctional for long stretches of his five-year tenure with the Rams.

                                Erupting for more than 125 rushing yards in each of his first four NFL starts, Gurley drew lofty comparisons to Hall of Famers such as Gale Sayers and Eric Dickerson early in his rookie season.

                                His rare talent was so obvious at the time that NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger raved, "My mom could scout Todd Gurley."

                                Since that torrid start to his career, however, Gurley has reached the century mark just once in 24 games. No other running back since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger has played all of his team's games and averaged as many carries per game as Gurley (17.4) without reaching 100 rushing yards at least once in a season, per NFL Research.

                                The Rams have enlisted new head coach Sean McVay to pull No. 1 overall draft pick Jared Goff out of his rookie-year tailspin. Beyond that quarterback-whisperer responsibility, McVay will have to find a way to free Gurley from the bad habits he picked up behind an offensive line that is too often overwhelmed at the line of scrimmage.

                                The talent is there. Can McVay and his staff unlock the potential in 2017?...
                                -01-24-2017, 05:32 PM
                              • Nick
                                Rams facing this painful question: Are Todd Gurley’s best years behind him?
                                by Nick
                                Rams facing this painful question: Are Todd Gurley’s best years behind him?
                                By Vincent Bonsignore
                                Mar 3, 2019

                                INDIANAPOLIS​ — There is finally​ some​ clarity​ on the condition​ of Todd Gurley’s​ left knee,​ and the​ news over the​ weekend painted​​ a gloomy picture for the Rams’ star running back.

                                On Friday, John Breech of CBS Sports reported that the Rams might consider stem cell treatment for Gurley’s knee, which was surgically repaired in 2014 after an ACL tear during his junior year at Georgia. On Saturday, Jeff Howe of The Athletic reported that recent tests have revealed Gurley is dealing with arthritis in the knee.

                                Both revelations cast doubt on the future of Gurley, who signed a four-year contract extension worth $60 million last summer that takes him through the 2023 season and guarantees him $45 million.

                                With head coach Sean McVay talking about putting a plan in place to manage Gurley’s workload and general manager Les Snead pondering the potential need to add another running back alongside him, a dreaded question the Rams and their fans never wanted to contemplate is now absolutely valid.

                                Are Gurley’s best years behind him?

                                Since arthritis is a common occurrence in knees that have been surgically repaired, it is possible Gurley could be suffering from the condition. An orthopedic surgeon, speaking anonymously to The Athletic, said: “When you use the words arthritis in a knee that had an ACL back in college, that’s the connection. You’ve lost the alignment, and the tires are wearing out prematurely.”

                                If that is indeed the case, it creates an ominous situation for Gurley based on multiple doctors consulted, including Dr. Jesse Morse of Florida Orthopedic Specialists.

                                “Without personally examining him, my answers will obviously be very generalized, but unfortunately I believe Gurley has peaked and will not be able to repeat his record-breaking effectiveness,” Dr. Morse said. “He could possibly have one to two more years of elite top-five running back talent, but he will likely lose a step.”

                                Publicly and privately, the Rams are not indicating anything more beyond the recent comments by McVay and Snead that Gurley was dealing with “wear and tear” issues late in the season.

                                McVay said this week at the NFL Scouting Combine that surgery is not planned for Gurley. According to the doctors consulted by The Athletic, Gurley clearly has a condition that requires management rather than an injury that needs surgery.

                                As far as stem cell treatment — which some doctors insist is a radical and not-yet-proven treatment that should be approached cautiously — Rams sources said no such course of action has been discussed within the organization.

                                McVay and Snead have talked about putting a plan in place that will help keep Gurley...
                                -03-04-2019, 06:17 AM
                              • supachump
                                You better work Gurley despite whatever is going on with him physically.
                                by supachump
                                It is becoming obvious that the idea that Gurley should be used sparingly so that he has the ability to play deep into the playoff is not the most well thought out. Plain and simple, if we don't use Gurley more NOW, we won't even be in the playoffs. The Seahawks and 49'ers are both playing well. And the Rams? The defense is not looking great and McVay's offense has been exposed. Until the coach figures this out, the answer is working Gurley. HE NEEDS TO BE IN THERE.

                                Gurley is the short term answer until McVay comes up with a counter to the counter. Gurley may be our only chance of even making it to the post season....
                                -10-04-2019, 10:40 AM