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Rams Opt Not to Pick-Up John Sullivan's 2019 Option

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  • Rams Opt Not to Pick-Up John Sullivan's 2019 Option

    While many of us discussed how the Rams need to move on from John Sullivan at center, that became reality today as the Rams announced their intention to allow Sullivan to become a free agent. This adds another piece of evidence that the Rams intend to revamp the O-Line for next season. While the OT's are in place the middle of the line will likely lose Rodger Saffold and now Sullivan, plus I believe the Rams are looking to upgrade from Blythe as well.

    The key motivation I believe is that the Rams wish to become younger and more athletic at the OG & C positions. The factor driving this is the understanding by the FO that AZ and SF are going to add elite edge and DT players in the upcoming draft.

    The issues involving Gurley may also fuel a need for better run blockers too.

    Go Rams!

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    The professional side of me says: "Thank you Mr. Sullivan for your tenure here with the L.A. Rams, we as supporters greatly appreciate your contributions to this team."

    The street sides says: "This guy aged before our very eyes this season, and almost single handedly cost us the Superbowl along with Blythe, he simply had to go. Both Goff & Gurley are safer with him gone".


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      I agree with both of the above posts. Sullivan filled a need for us and gave us some quality play and leadership as we blossomed into in elite team. By the same token, he slowed considerably at times toward the end and played poorly in the Super Bowl. Not a good idea to have 3/5 of our line in their 30s: the Rams desire to get younger on the line while saving some bucks are smart decisions moving forward.


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        I love what Sullivan did for the Rams, but with his age, he's a breakdown waiting to happen. The Rams need to get younger and more stable at the center position.


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          Agree to all the above. Here's to hoping Allen is ready to take over at Center (and that Noteboom is versatile enough to take over at LG if we lose Saffold).


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          • general counsel
            What is the number one thing that concerns you about the upcoming season?
            by general counsel
            I have no idea how to post a poll. I do think, however, that it might be a good idea to de-escalate the tone of the current thread on why the site appears to be declining, and instead get back to talking about the actual team.

            The Rams have a very talented team. We are not deep on the offensive line and are thin at linebacker and edge rusher. We are certainly one of the teams that have a chance to win it all if things break our way and people play to their potential.

            So what concerns me the most? Luck with injuries. Last year the Rams starters missed the least games in the last seven years in the NFL. If we get banged up on the oline especially, goff and gurley are going to regress in my view. All the skill position players in the world dont help a ton if you dont have solid blocking up front.

            Said another way, what bothers me most is what the rams can't control, ie injuries. Will we stay super healthy, moderately, healthy or get really unlucky? As much as anything else, i think the injury factor will play a material role in how far we go this year. The fact that the eagles won the super bowl despite losing their all pro left tackle amd their starting qb during the year is really remarkable. I dont think the Rams can afford to lose whitworth among others.

            Ramming speed to all

            general counsel
            -06-09-2018, 04:37 PM
          • general counsel
            What worries you the most about the upcoming season?
            by general counsel
            We are coming off a sensational year, far beyond any reasonable expectations. We appear to have had a strong offseason and seem well positioned to repeat in the nfc west. Arizona and Seattle do not appear to be improving and while the whiners are obviously an improved and improving team, we appear to be ahead of them. So, what worries you the most for the upcoming season?

            Many will say pass rush, especially from the outside linebacker spots in the 3-4. Others point out the linebackers run defense issue. Both are totally valid and legit and worry me.

            However, here is what worries me the most. I read in a recent thread that last year's Rams had the least games lost to injury of any NFL team in the last 7 years. We lost ZERO games from the starters on the offensive line all year. We were the only team in the NFL that lost no games to injury on the offensive line (through 15 games).

            Injuries are generally speaking just a question of luck. I am always amused when fans think that the trainers have anything material to do with how often players get injured. These teams all have front line fitness guys and medical facilities and resources. If you turn your knee the wrong way, you are going to get hurt no matter what kind of training you have. Can the Rams remain as lucky injury wise this year as they were last year? WIll it even out over two years (ie do we get clobbered injury wise this year since we were so lucky last year?)

            My primary concern is risk of injuries to the offensive line. Whitworth and Sullivan are both older guys. Sullivan had a great year and it was a huge signing to retain him. We all know the history with Saffold. However, what kind of depth do we really have on the Oline? Blythe looked ok in really limited play last year, but we are incredibly dependent on the starting oline. If we get hit with injuries on the oline, all our shiny toys at the skill positions arent going to look so great. Was Goff miles ahead last year of his rookie season? Of course. But a big part of that was pass protection and room to run for gurley, giving goff a real ability to use play action and putting him in solid down and distance situations. If injuries on the oline put the rams back into the "drop back to pass and run for your life....and watch todd gurley run into a brick wall in the backfield again" mode, we could and likely will materially regress in terms of our record.

            I would love to see us try for some solid depth oline wise in the draft. Those players will be unproven rookies and maybe if we get lucky we can pick up a decent vet or two on the cheap at the end of free agency. But for now, what keeps me up at night is less about pass rush (which generally stresses me out during the day rather than at 3am) and more about whether we can keep the offensive line healthy for another full season.

            Ramming speed to all

            general counsel...
            -04-05-2018, 04:55 PM
          • NJ Ramsfan1
            Bill Barnwell- ESPN article
            by NJ Ramsfan1
            Just saw Bill Barnwell's suggestions for what each NFC team should do to improve themselves this off-season. Listed are some of his suggestions for the Rams along with his reasoning:

            1. Convince Andrew Whitworth to return- need one more year from him at a spot not easily replaced.
            2. Retain Saffold and CJ Anderson- Saffold a solid veteran with 3-4 good years left, Anderson a quality change-of-pace for Gurley and can keep him fresh.
            3. Consider signing Clay Matthews- CA product, and we're thin at that position. He actually says this should be a "no-brainer"
            4. Trade Down to get picks- We have only ONE top-95 pick in the draft, the result of all of the Goff, Cooks and Peters dealings amongst others. Can't stand pat.
            5. Do NOT extend Goff just yet- Plenty of time to do that after year 4, no rush to do so now, especially in light of his SB performance. Give him another year to evolve.

            I have to say all of the above makes sense. Your thoughts, fellow ClanRammers?
            -02-12-2019, 09:08 AM
          • MauiRam
            Bonsignore: Five things the Rams must accomplish in training camp
            by MauiRam

            The Rams are counting on new left tackle Andrew Whitworth to bolster a position that has been a problem area for the team for years. (Photo by Michael Owen Baker)

            A year ago this time the Rams were still getting used to their new Southern California surroundings after making the 1,825-mile trip back home from St. Louis.

            There was so much still hanging in the air.

            An entire franchise was making the move across country. A practice facility was hurriedly being constructed to be ready in time for the regular season.

            Families were still settling into new homes and neighborhoods and schools. Directions were required to find the nearest grocery store, let alone figure out how to get from one temporary practice site to another across three counties and more than 100 miles.

            “In flux” is as good a way to describe it as any. And that’s not even getting into the actual football side of things. Although we all know how that turned out.

            That isn’t to excuse the depths the Rams fell to in the eventual 4-12 season. Many of their problems were carryovers from their former home, unrelated to distance and upheaval.

            It’s simply to point out there was an obvious and constant undercurrent of instability this time last year. And no matter how much the Rams tried to deny or manage or work around it, it was just wishful thinking. Instead they spent a year trying to get comfortable while never really getting comfortable.

            The difference now can’t be understated. The Rams are no longer the new family on the block. They are established members of the community.

            And as they approach their second training camp at UC Irvine as the Los Angeles Rams, you get the sense 100 percent of the focus is back on football rather than spread across various different areas.

            The question is, will stability equate to a much-needed on-field turnaround?

            For that to be the case, here are five things the Rams much accomplish over the next four weeks:


            It would be easy to point to second-year quarterback Jared Goff or running back Todd Gurley as the keys to finally getting the Rams offense out of first gear, and their contributions are critical. But the reality is Goff and Gurley remain beholden to the point of attack.

            There are tangible reasons, however, to believe the offensive line can at least elevate itself to average rather than the league worst it was last season.

            The addition of free agent left tackle Andrew Whitworth changes the whole dynamic. A two-time Pro Bowler who continues to get better with age, Whitworth, 35, immediately locks down a position that has baffled and sabotaged the Rams for years. It means Goff’s backside is better protected, often as a one-man operation that allows tight ends to be more active in the passing game. It means Rodger...
            -07-25-2017, 09:06 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Rams Mailbag: Identifying Camp's Biggest Position Battles
            by r8rh8rmike
            Rams mailbag: Identifying camp's biggest position battles

            Nick Wagoner, ESPN Staff Writer

            EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Well, we are almost there. The St. Louis Rams are set to open training camp on Friday with rookies reporting Monday and the veterans jumping in on Wednesday.

            But before we get there, we’ve got time for another edition of the Rams Twitter mailbag.

            As always, you can find me on Twitter @nwagoner. Please use hashtag #RamsMail so I can see your questions. On to business.

            @nwagoner: Center is certainly the one that takes the prize here. I legitimately wouldn't be surprised by any outcome in that battle between Barrett Jones, Tim Barnes and Demetrius Rhaney. For perspective, last week I projected Barnes as the starter heading into camp (though it's really a dead heat) but also believe that he could be cut when they get to 53. The Rams are going to rotate all three players with the first-team offense and I believe they'd like Jones to win the job and Rhaney offers more upside. At this point, Barnes has some starting experience but that might not be enough to save his job after we go through camp and the preseason. And for what it's worth, had the Rams not drafted tackle Isaiah Battle, I could've seen a scenario in which all three centers made the cut to 53. Maybe injuries will factor in and change things again, but attempting to project who starts at center on Sept. 13 right now is a really difficult exercise.

            @nwagoner: Currently? I don't know if that's in the works at the moment but I do know the Rams have had some preliminary discussions with some players they'd like to keep around. Remember, they have a lot of unrestricted free agents after the season, so it stands to reason that if they have decided fully that they want to keep some of them, getting them done sooner than later would be a good thing. I believe they have interest in keeping Janoris Jenkins and wouldn't be surprised if he was in the mix for a deal. I'll be sure to check in on this further as we get into camp.

            @nwagoner: I don't think it plays out that way. Tre Mason will get his opportunities, and certainly more than his share, until Todd Gurley is healthy. But when Gurley is at full speed, he's going to be the primary guy. The Rams view him as their Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch. Jeff Fisher even acknowledged he could be his new Eddie George. In other words, the Rams didn't draft him to be part of an elaborate timeshare. He'll be the focal point of the offense sooner than later.

            @nwagoner: Well, Jamon Brown was already working with the first team at right guard in the spring and the Rams seem pleased with his progress. I suppose things could change, but he seems to be in a really good spot when it comes to winning that job. Andrew Donnal is probably going to settle into a backup spot.
            -07-26-2015, 05:55 PM