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Weddle retires......

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  • Weddle retires......

    He had a great career prior to joining Rams in the twilight of that storied career. For us, I do not think he was anything special.

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    Exactly. Reminds me of a Joe Namath situation with the Rams.

    "It's the thought that counts?" Thanks anyway Eric for the good intentions.


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      Rich Hammond

      As part of Eric Weddle's pending announced retirement, the Rams not only would get back all $4.75 million of his 2020 salary-cap hit but also $500,000 in credit from 2019. That's pretty significant.

      3:38 PM · Feb 6, 2020·TweetDeck
      This retirement seems to work out well for a Rams team that was likely going to move on from Weddle anyways.


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        I think this is win/win for the team and Weddle.
        "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

        Jack Youngblood


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          Per Macrammer, great career, but did absolutely nothing on the field for us.

          Ramming speed to all

          general counsel


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            Good for the Rams. Dude was a dud.


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              I don't know if Weddle will pursue a career outside of football, but given his experience and considerable football acumen, he might want to try coaching. I don't know if the Rams would be interested, but he could probably land somewhere as an assistant position coach ...


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              • Guest's Avatar
                Just wanted to say thanks!!
                by Guest
                To who ever is running the specal teams this year!!
                Because for once in the last 5 years the specal teams are and sadly the only bright spot for this team!
                -12-23-2008, 07:55 AM
              • ThunderHawk
                Thanks Guys....
                by ThunderHawk
                For standing up and cheering when Michael Boulware was carted off the field. It's good to know that even though we're Arch Enemies, we're still human. Kudos to all the fans in St. Louis!! We will most certainly do that in return if, God forbid, one of your guys gets hurt up here. FYI, Michael's feeling came back to his legs, and it looks like he's good to go, believe it or not! Good luck the rest of the way guys. I'm really starting to like our rivalry!!! It's getting good now!
                -10-09-2005, 10:18 PM
              • Rip32
                Fairwell Roy Keane
                by Rip32
                One of Irish footballs legends announced his retirement today,He was a true legend and put Irish football on the map leading us to the quater finals in Italia 90 and USA 94,He had his troubles one of which was walking out on the Irish squad days before the start of the 2002 world Cup.Fittingly he ended his career as a Celtic player in which he probably redeemed himself to some of the Irish faithfull as Celtic are a much loved team here in Ireland

                He was a true hero/villian for me as he played most of his career for Manchester United but he did captain my country so I will say fairwell to one of soccers true legends.

                Thanks for the memories Keano.
                -06-12-2006, 09:12 AM
              • ramsanddodgers
                by ramsanddodgers
                My brother applied for membership last weekend and says he was denied. He said he asked for an explanations as to why (e-mailed?) and has not heard anything yet.

                Is there a way to find out what is going on?

                His son also joined and I don't see his name on the membership list either.

                Contact me and I'll try to add the needed particulars.

                I tried to contact clanrams by the link but it came back "undeliverable"


                -06-30-2007, 09:39 PM
              • RamsFanSam
                Thanks for the win!
                by RamsFanSam
                I'd like to thank those responsible for us winning today. And a huge high five to God...Thanks!
                -10-23-2005, 01:52 PM