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  • Bill Barnwell- ESPN article

    Just saw Bill Barnwell's suggestions for what each NFC team should do to improve themselves this off-season. Listed are some of his suggestions for the Rams along with his reasoning:

    1. Convince Andrew Whitworth to return- need one more year from him at a spot not easily replaced.
    2. Retain Saffold and CJ Anderson- Saffold a solid veteran with 3-4 good years left, Anderson a quality change-of-pace for Gurley and can keep him fresh.
    3. Consider signing Clay Matthews- CA product, and we're thin at that position. He actually says this should be a "no-brainer"
    4. Trade Down to get picks- We have only ONE top-95 pick in the draft, the result of all of the Goff, Cooks and Peters dealings amongst others. Can't stand pat.
    5. Do NOT extend Goff just yet- Plenty of time to do that after year 4, no rush to do so now, especially in light of his SB performance. Give him another year to evolve.

    I have to say all of the above makes sense. Your thoughts, fellow ClanRammers?

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    1. If he'll stay, great. I think there's a strong case to be made that in two years under McVay, the Rams have gotten closer and closer to a championship. Maybe next year is the year. If I'm Whitworth, I'd like some answers as to how they're going to get over the hump and avoid the complete no-shows offensively like we saw at times down the stretch and to finish the year.

    2. I think bringing Saffold and Anderson back should both be priorities. If Whitworth does not come back, having a veteran guard in Saffold next to Noteboom will be vital. If Whitworth does come back, it secures the left side of the line for another season with Saffold next to him. I'm not sure what's up with Gurley, but Anderson flashed at times and is a better second option than anything else the Rams have on their roster.

    3. I'm not interested. The Rams have brought in a lot of veterans, but they've brought in guys who can still play. Matthews has been on the decline for a number of years and I don't see him as more than a situational player. If he'll sign a small contract as a situational player for a chance at a championship, fine. But I don't want him as a full time starter or for big money. This isn't 2014.

    4. Absolutely, though the Goff and Cooks trades have nothing to do with this year's draft. We lost second and third round picks trading for Peters and Fowler. So I'm not sure why Goff and Cooks are brought up in this context. But the point remains - I think the Rams would be served well to trade back into the second round and maybe accumulate additional Day 2 picks. Their grades on players at the end of the first and early part of the second shouldn't be vastly different.

    5. I don't think there's any rush to extend Goff, so that shouldn't be a problem. The Rams should try to maximize the time they have under his rookie deal, and then try to extend him in that option year so we don't have to worry about a tag situation.


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      Originally posted by Nick View Post

      2. I think [a] bringing Saffold and Anderson back should both be priorities. If Whitworth does not come back, having a veteran guard in Saffold next to Noteboom will be vital. If Whitworth does come back, it secures the left side of the line for another season with Saffold next to him. I'm not sure what's up with Gurley, but [b] Anderson flashed at times and is a better second option than anything else the Rams have on their roster.

      Totally and vehemently agree with No. 2a and 2b.


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        Nick says it all so well. I don't want Clay Matthews at all, in fact one of the ILB's I intend to monitor at the Combine is Mack Wilson from Alabama. He might be there at #31. The notion of Matthews being a no-brainer is ridiculous. Is Barnwell a distant relative of the Matthews family? LOL

        I think we can get Whitworth to stay for 1 more year, perhaps 2 as he's been able to stay healthy. I think Barnwell overlooked the importance to strengthening our O-Line at C and RG.

        Agreed about the signing of Goff. He will need to show further growth before we give him the absurd money QB's tend to get these days.

        Go Rams!


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        • MauiRam
          Jared Goff already notices a difference with Rams' new O-line ..
          by MauiRam
          1:30 AM HST
          Alden Gonzalez
          ESPN Staff Writer

          THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- The Los Angeles Rams' offense flowed better -- better than it did at any point last season -- during Saturday's preseason game against the Oakland Raiders, which offered the first meaningful sample size under this new, offensive-minded coaching staff. Jared Goff was more efficient, Todd Gurley was more patient, the receivers and tight ends were more, well, open.

          But there was something else: The pocket looked cleaner, a product of a new offensive line that should be a lot stronger on Goff's blind side.

          A reworked line and a new offense could keep Jared Goff (16) from absorbing the type of beating the quarterback took during his rookie season.
          Goff himself is already noticing the difference.

          "No doubt," the second-year quarterback said. "I think just as a whole, they’ve really worked together. They’re starting to jell, and I think you saw that last Saturday. The Oakland defensive line is no slouch. They’ve got some dudes over there, and they did a great job keeping them away and giving me a good pocket. It wasn’t just throw it and get hit; it was clean the whole night. It was. No one really around me."

          Behind the Rams' offensive line last season, Goff absorbed an NFL-high 25 sacks over the final six weeks and Gurley averaged 1.59 yards before first contact for the entire season, ranked 41st among 42 running backs with enough carries to qualify.

          The Rams have since replaced Greg Robinson, one of the game's worst left tackles, with Andrew Whitworth, one of the game's best. They kept Rodger Saffold, their best offensive lineman last season, at left guard. And they brought in veteran center John Sullivan, who spent last season as a backup under Sean McVay -- now the Rams head coach -- with the Redskins and seems to be fully recovered from prior back injuries. On the right side are third-year players Rob Havenstein (tackle) and Jamon Brown (guard).

          Gurley needed only eight carries to reach 38 rushing yards Saturday, and Goff only took one sack, courtesy of reigning defensive player of the year Khalil Mack. Through the first two preseason games, Pro Football Focus has the Rams' first-team offensive line allowing just three pressures on 109 pass-blocking attempts.

          More people play on ESPN than anywhere else. Join or create a league in the No. 1 Fantasy Football game! Sign up for free!
          That is stunningly low for any team, but particularly the Rams.

          "It’s been a good camp," Gurley said. "We’ve been getting better. Each game, we’ll see how we do. We just have to go out there and just compete and communicate. Even though I might have a 1-yard run, we may have done one or two things, whether it’s me or a lineman or someone back side -- 1-yard runs can always be 20-yard runs. It’s just the little things, going out there...
          -08-25-2017, 09:31 AM
        • MauiRam
          Saffold, has seen it all and wants to come back for more ..
          by MauiRam
          Longest-tenured Ram, Rodger Saffold, has seen it all and wants to come back for more
          Lindsey Thiry

          Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

          THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- There was commotion all around.

          It was a Friday afternoon inside the Los Angeles Rams' locker room, practice had run long and a caravan of buses was scheduled to leave the practice facility in less than 90 minutes for Los Angeles International Airport, where the team would depart for Detroit.

          As teammates scrambled to drive home to pack their belongings for the rare three-day road trip, Rodger Saffold milled about at a glacial pace. In a veteran move, he already had packed his suitcase and was ready to go. There was no need to rush to his Encino, California, home and back in time to avoid being left behind or risk a fine for tardiness.

          So Saffold settled on a small stool at his locker.

          “So, what’s it like to be the longest-tenured player here?” he was asked.

          “Yes, my life sucked until this point ...” Saffold responded.

          His tone was facetious, but the description had more truth than perhaps he would want you to believe.

          In nine seasons with the Rams, Saffold, 30, has been on a two-win team and experienced enough mediocrity to last a career. But now, in Sean McVay’s second season as coach, the 12-3 Rams have clinched a second-consecutive division title and are poised to make a deep playoff run.

          “He kind of sums up everything this franchise has been through to get to this point,” said D'Marco Farr, a longtime Rams radio broadcaster who played defensive tackle on the Rams’ 1999 Super Bowl team.

          Saffold has started 30 games over the past two seasons and has proved himself as a reliable left guard for a team that boasts the second-leading rusher in the NFL in Todd Gurley II and has kept Jared Goff upright while allowing him to pass for 4,273 yards this season.

          “What he enables us to do both in the run and the pass," McVay said, "the combination of his athleticism, his ability to get to the second level, play in space, but then also play with power, get removal at the line of scrimmage. You're not limited in any really scheme run-wise. He's a great matchup.”

          The Rams selected the University of Indiana product in the second round of the 2010 draft to protect the blind side of quarterback Sam Bradford. In nine seasons, Saffold has had so many coaches that it’s difficult to remember who has come and gone. Head coaches Steve Spagnuolo and Jeff Fisher preceded McVay. Saffold has seen six changes at offensive coordinator and has been instructed by three offensive line coaches. Oh, and he moved across the country when the franchise relocated from St. Louis.

          “It’s just been crazy,” Saffold said.

          At some point, the 7-9-ish seasons ran together. But there always were a few that stood out.

          -12-26-2018, 10:29 AM
        • mde8352gorams
          Rams Opt Not to Pick-Up John Sullivan's 2019 Option
          by mde8352gorams
          While many of us discussed how the Rams need to move on from John Sullivan at center, that became reality today as the Rams announced their intention to allow Sullivan to become a free agent. This adds another piece of evidence that the Rams intend to revamp the O-Line for next season. While the OT's are in place the middle of the line will likely lose Rodger Saffold and now Sullivan, plus I believe the Rams are looking to upgrade from Blythe as well.

          The key motivation I believe is that the Rams wish to become younger and more athletic at the OG & C positions. The factor driving this is the understanding by the FO that AZ and SF are going to add elite edge and DT players in the upcoming draft.

          The issues involving Gurley may also fuel a need for better run blockers too.

          Go Rams!
          -03-05-2019, 11:36 AM
        • RockinRam
          Andrew Whitworth
          by RockinRam
          I've noticed something about Whitworth...

          This guy looks massive. The rest of our offensive linemen are not small, but when anyone stands next to Whitworth, Whitworth dwarfs them. Last week, Saffold looked like a child next to him. Whitworth is a man among boys and it's been showing on the field. The guy is strong and I don't think we will see a decline in performance from him anytime soon.
          -08-19-2017, 07:16 PM
        • AvengerRam
          Snap judgments I’ll probably regret later...
          by AvengerRam
          1. Tonight made me question whether Sammy Watkins is worth the price would likely have to be paid to keep him.

          2. The guy I may want the most in the draft is Vita Vea, NT, Washington. We have to get more stout against the run.

          3. Sean McVay should get fined every time the Rams lose and Todd Gurley has less than 20 carries.

          4. I hope Gerald Everett can develop, because I have virtually no faith in Tyler Higbee.

          5. Rob Havenstein, in my mind, is the one starter on the OL who is a question mark....
          -01-06-2018, 08:44 PM