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Rams boink bengals 24-10; The Good, Bad and Ugly

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  • Rams boink bengals 24-10; The Good, Bad and Ugly

    The Rams pushed their record to 5-3 today by boinking the horrible bungles 24-10 from the friendly confines of Wembley Stadium in London. At times, it looked to me like there were more Rams fans (and louder) than we sometimes see cheering on the squad in the Coliseum. The Rams were excellent on offense in the first half and the first drive of the second half and then lousy. The Rams were horrible on defense in the first half, and then much better in the second half, pitching a shutout, albeit with some breaks. Lest we not kid ourselves, we have beaten the two worst teams in the last two weeks and we still have a ton of problems. The flip side, as we head into the bye week, is that despite all of our problems and injuries, and there are many of both, we are 5-3 and one relatively easy field goal away from 6-2. That missed field goal at the end of the chickens game is really looming large right now as we all knew it would.

    The Good

    Goff and the offense were terrific throwing the ball in the first half and the first drive of the second half. Goff had close to 300 yards at half thanks to some great pass protection and some spectacular play by Cooper Kupp, who was off the charts terrific. Goff finished 17-31-372 with 2 td's and a rating of 119. No INT's (but more on that later). He made some really nice throws into some tight windows. He showed us once again that with a clean pocket, he can do plenty of damage and you have to give the OLINE credit in that Goff was never sacked and was not hit very often. More later on what happens when goff does get pressure put on him. I think he has plenty of room for improvement, but the throw to reynolds for the 31 yard td was a very nice read and he also made a nice throw (in fact many of them) on the Kupp long td (despite missing a wide open higbee for a much easier td). Kupp wound up 7-220 with a td and one drop. Several huge third down conversions on nice throws, catches and runs over the middle from goff to kupp. Goff made a number of other really nice throws in this game, its his reads that continue to worry me (see below). Beautiful throw over the middle for a key first down to Reynolds in addition to all the conversions to Kupp. Rams became just the 4th teams to start a game with consecutive 85 plus yard drives. The drive at the start of the second half was excellent and effectively put the game away (although that was certainly not clear at the time and also effectively represented the end of the Rams offensive production for the day for some reason).

    I thought Henderson looked good. He finished 11-49 with some nice runs and a couple of nice catches and did a great job on one blitz pickup. He is clearly going to play more.
    Gurley had a couple of runs and one td. He had one really big run, a 20 yarder on 3rd and long off our goal line right before the half that was a huge play after some bonehead play calling. He didnt do much else and we didnt throw him the ball. Finished game on sideline with heat on the knee which announcers said was standard and not an injury but who knows.

    Rapp had 12 tackles. The pass rush wasnt terrible with 5 sacks. Obo continues to improve, he had 1 1/2 sacks today, as did fowler again. We are going to need to sign fowler, i just dont see a choice. He is really our only pass rusher besides donald, pending obo continuing to emerger. Littleton had 9 tackles and 1/2 sack. Donald had a sack and blew up a play in the backfield. Brockers had 1/5 sack.

    Our defense held the bungles to one td in 4 trips to the red zone. That was very big in the game. After getting ripped up in the first half, the D made some nice adjustments at half and was much better in the second half, albeit, with some breaks and red zone play.
    We were 7-13 on third down, that is solid. Great early on third down, lousy late in part due to some terrible play calling again.
    I thought hill and ramsey were both pretty good and it looked like coleman did not have a great day. We held them to 10 points which is great, but there was plenty of self destruction from cincy in those numbers.

    Ebukam made some plays today. The development of OBO is a potential major positive.
    The offense wound up with 19 first downs and 470 yards. WE DID NOT TURN THE BALL OVER (luck played a part in that for sure)
    We got the win, albeit against a really bad team that blew many opportunities.

    The Bad

    We did not put cincy away, failing on three straight drives after getting a 24-10 lead. That is a major problem to me. Game should have clearly been a blowout. They are awful.
    Failed to get into the end zone on the first drive (goff missed an open woods on second down)
    Goff is forcing the ball into Kupp too often and ignoring other receivers. Sure, we had some great conversions today, but he missed higbee wide open for an easy td, forced the long pass that was completed into double or triple coverage, continues to ignore the tight ends, especially on third and short, and gets greedy way too often. Some of that may be play calling, but its also on him. He needs to improve. He is not going to have all day to throw every week. He still struggles under pressure.

    Rapp dropped an easy pick 6 that would have put the game away early in the 4th quarter.
    We still only get pass rush from fowler and donald, although obo is showing a pulse.

    This is the last week that i give McVay a break and put his play calling into the bad rather than ugly category (with one exception that you will see below). Can someone PLEASE tell me where the screens, slants and quick outs are? Where is the tight end on third and 4? Why have we abandoned everett? Why does everything have to be so far down the field, especially given our ongoing struggles running the ball (see below). No one is going to stop quiick outs against our receivers and we NEVER run them. McVay seems to ignore game situations and gets away from the run when we need to run clock. He has no confidence in the run and that is a self fulfilling prophecy.
    We did not get any takeaways from a terrible cincy offense.

    The Ugly

    Despite the win, i saw plenty of ugliness
    9 penalties for 59 yards, many on third down and many pre snap. Terrible discipline
    Horrific play calling at the end of the first half, we got very lucky. They have one time out left, we are throwing from our own 1 yard line with a minute left? Run out the clock coach and go to the locker room with the 7 point lead getting the ball. Gurley managed a 20 yard run to get us out of the hole, we got very lucky.

    Our first half run defense and running game were both really ugly. The bungles are last in the nfl in running and they put up almost 100 yards on the ground and 250 yards overall in the first half and we could not run at all. We would up with close to 100 yards rushing, but i think our lack of blocking in the running game in by far the number one weakness on this team if we hope to make any kind of playoff run. That of course ties to the interior of the offensive line.

    Cook got clobbered in the head on the second play of the game, no call of course, out with concussion. Lets hope he is ok after the bye week. We need him badly.
    Goff threw two balls in the second half that absolutely should have been picked and a third that could have easily been picked. Unacceptable. Forcing throws to kupp. Where are the tight ends? Have a mentioned slants and quick outs? First play of the game to woods was great, where was that the rest of the game. You get away with this kind of crap against a team with zero wins, wont work against baltimore, chicago, dallas, seattle, sf, let alone in the playoffs.

    We were just awful on third and fourth down defense, allowing conversions of 4-6 on 4th down, mostly long down and distance. If neither fowler nor donald gets to the qb, we seem to give up throws. I thought coleman had a rough day on the tight end and in the slot. Defense could have helped put the game away with the offense struggling and didnt do it, until they finally got the stop on 4th down at the five yard line late in the game. We gave up 24 first downs and 400 yards to an awful offense.

    Failing to knock a team out is just ugly, especially a terrible team like the bungholes. Need to take advantage of opportunities, but a lot comes back to our inability to run the ball in any kind of consistent fashion.

    Reality check, Dalton missed a wide open receiver for a long td and cincy dropped two easy interceptions and an opportunity for a third. The DB also slipped and fell on the Kupp td.

    Jalen gave up a 60 yard pass in a one on one prevent defense against a nobody receiver. Someone want to explain that one?


    Of course, you take the win and appreciate that 5-3 is not bad, but you also have to be disappointed with our ongoing inability to run the ball consistently and the fact that we have beaten some terrible teams without looking particularly overpowering. We were worse this week than last week despite an opportunity to completely blow them out in the third quarter when the offense just died. We were playing the worst team in the league running the ball and stopping the run and we did not either in any convincing fashion.

    We now have the bye to find our stride and see whether this team is going to make a real run or settle into inconsistent mediocrity. The Rams can certainly still have a special season. That is not out of the question at all. Again, if Leg doesnt miss the kick we are sitting just fine at 6-2. Our division is just brutal and that is a real complications. The Tampa loss was an atrocity on defense and we can not afford a single additional loss to a lousy or below average team. Most importantly, we better how that we can avoid further injuries, get healthy and improve our run blocking, while also getting more consistent with our pass rush.

    Everyone should enjoy the bye week and let's hope we are ready to beat pittsburgh after we rest. I think that is a game we have to win, with chicago up for a critical conference game the following week. The bye is a real test for mcvay and phillips. We looked lousy coming out of the bye last year, we dont have that luxury this time around.

    It should be interesting to see if we make any additional moves before the trade deadline. Rumours abound that the Rams are trying to move Talib and other vets (although unclear what other players anyone is talking about what they say "veterans"). It would sure be nice if we could pick up some really solid oline help, not sure that is possible in any realistic sense.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Good write-up as always; A part of me says I should be grateful to be watching a winning team; we're 5-3 and it really wasn't long ago we were perennial losers and watching the Rams just wasn't enjoyable. By the same token, we are not the Rams of last season, and it further illustrates the importance of winning it all when you have the chance to do so. Seems like a lot of positives are off-set by negatives, and I question whether or not the Rams will be left standing when the dust settles. While our schedule is a lot more manageable than it appeared it may be, the division is stacked, with no signs of either SEA or SF coming back down to earth.

    Rams should've put up a 40 spot on these guys. Very disappointing they did virtually nothing after the first drive of the 2nd half.

    I've definitively come to the conclusion that what we see from the running game is about what we're gonna' get on a game in game out basis. Gurley is now an average back- period.

    Goff has shown himself to be a mere mortal when faced with pressure. The coaching staff needs to design stuff to get the ball out of his hands quicker, and Goff must take ownership in taking what's available and not throw to Kupp 500 times a game. many QBs face pressure and still succeed; the jury is still very much out on whether or not Goff can overcome this consistently.

    The defense cannot have this Jekyll and Hyde performance where they're lousy one half and world beaters the next.

    I appreciate the positives- Goff's numerous nice throws, Kupp's sensational performance, 5 sacks from the defense, Henderson's decent performance when utilized, the performance of Littleton, Rapp, OBO and others.

    Agree with your points on re-charging our batteries during the bye, enjoyin where we're at. and coming out ready to play in two weeks. Pittsburgh is not their usual selves but will be a tough out on their home field.


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      Nice work as always GC. Gotta say I was happy with the win, but the game was sloppy, the play on both sides of the ball was inconsistent, and it was a lot closer than the 24-10 score indicated.

      Goff looked great in the first half, then sketchy for most of the second. Gurley had some nice runs in the first half, then disappeared, literally, in the second. The defense was all over the place, but did manage to keep the Bengals to only 10 points. Kupp is nothing short of amazing, but as NJ noted, Goff has to spread it around and take advantage of the other skilled players. The OL looked pretty good to me, which is promising.

      If the Rams want to compete, they're going to have to do a lot better than they did today.


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        Originally posted by R8rh8rmike View Post
        Nice work as always GC...

        If the Rams want to compete, they're going to have to do a lot better than they did today.

        Totally agree. I sure hope we do! Especially against the Squawks and the Weenies.

        PS: Thanks GC


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          I'm really happy with this win. The team doesn't go home after the Atlanta game. Then they jump over the pond to play a winless team that is still giving 100% effort towards getting that elusive 1st win. That's a dangerous situation if you ask me. Yeah I'm more than happy with this win.


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            What is proving to be truly ugly is the ability of the Rams to play down to their opponents level.

            Falcons game there where enough plays left on the field that the score shouldn't have been as close as it was. I watched the Falcons play against the Squawks today as well and if it where not for it being a home game for Atlanta, it was pretty much going to get ugly in the first quarter for the Falcons ending in a total disaster by the 4th quarter. One could easily see that the Squawks knew they had this game in the bag and left off going into the 3rd

            I missed my predictions for the Bungle/Rams game but had I I would have said 34-to-6. Nevertheless the only thing I would have gotten close was at least 3 TD throws

            Honestly I am still smarting over the Bucs/Rams game... losing to the Squawks up in Washington wasn't so much a surprise (the only surprise was how close that game was with the score), but its the Bucs game that threw something I couldn't predict coming into the season, the Rams being unprepared and undisciplined to lose a game against a bottom feeder team

            At least I get some measure of satisfaction that the Rams Defense has a thing for NFC South's QBs... Brees and Ryan getting as good thumping is that. Still after seeing the preseason and knowing just what a liability the Ram's OL was and how it would be exploited and McVay (I think it an ego thing) didn't adjust the balance of the team to reflect those realities is patently unacceptable. I bemoaned needing a TE but the Rams got an Everett (high point) yet still needed a FB (pass catching monster, FB); Oddly the Rams scoring would be slowed down but at least scoring would be consistent


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              Originally posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
              Good write-up as always; A part of me says I should be grateful to be watching a winning team; we're 5-3 and it really wasn't long ago we were perennial losers and watching the Rams just wasn't enjoyable. By the same token, we are not the Rams of last season, and it further illustrates the importance of winning it all when you have the chance to do so. Seems like a lot of positives are off-set by negatives, and I question whether or not the Rams will be left standing when the dust settles. While our schedule is a lot more manageable than it appeared it may be, the division is stacked, with no signs of either SEA or SF coming back down to earth.
              Well GC and NJ, you guys have once again expressed my perspective. I have to remind myself that it was just a few seasons ago that we'd have been dancing in the streets over achieving 5-3 under any circumstances. But I also feel more and more keenly the frustration of our offense having flopped in the Super Bowl, when our defense played plenty well enough for us to win that game. A painful lost opportunity. It is just so difficult to get to that final game. And now we have a lot of work and re-tooling to do to get revved up to the championship level of play again. We need to see a better team in the second half of this season, for a playoff run. And it's difficult to see how that happens; how we establish the kind of solid running game we need to lift the play of the team overall, with the assets on hand.

              I am very frustrated with McVay's play calling. He seems to decline just about every situational opportunity presented to establish a running game. And he over-relies on "trick" running plays, jets and pitchbacks to receivers, etc. I just don't think that is going to get it done.

              It is also frustrating how inconsistent the play of both the O and D are within a single game. A curious problem.

              Good time for the bye. We will need a hell of a second half to have a shot at a playoff spot, let alone to control our own destiny.


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                Originally posted by general counsel View Post
                We are going to need to sign fowler, i just dont see a choice. He is really our only pass rusher besides donald, pending obo continuing to emerger. Littleton had 9 tackles and 1/2 sack. Donald had a sack and blew up a play in the backfield. Brockers had 1/5 sack.
                Agreed that Fowler is a keeper. We must have guys like him to play alongside Donald. But it's difficult to see how they keep Fowler, Littleton and Johnson on this defense, considering the Donald and pending Ramsey contracts. It will be something to see how Snead ducks and jukes his way through the salary cap/contract minefield over the next couple of years, especially without first round picks.


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                • general counsel
                  Rams lose 45-35 to new orleans: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
                  by general counsel
                  Despite a valiant comeback to overcome a 21 point deficit and pull even in the fourth quarter, the Rams fell short today on the road against a very tough Drew Brees led new orleans team, suffering their first loss of the season by the score of 45-35 in what could prove to be a preview of the NFC championship game. The offense certainly played well enough to win, but subpar red zone play, failure to take advantage of a crucial turnover in the first half, the weekly torching of Marcus Peters, lousy 3rd down play on both sides of the ball, and most importantly a horrific first half defensively were our our undoing today. The Rams were not going undefeated in any event and this game was likely the toughest one on the entire schedule, but the Rams will fly home for a really important division battle next week against the seachickens with a bad taste in their mouth of opportunities lost to win this game. The key will be what the squad learns from this and how they bounce back next week.

                  The Good

                  Jared Goff and the offense scored 35 points and gave 483 yards, punting only once. Gurley scored a td for the 12th straight game, although new orleans did a great job of keeping him in check (65 yards rushing and 11 yards receiving). The offensive line allowed zero sacks despite 40 passing attempts by Goff. Goff was 28-40-391-3 td's and one interception for a rating of 115.7. Unfortunately, he made one of his two horrible throws of the game with the outcome on the line late in the fourth quarter when the Rams had a chance to take the lead (see below in bad section on the miss to an open Woods). Goff made several terrific throws, including a couple that were not caught, such as the perfect throw that Higbee dropped in the end zone. The long ball to cooks was terrific and the out pattern to kupp was sensational. The 4th and 2 at the end hit Cooks in the hands. Sure, he got outplayed by Brees, but there is no shame in that. To take the next step, and if realistically we want to win the superbowl or for that matter get to the super bowl, goff is going to have to play his best with the game on the line, something he has not done in the last two weeks. Great catch and run for Malcolm Brown along the sideline for the td.

                  It was nice to see the tight ends involved today (collectively 5-88 plus the two point conversion to Everett). Cooks played well with 6-114, Kupp was 5-89 with the 41 yard td catch and run and woods was very strong again with 5-71 including any number of really big catches.

                  No injuries that i saw.
                  Leg kicked a 56 yard field goal.
                  The defense recovered nicely in the 2nd half holding new orleans to 10 points. Not spectacular, but potentially good enough to win if the offense hadn't died with the game on the line.
                  Fowler showed a pulse with a couple of nice pressures and a rare hit on brees along with one tackle for loss. Can't wait for him to play more.
                  Donald had...
                  -11-04-2018, 06:00 PM
                • general counsel
                  Rams lose to bucaneers 55-40; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                  by general counsel
                  The Rams record dropped to 3-1 today with an ugly home loss to tampa bay today by the score of 55-40. The Rams were atrocious on defense, dug themselves a 21-0 hole, could not the run ball at all, committed 13 penalties for over 100 yards, had four turnovers, no pass rush, missed at least three wide open receivers for td's, completely unable to rush the passer, horrible on third down defensively, seem unable to call plays against blitzes, generally terrible play calling in key situations, and just an abomination playing defense in the red zone, allowing tampa to score 5 td's in 6 tries. Other than that, the Rams looked great today. Sounds pretty good to score 40 points, right? But giving up 56 (even though the offense really gave up 14 or more of those points) was just embarrassing. Somehow, the Rams had a chance to tie the game in the last minute, but once again, no answer for the blitz, goff coughs it up, and suh runs it into the end zone to clinch the 55-40 loss. The Rams have not been playing well, but somehow were 3-0 on the strength of very strong defense. Today, the defense was awful and the offense was not close to good enough. Goff played about as poorly as any qb in the history of the NFL who throws for 500 yards in a game. We better get it together before going on the road thursday night against seattle. If we play like this again, we are going to get clobbered.

                  The Good

                  Some solid wide receiver play, woods 13-164, kupp 9-121 and a nice td, everett played very well with some big catches.
                  Goff made some nice throws (including the td to everett in heavy traffic), that has to be the case when you throw for 517 yards, but overall, he is going into the ugly category for this game.
                  Great INT pick six for peters, who took a massive cheap shot and had to leave the game after getting hit in the head on the td return
                  Leg hit two long fg's, including a 58 yarder
                  The Rams battled back and didnt quit, even though the hole was too deep and the four turnovers compared to only one for tampa were the killers
                  Hekker had a nice punt down inside the ten yard line
                  36 first downs and over 500 yards of offense is a start, but a lot of that is padded stats in my view. Awful in the beginning and way too many stupid mistakes especially when the defense is so bad
                  Weddle had 14 tackles, but so what given how bad the defense was.
                  Johnson returned from the injury, thank goodness he is ok

                  The Bad

                  Taylor Rapp left the game unable to walk off with an ankle injury
                  Peters did not come back after the cheap shot he took in the head
                  The miss on the 2 point conversion was bad news. Not close to a conversion
                  Unable to take advantage of so many chances, including at the end. See below on play calling.
                  Two nice td runs for gurley, constituting our entire running game for the day

                  The Ugly

                  The Rams are paying...
                  -09-29-2019, 05:36 PM
                • general counsel
                  Rams lose to philadelphia 30-23; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
                  by general counsel
                  For the second sunday night in a row, the Rams laid an egg on national television, losing at home to philadelphia 30-23 to drop their record to 11-3. The Rams are simply not playing like a super bowl contender and frankly have looked just lousy since coming out of the bye week. Tonight marks the first time in the mcvay era that the Rams lost two in a row, and the knee injury to Todd Gurley, along with continued subpar play from Goff and the offensive line leaves the Rams reeling at the most important point of the season. Once again, it is clear that championships can not be won in september, october and november. The Rams were 9-0 and rolling and 10-1 heading into the bye week after a huge win against Kansas City (in which they got incredibly lucky because if Skandrick catches the ball that hit him in the hands late in the 4th quarter the Rams lose that game as well). Since that point, they are 1-2 and have been effectively getting worse every week. Tonight's opponent was not a dominant chicago team playing at home in cold weather. It was a sub .500 team playing with a backup qb that had been torched for 586 yards last week by a team that got shut out earlier today. Furthermore, philadelphia is so banged up in the secondary there are no words to describe their situation. However, when your qb can not seem to throw accurately with guys in his face and your offensive line does not give your qb time, generally speaking, bad things are going to happen. Throw in no functional pass rush as Donald was once again double teamed on every play and no one else was able to get pressure along with losing the turnover battle 3-1 and going 2-6 in the red zone and you have another bad loss. I was highly confident the Rams were going to win this game and win it big, but i guess Dragoon was the only one on the board that saw this coming so kudos to him, although i am sure he would love to have been wrong. The Rams now have to beat both arizona and the whiners to clinch the #2 seed (unless chicago loses a game) and while that might seem simple on paper, with the gurley injury and the way goff is playing, nothing is a sure thing right now in any way.

                  The Good

                  The Rams rallied at the end and had a chance to tie it up. They also had a nice 75 yard drive on their second possession of the game for a td. Gurley had 2 td runs and caught 10 balls for 76 yards in a valiant effort playing with the injured knee. He had a really nice first half running with 49 yards, and then of course mcvay gave up on the running game as the Rams dug themselves a big hole field position and turnover wise and were forced to throw all the time.

                  Johnson had a terrific game in the secondary, saving a td against ertz (who we did a nice job on) and making 14 tackles.
                  Goff made one real nice throw down the field all night, the almost td to reynolds in the fourth quarter.
                  The defense got some stops and kept us in the game with a chance at...
                  -12-16-2018, 09:41 PM
                • general counsel
                  Rams Hammer Houston 33-7; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                  by general counsel
                  The Rams hammered the injury depleted Houston Texans 33-7 in Los Angeles today to push their record to 7-2. Overcoming a very slow first half by the offense, the defense caused 4 turnovers, the Rams didnt turn it over despite their early struggles and the squad continued to show its ability to explode offensively scoring points in large bursts while knocking out an inferior opponent. Our young qb continues to show improvement and Goff was sensational in the second half, once again showing an ability to hook up repeatedly with Robert Woods, who has turned into a terrific free agent pickup. Gurley had another strong all around game, we did well on special teams and showed the capability to snap out of our lackluster first half performance with a tremendous 21-0 third quarter that put the game away. Still plenty of room for improvement and let's hope that Saffold, Joyner, Watkins and Barwin are all 100% next week (along with Quinn) since the Rams are now entering the brutal part of the schedule.

                  The Good

                  The defense forced four turnovers (interceptions for barron (a huge play to stop a houston drive before half) and countess and fumble recoveries for Longacre (after the early Donald sack) and Walker (after the Ebukam sack in the second half) and had three sacks (Donald, Brockers who was excellent again, and Ebukam). The defense overcame some early run stopping and third down issues to finish with 283 yards allowed 4-13 on 3rd and 4th down and 17 first downs, despite the fact that the entire fourth quarter was garbage time. Very strong second half performance and the name of the game is points allowed and you are going to win just about every game that you only allow 7 points and have a plus 4 turnover ratio. Tree had 7 tackles and a sensational TD/INT that was called back for a ticky tacky holding call. The defense did not allow a houston td in three trips inside the red zone, and that was really key early in the game when the offense was limping along. Aaron Donald was outstanding today and the defense had a number of tackles for loss. We allowed 89 yards on 25 carries on the ground, a lot of that relatively early, once again, the adjustments out of halftime were excellent. Houston is obviously not a good offensive team without watson and there are certainly things to clean up, but this was an overall solid performance. I dont think you can underestimate the INT by barron after the fake punt failed and we were down 7-6 and they had a chance to go up 14-6 before half after a Rams 3rd down penalty gave them a first down at our 13. We moved down the field and kicked a field goal to take a 9-7 lead and although we were lousy all half, we took away their momentum at the very end of the half.

                  The second half offense was dynamite (see bad section for comments on the first half offense). Given time to throw, Goff was sensational in the second half. He finished 25-37-355 (a new career high) 3tds and no turnovers...
                  -11-12-2017, 05:28 PM
                • general counsel
                  Rams crush cardinals 34-7; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                  by general counsel
                  Not dead yet. The Rams came off the canvas after an embarrassing blowout loss monday night to baltimore and played their most complete game of the year, crushing the cardinals in the desert 34-7 in a game that was not as close as the final score indicated. The Rams pushed their record to 7-5, dominating on both sides of the ball early and knocked out arizona probably before half, while coming out after halftime and putting the nail in the coffin with two quick td's, one on offense and one on defense. The Rams clearly showed that they are not going to quit, and while this season has certainly been a disappointment, we are really only a play or two away from having a functional playoff caliber season. Alas, a missed kick at the end of the seattle game and a brutal year in the nfc still has us in longshot playoff position, but we are alive for at least another week with a chance to see if we can avenge the early season loss and beat the seachickens at home next sunday night.

                  The Good

                  Total domination. A great team effort. At one point, before total garbage time took over in the fourth quarter, we had 480 yards of offense and they had 81! We had 550 yards in essentially 3 quarters and 27 first downs, holding arizona to 13 first downs, most of which came in total garbage time. D was solid on 3rd down (2-13). Third down was a huge difference today.
                  Goff was great today, albeit against the worst pass defense in the nfl. He wound up 32-43-424 and 2tds with no ints and a rating of 120.7. He was 24-31 and over 300 yards in the first half with a terrific drive right before halftime for a field goal. Made some great throws today and was certainly helped by outstanding pass protection and a solid run game. Nice to see him bounce back and show us all what he is capable of. The td throw at the end to kupp was just perfect and so were a number of other throws. Nice to see us finally use the tight ends. Higbee had a huge day with 7-107 in the first half. Great to see us throwing to gurley in the flat and higbee underneath on third and 4 and 5 rather than always trying to throw deep down the field. I really think the tight ends need to be a bigger part of our offense. Both our guys are very talented, they should get more chances.

                  Woods was sensational. 13-172 with a 50 yard wide receiver screen where he reversed field completely and picked up a nice block by goff converting a third down.
                  Donald had 1.5 sacks, we had 6 sacks as a team (fowler, littleton, brockers half, joseph day) and completely shut down murray who did zero until garbage time in the 4th quarter. Littleton led the team in tackles again and had a sack.
                  Rapp had a pick six. Also had a dropped pick six and another INT that was reversed for a penalty, but a very solid game.
                  Gurley looked really good with 19-95 a td and a couple of catches. Dont ask me what he was doing carrying the ball in the 4th quarter of a 34-0 game....
                  -12-01-2019, 04:42 PM