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  • Brockers stays with Rams

    According to Brockers could not take the medical with the Ravens and has agrees to a 3 year deal worth up to 31.5 million with the Rams.

    I am on the phone so I can not paste the text from the news in here.

    i like that he stays. A very underrated part of our defence.

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    Please help me process this. The Rams deemed Brockers expendable due to salary cap concerns. He then goes to a team and promptly failed his physical. What now makes him physically "OK" to re-join the Rams? Is the Ravens battery of tests different from ours? And how is he now "affordable" for us, and how will this financially impact us moving forward? I'm guessing the Rams must have an "out" for the last two years on the deal?


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      Originally posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
      Please help me process this. The Rams deemed Brockers expendable due to salary cap concerns. He then goes to a team and promptly failed his physical. What now makes him physically "OK" to re-join the Rams? Is the Ravens battery of tests different from ours? And how is he now "affordable" for us, and how will this financially impact us moving forward? I'm guessing the Rams must have an "out" for the last two years on the deal?
      The Ravens did not conduct a physical on Brockers due to COVID-19 precautions put in place by the league. Brockers was given a physical by an independent doctor, which turned up concerns about his ankle (high ankle sprain late last season). Baltimore got nervous and wanted to try and alter their previously agreed upon deal to hedge their bets with injury concerns. Sounds like Brockers wasn't down for that, so the deal fell apart.

      The Rams, with loads of their own medical information on Brockers, clearly felt comfortable with what they knew about his injury, and pounced.

      The contract size does concern me, because to me, Brockers doesn't have a $10 million per year kind of impact on the field. But the report right now is that the $31 million over three years is the maximum contract value, and like the Whitworth deal, perhaps there are other factors in the language that make it more palpable for the Rams. Or perhaps the Rams value Brockers much more than I do.

      The Rams may have been willing to give Brockers, say, $8 million per year before free agency hit, but now that they saw his demand, met him the rest of the way. We don't know the inner workings of their cap concerns and plan, so it's hard to say. The contract details will be interesting, especially considering how quickly a deal was arranged with the Rams after the Baltimore contract fell through.


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        Nick hit the nail on the head. The devil is in the details in the contract. Don't get swayed by the headline price. That is not what matters. Let's see how the cap works. He is a solid guy and with the additional of Robinson and hopefully the ongoing development of Gaines and Joseph-Day, we may actually improve in stopping the run.

        Ramming speed to all

        general counsel


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          This is an article by a beat writer who covers the Ravens, so take that perspective with a grain of salt while reading...

          Deal with Michael Brockers falls through and the Ravens have questions to answer
          By Jeff Zrebiec
          1h ago

          As of Wednesday night, the Ravens were still hopeful that they’d have Michael Brockers on their roster. They targeted him and believed he’d be a great fit on a defensive front that also included trade acquisition Calais Campbell and nose tackle Brandon Williams.

          The Ravens felt good enough about their defensive line that they were OK when Michael Pierce, a quality run stuffer for them, signed with the Minnesota Vikings. They had no reservations trading part-time starting defensive end Chris Wormley to the rival Pittsburgh Steelers to get a better 2021 draft pick and open up about $2 million of salary-cap space.

          Now what?

          That’s the prevailing question Friday after the Ravens acknowledged that they wouldn’t be signing Brockers to a three-year, $30 million contract. They won’t be signing him at all. A recent physical, conducted by an independent doctor, turned up concerns about Brockers’ left ankle, which he hurt in the Rams’ season finale last year.

          The Ravens couldn’t have their team doctors directly look at Brockers’ ankle because of league rules put in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. They had access to MRIs and X-rays, but there was no in-person consultation. Based on the independent doctor’s report, there was concern about how the injury would impact Brockers’ readiness and preparation for the 2020 season. The Ravens didn’t feel comfortable giving Brockers the deal they initially agreed to with those concerns and without an ability to evaluate the 29-year-old for themselves.

          The Ravens spent part of the week trying to hammer out a revised deal with Brockers’ agent that reflected the questions about his health. It seemed like there was momentum for it to get done as late as Wednesday evening. Brockers’ agent, Scott Casterline, told NFL Network that he expected his client to be announced as a Raven by the end of the week. Ravens officials didn’t speak publicly on the matter — and they never announced the verbal agreement — but there was still a sense of optimism with team officials that the deal was salvageable.

          No longer. As The Athletic first reported early Friday morning, talks broke down. Casterline found Brockers a safe landing spot back with the Rams. Per NFL Network, the deal is similar to the one he verbally agreed to with Baltimore. The Ravens, meanwhile, are left with a big void on their defensive line and some major questions for Eric DeCosta, who hasn’t had to deal with a whole lot of tumult during his brief tenure as the general manager.

          Let’s get one of those questions out of the way first. Did the Ravens back out of the Brockers’ deal because they had a case of buyer’s remorse?

          That was always going to be part of this conversation after how the Ryan Grant situation unfolded two offseasons ago. The Ravens verbally agreed to a four-year, $29 million deal with the former Washington Redskins receiver, and it was immediately panned around the industry. Grant was more a No. 3 or 4 wide receiver and the contract didn’t reflect that. A few days later, the Ravens expressed concerns about Grant’s ankle after a team physical and backed out of the deal. Grant has played in 16 games over the past two seasons and caught 39 balls for 348 yards and one touchdown.

          It’s not hard to see that the Brockers’ situation is different, mostly because of the climate in which NFL teams are currently operating. The Ravens’ team doctors didn’t fail Brockers on his physical. They didn’t even get a chance to see him. All they had to go off of was the findings of an independent doctor. Team doctors were concerned enough about those findings for team officials to seek to rework the deal.

          A similar situation happened this week with the Jacksonville Jaguars and former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Darqueze Dennard. Their free-agent deal fell through after they verbally agreed on it. The league-wide restrictions put in place because of the coronavirus have made it more challenging to complete deals and finalize trades. Defensive lineman Calais Campbell, who the Ravens acquired from the Jaguars last week, said on a conference call Thursday that he had to get a physical at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona to finalize the trade. He called the process tricky.

          Meanwhile, as the Ravens moved forward early last week with the idea they would have Brockers on their defensive front and his contract on their salary cap, they missed out on opportunities to make other moves. Numerous free agents have since signed elsewhere that they could have pursued.

          They could have re-signed Pierce, although it’s clear they were trying to get more of a pass-rushing threat inside. They also may not have traded Wormley along with a 2021 seventh-round pick to the Steelers for a 2021 fifth-rounder. But that move was more of an indication that the Ravens didn’t think it was wise to pay a rotational defensive lineman $2.2 million a year.

          As things stand, the Ravens interior defensive depth chart includes Williams at nose tackle, Campbell at defensive end and either Justin Ellis, who was re-signed last week, or Daylon Mack, a 2019 draft pick who played sparingly as a rookie, at defensive tackle. There is little depth behind them.

          If you’re looking for positives about the Brockers’ situation, the Ravens now are in line to get a relatively decent compensatory pick — likely either a fourth or fifth rounder — for the loss of Pierce. They also won’t have Brockers’ three-year, $30 million contract on their books going forward. Brockers’ contract was structured where his 2020 cap hit was going to be $5 million. The Ravens now add that to their spending ability, giving them in the neighborhood of $15 million of space to make further additions.

          One of the most pressing questions for DeCosta now is how he uses it. The Ravens need help along the defensive line and there are several quality interior players still available. That list includes Shelby Harris, Derek Wolfe, Timmy Jernigan, Marcell Dareus, Damon Harrison and Mike Daniels.

          The Ravens, however, could also use the money saved on Brockers and allocate it to another position. It seems unlikely they still have enough cap space to jump into the Jadeveon Clowney bidding. Still, there are other edge rushers available, like Markus Golden, Everson Griffen and Clay Matthews. The Ravens also have needs at wide receiver and inside linebacker and on the offensive line that they can now prioritize.

          DeCosta does have options along with some cap space and as many as nine draft picks, including seven in the first four rounds, to fill the team’s needs. But that doesn’t ease the sting of the Brockers’ loss.

          Until Friday, he was the Ravens’ only outside free agent additions as the team chose to use its cap space to sign its own players and to trade for Campbell. Brockers and Campbell were billed as the team’s two primary offseason additions.

          Now what?


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            We are living in surreal times. I've always liked Brockers and am glad to have him back, but I just hope he lives up to his contract.


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              hehe how does this happen to the rams twice

              ie roger saffold

              well at least we retain a steady, but unspectacular commodity.

              so brockers-Robinson-Donald?

              Robinson at least is heavy enough to look like a traditional NT


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                This news made my day. Of the FA we were losing Brockers pained me the most. I felt he was a solid D-Lineman who was good on run defense and was a strong locker room presence. The money issue might be solved by backloading the deal when the Rams have much more cap space.

                I think this move aside from the reasons stated also points to a very real concern for all teams this off-season. There are likely to be be no OTA's and restrictions going into training camp. That makes the draft a high risk matter when you get to day 3 selections. Those players are usually developmental picks and require as much coaching as possible. Having Brockers back on the roster eliminates the need to draft a DL who is close to a plug-n-play type. I look forward to seeing how Brandin Staley uses Brockers as a way to keep AD from getting double-teamed on every play.

                Welcome home Michael!


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                  Good. 'Good' I say. Ha, how about that, Brockers stays put after all.

                  He is a solid guy and with the additional of Robinson and hopefully the ongoing development of Gaines and Joseph-Day, we may actually improve in stopping the run.

                  -- GC

                  That's what I hope and look forward to.


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                    I was very happy to let him go. Opposing teams run right through him.


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                      Originally posted by mh-i View Post
                      I was very happy to let him go. Opposing teams run right through him.

                      Ranked # 9 among DL in total tackles.


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                        Also there's this...

                        PFF LA Rams

                        Michael Brockers was stout against the run this year, improving his Rush Defense grade by +14.3 points from 2018!

                        Brockers posted the 5th-Highest Run Stop % among DIs (min. 250 run plays) and earned the 7th-Highest Rush Defense grade among DIs (min. 250 total plays)


                        7:05 PM ∑ Jan 6, 2020∑Twitter Web App


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                          Anyone seen any details on the contract? I haven't been able to find anything other than $21 mil is guaranteed.


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                            He was as tight lipped about Ram “secrets” as Weddle was about the Ravens so they threw him back into the pond.


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                              Michael Brockers hopeful for long-term contract ..
                              by MauiRam
                              By Nick Wagoner

                              EARTH CITY, Mo. -- As the first draft pick of the Jeff Fisher and Les Snead era in St. Louis, Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers figured to be a building block in the team's long-term aspirations.

                              The Rams made Brockers the No. 14 overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft after trading down twice to add more picks. He was the third first-round pick added to a defensive line that has since added two more. But while the rest of those picks have had clearly defined roles in their time with the team, Brockers' job has been more of a moving target.

                              It has made for a difficult read on where Brockers fits best. He has been asked to gain weight to hold up better against the run and lose weight so he can be a better pass rusher in the span of a year.

                              But Brockers has at least one fit that he hopes to add to the list for the immediate and long-term future and that's staying a Ram well beyond the next two seasons.

                              "I am definitely hopeful I can get a long-term deal," Brockers said. "Being here with Fish, I love the team. Everybody wants to stay with one team their whole career. I know itís a business but at the same time, I love these guys here and I would love to stay here in St. Louis and be with these guys."

                              The Rams seem to share that opinion after choosing to exercise their fifth-year option to ensure Brockers is with the team at least through the 2016 season. That decision keeps Brockers from becoming a free agent after this year and will cost the Rams $6.146 million against the 2016 salary cap if the two sides don't work out a deal before then.

                              It would be a surprise if it came to that. Brockers' representatives and the Rams have engaged in some initial conversations about a deal, but nothing appears imminent. That doesn't mean something won't come together, though. Just last year, the Rams had exercised that same option on defensive end Robert Quinn and then signed him to a lucrative contract extension in Week 2, nearly a full year before the option would kick in.

                              "Iím going to let agents and GMs do what they have to do," Brockers said. "Iím going to try to stay back and get my eye on the field and what I have to do to get better."

                              Brockers' pursuit of improvement should be buoyed by the fact he finally seems to have a set role heading into 2015. Midway through 2014, the Rams moved Brockers to more of a nose tackle position, asking him to tie up multiple blockers to help free up rookie running mate Aaron Donald.

                              The move paid off as Donald posted nine sacks and went on to win the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Brockers' numbers took a hit as he dropped to 32 tackles and two sacks after 46 and 5.5 in 2013.

                              Although his new job doesn't come with much in the way of glamour or statistics, Brockers is embracing it.

                              "Iím OK...
                              -06-14-2015, 02:12 AM
                            • MauiRam
                              Safe bet that Rams pick up Michael Brockers' option
                              by MauiRam
                              By Nick Wagoner

                              EARTH CITY, Mo. -- After the St. Louis Rams signed defensive tackle Nick Fairley last week, some wondered what it might mean for Michael Brockers' future in St. Louis.

                              The answer? Nothing.

                              Aside from the fact that Fairley signed just a one-year deal and offers depth at a position where the Rams had none, the Rams clearly view Brockers as part of the plan moving forward. His future in St. Louis remains unclear in terms of what his next contract looks like, but for now it's a safe bet the Rams will pick up the fifth-year option on Brockers' contract before the deadline in May. They could then negotiate an extension as they did with defensive end Robert Quinn, but it's all but certain they aren't going to allow Brockers to hit free agency after next season.

                              The Rams originally used the 14th overall pick on Brockers in the 2012 NFL draft after a pair of trade downs with the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys. At the time, Brockers was one of the youngest players in the draft as he entered the league at just 21. He promptly signed his four-year, $9.522 million contract with the team.

                              As part of the 2012 draft class, Brockers is also part of the second group to complete the four-year rookie deal under the terms of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. That also makes Brockers part of the second class eligible to have a fifth-year option picked up.

                              The fifth-year option is still a relatively new concept. It applies only to first-round picks, and is at the sole discretion of the team. The team must make the decision by May 3, but has had the ability to exercise it since Dec. 29.

                              According to the fifth-year option rules, a player taken in the top 10 gets the same rights and money as a transition player, which is an average of the top 10 players at a position. A player like Brockers, taken betweens Nos. 11 and 32, gets a deal just shy of the transition number, as it averages the salaries of the third through 25th highest paid players at the position.

                              The exact price for exercising the option on Brockers isn't known at the moment, but we can use teammate Quinn as a reasonable jumping off point. The Rams exercised their option on Quinn last year for a price that came in at about $6.969 million for defensive linemen. Quinn also plays defensive line and also was once the 14th pick in the draft.

                              Quinn's option never materialized despite the Rams exercising it, though. He signed a lucrative six-year contract before the team's Week 2 meeting against Tampa Bay. Any player that has their option picked up must play under that one-year price, though it's guaranteed only for injury until the first day of the league year in which the option has been picked up (so 2016 in Brockers' case).

                              As for Brockers, he has had his share of ups and downs since arriving in St. Louis. He has flashed occasional...
                              -03-20-2015, 10:42 AM
                            • Nick
                              Michael Brockers heading to Baltimore on a three year deal
                              by Nick
                              Ravens agree to terms with Michael Brockers on three-year deal
                              Posted by Charean Williams on March 16, 2020, 7:31 PM EDT

                              The Ravens have agreed to terms with Michael Brockers, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

                              The deal is for three years and $30 million.

                              The additions of Brockers and Calais Campbell should make the Ravens defense even more formidable in 2020.

                              Brockers, 29, spent the first eight seasons of his career with the Rams after they made him the 14th overall choice in 2012.

                              He has appeared in 123 games with 121 starts, making 344 tackles, 23 sacks, 52 quarterback hits, two forced fumbles and nine pass breakups.

                              In 2019, he made 63 tackles and three sacks in starting all 16 games.

                              The Rams have been bracing for significant departures, and pass-rusher Dante Fowler and linebacker Cory Littleton are among others from the defense who could leave.
                              -03-16-2020, 04:36 PM
                            • Rambos
                              Brockers getting closer
                              by Rambos
                              by nick wagoner

                              Coach Jeff Fisher said the Rams made it through the game relatively clean and actually made mention of the Rams getting healthier, namely on the defensive front.

                              That means that DTs Michael Brockers and Matt Conrath could be back in the mix next week. Brockers, in particular, seems to be on track. He actually went through a pre-game warmup workout with strength coach Rock Gullickson. It looks good for the prized rookie’s return sooner than later.
                              -09-24-2012, 01:00 PM
                            • mcpeepants232003
                              Michael Brockers
                              by mcpeepants232003
                              I saw a lot of analysts give the Rams grief for trading down and missing out on Fletcher Cox and Dontari Poe but Brockers has been more effective than both(though Cox has slightly better stats but has played way more).

                              Jenkins has got most of the hype but Brockers has played a huge part in our success.
                              -12-02-2012, 09:41 PM