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Teams we need to keep an eye on on the road to the playoffs

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  • Teams we need to keep an eye on on the road to the playoffs


    We need to cheer for any team that plays for them LOL

    Obviously we need to take care of our business as well.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    You raise a good thought that has been running around my brain for the past few weeks. The last line of your post is the most critical part of our chances of making the playoffs. The team I frankly think you left off the list is the Sqawks. We have a fighting chance to catch them in our division whereas the ***** are a distant reach given the amount of games left.

    Needless to say beating the Cowboys will be a must win given the close record. The Vikings are also within reach and while we don't play them they can be beaten if Cousins drops off his current pace. They are a balanced team despite that and could be trouble for us. The Eagles are likely to win the East so its the Cowboys whose destiny we can control. As we've already beaten the Panthers and they looked very weak v the *****, I'm less worried.

    But as you say we need to take care of our business first and foremost.

    Its an interesting time to be a Rams fan.


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      Yup on the seahawks but they should be under, taking care of our business. vikings are playing well against the chiefs just now

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        And KC just beat the vikings LOL

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          And the damn Sqawks took overtime to beat the Bucs.


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          • general counsel
            An emotional post about the Rams-Vikings game
            by general counsel
            Caveat. This post will be incredibly meaningful to the old timers on our board and probably won't mean much to our younger Rams fans.

            The Rams Vikings game this sunday is bringing back countless memories of my formative years as a Rams fan. Tons of emotions swimming through my head. I started following the rams as a six year old kid in new jersey in 1968. Throughout the 1970's i was the #1 Rams fan in New Jersey (in my own mind). In those days, before the internet, before ESPN, all you got if you were a fan of an out of town team were tiny snippets of information. You got a couple of highlights here and there.

            During the late 1960's and through the 1970's the Rams and vikings battled it out year after year during the regular season and in the playoffs. In the late 1960's, in Gabriel's MVP season, the Vikings held off the Rams and went to the super bowl while we were left behind. Starting in 1973, when the Rams came back to prominence and won division titles throughout the 1970's, it was always Fran Tarkenton and the Vikings (or Staubach and the Cowboys) that stood in our way of achieving the type of dominance that the Steelers established. I cried year after year after those playoff losses.

            It seemed liked every year, just about this time, the Rams would play the vikings where both teams were at the top of the conference, just like now. The regular season game was a critical tie breaker because it often determined whether the california rams would have to play the vikings in the playoffs in the frigid cold of minnesota in january or whether the playoff game would happen in LA. I remember the year we finally beat them in the regular season when james harris came off the bench to lead us to victory. I remember the year we finally got home field in the playoffs and with tarkenton out, we found a way to lose to bob lee in the mud bowl. Titanic epic battles of some of the greatest defenses of all time, the purple people eaters and the great rams defenses first of the late 60's and then of the 70's. Carl Eller, Alan Page, etc, all time great players and Rams killers. Fran Tarkenton was one of the all time Rams killers. I still have dreams of olsen, youngblood and dryer chasing tarkenton around. 3rd and 11, tarkenton runs for a first down. We stop chuck foreman on the ground and then we get killed on dump of pass after dump off pass. Low scoring games, we simply couldnt throw the ball and we couldnt punch it into the end zone.

            We have been so bad for so long that this sundays game is really a big one and its conjuring up all these thoughts from childhood for me. A very tough road game against a very good team, we will see how it turns out. Minnesota and New Orleans next week at home are huge games playoff wise and we will really see how far we have come. A loss this weekend is not fatal and we are (fairly in my view) underdogs. I am hoping as we all are that we can find a way to win...
            -11-17-2017, 10:30 PM
          • macrammer
            What the heck is our ceiling this year?
            by macrammer
            o We have winning season - Almost there, most assuredly will accomplish that with just one more victory in 5 remaining games
            o Make playoffs? - Unthinkable to most in July but we are on the doorstep. If we take the last three game against division opponents WE ARE THERE
            o Are we a one and done? - I think we could be. BUT I also think if this team puts it all together (as you need to in playoff football to win) we could do damage!
            Take advantage of opponents "gifts" Against Saints, we dropped THREE routine interceptions. We have to convert those
            keep penalties to under 50 yds
            Limit our mistakes - The 74 yd run we witnessed by the Saints cannot happen in playoffs. We have to be disciplined in our gaps.

            What do you guys think? What is our ceiling?

            If we are one and done, would you consider this year successful?

            As i said yesterday, I never thought we would be this good, this year. But I think that Rams have not reached the ceiling... yet........
            -11-27-2017, 09:05 AM
          • Rambos
            Do we make it
            by Rambos
            As a wild card?
            -11-14-2005, 03:29 PM
          • HUbison
            I hope the Rams go 4-12.
            by HUbison
            Not exactly. Just thought that might get your attention. Honestly, I don't think the post-season is an option anymore. Here's the NFC, as we speak (or type, you know what I mean):

            1. Seattle 7-2 West
            2. Carolina 7-2 South
            3. Giants 6-3 East
            4. Bears 6-3 North
            5. Falcons 6-3 WC
            6. Bucs 6-3 WC
            7. Cowboys 5-3
            8. Redskins 5-4
            9. Eagles 4-4
            10. Lions 4-5
            11. Vikings 4-5
            12. Rams 4-5

            Granted, that's only 2 games out, but that's a whole lot of teams to leap-frog. Maybe 10-6 makes the playoffs, but it looks like 11-5 will be the only sure thing, and then means running the table for the last 7. Folks, we all saw the game yesterday. As much as I love'em, we don't have a team that can run a 7 game streak.

            In theory
            We should play rookies and experiment from here on out. If there are FAs that we know we're not resigning, keep them off the field. Put guys on the field that we haven't seen much of. Make the final 7 games an incubator to develop our youth for next year. Not to mention, with every loss, we slide up the draft charts.

            In reality
            They're still the Rams, and there is no way, I say again, no way, that I'm going to wish a loss on them.

            My head tells me the season is over, but my heart just ain't listenin'.
            -11-14-2005, 07:29 AM
          • laram0
            This game is HUGE!
            by laram0
            We all know that this is a must win for Divison purposes. Obviously for Wildcard contention also. Here's a list of the games this week that have a direct effect on our Rams.

            Rams (4-4) @ Seattle (5-3)
            Cowboys (4-4) @ Cardinals
            Browns @ Falcons (5-3)
            Packers @ Vikings (4-4)
            Redskins (3-5) @ Eagles (4-4)
            Buccaneers @ Panthers (4-4)

            This Seattle game is crucial. I predict the Cowboys,Falcons,Vikings,Eagles and Panthers are all going to win this week. So if we are going to keep pace we must win this game!!!!:imho:
            -11-09-2006, 11:49 AM