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  • A Few More Plays

    Funny how the criticism goes all to one side when both teams put up an offensive turd in arguably the worst SB ever. The pats just happened to make A FEW MORE PLAYS than the Rams. That's it.... A FEW MORE PLAYS.

    NE won the TOP and had the better field position almost the entire game, yet they only made A FEW MORE PLAYS. The pats did not have to suffer a phantom hold on a key play for a big gain. No one was holding one of gronk's arms as he caught the pass that put them at 1st & goal inside the five. The Rams chose not to double edelman while the pats doubled Woods. And yet the pats only made A FEW MORE PLAYS.

    If that is getting out coached then so be it. I guess belicheat was out coached in every SB the pats have lost with him as HC? Yet I don't think I've ever heard him admit it or any of the media make that claim? McVay is just the bigger man and that's one of the many reasons why I love the guy.

    I can almost hear belicheat now had the Rams made A FEW MORE PLAYS and won the game:

    "Got beat. Didn't make enough plays."

    Yeah, just A FEW MORE PLAYS !!!

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      How many more plays would the Rams have made if McVay had made effective adjustments? It's a painful question to ask.


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        Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
        How many more plays would the Rams have made if McVay had made effective adjustments? It's a painful question to ask.
        Adjustments? We don't need no stinking adjustments. I pray coach M's ego is a lot smaller than the previous coach M's. You know, the one who took a possible decade long dynasty team and destroyed it within 3 years. Man I hate that guy.


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          Sure, a few more plays would have changed the complexity. I kept thinking, all the Rams need is a spark. Defense kept it within 3 or even for most of the game. At this level, a few more plays is the difference maker

          But to your other comments, I think you're being a little defensive. 3 points is all the Rams could cobble together in 60 minutes of play. The Patriots at least scored a touchdown to go along with the two kicks they made. Goff was 19 for 38. Rushing yardage was 154 to 62. Way I see it, Wade and the D did their job. McVay and the offense didn't. Sure, a few more plays could be the difference maker, but that's how it is in big games. I don't know about Belicheat, but I recall Jeff Fisher always mumbling about a few more plays after every loss.

          We got beat. It sucks. But at least we had a date at the big dance, 30 other teams didn't. Rams definitely have some work to do, though.


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          • OmahaJason
            McVay needs a strong, STUBBORN OC!!!
            by OmahaJason
            Today, the young genius looked outplayed at every turn. Sickening to be beaten so badly, and while I get that McVay is a strong personality with amazing recall, sometimes he can't get out of his own head DURING the game! McVay needs to have his playcalling checked in real-time, by someone he might actually listen to.

            Hell of a season, but that Superbowl game was one of the worst I have ever seen, pure garbage. There will be some roster changes we can't control, but we CAN help McVay, and a real OC should be part of that.
            -02-03-2019, 06:59 PM
          • MauiRam
            Fan commentary from a Patsie forum on last night's drubbing by the Chiefs
            by MauiRam
            Game Thought: A Screw it. This was an unmitigated disaster

            I will get the good out of the way because there really isn't much:
            LaFell had a good game. Yes, his two big plays were in garbage time, but at least he is getting more up to speed on the offense.

            The o-line still sucked at times, but it was worlds better than the last few weeks. Flemming needs to get better and Solder still is having difficulties. Still not nearly good enough, but better than previous weeks. Stork played well all game though. Slater is a special teams stud.

            I gotta say it was a nice debut in garbage time for both Garoppolo and James White. Yeah, I know that it was garbage time against a defense that might have taken the foot off the gas, but they played well none the less. Jimmy G played like we would expect Brady to play - smart decisions and good decisive throws. I am encouraged that he could be the Brady replacement in a few years.

            And now the disaster:

            This game was lost before either team took the field. The game plans were horrendous on both sides of the ball. You run a three receiver set as your base and only dress 3 WRs? The Pats start with aggressive defense and quickly go to a lot of soft zone and off man. The Pats need to dress Thompkins and Dobson. Even after the good night by LaFell, they still may be the best WRs Brady has other than Edelman. As I said, with them running a lot of three receiver, one back sets they were much more needed than either Bolden or White.

            I thought this was the game where Gronk was supposed to get a lot more playing time. He spent a lot of time early on the sidelines where he could have at least been a decoy.

            There is something off about Brady. His head is not in the game. He is making bad decisions. He has no confidence in the players around him. He is shell shocked. He was absolutely awful. He deserved to be benched. And no, Jimmy G is not ready to take over for Brady - and let's stop this talk before it starts.

            Vereen is playing scared. The guy is afraid to fight for extra yards. On a second and three, he stops dead in his tracks where if he could have easily ran through the defender to pick up the first. He did this a lot tonight.

            The Pats need to let Revis be Revis. He is good CB in this defense, but he could be elite if used correctly. I complained that they had him playing ten yards off Wallace in week one and the response was "You don't play press man against a speed receiver like Wallace". But why was he doing the same thing tonight against Dwayne Bowe? You need to play 10 yards off the line and in zone against a big receiver like Bowe?

            Ok, whoever the equipment manager is, they need to be fired. Why were the Pats' defenders falling down on every play? Why weren't the Chiefs' players falling down?

            Chandler Jones...
            -09-30-2014, 11:10 AM
          • mxbrian
            Don't overlook the Pats !
            by mxbrian
            Now is not the time to relax. Ask Mike Martz who he thinks the toughest team was in the regular season that the Rams faced, he'll say the Patriots. He's been quoted several times saying that the Pats game was the toughest of the year.

            Ask Bill Cower what he thinks of the Patriots.

            The Rams are clear favorites in SBXXXVI as they should be but I think the Patriots pose some serious problems for the Rams that should be considered:

            Troy Brown, underrated, very confident, scares me on special teams.

            Antwoin Smith, underrated, runs north and south very well, can be punishing.

            Defensive Scheme, always a surprise with the Pats.

            The Rams will win this game, but I just hope they don't overlook the importance of this game in the history of the modern NFL.

            To do what they might do on Sunday will be nothing short of remarkable considering the modern NFL and salary cap/parity.

            I actually heard Tom Jackson say the word DYNASTY last night. That is what we are looking at if the Rams win on Sunday.

            One last comment, why in the world would you throw the ball in the direction of Aneas Williams? Oops !!!

            Great game all the way around. Turnover ratio in the playoffs, Rams have 10 takeaways and 1 interception. How's that for a turnaround?

            GO RAMS !!!!:ram: :ram: :ram:
            -01-28-2002, 10:57 AM
          • Ram Dragoon
            Begining of an Era, end of another
            by Ram Dragoon
            Wasn't all that long ago, the Rams lost Super Bowl to the Patriots that was the beginning of the Patriot Era

            Wouldn't it be fitting the Rams put an end to the Patriot era and start their own era under McVay....
            -01-20-2019, 07:34 PM
          • BM_Face
            Team continues to improve in key areas
            by BM_Face
            Pre-season or not, the Ramís played hard against the first-string units of an elite NFL program. Bradford showed what OU fans have been talking about, and SJax always plays on another level. Losing Avery sucks, but it is obvious that we are capable of running a balanced offence without huge WR concentration. I missed most of the game, but some stats just jump out.

            Run D allowed only 28 yards on 11 carries.

            30! First downs, 18 of those through passing. Huge stat here, hard to understate the impact of a real threat at QB.

            11/17 on 3rd down. That is 64%, who are these guys?

            Josh Brown went 3/3. He is feeling better. If he can maintain this, he will win us games this year.

            11 players caught passes, that is really spreading it around nicely, and tests our young talent.

            Balanced play calling on offense-- 41/41. Unlike the Pats, we were successful while still getting looks on the ground and through the air, and we forced them to play a one-dimensional game.

            3/5 in the Red Zone. One of our biggest weaknesses for the past several years.

            Time of possession indicates just what it is like playing from a lead. The Pats had to go long just to get back in the game, and neglected the run. There were acting like a team that really wanted the win.

            Pundits agree that the third pre-season game is often the most telling; most teams back off in the fourth game and go very vanilla in prepping for the start of the regular season. It might be easy to put too much stock on what the Ramís brought to the field against the Pats, but you would have to be blind to miss the improvement in key areas. There are still positions where we need added talent, but this team is learning that it can compete. I am getting up on this team!

            Any given Sunday. GoRams!
            -08-27-2010, 08:38 AM