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New Rams Logo?

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  • New Rams Logo?

    Leaked new Rams Logo

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    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    New uniforms? Only thing is it shows the old logo
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    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      I'll tell you what it looks like, a hybrid of the classic 60's iconic Rams head logo, and the current version. I'm not sure it works for me.


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        Hmmm... processing, processing


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          It still “fits” on the roof of the new stadium too. That Ram head is not my favorite, but it sure looks better than the old version.
          "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

          Jack Youngblood


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            Which team is getting new uniforms this year? It seems like every year a team is getting some new, ugly jersey! Which team will it be this year?
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            Total personal opinion here, but the Cowboy's new uni's look lame. LOL Plain and goofy. Very USFL.
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            article here:

            i dont like them at all, i prefer the traditional look. I especially dont like how the black stripes on the shirts appear really shiny, it just doesnt look right...
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            My new/old car
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            I finally broke and decided to buy myself a hobby. Last week I purchased a 1976 Corvette. I plan a couple year restoration on the car with a major paint job next summer. The car is very sound and has only 17,000 on a rebuilt 383 stroker. A paint job and a few interior replacements and the car will be cherry.

            Bet you can't guess what color I am painting it. Metallic Rams blue!!

            I'm pumped! Heading out now for a ride around the lake.

            Anybody else into some of the old classics?
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