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espn reports rams will try to trade gurley

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  • espn reports rams will try to trade gurley

    espn reporting rams will try and trade gurley. speculation to a point of course, but wouldnt shock me, the question is will anyone take the contract and what would it cost the rams to get rid of him in cap money balanced against whatever draft pick or players they could get.

    Can anyone explain the cap implications of trading or releasing gurley

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    I N T E R E S T I N G !

    Cap implications too complicated for me.


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      Come on man, this is a wild hair prediction. The article leads with this:

      We asked our NFL Nation reporters to give us a bold prediction for the 2020 offseason. Nothing was off limits -- be it free agency, the draft, coaching.


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        Wild hair prediction or not, it is certainly something the Rams should consider. I don't have the patience to delve into the whole cap implication, but suffice to say the Rams would still take a hit, albeit smaller, by trading him in that they'll still be on the hook for a portion of his salary. No team in their right mind would simply obtain Gurley and honor his current contract in it's entirety by themselves.


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          last year and the use of Gurley was perplexing. All we heard was there was no limits to his use, he states he is fine bla bla bla. Meanwhile our QB leads the league in passes thrown. Nor exactly a recipe for success.


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            In the salary cap era, the devil is ALWAYS in the details of the cap impact of any player personnel move and this one is certainly not an exception. I agree with NJ, no one is taking that contract in full. This is not a cash impact issue, its a cap issue and how much the Rams save by trading gurley is the key to whether any deal will make sense, along with what assets, if any, they could actually get for him. I think the Rams would certainly give him away for free (or for that matter simply waive him) if they could do it without getting killed cap wise, but again, the devil is in the details.

            Ramming speed to all

            general counsel


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              Good luck with that.


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                Sad to see the situation with a hugely talented player devolve to this, but the NFL is a business and this stems from a very generous contract from the Rams. Of course no one knew TG's knee would crater like this so soon. I had been pulling for a restructure, but that would have lengthened TG's time with us thus hampering us down the road. We are faced with several poisonous contracts that need to be restructured if we're to make upgrades this offseason. Many of us knew this would be a challenging offseason for us, and we were right.

                The Rams must amp up the run game as Goff cannot be relied upon to throw @40x per game. That could mean a new RB via the draft or FA, plus the coaching up of D. Henderson. To do that the Rams will have to hire a RB coach, which has yet to happen. To me that is a cause for concern. As Yogi once said, "it's getting late early".


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                  Originally posted by general counsel View Post
                  espn reporting rams will try and trade gurley. speculation to a point of course, but wouldnt shock me, the question is will anyone take the contract and what would it cost the rams to get rid of him in cap money balanced against whatever draft pick or players they could get.

                  Can anyone explain the cap implications of trading or releasing gurley

                  ramming speed to all

                  general counsel
                  "Obviously this is not a simple decision. Cutting him just to save cash would be something that, while theoretically possible, cap-wise would be extremely difficult, more than $10M in a salary-cap hit just for releasing him and if they did it before June 1 it would be astronomical. Trading him would be more possible, obviously they would still be stuck with some of the cap hit but it would alleviate some of the cash issues. Either way whatever decision they make on Todd Gurley would probably have to be before the middle of March. That's when more than a $7 million roster bonus is due for him. A very expensive decision they have but considering what he played through, how much pain in the knee and how much of a focus has been on him, you can certainly understand why at least all options are on the table here."

                  Per NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, Gurley would count $20.15 million in dead money if cut outright now.

                  Perhaps they could find a trade partner with excess cap space willing to take a flier on a great player who has dealt with injury issues (and the Rams would probably have to pay a pick to unload the deal). But, as Pelissero pointed out, any trade would likely need to be made before the March roster bonus kicks in.

                  "That roster bonus is really a big factor here, $7.55 million that is fully guaranteed and due to Todd Gurley on March 20 if he's still on the roster at that point," Pelissero said. "That is a hindrance in any potential trade talks because the new team presumably on paper would have to absorb that or the Rams would have to work out a deal to pay a portion of it. ... It's complicated because of where they are at in this Gurley contract the fact that there are still additional guarantees. And if he's still on the roster on Day 3 of the new league year (March 20) another $5 million roster bonus in 2021 becomes fully guaranteed, though that is subject to offset language."

                  *You can read the full article on, but I just highlighted the part that touched on the topic material.


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                  • supachump
                    You better work Gurley despite whatever is going on with him physically.
                    by supachump
                    It is becoming obvious that the idea that Gurley should be used sparingly so that he has the ability to play deep into the playoff is not the most well thought out. Plain and simple, if we don't use Gurley more NOW, we won't even be in the playoffs. The Seahawks and 49'ers are both playing well. And the Rams? The defense is not looking great and McVay's offense has been exposed. Until the coach figures this out, the answer is working Gurley. HE NEEDS TO BE IN THERE.

                    Gurley is the short term answer until McVay comes up with a counter to the counter. Gurley may be our only chance of even making it to the post season....
                    -10-04-2019, 10:40 AM
                  • general counsel
                    espn reports rams trying to trade talib (and other vets)
                    by general counsel
                    espn reports rams trying to trade talib, have been trying to do so for two weeks, and talib opposes any trade (up to this point). Trying to free up cap (ie for ramsey) but may be as simple as getting picks for guys they know they arent going to resign anyway. Interesting report in the context of talib on IR and how severe the injury really is or is not. Also, report says open to trading other veterans. Not sure who that would be. Brockers? Matthews? Weddle? Seems unlikely if the Rams hope to make the playoffs. Anyone else want to speculate on who else we might be trying to move for a pick here or there?

                    Ramming speed to all

                    general counsel
                    -10-27-2019, 09:41 AM
                  • r8rh8rmike
                    Ten Burning Rams Questions: When Will Todd Gurley Debut?
                    by r8rh8rmike
                    Ten burning Rams questions: When will Todd Gurley debut?

                    Nick Wagoner, ESPN Staff Writer

                    EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Training camps around the league are either underway or will be before the end of the week. The St. Louis Rams officially get underway on Friday.

                    In the days leading up to the start of camp, we'll take a look at 10 burning questions facing the Rams as they head toward the 2015 season.

                    No. 6: When will rookie running back Todd Gurley be back at full speed?

                    Upon spending the No. 10 overall pick in this year's NFL draft on Georgia's Gurley, the Rams made it abundantly clear they have no intention of rushing Gurley back from his torn left anterior cruciate ligament.
                    Todd Gurley worked out on the sideline by himself as he continues his rehab from knee surgery. AP Photo/Jeff Roberson
                    "This is the running back of our future," coach Jeff Fisher said. "It makes no sense to put him in a bad situation sooner than we have to."

                    The question then becomes, when does that future begin? During organized team activities and the offseason program in the spring, Gurley was limited to working on the side with the athletic training staff. He did some straight-ahead running and light cutting and even participated in some team walk-throughs.

                    At the end of OTAs, Gurley told he hoped to be able to participate in individual drills at the outset of camp with a goal of working his way back into practice within a couple of weeks. The Rams confirmed Tuesday that Gurley will begin training camp on the active roster after he passed his conditioning test.

                    That likely doesn't mean Gurley is ready to go full speed yet, but that he'll be able to do some individual drills before easing his way into full team work. That Gurley is not landing on the non-football injury list or any other designation can only be viewed as a good sign. In fact, Gurley appears to be on or even slightly ahead of the schedule the team envisioned when it drafted him.

                    So while a precise date for Gurley's return is probably still a bit off, there's a real chance he'll be able to return to practice during the preseason and be available in some capacity for the Week 1 meeting against the Seattle Seahawks.
                    -07-29-2015, 09:47 AM
                  • r8rh8rmike
                    Morning Ram-blings: Todd Gurley As Rookie Of The Year
                    by r8rh8rmike
                    Morning Ram-blings: Todd Gurley as rookie of the year?

                    Nick Wagoner, ESPN Staff Writer

                    EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Thursday was sort of the day of the running back here on, especially over in this corner of the site on the St. Louis Rams blog.

                    Beyond the pieces I wrote on backs Steven Jackson and Todd Gurley, there were two more worthwhile reads on the topic.

                    First and foremost, ESPN NFL Insider KC Joyner made the case for Gurley as the favorite to be offensive rookie of the year in 2015. Joyner believes Gurley not only is in the best spot to have success, but is the right fit for what the Rams want to do. And while Gurley's health is a serious concern, Joyner believes that it's not as serious as others might believe.

                    For what it's worth, Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. won the award last season despite not playing in every game. So the precedent has been set and Gurley might be a special enough talent to pull it off.

                    Over on the San Diego Chargers blog, Eric Williams offered a good read on the guy who might be another favorite for the award in running back Melvin Gordon.

                    Gordon enters the league healthy and there's little doubt the Chargers have big plans for him. Regardless, both backs should be fun to watch in 2015 and beyond.


                    A roundup of Thursday's Rams stories on ... In the Ram-blings, we began the day with a look ahead to the 2016 NFL draft. ... Former Rams star running back Steven Jackson wants to keep playing but whether he gets a chance or not, he wants to retire a Ram when the time comes. ... In drafting Gurley, the Rams are sending a clear message that they value running backs.


                    As usual, NFL Nation columnist Kevin Seifert offers a smart take on Robert Kraft vs. the NFL.

                    Scouts, Inc.'s Gary Horton takes a look at the fit for the top 10 picks in the draft.

                    At, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz discusses new Rams offensive lineman Andrew Donnal.

                    At, Bernie Miklasz explores how soccer could help the city keep football.

                    David Hunn offers an update on the financing plans for the proposed stadium.
                    -05-15-2015, 10:45 AM
                  • timsum1283
                    What do you think of the Todd Gurley (Rd 1) pick?
                    by timsum1283
                    I am in the confused camp. How do you feel?
                    Super Excited: He's the next AP!
                    Mildly Excited: He could be the missing piece but there were other options
                    Neutral/Confused: He was the BPA but...why?
                    Mildly Upset: He's good but why choose a RB? least they didn't draft a DE
                    Super Upset: WHO IS HE GOING TO RUN BEHIND?!?
                    -04-30-2015, 07:05 PM