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Gerald Everett on track to increase contributions in 2019

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  • Gerald Everett on track to increase contributions in 2019

    Gerald Everett on track to increase contributions in 2019
    Thursday, Mar 28, 2019 02:30 PM
    Myles Simmons

    When you think about the Rams’ 2018 season, there are probably a few moments that immediately come to mind.

    And it’s likely safe to assume that tight end Gerald Everett’s 40-yard touchdown down the right sideline of the Coliseum to beat the Chiefs on Monday Night Football is among them.

    In Everett’s second year as a pro, he caught 33 passes for 320 yards with three touchdowns — none bigger than that long catch that helped seal the highest-scoring game in Monday Night Football history. He also took a pair of carries for 16 yards, displaying head coach Sean McVay’s play creativity with tight end jet sweeps.

    Then in the postseason, Everett had a key reception in the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship game. On 3rd-and-3 from the L.A. 16, quarterback Jared Goff was able to find Everett for an off-schedule play. Everett caught the pass on the right side then rumbled up the field for a 39-yard gain to put L.A. in New Orleans territory.

    But generally, the Rams’ tight end production could certainly stand to improve in 2019. While Los Angeles’ offensive production hasn’t left much to be desired in the first two years under McVay, tight ends have accounted for only 107 receptions for 1,227 yards with eight touchdowns. Breaking that down further, that’s an average of 53.5 receptions for 613.5 yards with four touchdowns per season from all tight ends.

    Speaking at the league meetings in Phoenix this week, McVay told assembled reporters it’s fair to expect more from the tight ends in 2019 — especially Everett.

    “Really, we talked about it a little bit last year — Gerald was doing an outstanding job in the offseason program and in training camp. And then he had a shoulder injury that set him back and he missed some time,” McVay said “But he was doing a lot of those things that I think we saw as the season progressed. But his opportunities when he’s making plays like that — he provides a skillset that’s hard because he can do some different things specific to lining up all over the formation.”

    “But then I thought you saw him really compete well in the run game — whether it be at the point of attack or when he’s cutting somebody off on the backside,” McVay continued. :He just matured as a player. But his skill set, you see why we drafted him as high as we did because of some of the things he can do when you see the plays he’s making against Kansas City, or even his rookie year he did some stuff when you cut up some of his best plays, you say, ‘This guy’s got some special ability.’”

    As the Rams get into their offseason program in a few weeks, it seems fair to expect L.A. to work toward making the tight end a more featured aspect of the offense in 2019.

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  • Nick
    Bonsignore: Rams add some new toys for quarterback Jared Goff, Coach Sean McVay
    by Nick
    Bonsignore: Rams add some new toys for quarterback Jared Goff, Coach Sean McVay
    By VINCENT BONSIGNORE | | Daily News
    PUBLISHED: April 28, 2017 at 9:24 pm | UPDATED: April 28, 2017 at 10:56 pm

    As days turned into weeks and weeks into months leading up to the draft, a profile of sorts was being built on new coach Sean McVay inside Rams headquarters.

    And a key trait soon emerged. McVay, those working closely with him explained, had a unique ability to articulate exactly what he was looking for in players to fit his offensive scheme.

    Sounds pretty routine. Almost like it should be a prerequisite.

    But like anything, some people are just better at certain things than others.

    And in McVay’s case, his ability to communicate needs and skill sets in a concise, palatable way has quickly become a valued asset.

    So you can imagine the compelling argument he must have made as the draft action finally turned the Rams way Thursday.

    Although anyone who watched the Rams offense stink up the Coliseum last year could have pretty much articulated the same exact thing.

    As in, how about a sure-handed wide receiver who runs precise routes in order to end up exactly where he’s supposed to be when he’s supposed to be there and can consistently hang onto the ball when targeted?

    And throw in a big, fast, explosive target who can pose match up problems against slot cornerbacks or linebackers or safeties. Be it down field or in the red zone.

    No offense to McVay, but we all saw the same thing.

    Ask and you shall receive, though.

    The Rams addressed two of their biggest needs on their first two picks Friday, and McVay now has two explosive, productive toys to work with in the revamped offense he’s building.

    And in a few weeks, he’ll turn South Alabama tight end Gerald Everett and highly productive Eastern Washington wide receiver Cooper Kupp off to second-year quarterback Jared Goff, who has to be smiling right about now knowing the Rams off-season is yielding some much needed protection and weaponry.

    And just as importantly, dependability.

    Kupp isn’t the fastest wide receiver and he played in the FCS level Big Sky Conference, so he’ll face a whole other level of competition jumping to the NFL and must prove he’s capable of making the jump.

    But he’s one of the cleanest route runners in the draft, and no matter who he lined up against at Eastern Washington he managed to light up the opposing defense.

    And that includes Pac-12 competition, for whom he saved some of his biggest performances.

    In four games against the Pac-12 – Washington State, Washington, Oregon and Oregon State – he dominated with 40 catches for 716 yards and 11 touchdowns. That’s an average of 17.9 yards per catch and a touchdown every 3.9 times he caught...
    -04-29-2017, 06:35 AM
  • r8rh8rmike
    Simmons: Everett Back at Practice, Anticipates Being Ready for Week 1
    by r8rh8rmike
    Monday, Aug 27, 2018 05:55 PM Everett Back at Practice, Anticipates Being Ready for Week 1

    Myles Simmons


    Rams tight end Gerald Everett hasn’t been able to practice for about the last three weeks. And that hasn’t sat well with him.

    “It’s almost like that feeling where you can’t really go outside and play with your friends,” Everett said on Monday. “But, it’s a little more serious than that in this case.”

    According to head coach Sean McVay, the second-year tight end was having a solid training camp before a shoulder injury sent him to the sidelines and kept him there for a while. Everett said the injury wasn’t the result of one play, but rather a build up of wear and tear.
    “It was just something that was pre-existing from college,” Everett said. “Just being at the professional level now, you have to be ahead of the curve. So it would be pointless for me to continue damaging it in the preseason, as opposed to letting me rehab it and get back Week 1 when the real season starts.

    “Everybody’s playing with something,” Everett added, “but just wanted to be a pro and stay ahead of this so it doesn’t hinder me from playing Week 1 when games actually count.”

    It seems that plan has worked, as Everett has returned to practice and is apparently on track to play on Sept. 10 against the Raiders.

    “He’s really getting out there, running around, being able to run some routes things like that,” McVay said. “It’s been unfortunate, because he was doing such a great job before he had that shoulder injury. But [head strength and conditioning coach] Ted [Rath’s] done a nice job kind of keeping him in shape. We’ll get him up to speed as quickly as possible and, really, the goal is to hopefully have him ready to go for that Oakland game.”

    When Los Angeles drafted Everett at No. 44 overall in the second round last year, the idea was that he could become a versatile, pass-catching tight end. Everett showed flashes as a rookie, but caught only 16 passes for 244 yards with two touchdowns. He also took a tight end jet sweep 13 yards, and had another run called back on a holding penalty.

    Heading into his second season, Everett says he’s feeling like things have started to click. He credited McVay and tight ends coach/passing game coordinator Shane Waldron for his better understanding of exactly where and how he fits when it comes to the offensive scheme.

    “I’m not spinning as much like I was last year,” Everett said. “And this year it just kind of all makes sense as to what I have to do and why I have to do it. And how I help the general offense, how everybody compliments each other.

    “When it’s your first year coming into the pros from college, you’ve still got those college plays in your head and it’s really hard to erase stuff out of your mind that you no longer need,” Everett added, noting that he had five...
    -08-28-2018, 09:17 AM
  • Nick
    McVay: Rams' 2nd- and 3rd-round picks 'exactly what we wanted'
    by Nick
    McVay: Rams' 2nd- and 3rd-round picks 'exactly what we wanted'
    9:15 AM ET
    Alden Gonzalez
    ESPN Staff Writer

    The Los Angeles Rams turned two picks into three on Friday. They addressed their most glaring needs, at tight end, receiver and safety. And shortly after they were finished, new head coach Sean McVay was saying that Gerald Everett, Cooper Kupp and John Johnson represented "kind of exactly what we wanted to come out of tonight with."

    "We know we got better at three spots," McVay told local reporters from the Rams' facility late Friday night, moments after the second and third round came to an end. "Those are high-character guys that will get us better."

    The Rams sat out Thursday's first round for the first time since 1987, a product of the 2016 trade that allowed them to draft Jared Goff first overall -- and then they went about getting Goff more weapons.

    When they were finally on the clock with the 37th overall pick, receiver Zay Jones and guard Forrest Lamp -- two players heavily linked to the Rams heading in -- remained on the board. Instead, the Rams traded down with the Bills for the 44th spot, netting an additional third-round pick in the process. Then they selected Everett, an explosive, 6-foot-3, 239-pound pass-catching tight end out of South Alabama who can help stretch the field.

    "I have a feeling that Gerald's one of Sean's favorite players in the draft," Rams general manager Les Snead said, and that shouldn't surprise anyone who paid attention to last year's Redskins.

    With McVay as offensive coordinator, those Redskins led the NFL in yards by tight ends. He needed more help at that position for the Rams, especially after cutting ties with veteran Lance Kendricks. So Everett became the third tight end drafted by the Rams in 12 months, joining Tyler Higbee and Temarrick Hemingway. The Rams' new coaches are seemingly high on all three of them, enough so that McVay even talked about running 13-personnel packages that involve one running back, one receiver and three tight ends.

    Everett, who didn't get serious about football until his senior year of high school, believes he brings "the complete package of a tight end."

    "Definitely a vertical threat first," he said, "but also being a willing blocker in the run game. Just being able to create that mismatch at any point of time in the game."

    With the 69th overall pick in the third round, the Rams took Kupp, a sure-handed -- though not physically overwhelming -- slot receiver out of Eastern Washington who finished his collegiate career with 15 FCS records. Twenty-two slots after that came Johnson, who excelled as both a free safety and a slot corner at Boston College. Johnson will join the Rams as a safety, but can also be an asset as a special-teams gunner and will provide immediate depth...
    -04-29-2017, 08:48 AM
  • Nick
    McVay: “This Loss is On Me"
    by Nick
    McVay: “This Loss is On Me"
    Myles Simmons

    CHICAGO — This was not the Rams night.

    This was a night where Los Angeles had only 214 yards of offense. Only 14 first downs. Only six points.

    A night where quarterback Jared Goff threw four interceptions, setting an ignominious single-game career high. Prior to this night, he’d only ever thrown at most two picks in a game as a pro.

    And this was also a night where head coach Sean McVay took responsibility for all of it.

    “I’ve got to be better for our football team, but this loss is on me,” McVay said postgame. “I didn’t do nearly a good enough job for us today and I trust that we’ll respond the right way.”

    This is something McVay has done for each of the Rams’ regular-season losses since he took over as head coach last year. But this was as self-critical as McVay has ever been — likely because this was as ineffective as the offense has been in his tenure.

    “I’ll tell you this, when I’m looking at it in terms of some of the intent, what we were trying to do with a lot of things, I know this — I did not put our guys in good spots and that’s something that I have to better within the framework of my role and what I can control,” McVay said.

    Indeed, this is the only time since the start of the 2017 season that Los Angeles has failed to score an offensive touchdown in a game. In fact, according to ESPN Stats and Info, this is only the second time in McVay’s 79 games as an offensive coordinator or head coach that his offense didn’t put the ball in the end zone.

    And that’s part of what makes the numbers look so odd for this particular contest.

    “I’d like to say no,” McVay replied when asked if he’d imagined there would be a game where his offense didn’t score a touchdown, “but certainly this is a humbling league and either you learn from it — you’d love to play consistently well week in and week out, but tonight was a humbling experience certainly for me as a coach and for our football team, but I do trust that we will respond the right way.”

    But even with McVay’s self-criticism, players didn’t simply let themselves off the hook — particularly Goff.

    “We definitely appreciate when he does that, but we need to be better and that’s the bottom line,” said Goff, who finished 20-of-44 passing for just 180 yards. “We are the ones on the field, we’re executing, need to make the plays, just need to do a lot of things better and we will.”

    McVay often notes that he’s so self-critical because it’s what he and the rest of the coaching staff asks the players to do. And based on cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman’s postgame comments, that approach seems to be working.

    “You just got to go home, look yourself in the mirror … and ask yourself, ‘Did I do everything that I [was] supposed to? Did I give all the effort that I was...
    -12-10-2018, 04:13 AM
  • Nick
    Rams rookie tight end Gerald Everett isn't shy about his expectations
    by Nick
    Rams rookie tight end Gerald Everett isn't shy about his expectations
    By Lindsey Thiry

    Rams coach Sean McVay appreciated his rookie’s confidence but thought it would be best if Gerald Everett saved his predictions until after he played in at least one NFL game.

    On Thursday, a day after Everett said that he and Tyler Higbee “could be better than the Redskins’ tight ends,” McVay, the Washington Redskins’ offensive coordinator the last three seasons, touted Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis.

    “When you talk about those types of players, those guys are the standard for the position,” McVay said at UC Irvine, where the Rams host training camp. “And you haven’t even played a preseason snap yet, my man.”

    Reed caught 203 passes, 17 for touchdowns, the last three seasons. Davis caught 44 passes last season, two for touchdowns.

    “We’re very confident in Gerald and I can appreciate his confidence,” McVay said of Everett. “But let me tell you this, if they are better than those guys, we’ll be in good shape this year.”

    The Rams, 4-12 last season, selected Everett in the second round of the NFL draft.

    He joins a tight end corps that includes veteran Cory Harkey, who has played mostly fullback, and second-year pros Tyler Higbee and Temarrick Hemingway.

    Higbee was listed as the projected starter on the initial depth chart. Everett, 6 feet 3 and 245 pounds, was mentioned as a key contributor.

    “Tyler and I are going to compliment each other,” Everett said. “We are going to be dynamic.”

    Higbee caught caught 11 passes last season, one for a touchdown.

    “Tyler definitely had a great offseason,” McVay said. “We’ll continue to see if Gerald can progress.”

    Everett caught 90 passes in two seasons at South Alabama, 12 for touchdowns.

    Veteran players are due to report to camp Friday. Practices begin Saturday.
    -07-30-2017, 08:03 AM