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    Originally posted by Nick View Post

    I'm starting to think it [TG's situation] is a confidence/mental thing.

    If it is, it is HUMONGOUS considering it has occurred in the:

    * NFC Championship and far more poignantly the...

    * Super Bowl game, where there's no room for hesitation or mild efforts.

    We're talking about an elite NFL running back here.

    Still scratching my head over Todd Gurley not being more involved for the Rams in Super Bowl

    FEB 04, 2019 | 1:00 PM

    Imagine the rioting there would be in the streets if Pat Shurmur’s [NY] Giants reached the Super Bowl and gave Saquon Barkley only 11 touches in a 13-3 loss. Heck, imagine the rioting there would be in the locker room.

    That was the unthinkable reality, though, for Rams star running back Todd Gurley in Super Bowl LIII on Sunday night. Coach Sean McVay gave the midseason MVP candidate just 10 carries for 35 yards, one catch (which went for -1 yard), and only 66 percent (43) of the 65 offensive snaps.

    Barkley longingly tweeted "One day…" as he watched the Patriots hoist the Lombardi Trophy. And if and when that day comes, Barkley’s workload surely will make Gurley’s Super Bowl load look like a walk-through practice.

    Gurley's $57.5 million contract is the largest of any running back in the league. He played in 14 regular season games, and the Rams went 11-0 when he carried the ball 14 or more times and 0-3 when he rushed 13 or fewer times.

    Gurley missed the final two regular season games with a knee injury that was believed to be responsible for his measly four carries for 10 yards and a touchdown in the NFC Championship Game. Late-season pick-up C.J. Anderson shouldered the load of 43 carries to Gurley’s 20 through the Rams’ first two playoff games.

    Still, in between, Gurley had gashed the Dallas Cowboys in the divisional round for 16 carries, 115 yards and a TD. And in the regular season he's averaged 22.5 touches for 130.78 yards per game, scoring a ridiculous 21 touchdowns in 14 games.

    He is, in other words, the Rams’ best offensive player.

    And yet, even in a game when the high-scoring Rams failed to score a single touchdown, and despite Gurley not being on the injury report for the game, Gurley split reps with Anderson throughout and never became a major factor.

    Even more peculiar, both Gurley and McVay continued to insist after the game that Gurley was healthy, and the running back even said he doesn’t expect to require offseason surgery and didn't have a problem with his lack of usage.

    "No, it's cool. It's a team sport," Gurley told reporters. "There are 11 people on the field. Everyone can't touch the ball. Still a great season by us. I'm still blessed either way it goes. I'm just grateful for the opportunity to be able to play in a Super Bowl."

    He barely played, though, compared to what his role should have been. And consider his resume: Gurley was the 10th overall pick in 2015, won offensive rookie of the year in the Rams' final season in St. Louis, won AP offensive player of the year in 2017, and made first-team All-Pro twice.

    Barkley was drafted No. 2 overall by the Giants last spring and just won offensive rookie of the year. Even with Odell Beckham Jr. on the roster, Barkley in one year has become the new focal point of the Giants’ offense. Like Gurley, he is a more than capable receiver, as well, who creates mismatches and therefore commands even more of the ball.

    Even in a game when the offensive line was under performing like the front five did on Sunday, McVay had to involve a healthy Gurley more. And when it finally appeared he would, a bad holding call on center John Sullivan negated a powerful 13-yard Gurley run and killed the drive.

    Gurley had a couple key drops and miscues in New Orleans that no doubt cost him a few snaps in the NFC title game. But all players make mistakes, and you leave the great ones on the field because they're the ones with the talent to change the game at any moment with one big play.

    Speaking of game-breaking players, by the way, remember when the Rams were talking with the Giants about trading for Beckham last spring but settled for Brandin Cooks instead?

    Maybe doing the OBJ deal would have gotten them over the top on Sunday, with Cooks dropping two near-touchdown passes that Beckham likely would have caught. Cooks also did not deter the Patriots from doubling receiver Robert Woods when they did play man-to-man.

    As it is, the Rams' defense kept it close but the offense gave them no help, in large part because Gurley was a non-factor. And that reminded me of a late-season exchange I'd had with Barkley in the Giants’ locker room.

    I'd asked Barkley who he would name league MVP. The Giants running back said he'd pick either the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes or the Saints’ Drew Brees (Mahomes went on to win), but Barkley also said this: "If you’d asked me at the halfway point, I would have said T.G."

    T.G. being Todd Gurley. And when it's Barkley's turn to play on the big stage, he'll want to put his team on his back, as Gurley no doubt did on Sunday, though to no avail.
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      Something isn't right... now where is it?

      I am betting Gurley had some medical issues but regardless even if Gurley was a scratch for playing, it falls on McVay to find away.

      Looking at the Pat's defense, they did exactly what I thought they would do--and McVay played right into it. If me the average Monday morning QB knew what to expect, McVay also knew what the Patriots where going to do. McVay might as well have faxed them his game plan a week before the SB because it couldn't have gotten any worst on offense

      The Rams defense--DAMN now that was a game! Considering the Rams lost the battle of field position and as often as the defense was called upon to make a stop--WOW! Maybe people over look the simple fact the Rams lost and haven't seen the game within the game. Sure enough McVay lost the game, but the defense made it possible the Rams could win the game


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        Could he be the 2nd coming of Eric Dickerson? I'm still sticking to injury.


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          Listening to fan support it was an obvious home game for NE. Nickell was targeted by the officials, which took away early momentum and field position. Phantom holding call. PI on Reynolds. PI on Brooks, his arm being held. My hearing is not the greatest but I swear I could hear those same saints fans, now wearing pats jerseys, blowing the whistles again.

          But to get back on topic we have this mystery with Gurley......

          Now I know the NFL could not possibly be rigged.

          And I know that belicheat is a lot smarter than any head coach in the history of the NFL. And I know Sean McVay is really stupid and was simply star struck at facing the real genius in the NFL.........So, I'm certain a logical explanation will be coming out soon.

          In the meantime, I'll be polishing up the sticks and hitting the links as soon as this darn cold front blows over. Oh, and when I finally get that hole-in-one on the 2nd hole, you can take it to the bank that ain't been rigged.


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            There are some rumblings right now from media outlets concerning what happened to a certain "healthy" MVP candidate running-back and his lack of performance, and most of all, lack of involvement in the championship game and the Super Bowl.

            Yes, Gurley seemed to have performed quite well against the Cowboys, but that may have been more to do with how our OL was annihilating their D on home turf. Gurley at 70% may have been good enough to do what he did. But with a now 50-60% Gurley it may not have been anywhere near good enough when it came time to go up against tougher opponents in a loud, hostile thunderdome and on the world's biggest stage.

            I personally think this is all to do about nothing, and that Gurley simply became more and more physically worn down as the season and post season wore on. I think his expectations and consequently the team's expectations in his ability to perform where set too high in his physical condition. I think McVay became aware of this during both the last two games, and it's why Gurley wasn't given "touches early and often" like we were all lead to believe.

            I would think anyone would look and feel as sad as Gurley did at various times while sitting on the sidelines. This was at a space in time that his team needed him most, but his body simply may not have been able to accommodate his will.

            At least I hope that's all this was about. I hope also that with this learned experience this incredible elite athlete will be better able to prepare and manage his body for next season.
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              Originally posted by SavageRam View Post

              This was at a space in time that [TG's] team needed him most, but his body simply may not have been able to accommodate his will.

              At least I hope that's all this was about. I hope also that with this learned experience this incredible elite athlete will be better able to prepare and manage his body for next season.

              Good observation / point SR. And I hope so too BTW.


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                I cannot read or listen to one more conjecture about TG's disappearance. If I were Stan the Man, I would want an answer immediately and I would give it to the fans. I just gave my running back who had the temerity to label my previous offense as nothing better than a middle school offense the richest RB contract and he's AWOL at the biggest moment? If it's a mental issue, it's coddling. If it's an injury issue, the decoy ploy is over. If it's a game plan issue, the coach is just plain fuking stupid. And right now, if Oy_Vey_McVay sticks to his guns that it was his "strategizing" that accounted for TG's lack of use, I will have lost a great deal of respect for sMartz 2.0. Helll, I'm ready to begin advocating for drug testing the coaches. How quickly the return to Hollywood became the return to Hollyweird.


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                  Thoughts already brewing on the back burner regarding TG's potentail value for TRADING.

                  See today's Bleacher Report article for example. Feb. 05.


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                    Originally posted by RealRam View Post
                    Thoughts already brewing on the back burner regarding TG's potentail value for TRADING.

                    See today's Bleacher Report article for example. Feb. 05.
                    The Hoard is restless. If he's truly 100% healthy I can't say I disagree with the write up. Could Gurley possibly be jealous of CJs success and is throwing a tantrum? Enquiring minds want to know.


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                    • Nick
                      PFT: Todd Gurley has yet to run with injured knee
                      Todd Gurley has yet to run with injured knee
                      Posted by Mike Florio on December 20, 2018, 9:32 PM EST

                      Rams running back Todd Gurley has a knee injury, and there’s a chance he may not be able to play on Sunday.

                      Gurley has yet to practice this week. Asked by reporters on Thursday whether he could play if the game were today, Gurley said, “That’s a tough question. I haven’t tried to run. So, yeah, that’s a tough question.”

                      He nevertheless expressed optimism, despite the fact that he hasn’t yet tried to run.

                      “I think I’ll be fine, man,” Gurley said. “Just taking it day-by-day recovering, resting, trying to feel better.”

                      If he plays, it likely will happen without practice; he said he doesn’t plan on participating at all this week. He wants to play, obviously; however, he seems to recognize the chance that he won’t.

                      “We’ve got a game to win,” Gurley said. “I’m pretty sure me being out there — if I can be out there — I would put this team in a good position to help them win. So why wouldn’t I be out there if I can play? In the situation that we are — we just lost two. We’re trying to get a first-round bye. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to win.”

                      Coach Sean McVay has said he won’t risk Gurley’s availability for the postseason by playing him in the final two regular-season games, if he’s not healthy enough to play.

                      He’s clearly not healthy enough to practice. At this point, he’s not even healthy enough to run.
                      -12-21-2018, 09:43 AM
                    • RockinRam
                      Gurley on Second NFL Season: 'Like a Nightmare'
                      • By Chris Wesseling
                      • Around the NFL Writer
                      • Published: Jan. 24, 2017 at 02:53 p.m.
                      • Updated: Jan. 24, 2017 at 03:05 p.m.

                      After a successful debut campaign as the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year, Rams running back Todd Gurley suffered through a miserable second season.

                      Mired in an inept Los Angeles attack, Gurley clearly regressed as a playmaker, finishing with the lowest yards-per-carry figure (3.2) of any back with 150 or more rushing attempts.

                      In a Tuesday appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Gurley was asked to categorize his 2016 season.

                      "Like a nightmare. I still can't believe the season," Gurley said. "It was definitely a tough year, a learning experience for me. To be 4-12 this year? I don't want to feel that feeling again."
                      Gurley made news in December, describing the Rams' attack as a "middle school offense" in the wake of back-to-back lopsided losses that led directly to the firing of coach Jeff Fisher.

                      Provided a forum to explain that criticism, Gurley clarified that he was speaking strictly of the players rather than the coaching staff.

                      "The week before, we played New England. I think we probably scored one touchdown and that was the last two minutes of the game," Gurley explained. "Then we go play Atlanta, and they probably put more points up on us on defense than we actually put up on offense."

                      "It was frustrating. I kind of told it like it was, kind of how we looked. It was too many mental errors from everybody, including myself, just turning the ball over. You just can't have that."

                      Gurley was gracious enough to let the coaching staff off the hook, but Fisher's offenses were dysfunctional for long stretches of his five-year tenure with the Rams.

                      Erupting for more than 125 rushing yards in each of his first four NFL starts, Gurley drew lofty comparisons to Hall of Famers such as Gale Sayers and Eric Dickerson early in his rookie season.

                      His rare talent was so obvious at the time that NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger raved, "My mom could scout Todd Gurley."

                      Since that torrid start to his career, however, Gurley has reached the century mark just once in 24 games. No other running back since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger has played all of his team's games and averaged as many carries per game as Gurley (17.4) without reaching 100 rushing yards at least once in a season, per NFL Research.

                      The Rams have enlisted new head coach Sean McVay to pull No. 1 overall draft pick Jared Goff out of his rookie-year tailspin. Beyond that quarterback-whisperer responsibility, McVay will have to find a way to free Gurley from the bad habits he picked up behind an offensive line that is too often overwhelmed at the line of scrimmage.

                      The talent is there. Can McVay and his staff unlock the potential in 2017?...
                      -01-24-2017, 06:32 PM
                    • MauiRam
                      Todd Gurley could be Los Angeles’ next big star 
                      By Rich Hammond

                      OXNARD >> If, as the saying goes, stars are made, not born, what about those who are relocated?

                      Todd Gurley is poised to be the next big thing in Southern California sports. The Rams running back still might go unrecognized walking down local streets, particularly when his trademark shoulder-length dreadlocks are pulled back, but given his recent face time on national TV, that seems certain to change.

                      “Carl’s Jr.,” teammate Benny Cunningham said with a wry grin after a recent practice. “That’s his new nickname. You should call him that. He will like that.”

                      Gurley has received copious good-natured ribbing for his role as as a burger-pitcher. In the commercial, Gurley — who speaks only a few words — is greeted by an agent and selfie-taking admirers as he coolly strolls through an office while wearing a hat with a generic “L.A.’’ logo.

                      “Welcome to California, Todd Gurley,” shouts the agent, played by actor/comedian Jay Mohr.

                      And welcome, perhaps, to a void that needs to be filled, that of major Southern California sports icon.

                      Kobe Bryant has retired after an iconic 20-year career with the Lakers. Clayton Kershaw arguably is the best pitcher in baseball, but many viewers can’t even watch Dodger games. The Angels’ Mike Trout is highly marketable but seems reticent to display charisma in a public way. The top players for the Kings and Ducks are more likely to pitch products in Canada.

                      Chris Paul is a contender, but at best he’s a very good player on a good Clippers team, and that franchise still is attempting to dribble out of the Lakers’ shadow.

                      The throne has been vacated, and Gurley can fill it. He’s telegenic, intelligent, community-minded and is coming off a 2015 rookie season in which he rushed for the third-most yards in the NFL (1,106).

                      It also doesn’t hurt that Gurley is represented by Roc Nation Sports, the agency founded by music star Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

                      “The region is looking for someone to embrace,” said David Carter, Executive Director of USC’s Sports Business Institute, “and not only because football is back but because Kobe Bryant’s presence will be diminished. And as long as the Dodgers struggle to get their bearings on TV, their stars will not have as constant a light shone on them. All of this makes his timing ideal.”

                      There’s only one question: Is this market ready to accept Gurley as a hometown hero? As of now, three months before the start of the NFL season, Gurley remains an outsider, and something of a quiet one.

                      Bryant arrived as a teenager and grew up here. Shaquille O’Neal and Manny Ramirez were imported, but announced their arrivals with boisterous enthusiasm. Gurley? He’s been placed gently on Southern California’s porch like a FedEx package from St. Louis. The locals are just beginning to unwrap him.

                      It’s a...
                      -06-12-2016, 02:54 PM
                    • Nick
                      So, I guess that Gurley kid is pretty good...
                      433 rushing yards on 68 attempts for a 6.36 average over the last three games, Rams 2-1 in that span.

                      It's still early, but the Rams may have found their response to the question posed earlier this year regarding the last time they hit a home run on an offensive draft pick.
                      -10-25-2015, 02:46 PM
                    • AvengerRam
                      Let's talk about Todd Gurley...
                      Let's talk about Todd Gurley,
                      Is he where you thought, he'd be?
                      Let's talk about all the good things,
                      and the bad things that may be...

                      Sorry, time-warped to 1991 for a second there...

                      So, what do you think about Todd Gurley at this point in his career?
                      He's an elite player at his position who has been hindered by a sub-par offense and poor OL.
                      I still think he's a very good RB, but he's not quite elite.
                      He's a big-play guy, not a grinder, and big plays only happen when there are holes.
                      The offense/OL hasn't helped, but I don't think his effort level is where it needs to be.
                      The offense/OL hasn't helped, but I think he made a mistake by dropping so much weight.
                      I think he was overrated last year due to a few flashy plays, and this year is the real Gurley.
                      2015 and 2016 paint such different pictures that I really can't evaluate him.
                      -12-06-2016, 02:08 PM