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Jared Goff: Cooper Kupp 'looks really, really good' this offseason 

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  • Jared Goff: Cooper Kupp 'looks really, really good' this offseason 

    Jared Goff: Cooper Kupp 'looks really, really good' this offseason
    By: Cameron DaSilva | 3 hours ago

    Cooper Kupp has had a big impact on the Rams offense since being drafted in 2017. Unfortunately, he was limited to only eight games last season due to a torn ACL. He’s well on his way back to being 100 percent and is expected to be fully ready for the start of the season – great news for Jared Goff and the offense as a whole.

    Kupp participated in OTAs and minicamp this spring, though in a limited capacity. He’s been cleared for training camp and won’t begin on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list, which is great news.

    Goff threw with Kupp while the Rams were on summer break between OTAs and training camp and says the third-year wideout looks strong.

    “Very excited,” Goff said this week of Kupp’s return. “I think Sean (McVay) can talk further on where he’s at physically, but to me he looks really, really good. I’ve thrown with him a few times in the last month and looks strong, looks fast, looks physical. I know he’s ready to go, ready to start fresh and get this thing going.”

    Kupp said he “threw quite a bit” with his receivers this summer, hoping to build greater chemistry in advance of the upcoming season. Having Kupp back will be a huge benefit for him, given how often he relied on the Eastern Washington product in the slot.

    If Kupp is 100 percent for the start of the season as he’s expected to be, Goff will be a happy camper.

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    Kupp is such a vital component to the offense, and Goff's success. I'll be an ecstatic camper if he's 100% for the start of the season.


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      I will be even happier if he is still at 100 percent come the playoffs

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      • Nick
        Jared Goff shows he's growing into role of Rams quarterback
        by Nick
        Jared Goff shows he's growing into role of Rams quarterback
        8:39 AM ET
        Alden Gonzalez
        ESPN Staff Writer

        THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Jared Goff stepped up in the pocket and fired a bullet, roughly 30 yards down the field, right into the hands of Robert Woods on a post route. Earlier, he hit Nelson Spruce for a long touchdown. And leading up to that impressive throw to Woods, he made crisp, accurate passes to Tyler Higbee and Cooper Kupp as part of a two-minute drill.

        It's only organized team activities, which means players are not in pads and live contact is not permitted, but Goff looked good on Monday.

        Rams rookie coach Sean McVay is nonetheless reserving judgement.

        "Until you’re actually live as a quarterback, that’s when you truly get challenged," McVay said. "You’re having to move with the rush, avoid guys that can really tackle you. That’s always the best evaluator. I think he has done a nice job improving every single day, and that’s what’s going to give us a chance.”

        Goff, with a 22.2 Total QBR in his brief NFL career, began his offseason by receiving instruction from noted quarterback guru Tom House. And ever since the official offseason program began, the 22-year-old has immersed himself in McVay's offense, spending almost every possible waking minute at the Rams' facility. McVay said he has been "very pleased" with what Goff has done "above the neck."

        His teammates have noticed more confidence, more conviction.

        "You can tell, especially just starting with the command of the offense, him being able to take that and control the huddle and get guys lined up, and keep that poise when things aren’t going well and when things are going well," said Higbee, Goff's roommate throughout training camp last year. "He looks good."

        "More confident, more relaxed, more poised in the pocket" is how second-year receiver Mike Thomas compared this year's Goff to last year's Goff. "Letting the game come to him and taking his time, being patient on the field."

        Goff is benefiting from having an entire NFL season under his belt and knowing from the start that he will be the starting quarterback -- but he must perform in order to keep his job.

        McVay wasn't around when the Rams moved up 14 spots to draft Goff No. 1 overall last spring, and thus has no real loyalty to Goff, who struggled mightily over the course of seven rookie starts, all of them losses. If Goff doesn't show signs that he is making significant strides toward at least becoming a reliable starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, McVay probably won't have a hard time turning to his backup, Sean Mannion, a third-round pick in 2015 who hasn't seen much playing time yet.

        McVay often has said he and his staff will "constantly evaluate guys."

        -06-06-2017, 09:16 AM
      • Nick
        Bonsignore: Here’s why Year 2 should look much better for Rams quarterback Jared Goff
        by Nick
        Bonsignore: Here’s why Year 2 should look much better for Rams quarterback Jared Goff
        By VINCENT BONSIGNORE | [email protected] | Daily News
        May 25, 2017 at 3:39 pm

        As observations go, it probably falls more into the can’t-be-seen-without-a-microscope category. But the most astute scientists will tell you items unable to be detected by the human eye are sometimes the most critical, so the relatively casual critique Robert Woods made about Jared Goff might foretell something more significant.

        Woods, the Rams’ free agent wide receiver pickup, and Goff, the second-year quarterback on whom so much of their future success depends, have been consistent workout partners almost since the moment Woods signed last March. Woods might be only 25, but the four NFL seasons he has accrued involved five starting quarterbacks. And that’s four too many, given the timing, chemistry and comfort level required for quarterbacks and wide receivers to prosper together.

        The former USC star would like nothing better than to develop a long, monogamous working relationship with Goff over the next few years, although that is largely dependent on Goff fulfilling the promise and potential the Rams envisioned upon drafting him first overall in 2016.

        And as the early stage of their partnership evolves, Woods is on the lookout for evidence to support that conclusion.

        A small sample of which was recently presented

        A week ago, playing against a certain defensive look in practice, Goff misfired on a throw to Woods. The two hashed it out in conversation and conferred about it in the classroom. And when faced with the same defensive package against the same play this week during a Rams’ Organized Team Activity practice, the result was decidedly different.

        “This time he threw a perfect pass,” said Woods, who seemed hardly surprised by the manner in which Goff made the adjustment or the pristine throw he delivered.

        These are traits Woods has already recognized in Goff during their short time together.

        “Work ethic, arm and accuracy,” Woods said, describing Goff. “You see him coming out here, always working, first to answer the question in the meeting rooms. He’s always listening. Always asking questions.”

        That isn’t to suggest Goff will make the leap from the struggling rookie we saw in 2016 to All-Pro in 2017. Or that long-term success is guaranteed for the former Cal star. But given the natural progression from Year 1 to Year 2, the rebuilt infrastructure and support system the Rams have supplied Goff with this offseason and the more certain and confident demeanor he has presented so far during OTAs, there’s compelling reason to believe the 22-year-old will take a positive step forward this year.

        “I think he’s done a nice job just getting better every single day,” said Sean McVay, the young coach with whom the Rams have entrusted...
        -05-25-2017, 04:19 PM
      • Nick
        Goff not concerned about potential contract extension as 2019 training camp begins 
        by Nick
        Jared Goff not concerned about potential contract extension as 2019 training camp begins
        Thursday, Jul 25, 2019 11:40 AM
        Myles Simmons

        Carson Wentz got his from the Eagles. The latest reporting has Dak Prescott likely getting his from the Cowboys at some point during training camp.

        So what about Rams quarterback Jared Goff and a contract extension? If it seems inevitable, that’s because it probably is. But at the same time, Goff hasn’t missed a start due to injury since taking over as Los Angeles’ starter midway through the 2016 season. And because he was a first-round pick — unlike Prescott — he’s not heading into the final year on his contract.

        That decreases the sense of urgency to get something done right now. And regardless, there is still that sense of inevitability.

        Asked if there’s been any movement toward a potential extension since the end of the offseason program, Goff said simply, “Nothing’s changed. Just the same spot.”

        And how does he feel about it?

        “Time will take care of it. Just go out and play.”

        Those simple four sentences encapsulate Goff and the way he approaches each day. Sean McVay often says that Goff’s even-keel demeanor is a good foil for the head coach’s excitability.

        But when it comes to this season, Goff — who will turn 25 in October — will likely be counted on more than he has in the past. He’s entering his fourth season, which is often when quarterbacks solidify themselves as high-quality starters. And he’s going to be playing behind a line with two new starters.

        “I feel like I’m getting old. Fourth year – it seems like it’s flown by,” Goff joked on Wednesday. “But yeah, excited for it. Excited to get back with a similar group of guys and get back to work.”

        Goff mentioned it and despite the new OL starters it’s true — the Rams will return nine of 11 starters on offense from last year, plus a few key role players. Of the players expected to contribute early on in the season at running back, wide receiver, and tight end, only RB Darrell Henderson was not on the roster in 2018.

        “It’s huge, especially with myself and the receivers, running backs and tight ends,” Goff said of the continuity. "Just having that continued chemistry and everything we’ve been working on, not only in the last couple of years, but this offseason off the field, just getting together as much as possible and feeling good. When you can have that similar group coming back, it’s good.”

        When last season ended, Goff was one of many Rams who said part of the difficulty in processing it was that there wasn’t a chance to get back on the field and immediately make corrections. Now with the beginning of camp, that’s going to change. And Goff is ready to begin that process, taking everything day by day as the club has done so well under McVay.

        “Yeah, it’s good....
        -07-26-2019, 10:37 AM
      • Nick
        How good, or bad, will Jared Goff be in Year 2? It's anybody's guess
        by Nick
        How good, or bad, will Jared Goff be in Year 2? It's anybody's guess
        2:09 PM ET
        Alden Gonzalez
        ESPN Staff Writer

        THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano witnessed the proverbial "Year 2 Leap" firsthand with Andrew Luck, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 draft. The game started to slow down; third-down blitz packages and safety rotations became easier to pick up.

        By the end of it, Luck had cut his interceptions in half over the course of his second NFL season, his quarterback rating jumping from 76.5 to 87.0 from 2012 to 2013.

        And that brings us to Jared Goff, a downright mystery in the build-up to the 2017 regular season.

        Goff should be better as a second-year player, but by how much?

        The Los Angeles Rams knew he needed work when they made him the No. 1 overall pick in 2016, but they probably didn't anticipate him needing that much. Goff wasn't named the starter until Week 11, then lost all seven of his starts and finished with a Total QBR of 22.2, the lowest among quarterbacks who played in at least five games.

        But that was under dire circumstances. His offensive line was bad, his running game nonexistent, his receivers inferior and his coaching staff generally lacking in experience with his position. Now Goff is in a system that has proven to get the most out of quarterbacks, while operating behind an improved offensive line and throwing to a deeper, more talented group of receivers. And it's hard to really know what to expect.

        Asked in what ways he believes he is better since the end of his rookie season, Goff said: "I think just understanding the intent of stuff that we do and understanding what the defense is trying to do and what the intent of their calls are, and different ways to attack it. With that, the game just begins to slow down a little bit. I think that's what you ultimately feel. I felt it from Year 1 to Year 2. At every level you're at, you get that slowdown effect a little bit from those two years. And I think it continues to slow down as time goes on."

        The Rams have done their best not to put too much pressure on Goff, at least publicly. First-year head coach Sean McVay, who worked wonders with Kirk Cousins in Washington, has talked mostly about the need for Goff to limit turnovers and distribute the ball in an effort to open holes for his star running back, Todd Gurley, who didn't see many holes last season.

        The expectations remain basic.

        "We expect him to make good decisions, throw with accuracy and rhythm," McVay said. "If he does that, then I think he'll give himself a chance to play good football for us."

        Goff is at a point in his career where he will frequently flash his potential and also make critical mistakes, reminding you that he is still only 22 years old. He threw six interceptions during a three-day...
        -09-07-2017, 01:31 PM
      • Nick
        Rams quarterback Jared Goff has gone Hollywood; yeah, well, not really
        by Nick
        Rams quarterback Jared Goff has gone Hollywood; yeah, well, not really
        By GARY KLEIN
        JUL 20, 2018 | 10:20 AM

        A few weeks before he was due to report to training camp, Jared Goff went Hollywood.

        The Rams quarterback posted to Instagram a photo of himself and three friends standing in front of the iconic Hollywood sign. It was the ascending NFL star’s first time at the hillside landmark that celebrates a region awash in entertainment and sports celebrities.

        “Is this LA enough?” Goff wrote.

        Goff automatically joined the celebrity fraternity in 2016 when the Rams made him the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft. But he proved star-worthy last year after rebounding from a shaky rookie season, leading the Rams to the NFC West title under first-year coach Sean McVay.

        Now, after playing in the Pro Bowl for the first time, Goff is the triggerman for a team that is expected to contend for a Super Bowl title.

        The Southland already includes sports stars such as Rams Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald, the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw and recently acquired Manny Machado, the Angels’ Mike Trout and, of course, new Laker LeBron James.

        But NFL quarterbacks can achieve rarefied air if they deliver Super Bowl victories.

        Is Goff, 23, ready to make the city his own?

        “There’s so much that goes on in this city,” Goff said. “People want to label it ‘somebody’s.’ I don’t think it is anybody’s.”

        Then he laughs and reconsiders.

        “That guy [James] that just came into town — it might be his now.

        “We’re just trying to win football games, and if you do, there’s a lot of cool things that go along with being in L.A.”

        Goff, a Northern California native, passed on many of the off-the-field opportunities —movie premieres, lavish parties, etc… — that were offered during his first two seasons. He remains selective but is becoming more willing to embrace events.

        “I’ve become more comfortable with the city and understanding where things are and how long it takes to get places and all that,” he said during an interview before a question-and-answer session with business executives at an athletic club in Cheviot Hills. “At the same time, I don’t like to ever sacrifice training or anything that will help me be a better football player.”

        After passing for 28 touchdowns, with seven interceptions, last season, Goff has taken some time to relax. He headlined a charity golf tournament in Northern California and has hung out with friends and his 7-month old dog, Quincy.

        But mainly, he has remained focused on football.

        “Just been training,” he says. “Nothing crazy.”

        As he did before last season, Goff works with quarterback trainers Tom House and Adam Dedeaux during throwing sessions in Huntington Beach. The workouts are “like a tune-up,” he said. Like a golfer working with...
        -07-23-2018, 09:14 AM