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Rams Q&A recap: Vinny Bonsignore on the OL, a Suh return and draft strategy

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  • Rams Q&A recap: Vinny Bonsignore on the OL, a Suh return and draft strategy

    Rams Q&A recap: Vinny Bonsignore on the offensive line, a Suh return and draft strategy

    Rams writer Vinny Bonsignore answered subscribers’ questions on the state of the offensive line, Ndamukong Suh, whether the team will trade down in the draft and more in a wide-ranging live Q&A.

    Joe C.
    Mar 28, 7:03pm
    Vinnie, what are the odds that Suh sticks around?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:04pm
    @Joe C. Very, very low. Due to the Rams salary cap situation, it would require no one stepping up to what Suh is looking for, and him accepting something much lower than he was anticipating.

    Jed K.
    Mar 28, 7:36pm
    With the off-season program starting on April 15 what are the plans for Strength & Conditioning with the Ted Rath thing going on?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:40pm
    @Jed K. Trying to find out

    Andy H.
    Mar 28, 7:19pm
    Vinny, what's the usual career arch for NFL O Line players? Outside the top picks in the draft, is it usual for rookies to red shirt most of the season like Notebloom last year or the pro bowl calibur ones are usually good right way? I know it's huge generalization. Just curious if you think Notebloom and Allen have potential to be pro bowl quality players despite not playing much last year. Thanks!

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:22pm
    @Andy H. Boy that's a good question. I'd really have to take a look. But I'll say this: Noteboom not starting last year, to me, was more about the situation he was in. To me, he could have started on some other teams. I'd say it's a mixture of high picks who start right away, some guys who are simply waiting their turn behind a veteran and others who need some time to develop. Rams are in a great position with Aaron Kromer as their O-line coach. Great teacher/developer

    Cesar G.
    Mar 28, 7:22pm
    Hi Vinny. Do you think Weddle is going to be effective? How much does he have left in the tank?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:23pm
    @Cesar G. I do. He can still flat out play. (I'm interested to see if this ends up being a one or two year relationship)

    Jeremy B.
    Mar 28, 7:03pm

    It seems veterans are willing to take discounted contracts in order to play in Los Angeles under one of the best head coaches in football.
    Is it fair to ask Jared Goff to sign a Brady-esque contract extension in order to work with Sean McVay for most of his career, or will the Rams have to break the bank to keep Goff?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:07pm
    @Jeremy B. That's asking a lot from Goff and his group. I think there are ways to make it work so he gets every penny he deserves and the Rams maintain enough flexibility to build/maintain a quality team around him

    Joe M.
    Mar 28, 7:36pm
    The Rams have virtually no depth on the OL. And Noteboom and Allen are unproven players. I know Kromer is highly regarded but it sure looks like the Rams are playing with dynamite if they don’t add more on the OL and not just with 3rd day draft picks. Thoughts?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:40pm
    @Joe M. It's March 28. Plenty of time and ways to add to the depth

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:44pm
    Also, they like Jamil Demby too. So right now, they essentially have six guys. They need two more, probably.

    Matthew J.
    Mar 28, 7:50pm
    Morgan Fox was going to play OLB before he got hurt, do they have plans for him to move back to DE?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:57pm
    @Matthew J. Yeah I think the plan is for him to do a little bit of both, depending on the scheme. Up, sometimes. Hand in the groud other times. First and foremost he needs to be healthy.

    Undrea S.
    Mar 28, 7:47pm
    What is the latest on Ogbonnia Okoronkwo and where does he fit into the Rams' plans?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:50pm
    @Undrea S. Rams are really eager to get a good look at him this offseason/summer. He has a chance to work his way into a rotational rush role and will be given every chance to prove he deserves a role. Unfortunate first year for him with the broken foot, but barring any setbacks/injury he has a chance to open eyes

    Holden P.
    Mar 28, 7:46pm
    Who is the next member of the Rams staff generating buzz as a potential future head coach after Zac Taylor?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:48pm
    @Holden P. Shane Waldron

    Matthew J.
    Mar 28, 7:43pm
    Now that there's a log jam at OLB, what are the chances of the Rams moving Ebukam next to Littleton?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:46pm
    @Matthew J. Everything I'm hearing is they like Ebukam right where he is, and feel he's a still-developing player. I don't think they'd compromise the growth he's made - and hopefully continues to make - by making a change

    Andy H.
    Mar 28, 7:37pm
    Are the short veteran contracts like Weddle and Clay (plus the draft) what we can expect going forward in terms of team building since the Rams have huge commitments on both sides of the ball with AD, Gurley, and soon Goff?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:41pm
    @Andy H. I think the Rams location, what they've built themselves into as a franchise and the culture they've established is all very conducive to adding veterans hungry to chase rings at this stage of their careers

    Julian H.
    Mar 28, 7:23pm

    Do you think the Rams use the superbowl loss as motivation or do they succumb to the dreaded superbowl hangover. My personal belief is coach McVay himself refuses to let that happen.

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:27pm
    @Julian H. I don't think a hangover will be an issue. Gurley's health. Replacements for Suh/Barron. How does Noteboom play his first year starting? Allen too. A tougher schedule. To me, that is where I see the biggest concerns.

    Mark K.
    Mar 28, 7:21pm
    Vinny I think he would be far superior to Allen or Blythe. Protecting Goff is a must!

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:26pm
    @Mark K. He may be a better player. But Rams believe Allen can be an effective starter. And they have two starting positions open that need to be filled

    Daniel S.
    Mar 28, 7:17pm
    Hi Vinny!

    Just wondering if you see the rams attempting to make a move with smaller free agents despite the limited cap space.

    Also, I know trading down has been long thought as the rams intention. Do you believe this is accurate? And what positions do you believe they are targeting early in the draft?

    Thank you!

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:19pm
    Daniel S. I do. Likely after the draft.

    I am leaning toward them trading down from 31

    Phil M.
    Mar 28, 7:16pm
    What are your thoughts on who will be starting at center and right guard in 2019?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:18pm
    @Phil M. Briann Allen and Austin Blythe

    Mark K.
    Mar 28, 7:15pm
    Vinny with skilled positions set on offense I would love to see Bradbury at pick 31 to give the line a plug and play starter and create flexibility and depth. What say you?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:18pm
    @Mark K. Not a bad call. I just think they made an investment in Brian Allen and have expressed confidence in him as far back as last season as the heir apparent. I see them going DL/LB/CB with their earliest pick/picks

    Undrea S.
    Mar 28, 7:03pm
    Hello Vinny
    . How likely is it the Rams keep CJ Anderson?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:07pm
    @Undrea S. Short of them adding a RB through the draft, I think they are set at RB.

    Harman S.
    Mar 28, 7:56pm
    How do you see the Dline spots playing out? Do you think it is likely Brockers gets moved to the NT? Or could you see Joseph-Day possibly sliding in between Donald and Brockers at NT with Fowler off the edge? Also with all the rotational pass rushers such as JFM and Ebukam how many snaps can Obo realistically see?

    Vincent Bonsignore
    Mar 28, 7:59pm
    @Harman S. It really depends on what happens in the draft. If a better three-technique is there at 31, Michael could move inside. If it's more of a NT, then he can stay outside. I think if guys show they can play, Wade will comes up with roles for them and packages for them

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  • Nick
    Between the Horns - Episode 50 Recap
    by Nick

    Myles Simmons and D'Marco Farr recapped what they have observed at OTAs on the Between the Horns podcast.

    -Still looking at key areas. Defensively, they look exceptional at corner and in the middle.

    -Offensively, the team is taking a step forward with an offense they already know. There will be some coming back to earth for the offense, because teams have a year of film to see what you’re doing. But it also means you’ve got a year to build on and grow. Offense is improving and getting better.

    -Offense does not look like a Day 1 OTA offense. This is the first time in a while the Rams have had the same offensive coordinator (McVay) in back to back years, and it shows. Jared Goff got guys together to go through routes and work on timing. Cooks joined them after the trade. Cooks is as good as advertised. Fast, quick, polished. There’s no way he can’t help this offense.

    -Regarding questions about Goff’s growth as a leader on and off the field, Cooper Kupp says we need to start calling it what it is and say Goff is the leader of this offense, period. To hear Kupp say that, especially after the way things have gone for Goff so far in his career, is big time. He has the chance to be special and we're starting to see him take steps forward.

    -Looking at offense, they have one new starter (Cooks) and both agree that the Rams got better. That’s not a slight on Watkins, but more their opinion of Cooks. Cooks is a guy who has at least 1000 yards and 7 TDs in the last three seasons.

    -Regarding Tight End, McVay wants more out of that position and may go into different personnel groups (1 RB 2 TEs). Far says 12 personnel is awful for defenses because it’s balanced and the defense doesn’t know which way the ball is going until the snap. When you have a lead and a running back like Gurley, you want to go into 12 and pound them.

    -With Cooks, Woods, and Kupp, how do you cover it? They had fun talking about how to block Suh, Donald, and Brockers, but now how do defenses cover Cooks and Woods on the outside with Kupp stretching the middle? That receiving group, with Goff feeding them the ball, McVay designing plays, can be just as hard to deal with as Donald, Suh, and Brockers.

    -Holt’s impression at OTAs, the first guy he mentioned was Josh Reynolds. He’s a guy who has so much room to grow. We saw enough to say we want to see more, and the potential is there. Holt loves the other guys as well; loves Cooks’s attention to detail. Reynolds wants to prove that even though he has the size, he wants to prove that he’s more than that. How does he get on the field when you’ve got Cooks, Woods, and Kupp? There are going to be reps out there, no one can play every single one. Also dependent on people staying healthy.

    -Farr can’t wait to see Temarrick Hemingway...
    -06-11-2018, 06:19 AM
  • Nick
    Rams Mock Draft: There’s so much work ahead, but it is never too early to project
    by Nick
    Rams Mock Draft: There’s so much work ahead, but it is never too early to project
    By Vincent Bonsignore Dec 26, 2018

    The​ Rams still aren’t sure​ who​ they’ll​ play in the​ first round of​ the playoffs,​ let alone​ whether they’ll skip​ the Wild​​ Card round by earning a free pass through the first week, so you can probably imagine where they are in the process of finalizing their 2019 draft plans.

    Put it this way, we haven’t even gotten to the main course of the college football bowl season, so there is still an incredible amount of scouting, background checking, analyzing and assessing to do before anyone can truly say they’ve got a handle on next April’s draft.

    And that doesn’t even account for the self-scouting they’ll do of their current roster to decide what their most pressing needs might be.

    (Hint: The Rams will be looking for defensive help, specifically on the defensive line, edge pass rusher, linebacker and safety and there is always room for young cornerbacks and offensive linemen to groom. Granted, some of those areas will be filled through free agency, which precedes the draft by a month, but for every hole that gets filled another is liable to be created.)

    Keep in mind, safety Lamarcus Joyner, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and outside linebacker Dante Fowler Jr. are all unrestricted free agents at the end of the season, and how their situations unfold will go a long way in determining where the Rams zero in come April.

    That said, while most hands are on deck as the Rams prepare to mount a postseason march they hope reaches Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, an incredible amount of resources and staff hours are being devoted to a future that extends well beyond this season.

    Specifically, maximizing the seven picks they expect to have when the draft unfolds in Nashville in four months.

    As we sit today, general manager Les Snead and his scouting staff continue to chip away at their draft board. They’ll typically assemble a 150-player big board and, considering the pace of these things, are likely nearing the halfway point of that process.

    But there are still a ton of data banks left to tap into as they tweak and tinker and adjust that board over the next few months, including the Jan. 15 deadline for college juniors to decide whether they are declaring for the draft or returning for their senior years. The official infusion of those juniors to the current crop of prospects will certainly change draft boards across the NFL.

    Beyond that are big-time scouting events at the East-West Shrine game on Jan. 19 in St. Petersberg, Fla., which features more than 100 FBS Division I players, and the Senior Bowl a week later in Mobile Alabama.

    The NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis takes place in late February, at which more than 300 prospects...
    -12-27-2018, 06:01 AM
  • kman1521
    Wade Phillips need to be start being held accountable
    by kman1521
    I feel like he is getting by on his past accomplishmnets, and not getting enough heat about how bad this D is. they cant stop anyone! I know the offense hasn't been clicking but, the defense is what will do them in. Im sick of hearing about all these great players on defense, but collectively they suck!. Change it up Wade, do something! blitz more, we get no pass rush at all. The offensive line is falling apart too..Goff has been bad, but he is getting more pressured then earlier in year. We miss Kupp a lot more then people will admit too..He was Goff;s safety net
    -12-18-2018, 07:20 AM
  • general counsel
    impressions from the Rams win over houston
    by general counsel
    I watched the entire game late last night. The following are my impressions

    -If Goff gets hurt, we are in deep trouble. I appreciate that is stating the obvious, but watching mannion again last night was really ugly until all the houston backups were in the game, and even then it wasnt great. The way we should all think about it, and this is only in the context of seeing the glass half full, is that theoretically mannion will look a lot better with the starting oline, gurley and the stud wide receivers if goff gets hurt. Unfortunately, last night the pass protection wasnt bad, even against the texans first team, and he still looked lousy, including throwing a horrific INT deep in our own zone. The pass had absolutely zero chance of being completed and was a rookie read mistake.

    -The first team defense played two series. Allowed no first downs (although there was a catchable ball that the houston guy missed that could have been a first). Kong Suh absolutely leveled Watson which resulted in an interception by joyner who made a nice play on the ball. Clean hit, great to see. Can't wait to see Kong and Donald together. The kong signing looks brilliant to me in part because the front office knew signing donald was going to be a problem. Imagine where we would be on the dline if we didnt have kong right now.
    Price was dominant rushing the passer in garbage time
    -Notebook looked pretty good to me blocking even against the houston first team defense. I am rapidly becoming a big fan of his future with the squad
    -Kelley had a very impressive 15 yard td run
    -pharoah cooper had a nice move for a td catch where he was open and mannion hit him. He also had a brutal drop earlier in the game
    -Sam Shields had an excellent jump on the ball for an INT. that signing could be outstanding.
    Nice to see longacre get a sack

    I didnt see anyone with any major injuries. Mundt the tight end rolled an ankle and Davis, the defensive lineman limped off early but it didnt appear serious.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel
    -08-26-2018, 08:08 AM
  • AvengerRam
    The biggest reason the Rams are in "window" as a title contender.
    by AvengerRam
    Check out this list of players who are currently starters or significant rotation players for the Rams:

    Jared Goff
    Todd Gurley
    Cooper Kupp
    Tyler Higbee
    Gerald Everett
    Pharoh Cooper
    Rob Havenstein
    Jamon Brown
    Aaron Donald
    Samson Ebukam
    Marcus Peters
    John Johnson

    What do these 12 players (5 of whom have been to a Pro Bowl) have in common?

    They are all on their rookie contracts!

    That is a huge deal.

    To have that much talent at key spots playing on rookie deals gives the Rams the ability to fill out their roster with guys like Andrew Whitworth, Michael Brockers, Ndamukong Suh and Aqib Talib.

    Of course, this cannot last forever. These players will all eventually be in a position to negotiate their first veteran deals. Some of them (Goff, Gurley, Donald and Peters in particular), are likely to be for top $.

    In the meantime, however, the Rams have an opportunity (over the next 2-3 seasons), to play with a stacked roster.

    Hopefully, they will (1) make the most of it, and (2) find ways to renew with young talent to replace those who can't be re-signed.

    Should be a fun ride.
    -03-29-2018, 02:22 PM