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Rams waive Countess and Sign Josh Carraway

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  • Rams waive Countess and Sign Josh Carraway

    Rams asked Blake Countess to take a pay cut. Terms could not be agreed on by the Rams and Countess reps. Thus, countess was waived today. His cap number was a little over 2 million. I kind of liked the guy, but not at 2 million. Door allegedly open for him to come back at a lower salary number. Rams signed josh carraway, outside pass rush guy who has been a practice squad player for the titans and was drafted in round 7 in 2017. Great athlete, zero history of nfl production. A wade phillips flyer for sure.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    The punters in our division will be happy as I recall him blocking a few punts along the way. He was usually able to cut through and pressure the punter if he didn't make the block. Some team with adequate cap space will probably sign him. Thanks for your effort Blake.

    Go Rams!


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      He was picked up on waivers by the Eagles.


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      • general counsel
        manu and the cap part 2
        by general counsel
        According to barry waller, manus 2006 salary is 1.325 million (he didnt answer as to what the total cap number is if you include the prorated signing bonus)

        barry says that if manu is cut pre june 1 (which obviously would give you the most use of the savings since presumably that is when there are better guys available to sign), we would save only 125k this year. That is a big big cap hit, over a million dollars. It wont happen guys.

        if he is cut after june 1, we would take a cap hit of a bit over 400k this year and about 600k next year.

        These numbers may not be exact, but i think it makes the point (as barry does) that it is unlikely that manu is going anywhere for this season.

        In 2006, lets throw him the ball and see if he can actually catch and get someone else on the relative cheap who can block. I have no objection to a middle round developmental tight end, but this cap view seems to rule out a high dollar free agent.

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel
        -01-30-2006, 12:20 PM
      • adarian_too
        For Salary Capologists -
        by adarian_too
        My lastest spreadsheet update has 85 players under contract, including Pieffer, Cromartie, and Montgomery, Aldridge for $81.3 M (about 750K above the limit).

        What is interesting is if you knock the roster down to 53, assume the 32 released were signed for the $230K minimum, you have the Rams about $7M UNDER the cap ... more than enough to sign Ogunleye or another impact DE/LBer.

        Sure wish actual team salary cap numbers were a matter of public record just to be sure that I am comparing apples to apples. Clayton of ESPN has the Rams at $3.75M UNDER as of July 15, 2004.
        -07-27-2004, 11:59 AM
      • RamWraith
        Balzer says McCleon may be cut??
        by RamWraith
        Balzer was talking about the possibility of McCleon being a June 1st cut. Apparently if the Rams wait until June 1st McCleon will only count about $300K against our cap and they will save about 2.1 mill against this years cap. The negative part is he will then count 900K against next years cap when the Rams will need more space.

        Balzer claims to have looked closley at his renegotiated deal last year and states that a major part of his bonus money was a 1.7 mil roster bonus that was paid last year and the majority of his cap number this year is a base salary of 2.1 million.

        Now he did not say that this will happen. He just was speculating at things the Rams could do to clear space to sign draft picks or FA's. He feels they would only do it if they got a quality CB in the draft and a solid veteran who could back up Bly or start in his place if Bly were to falter.
        -03-25-2002, 06:47 AM
      • general counsel
        Important cap question relating to potential trades
        by general counsel
        Does anyone know exactly how much cap we have available and what we might do to create more room via restructuring if need be to make a deal or two? Janoris Jenkins is a great example. I am confident the giants would trade him for a mid round pick to dump him (ie 5th or maybe lower) but its a 15 million cap hit. they want a first round pick for landon collins allegedly. I dont think safety is the real need, as highly as i think of collins (and he is a free agent at the end of the year)

        Ramming speed to all

        general counsel
        -10-29-2018, 12:54 PM
      • general counsel
        I Hate Dead Cap Money
        by general counsel
        General view on looking at our roster. The thing i hate the most is dead cap money. In evaluating whether to keep a particular player, or whether to sign a free agent for a certain amount of money, i always look first at both the initial cap hit and the liklihood of dead cap money down the road.

        Its one thing to say we need a better tight end than manu or a better linebacker than claiborne. Its another thing to say i want to pay money (ie take a cap hit) to get rid of them.

        Sometimes you need to cut your losses and take the cap hit. sometimes you dont have a choice (ie turley with the injury). But within a broad range and at the margain, you have to look at the dead money a particular roster move will create since it impacts your ability to upgrade your team.

        Think about it this way. if you play marbles, and everyone starts with 100 marbles, everyone has the same chance to win. If one player starts with 80 marbles, one with 90 marbles and one with 100 marbles, who has the best chance to win? The more dead money you have, the less marbles you are going to start the game with cap wise.

        I bet if you find a stat on teams with the lowest cap dead money, you will find a correlation with success. Teams that refuse to be extorted and are most careful about not overpaying non core players are more likely to win.

        Take wistrom. Excellent ram, did great things for the team. But if you paid him based on what he did in the past, you would have been very sorry cap wise. In wistroms case, the money isnt dead in the sense he is still on the seahawks roster, but he has hardly justified what they paid for him.

        Also a point on faulk. If he retires, we take a cap hit. All the more reason to want him back. Can you imagine having less money to pay guys on defense just so faulk can NOT be on the team?

        Food for thought.

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel
        -01-28-2006, 09:42 AM