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Gurley's trainer: All-Pro has 'arthritic component to his knee'

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  • Gurley's trainer: All-Pro has 'arthritic component to his knee'

    Todd Gurley's trainer: All-Pro has an 'arthritic component to his knee' but hasn't been told of plan to decrease workload
    Gurley missed the final two games of the 2018 season and played sparingly in the playoffs
    By Dave Richard
    5 hrs ago • 4 min read

    Todd Gurley's trainer Travelle Gaines confirmed to CBS Sports that his client is dealing with an "arthritic component to his knee," but stressed that Gurley will be ready for the 2019 season.

    "Everybody knew when Todd came out of Georgia that there would be some kind of arthritic component to his knee, which is part of every surgery whether it's a shoulder, a knee, an ankle," Gaines said late last week. "He's now at the year-five mark, all we're doing is managing that. If we can pound him less in the offseason while keeping his weight down, working on his strength, working on his agility in short areas, that's going to give him a better chance to be healthy Weeks 14 through 17 when they really count."

    When asked about Gurley losing touches, potentially to new rookie Darrell Henderson, Gaines expressed optimism.

    "It's never been told to me that there's a plan to decrease his workload come Week 1," Gaines said. "At the end of the day, you need solid running backs, and they grabbed a home-run running back in the third round. ... If you watched the games last year, Todd typically sat out two to three series last year. I don't see anything changing with that, so you need a back who can catch, and I believe Darrell averaged around 9.0 yards per carry, a home-run type guy."

    Gurley tore his left ACL while at Georgia in 2014. Though he recovered fully and went on to post All-Pro caliber campaigns in 2017 and 2018, he seemed to deal with some kind of problem related to the knee last December. Gurley missed the final two games of the regular season and played sparingly in the playoffs, including a 10-carry, 35-yard outing versus the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII.

    The Athletic reported in March that Gurley was dealing with arthritis, but that was never confirmed by the team or by Gurley. Rams head coach Sean McVay has only discussed a plan put in place for Gurley to follow this offseason, noting as recently as last week that Gurley "looks good" after doing "some things over here that we thought would be good from a maintenance standpoint."

    Those things aren't actually anything different than what Gurley's been doing during each of the last three offseasons since Gaines became Gurley's trainer in Los Angeles.

    "Not one thing has changed," said Gaines, who owns and operates his own performance training center, Athletic Gaines, in Los Angeles. "Our routine has worked, he's been strong, he's been in great shape, he's done well.

    "He got a little tired toward the end of last year because he was carrying the ball a lot. Could he have played last year? Yeah, but when you already have the division and seeding clinched, what was the point?"

    NFL Network reported in late May that Gurley intended to lose about six pounds after playing at 224 pounds last year. Gaines shot down rumors that the weight loss had to do with his knee.

    "It was a collective decision for him to play a little lighter this year, not because of injuries, just because I just feel he's one of the faster players in the league," Gaines said. "He doesn't have to play at 224. 218 is only six pounds less, so I wanted to decrease his body fat a little bit and get him to the point where he's a tad smaller so he can be a tad faster and a little bit bigger from a lean muscle mass standpoint. He's going from basically 10 percent body fat to 7 percent body fat."

    Ultimately, Gurley did not participate in any offseason workouts or minicamp practices with the Rams. Gaines believes the reason for that was obvious.

    "Todd was paid $60 million over four years and the Rams want to get every dime out of that contract," he said. "So what good is it to pound him in April and May when you need him in November, December and January?"

    The plan, per Gaines, is to spend all of July ramping up Gurley's work away from the field so that he can participate in training camp. And after that?

    "Todd is asked to do a lot in that offense, so to preserve him as much as possible is what the goal of the game is," he said. "Their sports science department and sports medicine department are made up of very sharp individuals, so whatever they subscribe and ask me to help out with to do with Todd as Todd's with me every single day, I'm going to do it. I think the Rams have a great formula and are a phenomenal franchise."

    The Rams didn't use Gurley in any preseason games last year, something Gaines expects to happen again this fall.

    The team may also have a couple of joint practices with other teams but it's not clear if Gurley will partake in those or be held out.

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    Just hope he can get ready! And hampered over on the playoffs and Super Bowl!
    Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos 2/7/2016 CBS 6:30PM EST Santa Clara CA!


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      We'll assume you meant "not" hampered over the playoffs....


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        STOP the presses. Jeff Fisher has now spoken on this issue. Here is your outline: Bad trainer. Knee an issue. Knee not career threatening. Todd good.

        Google '' and 'jeff fisher' if you want to watch the 2 minute vid


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        • r8rh8rmike
          Todd Gurley On Knee Injury: 'This Is Small'
          by r8rh8rmike
          Todd Gurley on knee injury: 'This is small,' plan is to have him ready for Rams opener vs. Panthers

          Gurley only had 14 carries in the Rams' final two postseason games, including the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots

          by Ryan Wilson
          Jun 12, 2019 at 10:45 am ET • 2 min read

          Eleven months ago, Todd Gurley signed a four-year, $57.5 million extension that made him the NFL's highest-paid running back -- and rightly so. He rushed for 1,305 yards, added another 788 receiving yards and totaled 19 touchdowns in the 2017 season.

          Gurley had a strong 2018 campaign, too, with 1,251 rushing yards, 581 receiving and 21 touchdowns. But a knee injury limited him during the postseason when he had just four carries in the conference championship game and 10 carries two weeks later in the Super Bowl. In both games, Gurley combined for 45 yards and one touchdown.

          At the combine in March,'s John Breech reported that there was so much concern over the knee that a stem cell procedure was being considered. That was in addition to a report that Gurley is dealing with arthritis.

          Concern about Gurley's health for the upcoming season would be understandable -- except that Gurley doesn't sound worried at all.

          "I had bigger problems to worry about coming out of college," he told reporters Tuesday at the start of Rams mandatory minicamp, via "This is small."

          Gurley continued: "I've be hearing stuff all my life. Just whatever growing up. Hearing comments or whatever that is. All of the stuff don't really get to me. I feel like I do a great job, got a great supporting cast. ... It's football. It's the game I've been playing my whole life, so it's nothing new to me. I know what I'm capable of. I know what type of person I am. No big deal to me."

          And perhaps it's not but the Rams did select Memphis running back Darrell Henderson in the third round, typically something a team with other needs (and no first-round pick) wouldn't do with a depth chart that includes the league's best back and a solid backup (in Malcolm Brown) behind him.

          But like Gurley, coach Sean McVay sounds optimistic about Gurley's knee.

          "I feel real good," McVay told reporters. "Talking to Todd, he looks really good, and feels really good. I think the plan that we set out a few months back has been followed exactly the way that we wanted it to get done and now it's about six more weeks till we really report back to camp.

          "The intention is to get him back, ready to go. This was the intention, this was part of the long term plan to get him for the opener against the Panthers, but when we start camp that represents when he can get on the field and do some things and start to compete with his teammates.

          "I don't know if you'd wanna use the term recovery but he has a very...
          -06-13-2019, 12:39 PM
        • r8rh8rmike
          C.J. Anderson: Gurley Was 'More Hurt Than We Thought" When He Signed With Rams
          by r8rh8rmike
          C.J. Anderson says Todd Gurley was 'more hurt than what we thought' when he signed with the Rams

          Gurley barely saw the field in the playoffs, but the Rams have insisted that he was completely healthy

          by Sean Wagner-McGough
          15 hrs ago • 4 min read

          It's been two weeks since the Super Bowl and the mystery surrounding Todd Gurley's strange absence has yet to be cleared up.

          All along, the Rams have maintained that Gurley was healthy during the playoffs and attributed his lack of playing time to football reasons -- with Gurley saying he simply got out-played by C.J. Anderson in the NFC Championship Game and Sean McVay saying he didn't do a good enough job getting his star running back involved. To no one's surprise, neither of those responses have been considered satisfactory answers to the biggest mystery of the playoffs.

          On Tuesday, Anderson provided more support to the theory that Gurley was dealing with a knee injury during the playoffs, hence his decreased workload. During an appearance on FS1's "Undisputed," Anderson revealed that when he arrived in Los Angeles, Gurley was more hurt than anyone initially thought, including the Rams and Gurley.

          "He was more hurt than what we thought," Anderson said. "The injury was a little bit more than what everybody in the building thought, including himself."

          So what was the injury? Anderson described it as a sprained knee, but he couldn't call it that with any kind of certainty.

          "He'd never really tell me. It was tough. I would say sprained knee," Anderson said. "Obviously, it's the same knee injury he's had before in his career. Obviously, I had surgery on my meniscus and once you have a knee, you always have a knee. So it aggravates. If he was getting a lot of touches earlier in the year -- obviously, him being one of the best running backs that probably was the case."

          Gurley dealt with a knee injury at both the beginning and the end of the regular season, which led to the Rams sitting him for their final two games of the season and signing Anderson to fill in. Anderson played well in relief of Gurley in Weeks 16 and 17, rushing for 299 yards and two touchdowns as the Rams secured a first-round playoff bye.

          When it came time for their playoff run to begin against the Cowboys in the divisional round, Anderson and Gurley shared touches, and both of them thrived. Gurley rushed for 115 yards and a touchdown on 16 carries while Anderson racked up 123 yards and two touchdowns on 23 carries.

          Gurley certainly looked healthy.


          But Gurley was almost entirely absent in the NFC title game, garnering four carries for 10 yards and dropping a couple of passes in the early going while Anderson carried the ball 16 times for 44 yards.

          -02-20-2019, 07:38 AM
        • Nick
          MJD: Rams want Todd Gurley to be 'fresh year-round'
          by Nick
          MJD: Rams want Todd Gurley to be 'fresh year-round'
          By Jeremy Bergman
          Around The NFL Writer
          Published: June 6, 2019 at 09:19 p.m. Updated: June 6, 2019 at 11:15 p.m.

          The curious case of Todd Gurley's left knee reportedly has the Los Angeles Rams concerned for the running back's health and altering how Gurley will be used going forward.

          Gurley told NFL Network analyst and Rams radio color commentator Maurice Jones-Drew this week that he is not hurt. But Jones-Drew said the Rams are planning to use Gurley less in the 2019 season.

          "I think you can expect (22 touches per game). But he may not be on the field for 80 snaps," Jones-Drew said on Thursday's edition of NFL Total Access. "He may be on the field for 60 or 50 snaps instead of having to be on the field for 16 games playing 80 snaps to 90 snaps a game. That's not gonna happen anymore."

          Gurley played on 74.7 and 75.8 percent of Los Angeles' regular-season offensive snaps in 2017 and 2018, respectively. That equates to 50.4 snaps per game in 2017 and 56.6 snaps per game in 2018. TGIII has also averaged 22.7 touches, 135.3 total yards and 1.4 touchdowns per game over the last two years.

          The back's snap rate took a sizable dip last postseason, however, when he played just 56.2 percent of the Rams' offensive snaps and 38 snaps per game, giving way to free-agent pickup C.J. Anderson after suffering a knee injury in Week 15.

          Anderson is no longer with the organization, but the Rams have surrounded Gurley this offseason with a solid committee in Malcolm Brown and third-round rookie Darrell Henderson. Rams brass did that with a purpose, Jones-Drew said.

          "The plan starts with drafting Darrell Henderson out of Memphis," MJD explained. "Now Todd was a guy where, last year, Todd was on the field 80-plus percent of the time. You don't want that. You want Todd to be able to come in and be explosive in spurts. Malcolm Brown got hurt. Todd had to take over, be the only guy. They only had two backs that were active. Now you're going to three, four backs that'll be active.

          "From there, we're not going to run Todd in OTAs and get tread on the tires in OTAs. ... This plan has been laid out between Todd, his personal trainer and coach McVay and the organization on what they're going to do. And they've all bought into it and they're all working well doing it."

          This strategy jives with what NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport's reporting earlier this week that Gurley's days of "being the straight-up, every-down bell cow are probably over."

          Gurley has not been practicing with the team during offseason workouts, instead taking part in the "planned training program," as explained by MJD. The RB is also reportedly trying to shed half a dozen pounds down to 218 in an attempt to lighten the load on a knee that held him...
          -06-07-2019, 09:29 AM
        • r8rh8rmike
          Gurley's Knee Injury Apparently Happened Much Earlier In 2018 Than Anyone Thought
          by r8rh8rmike
          Todd Gurley's knee injury apparently happened much earlier in 2018 than anyone thought

          There's a new twist in the story of Todd Gurley's knee

          by John Breech @johnbreech
          Jun 7, 2019 at 5:23 pm ET • 3 min read

          When it comes to the health of Todd Gurley's left knee, a new piece of information seems to trickle out every week, and this week, that new piece of information is coming from Rams preseason radio analyst Maurice Jones-Drew.

          During a Thursday appearance on NFL Network, MJD revealed that Gurley was apparently dealing with his knee injury much earlier than anyone previously thought. According to Jones-Drew, who said he talked to Gurley this week, the injury actually happened during a Week 1 game against the Raiders, and then slowly got worse as the season went on.

          "I think first and foremost, there's a lot of attention going about the knee and that issue, and yes, he was banged up throughout the season," Jones-Drew said. "He got hurt in Week 1, played through it the rest of the season. He got banged up in Week 1, he played through it, and he kind of just got worn down toward the end of the season."

          As if there weren't enough questions about the health of Gurley's knee, Jones-Drew just added a bunch more. For instance, if Gurley was banged up, then he should have been on the injury report. Of course, it's possible that he didn't feel he was hurting enough to be listed on the injury report at that point in the season.

          If Gurley did get injured in Week 1, that means he played in 13 more games before the Rams decided to pull the plug on the rest of his regular season. Gurley's knee caused him to miss the final two games of the year. At the time, the Rams attributed Gurley's absence to soreness and inflammation.

          Since the end of the season, there has been nonstop speculation about Gurley's knee. Back in March, reported that there was so much concern over the knee that a stem cell procedure was being considered to fix it. And then there was also the report the Gurley is dealing with arthritis.

          Adding to the speculation that Gurley isn't quite healed yet is the fact that he hasn't participated in any of the Rams offseason workouts, although Jones-Drew claims that's by design.

          "Todd has a plan to be ready throughout the course of the season," Jones-Drew said. "They want to be sure that they don't run Todd as much as they did last year and the year before all to where he can't perform the last two games of the year, he's got to take a rest to get him prepared for the playoffs. They want to make sure he's fresh year-round and I think that's important because Todd Gurley is an exceptional player."

          Jones-Drew's comments echoed what Rams coach Sean McVay told in March.

          "We're going to implement a plan to have him attack it to get that knee back...
          -06-08-2019, 04:15 PM
        • Nick
          Rams facing this painful question: Are Todd Gurley’s best years behind him?
          by Nick
          Rams facing this painful question: Are Todd Gurley’s best years behind him?
          By Vincent Bonsignore
          Mar 3, 2019

          INDIANAPOLIS​ — There is finally​ some​ clarity​ on the condition​ of Todd Gurley’s​ left knee,​ and the​ news over the​ weekend painted​​ a gloomy picture for the Rams’ star running back.

          On Friday, John Breech of CBS Sports reported that the Rams might consider stem cell treatment for Gurley’s knee, which was surgically repaired in 2014 after an ACL tear during his junior year at Georgia. On Saturday, Jeff Howe of The Athletic reported that recent tests have revealed Gurley is dealing with arthritis in the knee.

          Both revelations cast doubt on the future of Gurley, who signed a four-year contract extension worth $60 million last summer that takes him through the 2023 season and guarantees him $45 million.

          With head coach Sean McVay talking about putting a plan in place to manage Gurley’s workload and general manager Les Snead pondering the potential need to add another running back alongside him, a dreaded question the Rams and their fans never wanted to contemplate is now absolutely valid.

          Are Gurley’s best years behind him?

          Since arthritis is a common occurrence in knees that have been surgically repaired, it is possible Gurley could be suffering from the condition. An orthopedic surgeon, speaking anonymously to The Athletic, said: “When you use the words arthritis in a knee that had an ACL back in college, that’s the connection. You’ve lost the alignment, and the tires are wearing out prematurely.”

          If that is indeed the case, it creates an ominous situation for Gurley based on multiple doctors consulted, including Dr. Jesse Morse of Florida Orthopedic Specialists.

          “Without personally examining him, my answers will obviously be very generalized, but unfortunately I believe Gurley has peaked and will not be able to repeat his record-breaking effectiveness,” Dr. Morse said. “He could possibly have one to two more years of elite top-five running back talent, but he will likely lose a step.”

          Publicly and privately, the Rams are not indicating anything more beyond the recent comments by McVay and Snead that Gurley was dealing with “wear and tear” issues late in the season.

          McVay said this week at the NFL Scouting Combine that surgery is not planned for Gurley. According to the doctors consulted by The Athletic, Gurley clearly has a condition that requires management rather than an injury that needs surgery.

          As far as stem cell treatment — which some doctors insist is a radical and not-yet-proven treatment that should be approached cautiously — Rams sources said no such course of action has been discussed within the organization.

          McVay and Snead have talked about putting a plan in place that will help keep Gurley...
          -03-04-2019, 06:17 AM