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What a difference a year makes in the NFL

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  • What a difference a year makes in the NFL

    A year ago, many Ram fans around the globe were basking in their defeat of New Orleans and subsequent SB trip to Atlanta! And a year ago, the Whiners were right where I would expect most Ram fans felt they belonged....with a losing record and humble pie everywhere in Whiner land.

    Now, a year later, the shoe firmly on other foot! Things can change fast in the NFL. I hope next year it swings back to the Rams but the road seems arduous for Rams to persevere.

    In the meantime...…….GO CHIEFS

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    Indeed Mac. Indeed.

    And yes, "Go Chiefs!" (^_^)


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      Things do indeed change fast. This is why it is so devastating when you finally reach the pinnacle and don't seal the deal.

      Objectively, I could very clearly see the rise of SF coming. I think most of us could. Only the loss of Garappolo and other devastating injuries prevented it from happening a bit earlier. Multiple good picks from a couple of drafts put them on the fast track to success. Let's hope they can't sustain it. Let's also hope we can adequately address the issues which prevented another playoff appearance this year.


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      • Sonny Vida
        To all RAM FANS!!!
        by Sonny Vida
        I live in San Francisco, I am a TRUE RAM FAN, thats a big risk living here in San Francisco. All I see is 49er and Raider fans everywhere. I could care less, I walk around town with my Authentic Rams Letterman Jacket from the '79 Super Bowl Team! I will be rooting for the Rams when they come to town to BEAT DOWN the 'Niners on September 23rd.
        We got a whole new Defense, a high powered Offense and one hell of a Coaching staff. We are going all the way!! All you RAM FANS out there, let me hear a big HU-RAH!!!!!
        -05-15-2001, 05:27 PM
      • ljcrayton
        Rams fans becoming whiners?
        by ljcrayton
        What has happened to Rams fan. Yesterday, I was jumping around acting a straight donkey when we beat the browns...more importantly proving that we made a good coaching change. I was excited, I went out and had drinks to celebrate and when I get on this site, people are complaining? REALLY!?

        Look guys, our receivers sucks (with the exception to lloyd), Sam Bradford is playing very "meh," Steven Jackson has to find the fountain of youth to be a threat (which he found yesterday,) our cornerbacks are 3rd string, linebackers are as well....AND WE STILL WON.

        Take it for what it is. You can be like charger fans and complain about winning or you can be like a Ram fan and take the win, be happy, and cross ya fingers for next week.
        -11-14-2011, 09:28 AM
      • AvengerRam_old
        What player were Ram fans most unfair to?
        by AvengerRam_old
        Is there a player that Ram fans were unduly harsh to, given how they played in the long run of their career?

        Here are a few who come to mind...
        Pat Haden
        Jim Everett
        Eddie Kennison
        Todd Lyght
        Jerome Bettis
        Roman Phifer
        Other (list below)
        -07-26-2005, 10:19 AM
      • macrammer
        Ram fans are a resillient bunch
        by macrammer
        Rather then wallow in despair we have hope
        Each week we wait anxiously for the hope to come through
        We have been through many things as Ram fans...tough losses, long grueling seasons with talent that would not make it on most other teams, heartbreaking losses and every once in a while, an exhilerating WIN

        We stick with our team through thick and thin and thanks to Dez, we have a great forum to debate cajole, learn from others' on our collective experiences and develop friendships

        To all of the US based Ram fans, Happy Thanksgiving

        Time to review what is important to us all and all the things we should be thankful for and await the next game
        -11-22-2012, 08:13 AM
      • Ramdog
        Hi guys. Glad i found this site.
        by Ramdog
        Just wanted to say hi to all my Ram loving friends. I have been a life long Rams fan. About 24 years now. I took the move to St. Louis pretty hard seeing as my roots are in L.A. But as any good loyal fan should do i stuck with them. And i will untill the bitter end of my days.

        The Rams winning the super bowl was as emotional for me as anything could get. For fans, true fans, your team winning the super bowl, world series, or NBA finals can be pretty damn rewarding. And the Rams wining the bowl was nothing short of rewarding.

        This season in my eyes has been a very weird one. I'm tired of my heart jumping into my throat everytime the opposing team punts. Or we recieve a kickoff. Warners thumb brought back flashbacks to last years concussion, although in my humble opinion i would rather have Jamie Martin on the field then Trent "i really do suck" green. And i would have to agree with the post about the Rams energy on offense. Where is it? Nobody is so good they can act like the Rams have been. Bring back the Bob and Weave, screw the fines. Most of those guys make in one football game what most of us make in a year. Pay the stupid fine. Money is nothing, but winning is, winning is accomplishing something, money is just a status.

        The whiners are coming this weekend and all i can say is i have that same feeling i had back in the late 80's early 90's. I despise, with every inch of my soul the *****. I live in Reno nevada, and the Niners are this towns golden boys. Them and the Raiders. Could i be surrounded by two worse teams and fans? Rams games are rarely on TV due to the network affiliates having to play those two teams. It's very depressing. If i have my way on sunday the Rams will annihilate the *****. That would destroy all doubts in the minds of the critics, and the minds of most fans. I think the rams, after the recent criticism, are ready to blow up on somebody. And no, i dont think they blew up on the falcons. I'm talking total domination, they are more then capable of it. Not to mention if we destroy the whiners it might just shut that big mouth, ego inflated idiot named Terrel Owens up. I doubt it but if we are all lucky it just might. Heres to hoping.

        Oh well i've talked way to long.

        Well Met
        -12-04-2001, 02:43 PM