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Rams crush cardinals 34-7; The Good, Bad and Ugly

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  • Rams crush cardinals 34-7; The Good, Bad and Ugly

    Not dead yet. The Rams came off the canvas after an embarrassing blowout loss monday night to baltimore and played their most complete game of the year, crushing the cardinals in the desert 34-7 in a game that was not as close as the final score indicated. The Rams pushed their record to 7-5, dominating on both sides of the ball early and knocked out arizona probably before half, while coming out after halftime and putting the nail in the coffin with two quick td's, one on offense and one on defense. The Rams clearly showed that they are not going to quit, and while this season has certainly been a disappointment, we are really only a play or two away from having a functional playoff caliber season. Alas, a missed kick at the end of the seattle game and a brutal year in the nfc still has us in longshot playoff position, but we are alive for at least another week with a chance to see if we can avenge the early season loss and beat the seachickens at home next sunday night.

    The Good

    Total domination. A great team effort. At one point, before total garbage time took over in the fourth quarter, we had 480 yards of offense and they had 81! We had 550 yards in essentially 3 quarters and 27 first downs, holding arizona to 13 first downs, most of which came in total garbage time. D was solid on 3rd down (2-13). Third down was a huge difference today.
    Goff was great today, albeit against the worst pass defense in the nfl. He wound up 32-43-424 and 2tds with no ints and a rating of 120.7. He was 24-31 and over 300 yards in the first half with a terrific drive right before halftime for a field goal. Made some great throws today and was certainly helped by outstanding pass protection and a solid run game. Nice to see him bounce back and show us all what he is capable of. The td throw at the end to kupp was just perfect and so were a number of other throws. Nice to see us finally use the tight ends. Higbee had a huge day with 7-107 in the first half. Great to see us throwing to gurley in the flat and higbee underneath on third and 4 and 5 rather than always trying to throw deep down the field. I really think the tight ends need to be a bigger part of our offense. Both our guys are very talented, they should get more chances.

    Woods was sensational. 13-172 with a 50 yard wide receiver screen where he reversed field completely and picked up a nice block by goff converting a third down.
    Donald had 1.5 sacks, we had 6 sacks as a team (fowler, littleton, brockers half, joseph day) and completely shut down murray who did zero until garbage time in the 4th quarter. Littleton led the team in tackles again and had a sack.
    Rapp had a pick six. Also had a dropped pick six and another INT that was reversed for a penalty, but a very solid game.
    Gurley looked really good with 19-95 a td and a couple of catches. Dont ask me what he was doing carrying the ball in the 4th quarter of a 34-0 game.
    Kupp had a solid 6-65 with a td.
    We have been lousy on third down all year for lots of reasons. Today, we were excellent at 8-15. Big difference. More manageable third downs today, but also better play calling on 3rd down and solid pass protection.
    Kudos to the OLINE for both run and pass blocking. Goff was only sacked once. Corbett looks like a very nice pickup on the cheap, at the minimum as a depth guy. Evans is going to be a solid depth guy and possibly a starter. Notwithstanding the penalties, i still like edwards. Whitworth did a nice job on chandler jones today.

    I love that we put them away right after half and didnt let them get any momentum at all. Nicely done.

    The Bad

    Rapp dropped the pick six
    Goff missed an early throw over the middle to Mundt
    Couldnt get in the end zone of the first two drives despite moving the ball so well. Red zone was only 3-7.
    Ridiculous looking kickoff return by jojo at end to the six yard line (really should be in the ugly section)
    Terrible call on obo on roughing the passer negating an INT by ramsey. It was a clean hit by obo.
    Larry Fitz could his 1000th career pass against the Rams today. He now has 10,000 career yards against us.
    8 penalties for 81 yards is too many
    Still too many wide receiver screens on third and long


    Leg missed a 41 yard fg. Cant have that, it already cost us one game this year
    Edwards had four penalties today, a false start which pushed back the fg that leg missed and three holdings, including one that called back a nice long gurley td run.


    Let's face it, arizona and baltimore bear no correlation to each other in terms of quality of opponent. But i think all of us, and the las vegas oddsmakers who had us as 2 1/2 point favorites on the road with arizona coming off a bye and us coming off a debacle, were concerned as to whether the Rams were done for the season. The Rams showed today that they are real professionals and while the season is highly unlikely to wind up the way we all hoped at its onset, i believe we will fight hard to the end and we may well beat a number of teams and make a playoff run yet. not predicting it will happen, but lets just say i think we have an excellent chance next week against the seachickens. Its one game at a time and every one of them is critical. Lets hope minnesota loses tomorrow night and that would put us one game out of the wild card. In any event, if the Rams play the way they played today, they are going to be a very tough out and may well win a bunch of games. Improved play from the oline, a functional running game, terrific third down play on both sides of the ball, no turnovers and a really strong game from Goff is a combination that we have not seen in quite some time. For about a year the Rams have struggled to play well in all facets of the game at the same time and today they accomplished that.

    For tonight, let's be happy with a very strong performance and the win and all i can say is bring on the seachickens!!!!! Have i mentioned recently how much i hate pete carroll?

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Calm down a little here...this is the Cards we are talking about. There are two significant things that came out of this win...first the Rams beat someone they should have & they did; and second the Rams beat someone they should have epically & they did. It being a division game where teams pick it up a level and still crushing the Cards, that's a plus.

    Couple other points...Goff threw for over 400 yards with no INTs. So for some last week he was questioned about him not being the guy to merit his new contract. But I still can't say if Goff is $100million+ "elite" QB and only time will tell, but when the OL does protect him he certainly has potential. Personally till the Ram's OL is fixed, I don't know because what has been killing the Rams offense is the opposition focusing on Goff & Gurley; that is only possible if your OL is suspect.

    Everything being equal next week is do-or-die for both the Squawks and Rams, its a must win for both. Because the only other factor that could upset the NFC-W playoffs is a total collapse of the 49whineres so its a Wild Card hunt. The Squawks got a little more breathing room then the Rams and can in theory drop one to the Rams, but near assured to doubtful needing The Rams to lose again to the Whiners and a loss somewhere else. But for the Rams, its turn and burn, drop another and I think the season is over for the Rams


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      A good recap on everything and nice to see the Rams not let last week's debacle affect their preparation for today. Feel good that the Rams played a complete game with standouts in multiple areas. But have perspective in knowing Arizona has the 32nd ranked defense in football and thus isn't a good barometer of our offensive performance. Let's see what Goff does next week against a quality opponent.

      Weird to have to root for Seattle tomorrow, but we have to hold our noses and do so.


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        Nice work GC.

        Originally posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
        Weird to have to root for Seattle tomorrow
        More like excruciatingly painful!


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          in 1979,a very talented Ram team was 6-7 Playing well below their collective skill level. They won out the last three regular three games....victorious in Wild card, Divisional and Conference games...…. only to lose just one last SB XIV to heavily favored Steeler team. Just sayin'


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            From NFL.COM:
            beat the
            for the fifth straight time, dominating them 34-7. The
            are the first team in NFL history to win five consecutive games against a single opponent by scoring at least 30 points and holding their opponent to fewer than 17 points in each game.


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              Originally posted by MACrammer View Post
              in 1979,a very talented Ram team was 6-7 Playing well below their collective skill level. They won out the last three regular three games....victorious in Wild card, Divisional and Conference games... only to lose just one last time ... in SB XIV to heavily favored Steeler team. Just sayin'.

              Good historical reminiscing Mac. One never knows! If our OL can come together and strengthen their performance, the offense just might make it into the playoffs. The Rams potential is still there. Come on team, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

              Come on Coach McVay! MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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                Love the right up as always bud... keep up the good work! You're one of the main reasons I still post here.


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                  The primary thing I wanted to see from the Rams this week was the right kind of reaction to their nationally televised embarrassment last week. And you have to like the reaction. They proved resilient; played with pride, and showed they still believe in themselves and each other. It was great to see. Most of these guys will be on our 2020 team. So, it would be a very bad development if they showed any give-up on this season. This positive, determined attitude is something that McVay has brought to this team, and he deserves much credit for it.

                  The defense was impressive today. Just shrugged off the Baltimore disaster like it never happened, and shut the Cards down. Loved the shots of a dejected Bidwell and Keim sighing and staring blankly down at the field in the 4th quarter.

                  McVay obviously did a better job of designing an offensive game plan for this game. I was glad to see Goff rolling out frequently. He may not be Lamar Jackson or Russell Wilson, but he can move out of the pocket and throw accurately on the move. So, it's a good approach to take some pass blocking pressure off the O line and avoid the Goff-standing-in-a-failing-pocket scene, where so many bad things have been happening. McVay gave Goff a much better chance to stay out of trouble and get into rhythm. And Goff exploited it, and had a very nice game. We all needed that.

                  Also good to see Gurley respond with another solid running game. His "secret knee condition" is tired, old news at this point. Based on what I've seen from him this season, and considering his contract and the very strong likelihood that he is our featured back again next season, I say just use the guy the way we need to use him for the offense to be effective. No guardrails or "pitch counts". He's either got the wheels to get the job done for us, or he doesn't. If he doesn't, Snead will have to figure out how to manage the termination or modification of his contract. But it's not tenable to feature him, but restrict his use. Not surprisingly, he is fresher entering the final quarter of this season, which is an advantage we must use in these final games.

                  It's not easy to dominate any opponent in the NFL like we did today. The coaches and players deserve credit for the accomplishment. At the same time, it must be noted that the Cards' defense presented a very favorable matchup for the Rams' offense today. Worst pass defense in the league. This allowed McVay to feature passing and use the passing game to set up the running game, which is McVay's natural tendency but wouldn't be as effective against most teams. If and when he and the players can get back to being able to initiate the offense with a power running game, things may look something like the machine from the first 3 quarters of the 2018 season. But what matters today is that it worked today.

                  Finally, unbelievably bad calls against the Rams in this game. What can you even say about the NFL's player-protection rules, officiating quality and consistency, replay system? It's a disaster. I hope these problems get fixed because it is really hurting the game.


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                    Nice write up as always. The intentional grounding call against Goff was also in the bad/ugly section. The refs are really bad this year. I hope that soon the NFL will realise that they need to put more money into trainning of quality pro refs, they are really making games hard to watch sometimes (and I mean that in general not only the Rams games).

                    But nice win, but still along way to go if we want to get into the playoffs. But I believe. GO RAMS!


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                      Nice recap GC. Perhaps the happiest person following this game is Sean McVay as the previous game was looking almost like his Waterloo. Great to see the motivation there by the players as we hopefully make a run. The sad reality is that we have yet to beat a winning team with the exception of the Saints game which carries an asterisk due to Brees early departure.

                      I look forward to the next 4 games as we will learn more about the Rams than we've seen thus far, or maybe not. Certainly agree with the comments about the officiating this year throughout the league, it sucks and is hurting the game overall.

                      Here we go.....


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                        I didn't want to overreact to a win, so I chased down a jar of Dank Nuggs with some Pink Lemonade ... and oh, did that ever work, I'm still on hands and knees looking for the remote ...

                        But back to not overreacting. No new insights here, GC found them all. What I will do is relay my thanks to Dr. Philips for corralling Mr. Wade this past weekend. The D seems to be suffering from the Jekyll/Hyde syndrome. Success and failure.

                        Scheme or personnel? Clearly many around here are happy with the scheme; and frankly, I am too ignorant about the theoretical advantages of it to argue with anyone about it. I will say that he has had ample time in my mind to find the personnel he needs. You can't absolve the shredding that Balt did, in a game that was as important as any, with one against Arz. I will take the recovery in grateful muted silence. We can't afford any more Jekyll and Hyde performances though. Winning out is a must and the D can't take another day off.

                        PS: That AZ runt of the litter is not the Spud Webb of football. He has to throw sidearm just to get the ball past the line. Take AD's sack of him, he WILL get clocked one of these times by a 300LBer. It's just a matter of time before the novelty wears off. Glad I'm not an AZ fan, heaven forbid the flack I would have caught when a losing college coach convinced his GM to take a 1st rd flyer on a Mouse that isn't Mighty and I railed against it, or both for that matter.

                        PSS: Tough luck for the secondary. Rapp really should have had 3 Ints with 2 for TDs while Ramsey should have had his count.


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                          Rams lampoon lions 30-16; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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                          The Rams overcame a subpar performance by Jared Goff, pushing their record to 11-1 with a 30-16 road win against detroit by riding Todd Gurley, outstanding red zone defense, and an another otherworldly performance by Aaron Donald. The Rams win today clinched the NFC west title for the second year in a row and gave the Rams a one game lead over new orleans in the race for home field in the nfc with four games remaining. The giants win over chicago in overtime (aided by huge defense plays by former Rams Tree and Janoris) gives the Rams a three game lead over chicago in terms of the week one bye in the playoffs. Today was far from the Rams best game, but keep in mind that detroit has been strong defensively under patricia, especially of late against the run, and beat new england at home earlier in the year. The performance of the defense today was encouraging, albeit against a detroit team that is offensively challenged at the skill positions. To state the obvious, there are no style points in the NFL and the win is what counts. This was a game that could have gone either way in the fourth quarter, and once again the Rams found a way to get it done.

                          The Good

                          There are no words any longer to describe the impact that Aaron Donald is having on a weekly basis. He had two sacks today, one of which was a strip sack fumble recovered by Ebukam that was the critical play in the game when the Rams had a three point fourth quarter lead and detroit had the momentum. He had a third sack called back for a penalty. He had 5 overall tackles which included four tackles for loss. He drew three holding penalties and was held another ten or more times. I have watched 50 years of football and i have never seen an interior lineman play the way Donald is playing week in week out and while he is surrounded by other first round draft picks, he is not surrounded by other linemen who are exactly lighting it up. Just another incredible performance and he was as or more responsible for this win today as anyone.

                          Red zone play. The Rams were 3-4 in the red zone today offensively and held detroit to 1-5. The one time the Rams were stopped in the red zone, Reynolds was clearly held in the end zone on the third down play. The td pass to woods on 3rd and goal from the 8 before half gave us a 10-3 lead and was huge.

                          Todd Gurley had an excellent game with 23-132 and 2 td's rushing along with 3 catches for 33 yards. It was tough going most of the day for gurley, especially with malcolm brown out early with the shoulder injury and Gurley being the only active back on the roster. Very tough for him to get any room up the middle with snacks harrison clogging things up. He had two huge runs, the td run from the 13 with great blocking and the game clinching long run where he alertly fell down on the one yard line forcing detroit to use the rest of their time outs and putting the Rams into a position where even if they don't...
                          -12-02-2018, 05:47 PM
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                          Rams lose to bucaneers 55-40; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                          by general counsel
                          The Rams record dropped to 3-1 today with an ugly home loss to tampa bay today by the score of 55-40. The Rams were atrocious on defense, dug themselves a 21-0 hole, could not the run ball at all, committed 13 penalties for over 100 yards, had four turnovers, no pass rush, missed at least three wide open receivers for td's, completely unable to rush the passer, horrible on third down defensively, seem unable to call plays against blitzes, generally terrible play calling in key situations, and just an abomination playing defense in the red zone, allowing tampa to score 5 td's in 6 tries. Other than that, the Rams looked great today. Sounds pretty good to score 40 points, right? But giving up 56 (even though the offense really gave up 14 or more of those points) was just embarrassing. Somehow, the Rams had a chance to tie the game in the last minute, but once again, no answer for the blitz, goff coughs it up, and suh runs it into the end zone to clinch the 55-40 loss. The Rams have not been playing well, but somehow were 3-0 on the strength of very strong defense. Today, the defense was awful and the offense was not close to good enough. Goff played about as poorly as any qb in the history of the NFL who throws for 500 yards in a game. We better get it together before going on the road thursday night against seattle. If we play like this again, we are going to get clobbered.

                          The Good

                          Some solid wide receiver play, woods 13-164, kupp 9-121 and a nice td, everett played very well with some big catches.
                          Goff made some nice throws (including the td to everett in heavy traffic), that has to be the case when you throw for 517 yards, but overall, he is going into the ugly category for this game.
                          Great INT pick six for peters, who took a massive cheap shot and had to leave the game after getting hit in the head on the td return
                          Leg hit two long fg's, including a 58 yarder
                          The Rams battled back and didnt quit, even though the hole was too deep and the four turnovers compared to only one for tampa were the killers
                          Hekker had a nice punt down inside the ten yard line
                          36 first downs and over 500 yards of offense is a start, but a lot of that is padded stats in my view. Awful in the beginning and way too many stupid mistakes especially when the defense is so bad
                          Weddle had 14 tackles, but so what given how bad the defense was.
                          Johnson returned from the injury, thank goodness he is ok

                          The Bad

                          Taylor Rapp left the game unable to walk off with an ankle injury
                          Peters did not come back after the cheap shot he took in the head
                          The miss on the 2 point conversion was bad news. Not close to a conversion
                          Unable to take advantage of so many chances, including at the end. See below on play calling.
                          Two nice td runs for gurley, constituting our entire running game for the day

                          The Ugly

                          The Rams are paying...
                          -09-29-2019, 05:36 PM
                        • general counsel
                          Rams cream hapless Cardinals 34-0; The good, bad and ugly
                          by general counsel
                          In a game that was nowhere near as close as the final score indicated, the Rams pushed their record to 2-0 by clobbering the hopeless and hapless Cardinals 34-0 in our home opener. A dominating victory marred only by the pregame groin injury that knocked Greg the Leg out of action (prognosis uncertain), the Rams defense was in complete control the entire way, holding Arizona to 5 first downs and 137 total yards, 2 first downs and 50 yards of which occurred on the very last drive of garbage time against the Rams backups. The Arizona offense crossed midfield for the first time with 30 seconds left in the game, hard to believe the Rams could be some overpowering on defense despite having only one sack (Ebukam). Todd Gurley led the way with three running touchdowns, and perhaps most impressively, the Rams knocked Arizona out of the game completely with a 4th and goal touchdown as time expired in the first half on a tremendous block by Blythe. Not suggesting that Arizona was going to win anyway, but there was a big difference between 19-0 and 11-0 at half, especially with Arizona getting the ball to start the second half. Good teams knock teams they are supposed to beat out of the game and don't let them hang around, and that is what the Rams did today.

                          The Good

                          The defense, despite the one sack by Ebukam, allowed only 5 first downs and 138 total yards. Zero separation by the Arizona wide receivers and when Fitzgerald got hurt, they had no one to get to down the field. Kudos to Fitzgerald (3-28) one of the greatest all-time Rams opponents. Johnson led the way with 7 tackles, Donald looked strong in the first half, Talib broke up a couple of passes, you rarely hear Peters name called because no one seems to want to throw the ball in the same area code where he is covering. Some nice stops in short yardage and just no rhthym at all for the Arizona offense. If we keep our starters in for that last drive, Arizona may well have finished the game with 3 first downs and under 100 yards of offense, something you don't see very often in the NFL. I get it, Arizona's offense is just terrible, but its still great to see solid tackling and absolute domination by the defense. Great to see sam shields get the INT in the fourth quarter. Arizona was only 3-12 on third down, which included conversions on the garbage time drive at the end of the game.

                          JOJO!!! They Egyptian may be on IR for a while, but JoJo Matson looked terrific averaging 22.2 yards per punt return on 6 tries including a 60 yarder. Quick, fast and elusive.

                          Three TD's and 2 two point conversions was nice for the Gurley fantasy fans (including an 11 yard td run), but he was bottled up pretty well today before leaving with cramps and giving me a near stroke when he ran into the locker room in the middle of the third quarter with the game over. He was smiling, so my first thought was maybe he had to take a dump, but he was gone for a while and...
                          -09-16-2018, 04:52 PM
                        • general counsel
                          Rams clobber Arizona 33-0; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                          by general counsel
                          The first place Rams trounced Arizona today 33-0 in front of countless of our Ramsbros in London, moving to 5-2 heading into the bye week. Disclaimer, i missed the first quarter today as i was at my daughter's 16th birthday party, but from what i saw, this was the most complete Rams performance in years. The Rams were workmanlike on the offensive side of the ball, wearing down the Arizona defense as the game wore on and controlling the clock, running well and efficient in the passing game. They were absolutely dominant on defense, holding Peterson to 21 yards on 11 carries, knocking Palmer out of the game in the second quarter on a hit by Tree, holding Rams killer Larry fitzgerald to 3 catches for 29 yards and pounding drew stanton the entire second half, while recording 2 interceptions and garnering three sacks. The Rams almost doubled the Arizona time of possession (39-21) and that is going to result in lots of wins if the Rams can continue to play like they played today. After a bit of a slow start converting offensively, they capitalized, got ahead, and never let Arizona get even close to into the game.

                          The Good

                          Start with the defense. I laid most of it out in the introductory paragraph. Sacks for Donald (along with a number of hits, generally disruptive play and a near INT), Longacre (#4 for the year) and Westbrooks. Countless QB pressures. Held arizona to 10 first downs, 193 yards, and 3-12 on third down. The defense essentially ended the game once Tree knocked out Palmer. Shutting down Fitz and Peterson was outstanding. Solid tackling, disciplined play, about the only negative i could come up with and its really picking nits is that we werent ready and had no one lined up over the ball on their 4th and 1 from their own 35 in the second corner when arians rolled the dice and they picked up the first on the qb sneak. INTS for Joyner (great to see him back) and Barron (ball hit him in the hands right before half). Dominating performance, no other way to say it. Shutouts are rare in the nfl, backup qb or not.

                          Special teams. Leg 4-4 including a big 53 yarder right before half. Hekker only punted twice! 59.5 average. Cooper had a nice punt return (called back for holding of course)

                          Offensive line. Goff had time to throw, Gurley and Brown had room to run. We really wore them down. When the oline plays this well, there is really no limit to what we can achieve. No question that if we have a healthy oline playing at this level, we are a legitimate playoff contender. We only allowed one sack i believe and on that play goff held the ball a bit too long i thought. Blythe appeared to play reasonably well again when he came in for sullivan

                          Gurley was excellent again, terrific burst on the td run, 5 catches about 50 yards and 22-107 on ground with no fumbles. Brown was terrific running hard in relief with 11-48.

                          Goff (and the offense generally) 22-37-234...
                          -10-22-2017, 01:58 PM
                        • general counsel
                          Rams prevail over panthers 30-27; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                          by general counsel
                          The defending NFC Champion Rams overcame a sluggish performance and got a few breaks to beat carolina on the road, securing an important early season win by the score of 30-27. We all know that there are no style points in the NFL, and with the Rams (like most teams) not playing their starters in preseason, combined with an on field temperature of 95 degrees and two first year starters on the offensive line, you had to know this game was going to be a crapshoot. Plenty of good today, also plenty of bad and plenty of ugly and a decent amount of luck got us over the top. Super bowl losers were 3-16 in the opening game of the following season and the Rams overcame that history and plenty of adversity to walk out of carolina with the victory.

                          The Good

                          Littleton had 14 tackles (8 solo), an interception and a forced and recovered fumble. Monster game.
                          Leg made a huge 56 yard field goal and drilled a 49 yarder.
                          Hekker had 2 60 plus yard punts to get the Rams out of field position trouble.
                          Great to see Gurley and Kupp looking healthy. Gurley had 97 yards (64 in 4th quarter) on 14 carries despite doing nothing in the first half. Gurley had some very powerful runs including two for 20 plus yards. Kupp had seven catches and was open a few other times where goff missed him.
                          Fowler had two sacks and played very well. Mathews also had a sack in his Rams debut.
                          Nice play by Ebukam on the backwards pass/fumble recovery.
                          Goff made some nice throws, including the td to higbee that effectively put the game away and some nice third down conversions in tight windows
                          Malcolm Brown was outstanding, running hard for 2 td's and 55 inside yards, moving the pile very well. An excellent player, the Rams never need to sign CJ last year if Brown (who is much better than CJ) didnt get hurt. A very underated guy and an important offseason decision to match the offer sheet he signed with detroit.
                          Goff was only sacked once and we really picked it up in the 2nd half with 22 first downs, 349 total yards (mostly second half), very effective running with the game on the line (169 yards for the game). On that basis, i am going to say that Allen and Noteboom both must have played pretty well especially for a first start
                          Huge play by Havenstein falling on one of the gurley fumbles. Blythe recovered the other fumble.
                          Woods had 8 catches for 70 yards. Cooks had two nice back to back catches but that was it. Woods also had a beautiful inside run on a fantastic play design.
                          Great to see us pound the ball and run out the clock. Wish we had run even more in the second half.
                          Johnson had 11 tackles and Rapp had 8.
                          We only had 5 penalties, which is pretty darn good for week one, we won the turnover battle 3-1 and won time of possession 34-16. That was really the difference in the game. If gurley loses those two fumbles, who knows what happens.
                          We got very lucky that Newton...
                          -09-08-2019, 02:36 PM