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  • What team???

    What team scares you the most in the playoffs??

    The poll is expired.

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    Yes the Eagles. They have a D that can rise up and bite you, and you never know how hot McNabb can get.


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      the eagles game is misleading, both teams played like crap.

      Tampa Bay isn't that great and may or may not make the playoffs, but they are now the one thorn in the rams side...


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        I know we have owned them so far this season, but I always worry about a cat when it is cornered...
        This space for rent...


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          I know i have said this many times before but the team taht scares me the most are the steelers. Kordell has stepped it up this year and with betis getting some rest cuz of his groin he will be somewhat fresh for the playoffs

          oh well mabey i am crazy:wiseman:


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            The Niners and the Packers in the NFC pose the biggest threat, but only because the Saints might not make it.

            In the AFC, it's the Steelers. No on else in the AFC will stand a chance.


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              T.B. definately scares me the most...their defense is the one that matches up the best against us. They absolutely dominate our offensive line...

              The Pack would be tough if they got home field advantage (which they won't :: wink :: ) If we had to go up there in the middle of the winter I think we would be in trouble.

              I agree with Atlas though, our toughest matchup (position by position) might just be with the Steelers.

              The good news is that I don't think there is a team in the league that can beat us if we protect the ball and don't let them stay in the game with turnovers.


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                I agree with the Tampa thing...they are going to always give the Rams 120% just because of 1999


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                  I just don't want the Whiners in it. So it scares me that they might get lucky.


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                    I'm not sure Tampa will make it, so I didn't include them. You shouldn't either. Them making the playoffs is unlikely with some tough games ahead.


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                      if T.B. didn't get in the would be fine by me :: wink ::


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                        teams to fear the most come playoff time

                        Teams to fear at playoff time:

                        1) Tampa Bay - they match up well defensively with the Rams - Martz needs to consistently utilize extra protection from Conwell or one of the backs in order to provide Warner with time to complete passes against the Tampa "D".

                        2) Saints - the Rams need to avoid mistakes against this team. Turnovers at either end of the field, as occured Monday night, keep the Saints alive.

                        3) Steelers - Although the Steelers play a 3-4 'D' they also play man to man Defense. I believe the Rams can expose the Pittsburg Defense like no other team can (Isaac and Tory will return to 99 form against man to man coverage). The Ram 'D' has good speed and this will also assist them in reducing the effectiveness of Pittsburg's offense. Superbowl (Rams 31 - Steelers 16).

                        Go Rams!

                        P.S. Warner looks like his old self again - feeling alot more confident than I was after the loss to the Saints.



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                          I wouldn't underestimate the Steeler secondary. They're a lot faster then you think. If the Rams WRs beat the Steeler D, it will be skill Vs Skill. Speed won't play as much of a role as most Ram games.


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                            Good point about the Steelers "D". I think they are ranked No. 1 for a reason and I think their ranking this year, as well as past years, proves they are an exceptional "D" (I didn't intend to give the impression that I underestimate the skill of the Steelers "D").

                            However, if Warner is given time he is extremely accurate and I think receiver speed is deadly when you isolate it on man coverage. It goes without saying that the Steelers corners are gifted and we all know the Rams receivers are as well. However, when man coverage exists a receiver has a significant opportunity to increase yards after the catch as opposed to making catches in a 7 man defensive zone. The key will be whether or not the Rams properly protect Warner (blindsided hits as he has experienced in other games often result in turnovers and can easily be the difference in any game).

                            Other than the Chiefs and Vikes the Steelers having really faced a vertical passing attacking team and these teams aren't exactly of the Rams Calibre with 7 or is it 8 wins between them.

                            I think it works to the Rams advantage that the Steelers haven't seen a team such as the Niners, Saints or Packers this year.

                            Go Rams!!!!

                            P.S. The Steelers haven't had the toughest schedule but the '99 Rams would likely say who cares (pretty easy schedule in '99).



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                              The key to the Steelers Defense isn't the corners. They're way above average, but not the greatest. The key is the defensive front line. They ARE great. Massive. They are among the best at causing pressure, which is what I think would cause the Rams the most trouble. Corners are only are good as the front line.

                              The Rams would have to run Marshall a lot by controlling themselves and maintaining patience.The Mighty Rams passing attack will have to be mostly a rushing attack. The Steelers WILL get sacks and WILL hit Warner. The Rams need to except that and then they can better maintain composer and be ready to take advantage when the chance arises.

                              I believe this is the one game Martz would have to just step back and let his players play. He tends to get a bit impatient if the "big play" doesn't pop up once every five or six plays. This game won't be won just by points but by time of possession.


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                                Eagles Propaganda
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                                Hey fellow Ram fans. A buddy of mine (well not really) who is a Eagle fan sent me this:


                                'Rams love Eagles, tastes like chicken'
                                -01-22-2002, 05:51 PM
                              • DJRamFan
                                [Eagles] A DAY AFTER ... TIME TO REGROUP
                                by DJRamFan
                                December 21, 2004
                                By DAVE SPADARO

                                As Terrell Owens moves one day closer to surgery on his injured right ankle/leg, the Eagles have a game against St. Louis to prepare for and a playoff season to face without T.O.
                                Reaction among the players to the news that Owens will be lost through the NFC playoffs was dramatic and the mood was upbeat: The Eagles will move on.

                                "We know what T.O. means to the team. He's a great player and we hope he comes back and helps us," said wide receiver Freddie Mitchell, who is expected to start in Owens' absence. "At the same time, we're a team. We have other great players to step up in and fill the void. That's our approach. The games continue. We didn't get to 13-1 because of one player. We've had this situation before and we know how to overcome these kinds of injuries."

                                Players like Greg Lewis have to step up
                                Head coach Andy Reid has yet to announce his plans for the two remaining regular season games -- at St. Louis on Monday night and home with the Bengals on January 2. He'll want to look at his offense, one would presume, without Owens.

                                That means the Eagles may continue to play quarterback Donovan McNabb a bit to develop timing and rhythm with other receivers, specifically second-year man Billy McMullen, who could hae a significant role in the final two games here.

                                "That's the approach I would take," said ESPN analyst and former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski. "You want to have a little something going once you get to the playoffs. You don't want to be right there in a playoff situation not having any kind of game experience to fall back on. So I would imagine Andy will play Donovan a little bit on Monday night, just so he can get a few throws out to his new group of receivers.

                                "I think it's a blow to lose T.O., but the Eagles are still the best team in the NFC. They still have weapons on offense. Brian Westbrook is still there. Andy and his staff are as good as anybody at scheming and coming up with favorable matchups. Not having T.O. makes it more difficult, but the coaching staff will find a way."

                                Said wide receiver Greg Lewis: "Obviously T.O. is a big part of our team, but this just means we have other players who need to contribute. You have to be ready in the NFL. They always say you're one play away. The time is now to take the next step. We don't have T.O. around for a while to make plays. It's on us."

                                These final regular season games are meaningless as far as the standings go, but they will provide a great testing group for the Eagles and the offense. Mitchell, Lewis, Todd Pinkston and McMullen now must be an even more integral part of the passing game.

                                While it's unlikely the Eagles will unveil any new tricks in the next two weeks, they do want to have confidence in the attack...
                                -12-21-2004, 10:38 AM
                              • Leics_Ram
                                The Eagles are going to feel some wrath on Sunday
                                by Leics_Ram
                                I've just got a feeling the Eagles are going to be on the end of a big backlash from the guys wearing horns on Sunday.

                                I don't know why, but I can feel a big win for the Rams brewing....

                                -12-13-2005, 06:00 AM
                              • bud4wiser
                                Is this statistic meaningful?
                                by bud4wiser
                                Five teams played the Eagles twice this year. The Eagle beat three of the teams both times.

                                Arizona and Washington beat the Eagles the first time but both teams lost the second game.

                                The RAMS are playing the Eagles for the second time. Does this mean the Eagles have an edge, due to the "2nd meetings" record?

                                I can't find the "poll" button.....:ram:
                                -01-22-2002, 05:44 PM
                              • HUbison
                                I've got the Eagles GM on the phone. He wants to talk to you.
                                by HUbison
                                Inspired by RamFan16's post on the Eagles WR needs:

                                Here's the situation:
                                Eagles GM calls up the Rams FO and says they're in dire need of at least one WR and will consider a trade package for up to 3 of ours. The Rams FO calls you (because they know what a great negotiator you are) and says broker a deal for us.

                                So who do you give up? How many do you give up? Who do you want in return? Do you want draft picks in the package?

                                Make your best deal now.
                                -08-18-2005, 05:59 AM