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Game Week 9 Rams @Steelers Prediction

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  • Game Week 9 Rams @Steelers Prediction

    The Rams kick off the second half of their season against the streaking Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers started off 1-4, lost Ben but have won three straight. The Rams hold an edge in the match-up 15-9-2.

    This is an interesting match up for the Rams. I believe the outcome of this game will set the tone for the second half of the season. A road win here will be huge.

    Rams 24
    Steelers 16

    What say you?

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    If they play the Steelers like Bengals in London we lose bigly.


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      Rams arrive in the home of #'99

      Rams WIN

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Rams' Brandin Cooks: Ruled out, meeting specialists [again]

        CBS Sports / by RotoWire Staff
        Nov. 06, 2019

        Cooks (concussion) is ruled out for Sunday's contest against the Steelers, Lindsey Thiry of reports.

        Cooks is travelling to Pittsburgh to meet with medical specialists as he nurses the fifth diagnosed concussion of his NFL career. The 2014 first-round pick previously met with a specialist during Los Angeles' bye. The Rams hope Cooks will manage to clear the five-step concussion protocol without missing much time, but giving the tricky nature of head injuries, the possibility of a multi-week absence can't be ruled out. Josh Reynolds will serve as the team's No. 3 wide receiver as long as Cooks is unable to go.


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          Mathematically, working with the assumption that the Rams need to get to 11-5 to get a wild card spot, one could say that this is not a "must win". And if you were to choose where 2 more losses would fall, the games against AFC teams, Steelers and Ravens, would seem likely to have the least impact on our playoff chances. But if we were to lose both AFC games, we'd have no margin to lose any of the 6 remaining games against NFC teams. 6-0 against SF, Seattle, AZ (2x), Chicago, Dallas is a real tall order. I wouldn't construct our playoff run scenario on that premise.

          From a perspective of confidence and momentum, this game is huge and we need to win it. Pittsburgh is a "winnable" game for us. We're coming off our bye. We've had time to rest, get healthier, review where we've been and what we need to do to improve, integrate Edwards on the O line and Ramsey in the D backfield, etc. Further, a number of our key NFC competitors will lose this week (presuming no ties). Carolina v. GB, Minn v. Dallas, SF v. Seattle. A real hit to our team psyche to lose this one.

          I like our chances with 2 weeks to prepare.

          Rams 30
          Steelers 20


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            Rams are road tough and Steelers are desperate. One team gets a nail in its coffin.

            Rams 35
            Steelers 17


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              The three game win streak by the Steelers though was to Chargers Colts & Dolphins. Against teams that have a stronger defense, the Steelers have simply not been able to stick it.

              I predict the Rams defense plays well enough to give the Rams offense enough opportunities to get them ahead by final whistle. Not a blow out, but a solid victory nonetheless. (Wouldn't be surprised if Steelers have a slight lead at the half even)

              good guys: 27
              bad guys: 16


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                This is an interesting game for us at this time. As Seacone points out this is a huge game for us to continue our current winning streak. The last game we won v a team with a .500 or better record was week 2 and Saints fans will call it a tainted win due to Brees injury. But they said that after the NFC Championship game and it means nothing.

                Our last win v the Steelers was 2003 when we still had remnants of GSOT on the roster. Law of averages should take hold. Our last game v the Steelers was 2015 and Big Ben went down yet we still lost. Those were the Jeff Fisher years so anything was possible.

                I'm predicting a tough game with an ugly win for us 19-17. Pitt plays good defense and Jared Goff needs to step up and post a solid passing game with some effective running plays to keep the defense honest as well. While I know we'll miss Brandin Cooks, we may actually benefit from Josh Reynolds starting as we need more quick short/intermediate passes than long downfield throws.

                My other theory about this game is that we usually lose a game we shouldn't lose and win one that we don't expect to win. When the schedule came out I didn't have lot of confidence over this game, but we need to compensate for the Tampa Bay game that I was sure we'd win.

                We'll get to see our old buddy Mark Barron, who may anticipate Goff's passes. Although I hope not.

                Its an interesting week to be a Rams fan.


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                  24-23 Rams


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                    Mac, 'hope you don't mind me posting this here rather than initiating a thread for it.


                    Los Angeles Rams’ LB Clay Matthews and RB
                    Malcolm Brown full participants on Thursday
                    in Week 10

                    The LA Rams will look to return a pair of key players in Week 10 vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers

                    USA Today Sports
                    By Brandon Bate
                    Nov 7, 2019

                    The Los Angeles Rams (5-3), after a Week 9 bye, are well rested and look to return a pair of key players in Week 10, when they head east to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4).

                    Starting outside linebacker Clay Matthews, who suffered a jaw injury in Week 5, was a full participant in Thursday’s practice session, and should be good to go this weekend barring a setback. Backup running back Malcolm Brown, who missed the London game vs. the Bengals with an ankle injury, was also back on the field today.

                    It’s good news for a Rams team that could use all of its talent headed down the back stretch of the 2019 season. Here’s a look at their injury report from Thursday:

                    2019 Los Angeles Rams Week 10 injury report

                    - - - - - Name - - - - - - - POS - - - - - - - - Injury - - - - - - - Wed. status - - - Thur. status

                    Malcolm Brown ............. RB .................. Ankle .................... Limited ........ Full
                    Clay Matthews .............. LB ................... Jaw ...................... Limited ........ Full
                    Andrew Whitworth ......... T ..................... Not injury related.. Limited ........ Full
                    Tanzel Smart ................. DT .................. Illness ................... DNP ............ Full
                    Brandin Cooks .............. WR ................. Concussion ........... DNP ........... DNP
                    Bryce Hager .................. LB .................. Shoulder ................ DNP ........... DNP
                    JoJo Natson .................. WR ................. Illness .................... N/A ............ DNP

                    If you’re late to the party, Rams’ head coach Sean McVay announced on Wednesday that WR Brandin Cooks has yet to pass concussion protocol and will therefore be out this Sunday. LB Bryce Hager was placed on IR earlier today. Outside of that, the Rams are looking pretty good.
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                      Rams benefit from the Bye

                      RAMS 30
                      STILLERS 17


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                        Rams win and pull late in 3rd.

                        Rams 33
                        Steelers 23


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                          What happened to the big bubble helmet the NFL developed for Beebee and TB12 for concussions? Was it not better than the headgear that Cooks has had his bell rung 5 times in? I sure would like to see that helmet on Cooks when he returns.


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                            Unfortunately I was correct in my prediction.


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