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Why the Rams won’t let Jared Goff walk

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  • Why the Rams won’t let Jared Goff walk

    Why the Rams won’t let Jared Goff walk
    By Vincent Bonsignore
    30m ago

    Only two NFL quarterbacks started at least 15 games in each of the past two seasons and finished with a passer rating over 100 while leading their teams to consecutive division championships.

    One, Drew Brees, is a future Hall of Famer.

    The other, 24-year-old Jared Goff, has presided over the winningest team in the NFL the past two years, its highest-scoring offense, and is coming off a Super Bowl appearance.

    At some point over the next decade or so, Brees rightfully will be fitted for a gold jacket signifying his stature as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to set foot on an NFL field.

    As for Goff, well, if you believe the astoundingly lazy observations emanating from the furthest reaches of the NFL stratosphere, he’s little more than a product of the system he plays in and no sure bet to be re-signed to a lucrative long-term extension befitting his place among the best quarterbacks in the game.

    From those same corners of the NFL there is speculation that Sean McVay and the Rams are actually considering letting Goff walk at the end of his contract in order to pluck from thin air a younger, less expensive replacement for whom McVay will conjure up all his mystical and magical powers in order to seamlessly insert him into the lineup without the Rams missing a beat.

    Because, you know, system quarterback.

    The level of absurdity is almost too phenomenal to take seriously.

    But it’s also seeped too deeply into public consciousness to let go without comment.

    First things first, the Rams are not actually pondering a plan in which they decline to re-sign Goff when his rookie contract expires after the 2020 season. On the contrary, they are planning and preparing their landscape for a world in which Goff is making franchise-caliber money and surrounded by a supporting cast strong enough to ensure playoff contention for the foreseeable future.

    Yes, it will be a salary-cap challenge fitting a franchise quarterback contract into the payroll of a championship-caliber roster. But one for which the Rams are already formulating a game plan.

    It will require shrewd drafting, especially in the mid-to-late rounds, to continually come up with young, reasonably-priced developmental players that they can eventually rely on to produce. It will entail well-researched and disciplined thinking, knowing when to let veteran free agents walk in order to recoup compensation picks, who to reel in from the free-agent market and when to peddle off draft picks in order acquire instant-impact veteran help.

    But given how eight of the last 12 Super Bowl participants did so while their quarterbacks were being paid top-quarterback money, there is ample precedent for constructing championship-caliber rosters around highly paid quarterbacks.

    The greater challenge would be letting Goff walk just as he’s reaching the prime of his career and starting all over again with a young, unproven replacement.

    It’s presumption at its highest order.

    As if identifying and acquiring top tier — or even capable — young quarterbacks is no more complicated than picking up a steak at your local grocery store and then firing up the barbecue and grilling it.

    As quarterback gurus and offensive masterminds go, McVay is one hell of a pitmaster. But even he’d tell you he benefits as much from Goff’s talent as Goff is emblematic of the system and guidance McVay’s provided him.

    And while the two go hand-in-hand, this is no chicken or egg argument. McVay’s system goes only as far as the skill and expertise of the quarterback operating it. And in Goff, he’s got a top-10 NFL quarterback still young enough to surge higher.

    Which brings us back to another head-scratcher — the notion that, because McVay inherited Goff upon taking over the Rams in 2017, he might be itching to let him walk in order to bring in his “own” guy.

    Again, pure absurdity.

    In every conversation I’ve had with Sean McVay he’s made it abundantly clear that the opportunity to work with a young, talented quarterback like Goff is what made the Rams job so attractive to him in the first place.

    If you know anything about Mcvay, you know he leaves no stone unturned during the homework process of studying an opponent. Back in late 2016 when the Rams job became a possibility, McVay did a deep dive into Goff, who was drafted first overall the previous April. Upon completion, McVay wasn’t just convinced Goff was a quarterback talent worthy of hitching his future; McVay could hardly wait to get started.

    In fact, the detailed, long-range plan McVay laid out to the Rams on how he’d go about helping Goff reach his potential blew the Rams away. There were many valid reasons they tabbed McVay as their new coach, but his vision for getting the most out of Goff might have been the most compelling.

    Does any of that sound like a guy who is thinking about letting Goff walk in order to get his own guy in place?

    All of which begs one question?

    Who is really behind this nonsense?

    I can assure you it’s not the Rams, who can hardly contain their delight in hitting massive home runs with the drafting of Goff and the hiring of McVay to create a coach/quarterback pairing they believe sets them up as well any franchise in the NFL.

    Given the Goff and McVay dynamic, the young core they already have in place, their attractive home base in Los Angeles and the world-class new stadium opening in 2020, they believe they are on the cusp of a long run.

    So where, then?

    Some of it is the lingering perception of Goff after the disastrous rookie season he endured. Remember, the Rams gave up six draft picks to move from the 15th pick overall all the way to the top of the 2016 draft to select Goff, only for him to stumble badly in the seven games he started that season.

    But no one with any real NFL clout pins those struggles on Goff. Especially after he rebounded by throwing for a combined 8,492 yards and 60 touchdowns the last two years while leading his team to two straight division titles and a berth in last season’s Super Bowl.

    Goff was the victim of bad coaching and a lousy offensive line and absolutely no help at wide receiver. There isn’t a quarterback around who would have survived the mess Jeff Fisher created that year, let alone a 22-year-old rookie.

    But Goff’s struggles left such an indelible image, people haphazardly wrote him off as a bust. Some of those same critics are slow to come around. And every time there is a hint of struggle — like the way Goff played in the Super Bowl or how the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles slowed him down in early December — they are quick to re-emerge with their outdated takes.

    As someone in the NFL texted me recently — half-kiddingly — “Goff should sue Fisher for malpractice, as it has always haunted him and people want to go back to their initial conclusion that he sucks.”

    Never mind how well Goff played to get the Rams to the Super Bowl, or how he outdueled Patrick Mahomes, Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson through the course of the season while hanging more than 28 points on all of them and leading the Rams to a 4-1 record.

    Go figure.

    Some of it is the esoteric esteem with which McVay is now held given how he quickly turned one of the worst franchises in the NFL into one of the best, and how he completely turned Goff around from bust to Super Bowl quarterback almost overnight.

    It’s all happened so quickly and powerfully the assumption is McVay can do the same for any quarterback.

    Maybe he can.

    But he’s much too smart — and even less arrogant — to think he can simply discard the sure thing he has in Goff, and everything they’ve invested and built together, to start all over again with a cheaper version.

    Goff is McVay’s guy.

    And he’s the Rams quarterback. For now, and the future.

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    He needs a big deal. And having McVay being there. As really a blessing in disguise when the critics thought he would be a flop. Guess again!
    Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos 2/7/2016 CBS 6:30PM EST Santa Clara CA!


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      Whether Goff is a system QB or not only matters if the HC or OC gets replaced and right now McVay who is the system formulator isn't going anywhere for the foreseeable future. The Rams will likely treat Jared fairly and in return Jared will realize the need to have other highly paid players around him. Basically, I don't see Jared's ego getting in the way of a contract extension. If he wins a Super Bowl then the Rams will take that into account, but no way will they say take a hike, we're not going to reward that accomplishment.

      Go Rams!


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        Originally posted by Nick View Post
        The level of absurdity is almost too phenomenal to take seriously.
        No, not almost. It is. Bonsignore must've had a deadline, cuz otherwise, it's truly not worth discussing.


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          Goff will be the Rams QB for the foreseeable future but does Wentz's contract factor into things?


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            Originally posted by fearsome foursome View Post
            Goff will be the Rams QB for the foreseeable future but does Wentz's contract factor into things?
            I'm sure it will. I would expect Goff to get more than Wentz did.


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              A story where none exists. Goff is the Rams QB and will remain so barring an act of God or some unbelievable set of circumstances none of us could currently fathom. Goff must improve in certain areas and has shortcomings (who doesn't), but his progression from where he started as a rookie would make the Rams unbelievably stupid to not entertain a long term deal. The key, of course, is making sure the Rams don't hamstring themselves- as it appears they may have done with Gurley- when the time comes to sign him.


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                Originally posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post

                The key, of course, is making sure the Rams don't hamstring themselves- as it appears they may have done with Gurley- when the time comes to sign him.


                Goff & Gurley Contracts, LLC.

                That the Rams would fail in producing these two contracts - intelligently - would be akin to losing two consecutive fumbles during a critical MUST WIN game, and both were run back by the opponent D for a TD.


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                  Jared Goff expects Sean McVay 'to bring out the best in me'
                  by r8rh8rmike
                  Jared Goff expects Sean McVay 'to bring out the best in me'

                  Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer​​​​​​​

                  THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Sean McVay arrived in Los Angeles on Jan. 4. The Los Angeles Rams' interviewing party took him to dinner that night in Santa Monica, then interviewed him at their facility the following morning. When they finished, McVay was asked to stick around.

                  Jared Goff, the 2016 No. 1 overall pick who rests the franchise's future on his shoulders, was set to arrive later that afternoon to chat with his prospective new coach. So McVay and Goff sat in the Rams' offensive meeting room for two hours -- alone -- going over film and talking about how they might make it all work.

                  Goff left hoping McVay would be the guy.

                  "It was very positive," Goff said Friday, moments after McVay was formally introduced as the Rams' new head coach. "I felt like he was a guy I could play for -- and hopefully play for for a long time."

                  McVay signed a five-year contract to be the Rams' new head coach on Thursday. At 30, he is the youngest head coach in the Super Bowl era. And at 22, Goff was the NFL's youngest quarterback last season.

                  "Right off the bat," Goff said, "you could tell that his knowledge is extremely high. Far higher than a lot of guys."

                  The Rams sent a passel of draft picks to the Tennessee Titans last year for the right to move up 14 spots in the draft and select Goff out of Cal. But Goff, who never took a snap from under center or called a play from the huddle while running an air-raid offense in college, struggled mightily throughout the preseason and didn't become the starter until the 10th game of the regular season.

                  When he did, he played poorly. From Weeks 11 to 17, Goff had the fewest yards per attempt (5.31), the second-lowest Total QBR (22.1) and the fourth-lowest completion percentage (54.6) in the league. The Rams, ultimately burdened by the NFL's worst offense for a second straight year, lost all seven of those games, then went about searching for a coach who could get the most out of Goff.

                  Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff, who led the coaching search, reiterated that the Rams were focused on finding the best leader and weren't specifically targeting someone for Goff. But Demoff also said, "You were always worried about making sure that Jared had continuity."

                  He brought up the coach-quarterback relationship between Sean Payton and Drew Brees and that of Jon Gruden and Rich Gannon and how beneficial those became.

                  "Getting that right pair with the quarterback was imperative," Demoff said.

                  Goff believes he saw that in one two-hour meeting. "There was a lot of things we talked about in terms of philosophy, how the quarterback position needs to be played -- a lot of it aligned, and that was very good to hear,"...
                  -01-14-2017, 01:03 PM
                • Nick
                  An elite QB is tough to define, but Rams’ Jared Goff has a chance to join that group
                  by Nick
                  An elite quarterback is tough to define, but Rams’ Jared Goff has a chance to join that group
                  By RICH HAMMOND | [email protected] | Orange County Register
                  PUBLISHED: December 26, 2018 at 4:02 pm | UPDATED: December 26, 2018 at 4:02 pm

                  THOUSAND OAKS — The narrative and the questions about Jared Goff have shifted like weather patterns since 2016. Is he a bust? Is he a legitimate starting quarterback? Is he a star? Could he be a superstar?

                  The current barometer reading is somewhere between the latter two, but stay tuned. Goff receives the most scrutiny of any Rams player, and that comes with the position. After a couple wobbly games, Goff improved last week, but the truest test of his season is about to come, and questions will be answered.

                  The playoffs are on the horizon, and at the end of a season that has seen him skyrocket to MVP candidacy, then fall under heavy criticism, it’s time for Goff to reveal what class of quarterback he deserves to be in.

                  “Winning the championship is always the goal,” Rams coach Sean McVay said before Wednesday’s walk-through practice at Cal Lutheran. “In a lot of instances, that does end up being a good measuring stick, but that’s always a team result and they only have so much control. The great ones, they consistently perform, year in and year out, and that’s really the truest measurement of performance.”

                  That’s why getting a read on Goff’s season – and even his three-year NFL career – is tough.

                  How to judge a quarterback? Is it a Super Bowl championship? Guys such as Jeff Hostetler, Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer have rings. Is it a couple of All-Pro selections? Then add Rich Gannon to the list. Is it a guy who has led the league in passing? Matt Schaub did that nine years ago. It’s an inexact science.

                  “I think it’s consistency,” McVay said. “The great ones consistently perform, year in and year out.”

                  At first hearing, that might sound like cop-out coach-speak, but it is probably the fairest measure, and particularly for Goff, whose has been in search of level ground since the Rams drafted him in 2016.

                  Write off Goff’s rookie season, because the team was awful and the coaching quite suspect. In 2017, Goff led the Rams to a division title and made the Pro Bowl, but fizzled in a playoff loss – as did most of his teammates – as he completed only 24 of 45 attempts for 259 yards against the Atlanta Falcons.

                  This season, Goff had an amazing early-season run, with four consecutive games of at least 320 yards. By the end of November, Goff had 26 touchdowns and six interceptions and was considered a potential MVP. In his next three games, though, Goff threw one touchdown pass and six interceptions.

                  Goff enjoyed what, for the most part, could be considered a bounce-back game last week at Arizona, when he completed 19 of 24 attempts for 216 yards. Goff was efficient but still...
                  -12-27-2018, 12:27 PM
                • Nick
                  Jared Goff shows he's growing into role of Rams quarterback
                  by Nick
                  Jared Goff shows he's growing into role of Rams quarterback
                  8:39 AM ET
                  Alden Gonzalez
                  ESPN Staff Writer

                  THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Jared Goff stepped up in the pocket and fired a bullet, roughly 30 yards down the field, right into the hands of Robert Woods on a post route. Earlier, he hit Nelson Spruce for a long touchdown. And leading up to that impressive throw to Woods, he made crisp, accurate passes to Tyler Higbee and Cooper Kupp as part of a two-minute drill.

                  It's only organized team activities, which means players are not in pads and live contact is not permitted, but Goff looked good on Monday.

                  Rams rookie coach Sean McVay is nonetheless reserving judgement.

                  "Until you’re actually live as a quarterback, that’s when you truly get challenged," McVay said. "You’re having to move with the rush, avoid guys that can really tackle you. That’s always the best evaluator. I think he has done a nice job improving every single day, and that’s what’s going to give us a chance.”

                  Goff, with a 22.2 Total QBR in his brief NFL career, began his offseason by receiving instruction from noted quarterback guru Tom House. And ever since the official offseason program began, the 22-year-old has immersed himself in McVay's offense, spending almost every possible waking minute at the Rams' facility. McVay said he has been "very pleased" with what Goff has done "above the neck."

                  His teammates have noticed more confidence, more conviction.

                  "You can tell, especially just starting with the command of the offense, him being able to take that and control the huddle and get guys lined up, and keep that poise when things aren’t going well and when things are going well," said Higbee, Goff's roommate throughout training camp last year. "He looks good."

                  "More confident, more relaxed, more poised in the pocket" is how second-year receiver Mike Thomas compared this year's Goff to last year's Goff. "Letting the game come to him and taking his time, being patient on the field."

                  Goff is benefiting from having an entire NFL season under his belt and knowing from the start that he will be the starting quarterback -- but he must perform in order to keep his job.

                  McVay wasn't around when the Rams moved up 14 spots to draft Goff No. 1 overall last spring, and thus has no real loyalty to Goff, who struggled mightily over the course of seven rookie starts, all of them losses. If Goff doesn't show signs that he is making significant strides toward at least becoming a reliable starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, McVay probably won't have a hard time turning to his backup, Sean Mannion, a third-round pick in 2015 who hasn't seen much playing time yet.

                  McVay often has said he and his staff will "constantly evaluate guys."

                  -06-06-2017, 10:16 AM
                • Nick
                  Sean McVay and Jared Goff
                  by Nick
                  When you think about the history of the league, there are times when a head coach and a quarterback just click and the results speak for themselves.

                  Belichick and Brady.

                  Walsh and Montana.

                  Tomlin and Roethlisberger.

                  Now I don't want to sound like I'm putting Goff on a potential HOF path here. But I do feel like we're witnessing one of those moments where the right two guys have come together in the same situation and are just FEELIN IT.

                  Tonight's offense showcase was nothing short of spectacular, and it really does look like Sean McVay and Jared Goff are one of the best coach-QB tandems in this league.

                  It's an exciting time to be a Rams fan!...
                  -09-27-2018, 09:41 PM
                • RamDez
                  Goff thankful for Rams
                  by RamDez
                  Goff thankful for Rams’ long-term commitment to him

                  Stu Jackson

                  STAFF WRITER

                  When the Rams agreed to terms with QB Jared Goff on a four-year contract extension Tuesday night, it marked the culmination of private discussions that actually began earlier this summer.

                  On Wednesday, Goff expressed his appreciation for those involved behind the scenes in reaching an agreement and welcomed the increased expectations set to come with it.

                  “It definitely increases your urgency a little bit when you know that type of commitment, but I don’t feel like it will change my process or anything,” Goff said. “But, I do understand the responsibility of it and all that stuff that goes with it.”
                  Between past success and investments by the Rams, there is no reason to believe Goff will have any issues handling those raised standards.

                  He has already proven he can do it, too.

                  Two weeks before the 2016 NFL Draft, Los Angeles completed a blockbuster trade for the right to draft Goff No. 1 overall. Approximately nine months later, the Rams hired Sean McVay as their head coach.

                  L.A. has compiled a 24-8 overall record with two trips to the playoffs and a Super Bowl appearance since McVay took over. Goff, meanwhile, has climbed to ninth on the NFL’s top 10 passers list with a career passer rating of 94.7 (minimum 1,000 attempts), amassed 9,581 career passing yards with 65 touchdowns and earned Pro Bowl honors twice while becoming the first No. 1 overall pick to lead his team to the Super Bowl in his first three seasons.

                  It didn’t take much for McVay to realize Goff was the QB he wanted to align his future with as he went through the interview process with the Rams, even with the ups and downs Goff endured during his rookie season prior to his arrival.

                  “When you get a chance to spend a little bit of time with him through the interview process, then you look at the tape, you see all the intangibles, the things that you’re looking for – the toughness where he’s taking shots, keeping his eyes down the field,” McVay said.

                  McVay’s extension, signed earlier this summer, keeps both the franchise quarterback and the head coach under contract through the 2023 season. A look around the league shows why that steadiness, as well as the rapport between both, is so critical for a club.

                  Patriots QB Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick have worked together since 2001, earning trips to the Super Bowl in nine of those 18 seasons. Saints QB Drew Brees and head coach Sean Payton are entering their 14th season together in New Orleans, making it to the playoffs in seven of them – including a Super Bowl XLIV victory.

                  McVay said it’s hard to speak to what that connection has allowed those franchises to do because he’s not in either of their buildings every day. However, he does know how valuable that connection is in the Rams’...
                  -09-05-2019, 01:04 AM