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Who replaces Roger Saffold at left guard?

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  • Nick
    started a topic Who replaces Roger Saffold at left guard?

    Who replaces Roger Saffold at left guard?

    According to Ian Rapoport...

    "#Rams OL Roger Saffold, who was spotted in the facility saying goodbye to teammates, is signing a 4-year, $44M deal with the #Titans, source said. He gets $22.5M in guarantees. Obviously, the physical will be important (as we learned a few years ago)."
    So who steps into the left guard spot? Noteboom? Someone else on the roster? Do you have your eye on a free agent? Or do the Rams draft someone to fill the role?

  • richtree
    I think Rams fans that lived through the pain over the years are fine with RS leaving ....he was often injured and we shouldn't pay him in a time where we can put some new blood there......Esp with Whit coming back we have an anchor to build on and save money......god knows we can't spend on Guard now

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  • RealRam
    As much as it bothered me to see Saffold leave, I'm glad to see we have a few good men to replace him. The above candidates seem to yield good / interesting options for our musical chairs plans at OL.

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  • MauiRam
    Jamil Demby could step in at right guard. The Rams drafted him and then waived him, hoping he would clear waivers. He did not - the Lions signed him. Last December the Rams returned the favor and was poached him off the Lions practice squad thereby filling out the O-line roster after Jamon Brown was released. Demby spent the majority of his college career starting at left tackle. His size is almost a carbon copy of Joe Notebloom, as both are listed at 6 foot 5 inches, and 321 lbs.

    Of interest to note:

    Jamil Demby graduated from the University of Maine Suma Cum Laude proving his abundance of gray matter.

    Brian Allen was the first ever four-time Academic All-American in Michigan State school history.

    Joe Notebloom is no slouch either, as he was named Academic All-Big 12 four times at TCU.

    The Rams will no doubt add to the O-Line either in FA, the draft, or both. However things shake out, I am really curious which players will comprise our starting offensive line in 2019.
    Last edited by MauiRam; -03-14-2019, 02:03 PM.

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  • mde8352gorams
    I believe the Rams are looking to go younger and more athletic on the O-Line. So a veteran FA makes very little sense. I have stated that based on the Rams spot in round 1 they could go with Garrett Bradbury out of NC ST or trade back into round 2 and go with OG Chris Lindstrom from BC. The Bradbury pick will assume that he can move from C to LG, if the Rams plan to start Allen. Both Bradbury and Lindstrom had very solid Combines. Lindstrom may be a round 1 pick as well.

    Fortifying the O-Line is critical based on the moves made by our division competitors thus far in free agency and likely to follow in the draft.

    Go Rams!

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  • KoaKoi
    I think a low cost veteran guard should be brought in via FA and have him and Noteboom battle for the spot in camp. If Whitworth goes down, Noteboom almost certainly becomes the LT, so a viable backup at Guard is needed either way, especially with Austin B's playoff performance.

    So I'm fine (happy actually) if Noteboom gets the starting spot, but no way do I want to enter 2019 without a solid backup option for Guard in place.

    The only other alternative is a higher cost FA guard, or high draft pick, which doesn't excite me as much given team needs on defense

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  • Curly Horns
    I'll have to stick with my opinion in response to AVs post after last years draft:

    Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post

    5. By returning the entire OL, the Rams have an opportunity to do something they have not had the luxury of doing for a while - developing players for the OL. While Noteboom and Allen might not be ready to start this year, both are viewed as hard-working players who respond well to coaching. Perhaps with some seasoning and training, they can be ready in 2019-20.

    Originally posted by Curly Horns View Post

    5. IMHO, 'The Crux' of the entire Rams draft. Just can't over state the importance of the OL in today's NFL.

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  • MrOrange
    I've read multiple reports saying that the Rams have full confidence and are excited about Joe Noteboom and Brian Allen joining the starting lineup. I particularly like the idea of playing Noteboom at LG next to Whitworth for a year, so he can perhaps gain some knowledge and experience in the event that he is our LT of the future. I will trust the Rams judgement about these guys joining the starting lineup, however, depth is now a major concern.

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  • RamsFanSam
    Very good question - and the very same one I was going to ask.

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  • MauiRam
    Saffold's back, and at right guard/PD/JT
    by MauiRam
    By Jim Thomas

    The big fella is back in uniform and all about the business of getting ready for the season opener Sept. 13 against Seattle.
    One of the strongest players on the team, and easily the most experienced starter on the offensive line, Rodger Saffold immediately makes the Rams a better blocking team.

    “Rodger’s back on the field a little bit, doing some stuff,” coach Jeff Fisher said after Tuesday’s practice. “He’ll be questionable for Thursday, but obviously, definitely, he’s in a really good position for the opener.”

    The Rams close out the preseason Thursday at the Edward Jones Dome with the almost annual Governor’s Cup game against Kansas City. Then it’s on to the real deal — Seattle and opening day.

    Saffold left no doubt about his availability for that one.

    “Absolutely,” he replied.

    In fact, he even provided a position.

    “I’m gonna go ahead and play right guard,” Saffold said. “The coaches really felt the way that things have been going we would be firmer (in that alignment).”

    Suddenly, four-fifths of the Rams’ starting offensive line looks set for Seattle, with Greg Robinson (left) and rookie Rob Havenstein (right) at tackle, and rookie Jamon Brown (left) and Saffold (right) at guard. As for center? TBD.

    Brown has missed both practices this week with an ankle injury but is expected to be fine for Seattle. As for Saffold, it seems like forever since he last played, but in truth it’s been less than three weeks. He went out on the Rams’ fourth offensive play of the Aug. 14 preseason opener in Oakland.

    “It was just an awkward hit,” Saffold said. “I was definitely ready to (return) sooner than (the coaches) wanted. But I understand for the sake of the season, and for the sake of some of these guys to get some experience playing ball, I needed to wait.”

    Saffold underwent surgery on his left shoulder immediately following the 2014 season; the injury in Oakland was a tweak of his right shoulder.

    Saffold has enough experience that it shouldn’t be a problem being mentally ready and technique ready for Seattle. They’re a familiar opponent.

    “He’s played a lot of games,” Fisher said. “He’s played the Seahawks. He understands, so I’m not concerned about that. The one thing that he’s doing is he’s getting the walk-through reps, so the communication is very sound up front with the young guys.”

    Because of past injuries, Saffold also is used to playing with a brace or wrap around his shoulder, and used to getting ready to play in a short period of time. Even so, there is that little matter of getting into “football shape” — the banging and...
    -09-02-2015, 12:05 AM
  • MauiRam
    Saffold knows he'll get punked, but still being a Ram makes it all good ..
    by MauiRam
    Saffold knows he'll get punked, but still being a Ram makes it all good
    By Nate Latsch

    Rodger Saffold knows something is coming. The St. Louis Rams' offensive lineman can feel it. He just isn't sure when.

    But, yes, he's well aware that his offseason free agency odyssey from St. Louis to Oakland and then back to St. Louis has provided some material for his wannabe prank-artist teammates.

    "I know that they are planning and scheming," Saffold tells "I know that when we were out in our little sandbox area everybody was joking, saying that we were on Oakland's beach. So I had to take that.

    "I was like, 'Oh, OK,'" Saffold continues, letting out a fake laugh. "That's funny. Hilarious. They are going to get me. I can feel it coming. It's kind of like when you know that people are talking about you behind your back."

    Saffold isn't worried about most of his teammates, many of whom are younger and less established than the four-year NFL veteran blocker, who soon will be 25. Only one particularly concerns him: center Scott Wells.

    "Because I'm the third-oldest guy, there aren't a lot of people that can play jokes on me," Saffold says. "Only the top two guys (Wells and Jake Long). Everyone else is like, 'I don't know if I want to do this.' I already know that Scott has something up his sleeve. I'm worried about it, honestly."

    It's easy to laugh about now, more than two months later, after Saffold signed a new five-year contract worth more than $31 million with the Rams just days after he agreed to a five-year, $42.5 million deal with the Raiders that was nullified by Oakland because of a failed physical.

    Saffold is happy to be back in St. Louis and the Rams, who would have had to replace two starters on the offensive line had he left, are certainly happy to have him.

    Saffold proved his value last season when he started games at right tackle before suffering an injury, then right guard upon his return, and then shifting to left tackle -- where he started his first three seasons -- following Long's season-ending knee injury.

    So Saffold's presence strengthens a line that lost guards Chris Williams (Buffalo) and Shelley Smith (Miami) to free agency and released Harvey Dahl (still unsigned).

    "You've got four returning starters," Saffold says. "You can't do much better than that. Now we just have to fill in a couple gaps, get some depth. That's all for Les (Snead) and coach (Jeff) Fisher. They are the ones who are going to be making those decisions. We just have to keep working."

    After re-signing Saffold, the Rams selected Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson with the No. 2 overall pick in the draft, claimed backup Travis Bond after he was released by Carolina and signed free agent...
    -05-31-2014, 10:36 PM
  • MauiRam
    Rams' Saffold finds peace in switch to right tackle
    by MauiRam
    Ben Frederickson

    ST. LOUIS -- Rodger Saffold wasn't pleased.

    The position was a part of his identity. In the 47 games the St. Louis Rams had played since 2010, he had started there 35 times. Only injuries had kept No. 76 from his place. He was the Rams' left tackle, a title synonymous with big money and respect. He was the protector of star quarterback Sam Bradford's blind side.

    Until suddenly, without a chance to fight for it, the job was no longer his.

    "I think it was more of a shock than anything," St. Louis Rams offensive line coach Paul Boudreau said. "He had some moments, as we will say in our room."

    When the Rams signed former Miami Dolphins left tackle Jake Long to a four-year, $34 million contract in late March, the team described the acquisition of the elite lineman as a no-brainer. Long was the No. 1 pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, a 6-foot-7, 319-pound mountain of a man who had made four Pro Bowls in five years. The team celebrated while Saffold wrestled with the request he knew would come next.

    His agent had made it clear Saffold was not interested switching positions when the Rams started courting Long. Some wondered if Saffold, entering the last year of his rookie contract with the team, would skip voluntary organized team activities as a sign of protest.

    "I hadn't played right tackle since ninth grade," Saffold explained, after the dust finally settled.

    Boudreau understood Saffold's initial reaction, the 'moments' he would rather leave in the past. He figured his upset tackle would come around, and he was right.

    "Rodger is not that kind of kid," Boudreau said. "He wants to win. He wants to be part of the winning tradition we are going to start here. So, heís going to make it work.Ē

    So here was Saffold this offseason, relearning a position his 25-year-old body had not played in a decade. He says he is on board now, and his coaches have praised his selflessness for embracing the switch. His continued willingness to adapt will be influential for the Rams' 2013 season, as well as the rest of Saffold's career.

    Boudreau uses a baseball metaphor.

    Imagine a Major Leaguer changing his swing from left to right. The instincts that make the hitter a pro, his ability to track pitches and send the ball a certain way, are still there. It's the awkwardness of the unfamiliar swing that makes it hard.

    Or, here's one anyone can try.

    "If you're right-handed, start writing left-handed," Boudreau said.

    Boudreau has coached NFL offensive linemen since 1987. He knew Saffold, unlike some left tackles, could make the switch to the right side. He cited the 6-foot-5, 314-pound player's all-around athleticism, hip flexibility, use of leverage and proficiency at run blocking as evidence....
    -07-12-2013, 11:56 PM
  • r8rh8rmike
    Wagoner: With Rodger Saffold Out, Rams Reshuffle Offensive Line...Again
    by r8rh8rmike
    With Rodger Saffold out, Rams reshuffle offensive line ... again

    Nick Wagoner, ESPN Staff Writer

    EARTH CITY, Mo. -- When St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher announced last week that right guard Rodger Saffold would miss the rest of the season because of a pending shoulder surgery, it was clear the offensive line would have to make a change.

    And there was no doubt that veteran Garrett Reynolds would step into a spot on the line, it was just a matter of where. Apparently, the answer to that question is left guard, not the right side spot vacated by Saffold. That means a likely shift back to the right side for rookie Jamon Brown.

    Brown, a third-round pick out of Louisville, is no stranger to either spot after spending the offseason and most of the preseason at right guard before flipping to the left side for the first five games of the season.

    "Itís not too bad," Brown said. "I take it all the way back to college. Iíve been playing both sides of the line, left tackle and right tackle. So itís pretty much the same. Now itís just all about mastering the technique at the right side."

    That would mean Reynolds would head back over to the left side, the position he manned while Saffold recovered from the offseason shoulder surgery he had in January.

    Brown said making the change now after five games on the left side would come with some challenges though it's nothing he's not prepared to handle.

    "It can kind of play with your head," Brown said. "On the left side youíre used to certain plays and being the front side of the play now youíre on the right side and those plays you were the front side, now youíre the backside so it can get confusing at times. I think I do a pretty good job with it."

    After a preseason in which the Rams had next to no stability on the offensive line, an upheaval of any sort now is far from ideal, especially considering that unit's struggles in the first five weeks. Of course, Saffold's injury left no choice in the matter, but the Rams are still seeking consistency from a group that entered the season as the team's biggest question mark.

    At least in this move, Brown is going back to a spot in which he's familiar and puts him back next to right tackle Rob Havenstein.

    "Iím very confident," Brown said. "It doesnít skip a beat. Iíve worked with everybody in our room. It doesnít really matter who Iíll be working with. Iíll do my part and Iím sure everybody else will do theirs."
    -10-22-2015, 04:23 PM
  • Nick
    Thomas: Rams must consider offensive line options
    by Nick
    Rams must consider offensive line options
    5 hours ago ē By Jim Thomas

    The Rams have taken major steps rebuilding the roster in two seasons of wheeling, dealing, and drafting under coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead.

    But just when it looked like much of the heavy lifting was done, the Rams could be facing a major renovation project on the offensive line.

    It all begins with Rodger Saffold, the tackle turned guard, whose original four-year contract is up. Heís scheduled for unrestricted free agency on March 11, the first day of the free agency-trading period, aka the start of the league year.

    Back in March, neither Saffold nor his agent were happy about Saffold being switched to right tackle after the signing of Jake Long in free agency. But Saffold uttered no discouraging words once he arrived at Rams Park for the spring practice period and over the course of the just-completed 2013 season.

    Before Saffoldís wild ride of a season ended with a possible concussion in Seattle, he had made only three starts at right tackle, started five games at right guard, and started the Seattle finale at left tackle in place of the injured Long.

    Thatís nine starts. After suffering a knee injury in Week 2 in Atlanta, Saffold missed the next four contests. He returned from the injury Oct. 20 in Carolina and rotated with starter Joe Barksdale in that game as well as the next two contests.

    But it was those five starts at right guard, beginning with the Nov. 10 rout of Indianapolis, that got everyoneís attention. Before the start of this season, there were some at Rams Park who felt Saffold could be an elite performer at guard because of his combination of size, strength, footwork, and athleticism.

    Saffoldís play in those five starts did nothing to dispute that notion. There were times as a puller when he struck linebackers with such force they looked like they were going backwards on skates. He usually got from Point A to Point B quickly for a 330-pounder when pulling.

    Saffold was unavailable to the media after the Seattle game and on Monday at Rams Park because of the potential injury, which turned out not to be a concussion.

    He has a sunny-side-up personality. Heís optimistic by nature, enjoys playing for the Rams, and likes what the team is building here. But with all the switching around over the second half of the season, mainly as a result of injuries by others, he didnít get a good sense of where he stood with the Rams. Was he a deluxe utilityman? Or a potential centerpiece of the line?

    With the Ramsí season over, the business season begins. Deciding Saffoldís worth will be tricky. Is he a tackle? Is he a guard? The Rams obviously think heís a guard. Fisher said as much 10 days ago.

    ďRodgerís a tremendous athlete, and when healthy you could put him up there with some of the best in the league,Ē...
    -01-01-2014, 11:40 AM