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Rams flatten falcons 37-10; The Good, Bad and Ugly

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  • Rams flatten falcons 37-10; The Good, Bad and Ugly

    The Rams snapped their three game losing streak today with a resounding and convincing 37-10 victory of the hapless falcons in a game that really was not as close as the final score indicated. The Rams dominated this game in all facets and knocked atlanta out early in the second half. If not for some missed early opportunities, the game would have been over by halftime. For the first time this year, the Rams did not turn the ball over. We forced three turnovers and dominated with out pass rush, eventually knocking Ryan out of the game. Let's not kid ourselves, atlanta stinks and we couldnt run the ball, but today is a start to build on and hope that we can put together some quality games in a row in the hopes of making a run for the playoffs. Going into this game Atlanta had five sacks on the entire season and none in four games and we all know how badly our offensive line has been struggling to protect Goff given our running game woes. Something had to give between those two considerations today, and fortunately, our line gave Goff plenty of time to do enough damage to the atlanta secondary, while we were able to hit ryan early and often, while completely cutting off their running game. Throw in some solid play on third down, and dominant time of possession, and you have a good recipe for a bounce back victory.

    The Good

    Fowler was a man possessed today. 7 tackles, 3 sacks and a forced fumble. He spent the entire day in the Atlanta backfield and might have had another two sacks if not for some nifty footwork by Ryan avoiding him. Also solid against the run. Really outstanding game. Donald occupied 2 and 3 blockers, but still had a sack/fumble on the one play for the entire game that for some reason atlanta decided to single him up. Littleton had an INT and a sack.

    The Defense on the whole was outstanding. Atlanta manages only 14 first downs, 3-12 on 3rd down, we forced two turnovers on defense (and should have had another one, but we couldnt fall on the fumble). Atlanta's problems have been on defense, their offense has been terrific, but today, we held them to 224 yards of offense and 38 yards rushing on 15 attempts (21 yards of that came on the first drive of the game). We sacked ryan five times (fowler three, donald and littleton) and had nine qb hits. Obviously, that kind of pass rush is going to make a huge difference in winning games. In the games we have lost (especially tampa), donald gets double and tripled and we have not been able to get pass rush and our secondary then gets lit up. The only atlanta td was in pure garbage time at the very end after ryan left with the injured ankle. Ryan was held to 16-27-159 and an INT. Defense had two stops right before half that stopped atlanta from getting any momentum.

    The fake punt was terrific, 23 yard throw by hekker to nick scott, the guy we traded up for late in the draft.
    Leg boomed a 55 yard field goal.
    Only 5 penalties today for 24 yards (one of which was a false start by havenstein with 30 seconds left in the game). Note that we got a huge break early on a terrible roughing the passer call against goff which was clearly a bad call. We turned that into points.
    Nice 35 yard return by JoJo (who still needs to get better about coming up to catch the ball more often)
    I saw NO RAM INJURIES at the game and that is huge for us given our recent very bad luck in that area.
    I got to meet Les Snead today which was pretty cool.

    The offense was not the greatest, but played well and efficiently, recording 23 first downs, 381 yards, 37 minutes of time of possession, 8-16 on third down and NO TURNOVERS (for the first time since the dallas playoff game last year). Woods, Kupp, Everett and Cooks all had 4-6 catches and roughly 50 yards each receiving. Not huge numbers, some downfield chances were missed.
    The pass blocking was solid as Goff was not sacked and only hit a couple of times (see below on run blocking). Edwards is not going to be confused for either Dennis Harrah or Saffold anytime soon, but he is a big upgrade over Demby (aka, the human parking cone). FYI, Demby was inactive today. The drive at the start of the second half for the td was huge because it turned a relatively close game into a 20-3 huge advantage and converting the td after the ensuing littleton int gave us the knockout blow and a 27-3 lead. We have not been good at knocking teams out, so it was nice to get that done today.

    We wound up plus 3 on turnovers thanks to an end of the game td on a fumble recovery in the end zone after we mauled the atlanta returner on a punt return and williams fell on the ball in the end zone. Game was obviously already over, but it made for a cool ending anyway especially given our recent frustrations and losing streak.

    Goff played well today. Not the greatest, but well. Obviously he was helped by the pass protection, but he was hurt by the lack of a running game (see below). Goff had a sensational throw to gurley for the wheel route td on 3rd and 2 and finished 22-37-268 and 2 tds (the other to everett on a nice screen). He also had a nice run for a td when he faked about the best atlanta defender deon jones at the goal line. By the way, the catch by gurley in the end zone was terrific. In person you can really see how poised and calm Goff plays, albeit a lot easier to do so when your oline is keeping you clean. Made some other very nice throws to the receivers and he seemed to be looking to his safety valves with better productivity. Numbers would have looked better earlier if Everett did not stop on the route late in the second quarter (see below). A couple of throws out of the backfield to henderson and gurley and a couple of short throws to woods really helped goff today. NIce catch and run by Everett for the TD (and he was wide open in the end zone on the Goff td run).

    On a personal note, it was really great to be at the game with my daughter with an up close and personal view of the players both during the game and pregame. We had interactions with Obo, Gurley, Donald, Fowler and several other Rams. You can not believe how small Natson is in person, nor how big whitworth and havenstein really are. Cooks is tiny and despite the fact that donald is a force of nature on the field, he is not that physically imposing compared to any number of other guys. Great to get a win in that building after the super bowl debacle in february. A special memory today that i will share forever with my daughter.

    The Bad

    Aaron Donald can not get into fights on the field. We are very lucky he didnt get thrown out of the game, especially after he lifted the guy by his facemask and carried him three yards.
    Terrible 40 yard fg miss by Leg
    Shanked punt by Hekker
    Ramsey got burned three times by Julio Jones and almost got called for taunting a couple of times.
    Our running game is just lousy; 36 carries for 90 yards. Gurley 18-41 and henderson 11-31 had very little room to run, especially up the middle and we continue to struggle in short yardage and on the goal line. We should run wide more often, and i still dont see the slants and short quick passes enough. Atlanta has no pass rush and give our guys credit for allowing no sacks, but we still missed a number of opportunities where on 3rd and short to medium we are running deep routes instead of easy tight end or wide receiver conversion plays. We really need much better run blocking out of our interior offensive line.
    Reynolds has to come up and catch the ball on the onside kick.

    Everett was wide open for a td late in the second quarter and he hesitated or stopped briefly on the route leading to goff overthrowing him by a yard. SHould have been a td. He also dropped a couple of balls

    Goff missed an open cooks deep down the field early, missed woods on what should have been a big gain, and also missed everett for a td down the right side. He can and needs to play better. THird down at the goal line missed an open reynolds, not sure if reynolds ran the wrong route or turned the wrong way.


    I didnt see anything that really qualifies as ugly today, although the Leg miss from 40 yards is really an ugly warning because in a close game that can be a disaster.


    The Rams took care of business today against a lousy team in atlanta. Can they be consistent next week in london against the winless bungles? Let's hope so. The Tampa loss was horrible and you get at most one of those a year, especially given the strength of our division. Let's hope we can have another week of turnover free football on offense, continued pass rush, and hopefully an improved running game. The season still has a long way to go. We are 4-3 and perfectly capable of a deep playoff run IF we dont get more bad luck with injuries and we can establish some solid offensive line play and consistent pass rush. Nice to get back on the winning side for the squad.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Thanks for the summary gc and congrats for the memories with your daughter.

    What did you say to Mr. Snead?
    “Oh, 100 percent,” Donald said. “I feel like the words, ‘Thank you,’ ain’t enough. You’ve got to show it... Instead of saying thank you — show it.”


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      Thank youuu GC. Wow, considering just two of those 'Bad' situations corrected, it would have been a GREAT victory, even against Atlanta.


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        Well in bad, the ugly you missed was the down-hill blocking for the running game...

        Remember earlier after week 3 of the preseason, there was no fire or hustle and all week four was going to be was window dressing... Nope I was wrong, it wasn't a matter of hustle for the OL but lack of strength and talent. The Falcons DL is nothing special but they are not just pushovers either; if I had to guess talent, skill and athletic abilities they are on par with the Ram's OL. I might have been close in predicting the score, but the means to that score I was so far off its barely worth mentioning. How I envisioned the game unfolding was a strong Rams defense giving the offence great field position for the first 3 quarters and a final attempt from the Falcons to save some measure of respect to score points in the 4th.

        One question looms...its been a long while since the Rams threw a TD to gurley like mid-season 2018...I actually forgot he can catch a ball thrown deep at him-- I wonder where that part of the game has been?


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          Originally posted by general counsel View Post
          Let's not kid ourselves, atlanta stinks and we couldnt run the ball, but today is a start to build on and hope that we can put together some quality games in a row in the hopes of making a run for the playoffs...

          The Rams took care of business today against a lousy team in atlanta. Can they be consistent next week in london against the winless bungles? Let's hope so. The Tampa loss was horrible and you get at most one of those a year, especially given the strength of our division. Let's hope we can have another week of turnover free football on offense, continued pass rush, and hopefully an improved running game.
          Thank you for the article, GC. Very cool that you had a nice time attending the game in person.

          As you say, Atlanta is a lousy team, and this one was a "should win" for us, just like the upcoming Bengals game. I'm pretty surprised at how poorly Atlanta is playing, and it is looking like the final days of the Quinn regime there. And heading into a rebuild or makeover with a mature QB, they'll probably need to be thinking about their next generation QB at this point. It can fall apart suddenly in the NFL.

          As usual, your article pretty much covers all the significant observations. Just a few more:
          • Fowler! Wow, this guy is playing great football for us. He just comes relentlessly at the QB and the ball. Thankfully, we have a guy we can count on to take advantage of the all the attention that Donald gets. I sure hope Snead finds a way to sign him up again after this season. We must have that outside rushing threat. If we had one more guy on the D line who consistently pressures the passer... Hopefully, Ebukam (and I saw Obo out there) can be productive while we wait for Matthews to return.
          • We are fortunate that a rookie, undrafted FA, Troy Reeder, is doing a pretty good job at the Mike LB position where we have been hurt by injuries and have otherwise thin depth. This kid looks like a good special teamer and serviceable LB depth, and who knows how much more as he develops. Good find.
          • Getting the running game going remains the major issue and challenge. And it's going to be difficult with the O linemen on hand. Allen and Blythe are both rather undersized for interior linemen, Allen is still learning the ropes, Blythe is not playing well this season, and looks like the end of the Demby Project (unless injuries force him back onto the field). I'm expecting that Demby and Blythe are not here next season. Edwards projects long term as a tackle. So, we'll need to remake the interior of the O line. And the LT position will be unsettled, with Whitworth's age/impending retirement and Noteboom coming off a significant injury. The O line is just going to be a front and center issue for a while, and we won't be able to get all the way back to the kind of offense we played the past 2 seasons until we get it sorted out and firing all pistons. Will need a really good offseason there.
          Nevertheless, it was great to get the win and be able to do some of the good things that we have been doing the past couple of seasons. These "get right" games enable us to get back into a pattern of good habits, and we will hopefully be ready to play our game when more formidable opponents come up on the schedule. Looking at where we are, and where our divisional rivals are, it looks to me like our recipe for getting back to the playoffs from here is to win both of these "should wins" against Atlanta and the Bengals, sweep our remaining division games, and at least split against the Steelers, Bears, Ravens and Cowboys. We may even need to win all the conference games (Bears and Cowboys). We may be able to tolerate one more loss than I've laid out there, but that's pretty much it. So, it's a pretty steep climb. One game at a time.


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          • general counsel
            Rams lampoon lions 30-16; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
            by general counsel
            The Rams overcame a subpar performance by Jared Goff, pushing their record to 11-1 with a 30-16 road win against detroit by riding Todd Gurley, outstanding red zone defense, and an another otherworldly performance by Aaron Donald. The Rams win today clinched the NFC west title for the second year in a row and gave the Rams a one game lead over new orleans in the race for home field in the nfc with four games remaining. The giants win over chicago in overtime (aided by huge defense plays by former Rams Tree and Janoris) gives the Rams a three game lead over chicago in terms of the week one bye in the playoffs. Today was far from the Rams best game, but keep in mind that detroit has been strong defensively under patricia, especially of late against the run, and beat new england at home earlier in the year. The performance of the defense today was encouraging, albeit against a detroit team that is offensively challenged at the skill positions. To state the obvious, there are no style points in the NFL and the win is what counts. This was a game that could have gone either way in the fourth quarter, and once again the Rams found a way to get it done.

            The Good

            There are no words any longer to describe the impact that Aaron Donald is having on a weekly basis. He had two sacks today, one of which was a strip sack fumble recovered by Ebukam that was the critical play in the game when the Rams had a three point fourth quarter lead and detroit had the momentum. He had a third sack called back for a penalty. He had 5 overall tackles which included four tackles for loss. He drew three holding penalties and was held another ten or more times. I have watched 50 years of football and i have never seen an interior lineman play the way Donald is playing week in week out and while he is surrounded by other first round draft picks, he is not surrounded by other linemen who are exactly lighting it up. Just another incredible performance and he was as or more responsible for this win today as anyone.

            Red zone play. The Rams were 3-4 in the red zone today offensively and held detroit to 1-5. The one time the Rams were stopped in the red zone, Reynolds was clearly held in the end zone on the third down play. The td pass to woods on 3rd and goal from the 8 before half gave us a 10-3 lead and was huge.

            Todd Gurley had an excellent game with 23-132 and 2 td's rushing along with 3 catches for 33 yards. It was tough going most of the day for gurley, especially with malcolm brown out early with the shoulder injury and Gurley being the only active back on the roster. Very tough for him to get any room up the middle with snacks harrison clogging things up. He had two huge runs, the td run from the 13 with great blocking and the game clinching long run where he alertly fell down on the one yard line forcing detroit to use the rest of their time outs and putting the Rams into a position where even if they don't...
            -12-02-2018, 05:47 PM
          • general counsel
            Rams lose to bucaneers 55-40; The Good, Bad and Ugly
            by general counsel
            The Rams record dropped to 3-1 today with an ugly home loss to tampa bay today by the score of 55-40. The Rams were atrocious on defense, dug themselves a 21-0 hole, could not the run ball at all, committed 13 penalties for over 100 yards, had four turnovers, no pass rush, missed at least three wide open receivers for td's, completely unable to rush the passer, horrible on third down defensively, seem unable to call plays against blitzes, generally terrible play calling in key situations, and just an abomination playing defense in the red zone, allowing tampa to score 5 td's in 6 tries. Other than that, the Rams looked great today. Sounds pretty good to score 40 points, right? But giving up 56 (even though the offense really gave up 14 or more of those points) was just embarrassing. Somehow, the Rams had a chance to tie the game in the last minute, but once again, no answer for the blitz, goff coughs it up, and suh runs it into the end zone to clinch the 55-40 loss. The Rams have not been playing well, but somehow were 3-0 on the strength of very strong defense. Today, the defense was awful and the offense was not close to good enough. Goff played about as poorly as any qb in the history of the NFL who throws for 500 yards in a game. We better get it together before going on the road thursday night against seattle. If we play like this again, we are going to get clobbered.

            The Good

            Some solid wide receiver play, woods 13-164, kupp 9-121 and a nice td, everett played very well with some big catches.
            Goff made some nice throws (including the td to everett in heavy traffic), that has to be the case when you throw for 517 yards, but overall, he is going into the ugly category for this game.
            Great INT pick six for peters, who took a massive cheap shot and had to leave the game after getting hit in the head on the td return
            Leg hit two long fg's, including a 58 yarder
            The Rams battled back and didnt quit, even though the hole was too deep and the four turnovers compared to only one for tampa were the killers
            Hekker had a nice punt down inside the ten yard line
            36 first downs and over 500 yards of offense is a start, but a lot of that is padded stats in my view. Awful in the beginning and way too many stupid mistakes especially when the defense is so bad
            Weddle had 14 tackles, but so what given how bad the defense was.
            Johnson returned from the injury, thank goodness he is ok

            The Bad

            Taylor Rapp left the game unable to walk off with an ankle injury
            Peters did not come back after the cheap shot he took in the head
            The miss on the 2 point conversion was bad news. Not close to a conversion
            Unable to take advantage of so many chances, including at the end. See below on play calling.
            Two nice td runs for gurley, constituting our entire running game for the day

            The Ugly

            The Rams are paying...
            -09-29-2019, 05:36 PM
          • general counsel
            Rams boink bengals 24-10; The Good, Bad and Ugly
            by general counsel
            The Rams pushed their record to 5-3 today by boinking the horrible bungles 24-10 from the friendly confines of Wembley Stadium in London. At times, it looked to me like there were more Rams fans (and louder) than we sometimes see cheering on the squad in the Coliseum. The Rams were excellent on offense in the first half and the first drive of the second half and then lousy. The Rams were horrible on defense in the first half, and then much better in the second half, pitching a shutout, albeit with some breaks. Lest we not kid ourselves, we have beaten the two worst teams in the last two weeks and we still have a ton of problems. The flip side, as we head into the bye week, is that despite all of our problems and injuries, and there are many of both, we are 5-3 and one relatively easy field goal away from 6-2. That missed field goal at the end of the chickens game is really looming large right now as we all knew it would.

            The Good

            Goff and the offense were terrific throwing the ball in the first half and the first drive of the second half. Goff had close to 300 yards at half thanks to some great pass protection and some spectacular play by Cooper Kupp, who was off the charts terrific. Goff finished 17-31-372 with 2 td's and a rating of 119. No INT's (but more on that later). He made some really nice throws into some tight windows. He showed us once again that with a clean pocket, he can do plenty of damage and you have to give the OLINE credit in that Goff was never sacked and was not hit very often. More later on what happens when goff does get pressure put on him. I think he has plenty of room for improvement, but the throw to reynolds for the 31 yard td was a very nice read and he also made a nice throw (in fact many of them) on the Kupp long td (despite missing a wide open higbee for a much easier td). Kupp wound up 7-220 with a td and one drop. Several huge third down conversions on nice throws, catches and runs over the middle from goff to kupp. Goff made a number of other really nice throws in this game, its his reads that continue to worry me (see below). Beautiful throw over the middle for a key first down to Reynolds in addition to all the conversions to Kupp. Rams became just the 4th teams to start a game with consecutive 85 plus yard drives. The drive at the start of the second half was excellent and effectively put the game away (although that was certainly not clear at the time and also effectively represented the end of the Rams offensive production for the day for some reason).

            I thought Henderson looked good. He finished 11-49 with some nice runs and a couple of nice catches and did a great job on one blitz pickup. He is clearly going to play more.
            Gurley had a couple of runs and one td. He had one really big run, a 20 yarder on 3rd and long off our goal line right before the half that was a huge play after some bonehead play calling. He didnt do much else and...
            -10-27-2019, 02:28 PM
          • general counsel
            Rams prevail over panthers 30-27; The Good, Bad and Ugly
            by general counsel
            The defending NFC Champion Rams overcame a sluggish performance and got a few breaks to beat carolina on the road, securing an important early season win by the score of 30-27. We all know that there are no style points in the NFL, and with the Rams (like most teams) not playing their starters in preseason, combined with an on field temperature of 95 degrees and two first year starters on the offensive line, you had to know this game was going to be a crapshoot. Plenty of good today, also plenty of bad and plenty of ugly and a decent amount of luck got us over the top. Super bowl losers were 3-16 in the opening game of the following season and the Rams overcame that history and plenty of adversity to walk out of carolina with the victory.

            The Good

            Littleton had 14 tackles (8 solo), an interception and a forced and recovered fumble. Monster game.
            Leg made a huge 56 yard field goal and drilled a 49 yarder.
            Hekker had 2 60 plus yard punts to get the Rams out of field position trouble.
            Great to see Gurley and Kupp looking healthy. Gurley had 97 yards (64 in 4th quarter) on 14 carries despite doing nothing in the first half. Gurley had some very powerful runs including two for 20 plus yards. Kupp had seven catches and was open a few other times where goff missed him.
            Fowler had two sacks and played very well. Mathews also had a sack in his Rams debut.
            Nice play by Ebukam on the backwards pass/fumble recovery.
            Goff made some nice throws, including the td to higbee that effectively put the game away and some nice third down conversions in tight windows
            Malcolm Brown was outstanding, running hard for 2 td's and 55 inside yards, moving the pile very well. An excellent player, the Rams never need to sign CJ last year if Brown (who is much better than CJ) didnt get hurt. A very underated guy and an important offseason decision to match the offer sheet he signed with detroit.
            Goff was only sacked once and we really picked it up in the 2nd half with 22 first downs, 349 total yards (mostly second half), very effective running with the game on the line (169 yards for the game). On that basis, i am going to say that Allen and Noteboom both must have played pretty well especially for a first start
            Huge play by Havenstein falling on one of the gurley fumbles. Blythe recovered the other fumble.
            Woods had 8 catches for 70 yards. Cooks had two nice back to back catches but that was it. Woods also had a beautiful inside run on a fantastic play design.
            Great to see us pound the ball and run out the clock. Wish we had run even more in the second half.
            Johnson had 11 tackles and Rapp had 8.
            We only had 5 penalties, which is pretty darn good for week one, we won the turnover battle 3-1 and won time of possession 34-16. That was really the difference in the game. If gurley loses those two fumbles, who knows what happens.
            We got very lucky that Newton...
            -09-08-2019, 02:36 PM
          • general counsel
            Rams crush cardinals 34-7; The Good, Bad and Ugly
            by general counsel
            Not dead yet. The Rams came off the canvas after an embarrassing blowout loss monday night to baltimore and played their most complete game of the year, crushing the cardinals in the desert 34-7 in a game that was not as close as the final score indicated. The Rams pushed their record to 7-5, dominating on both sides of the ball early and knocked out arizona probably before half, while coming out after halftime and putting the nail in the coffin with two quick td's, one on offense and one on defense. The Rams clearly showed that they are not going to quit, and while this season has certainly been a disappointment, we are really only a play or two away from having a functional playoff caliber season. Alas, a missed kick at the end of the seattle game and a brutal year in the nfc still has us in longshot playoff position, but we are alive for at least another week with a chance to see if we can avenge the early season loss and beat the seachickens at home next sunday night.

            The Good

            Total domination. A great team effort. At one point, before total garbage time took over in the fourth quarter, we had 480 yards of offense and they had 81! We had 550 yards in essentially 3 quarters and 27 first downs, holding arizona to 13 first downs, most of which came in total garbage time. D was solid on 3rd down (2-13). Third down was a huge difference today.
            Goff was great today, albeit against the worst pass defense in the nfl. He wound up 32-43-424 and 2tds with no ints and a rating of 120.7. He was 24-31 and over 300 yards in the first half with a terrific drive right before halftime for a field goal. Made some great throws today and was certainly helped by outstanding pass protection and a solid run game. Nice to see him bounce back and show us all what he is capable of. The td throw at the end to kupp was just perfect and so were a number of other throws. Nice to see us finally use the tight ends. Higbee had a huge day with 7-107 in the first half. Great to see us throwing to gurley in the flat and higbee underneath on third and 4 and 5 rather than always trying to throw deep down the field. I really think the tight ends need to be a bigger part of our offense. Both our guys are very talented, they should get more chances.

            Woods was sensational. 13-172 with a 50 yard wide receiver screen where he reversed field completely and picked up a nice block by goff converting a third down.
            Donald had 1.5 sacks, we had 6 sacks as a team (fowler, littleton, brockers half, joseph day) and completely shut down murray who did zero until garbage time in the 4th quarter. Littleton led the team in tackles again and had a sack.
            Rapp had a pick six. Also had a dropped pick six and another INT that was reversed for a penalty, but a very solid game.
            Gurley looked really good with 19-95 a td and a couple of catches. Dont ask me what he was doing carrying the ball in the 4th quarter of a 34-0 game....
            -12-01-2019, 04:42 PM