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  • A Mad scientist with weird science

    Had to take another look at all the Ram's moves upon to the draft and during to get some idea what is cooking in the feverous minds of McVay and FO.

    I had the 2019 draft as deep as 17 worthy of first round picks (and no there was too much hype with this class of QBs so add 3 to the depth) and having second to the last first round really in my mind was little better then a second round player whoever they got had they kept the pick. No it was a gambit trade with the Falcons. Here it has to be stated FO and McVay must have absolute confidence in the scouting department because it was a risky move with a very high payoff with high risk if it proved to be a dud decision.

    *The rewards:
    Salary cap friendly--just don't have to pay lower round picks as much as you have too for a first
    Past success in finding gold in the later rounds--hoping lightning strikes twice in the same spot
    Picks, picks, picks; not as many as some teams but it keeps alive the "youth movement" inside the Rams team

    What didn't the Rams get with their first round pick; the great what if question of 2019 Ram's draft
    Return on investment; will the additional picks return on the investment
    If the gambit fails, then actually it puts the Rams 2 years behind the curve but with the NFC-W and having 2 re-building teams maybe doable

    Going into 2018 we all had questions about the LB core--well least I did. Throughout 2018, yah it looked like a problem--they only seemed to show up in the payoffs while having spent much of the season napping...guess when you got to show up and ball, better late then never in the playoffs

    Only the Squawks seem worth studying at the moment and I didn't think on first glance they filled in what they needed--am still looking, but my gut says they will be making still a lot of moves before OTA. And that leaves the Rams also looking to harden the soft spots... Center is a concern now and am wondering how that Saga will paly itself out
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    Good article dragoon. Regardless of what we think at center, i think the decisions during the draft indicate the Rams are confident in Allen. With Erik McCoy on the board at 45, the Rams traded back to 61 and new orleans traded up to 48 to take him. I think if the Rams were really concerned about Allen, they grab McCoy at 45. I have no idea if that was the right or wrong decision, time will tell, but i think its indicative of the confidence they have in Allen. I expect us to pick up a veteran backup in the interior line, possibly center, keeping in mind that we still have demby floating around as a backup guard.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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    • MauiRam
      The Act of Addressing
      by MauiRam
      One thing is sure in today’s NFL- due to the salary cap - teams must draft successfully. 2017 is the beginning of yet another Rams' era and just because we don‘t have a first round pick, in no way are we excluded from having an excellent draft.

      I wonder how much Les Snead was handcuffed previously by Fisher. I guess we’ll never know exactly. What we do know is there are purportedly going to be some very good players available after round one. I personally do not have a favorite player at this juncture as that changed (thankfully) with the acquisition of John Sullivan. I would hope we go BPA throughout.
      We are all aware here of our roster needs, and I have no doubt they will be addressed.* I also think there will be a curve ball or two thrown in; RFE’s postulation in a poll (possible trade with Cleveland) or some other unforeseen scenario.

      I fervently hope McVay and Snead are dreaming the same dream on draft days and hit some home runs. Why not us? Can they harvest eventual starters in rounds 5 & 6? There will be UDFAs available – we need to mine a gem or two there as well. If we absolutely nail this draft, I don’t see any reason we could be very competitive the last half of the season.
      I am a doubting Thomas this year. My Kool-aide cup is dry. I am anxiously awaiting those first drops to fall in during the draft.

      * Addressing a perceived need, in no way guarantees wild success, rather it is the act of trying. (Brian Quick comes to mind, GRob too, though he still has a small chance to stick.)

      When the draft is said and done, I wonder how many picks we will have added or traded away. Anyone know how many picks we have as of today?...
      -04-11-2017, 12:30 PM
    • tomahawk247
      New draft format can benefit Rams
      by tomahawk247
      Previously the draft was held over two days, a Saturday and a Sunday, with last year seeing the first and second rounds on the Saturday and the remaining rounds on the Sunday

      This year, the draft takes place over three days. Thursday evening will be the first round, Friday the second and third rounds, and the remaining rounds will be on the Saturday.

      Usually between the two days of the draft a team will analyse the players left to pick, analyse those that they have already picked and then re-set their draft board. They may decide that they like one particular player, and go about making trade offers to move up and get him. This is what happened last year between the first and second days of the draft. The New York Jets fell in love with Shonn Greene, and decided that they would have to move up in the draft to take him. The Jets traded their 12th pick in the third round as well as fourth and seventh round picks to move up to the first pick in the third round. Some say this was because the Rams were sure to take Greene if he was still on the board. Its also clear that this trade only happened because the Jets had the night to think on what they wanted with the draft pick.

      This year, with the Rams picking at the top of each round, they pick first on all three days. So if a team has fallen in love with a player and wants to grab him, they could definitely offer the Rams a trade. The second round pick, for example, could garner a lot of interest. Last year the Panther and Broncos both traded future first round picks for second rounders, and the Titans and Jaguars both traded future second rounders to New England for third round picks. Picks higher in the draft are certainly a benefit to a rebuilding team like the Rams

      Also, there are a couple of QB prospects that may be good choices for the Rams in the second round, but who would be reaches if picked right at the top of round 2 (at the moment), but who likely wouldnt last until the top of round 3. Guys like Tony Pike and Dan LeFevour. The Rams could entertain a trade which involves a move down in round two, picking up maybe a third rounder in the process, and still being able to grab their future QB.

      All it takes is a team to think too much overnight, and the Rams could end up with a very good deal on their hands.
      -02-11-2010, 01:03 AM
    • cowboyhater
      Rams too clever trading out of the 1st
      by cowboyhater
      So, we finally get a first round pick (though a low one) and we trade it for a mid second and a mid third and throw in a 6th. I am not impressed. These guys might be too cute for their own good.
      -04-25-2019, 09:24 PM
    • LARAM
      Discussion about trading down out of both 1st round picks.
      by LARAM
      Just starting some discussion. I'm not saying we should trade one or both picks away. There's alot of stuff to still be played out. But I am kind of looking at these points.

      1. Lets be honest, most thought we would have two picks in the top 10 for the 2013 NFL Draft. Would we really be getting a good value with what is thought to be available at this point. As of now what are we looking at, two picks between 15 to 32.

      2. The next class of players to be drafted, is there really anyone that you could see setting the world on fire and being an instant game changer between 15 and 32 spots.

      3. I completely trust this staff with making good decisions and picking the right players in rounds 1 for both our picks, so I'll be happy with our picks regardless. But I also trust their decisions in picking solid quality players in the later rounds.

      4. It seems to me there could possibly be some teams wanting to trade up with the Rams since we have two picks and could be flexible. I got a feeling Washington is gonna be pretty good next year, so what do we have to look forward too with next years draft, (another pick in the high twenties????). What do some of your think?

      5. What would be some fair trade options in scenarios with next years draft. Meaning for example. Trade away one of our 1's this year for any willing teams next years #1. but possibly picking up an extra 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th or multiple picks combined for 2013 and 2014.

      Seems like two years ago there were a couple of teams that made a couple of mid round trades, and I slightly remember a couple of teams getting 3 or 4 picks in later years. I mean look at New England, they work that draft board like no other. For a team that always picks in the high 20's they seem to be doing pretty good for themselves. Do any of you see Jeff Fisher and Co. using the New England strategy. I mean we did it last year and scored pretty good, Why not try this again? What do you all think ? Thoughts.....

      I just feel like we should use the RGIII trade to our advantage, and I"m not sure forcing mid to late 1st round players onto our roster this year is gonna solve anything. I'm just not seeing this years draft class as very talented after the top 10 are gone.
      -12-29-2012, 12:25 AM
    • r8rh8rmike
      Wagoner: A Look At The Rams' 12 Picks In NFL DRaft
      by r8rh8rmike
      A look at the Rams' 12 picks in NFL draft

      April, 3, 2014
      By Nick Wagoner |

      EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Whether it's general manager Les Snead or coach Jeff Fisher, the St. Louis Rams have consistently made it clear this offseason how much they like their current roster.

      They've backed up those words by forgoing any major signings in free agency, only recently adding a trio of players to provide depth at quarterback, defensive tackle and wide receiver.

      But with a dozen picks in May's NFL draft, it will be interesting to see just how many of those choices get used or if the Rams again move up and down the board in an effort to end up with more quality than quantity. Those 12 selections are tied for the most of any team in the league.

      By the fifth round of the 2013 draft, the Rams had completed their business by selecting running back Zac Stacy. They won't be able to duplicate that this year since they have three compensatory picks, one in Round 6 and two in Round 7. Compensatory picks can't be traded.

      It is, however, fair to wonder whether the Rams will want to continue trading down to accumulate more picks if they're as happy with the roster as they say they are.

      “You’d like to say you hit on all 12, but when it’s all said and done we may not make 12 selections, we don’t know,’’ Fisher said.

      If indeed the Rams do make a trade down or two in the first round, don't be surprised if they also look to aggressively move up in the later rounds. The draft is considered one of the deepest in years and though they can't trade the three late compensatory selections, it would be logical for the Rams to try to package some of those picks together to get another pick in the range of the fourth or-fifth rounds. Barring that, they could also look to move out of some of those late picks in exchange for late picks in future seasons.

      That would give the Rams the chance to have an earlier shot at some of the better players available in those rounds while also preventing them from having to try to find a spot for 14 or 15 drafted rookies.

      Here's a look at the Rams' picks in this draft:

      Round 1: Nos. 2 and 13
      Round 2: No. 44
      Round 3: No. 75
      Round 4: No. 110
      Round 5: No. 153
      Round 6: Nos. 188 and 214*
      Round 7: Nos. 226, 241, 249*, 250*
      Note: * indicates compensatory selection
      -04-03-2014, 12:55 PM