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    Just saw on RamsWire that Jared Goff was on Alex Bregman's Twitch Stream and said the new uniforms would be released "tomorrow", then backtracked a bit before saying "this week". The article made sure to state that "it was hard to tell by Goff's tone if he was being totally serious, but it's entirely possible he's telling the truth" given the Rams' proclamation that the uniforms would be rolled out later this spring and after the draft, which was nearly three weeks ago.

    I guess we stay tuned, as we all have been-

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    This week? This week is already half over. Why would the Rams not make an announcement on such a momentous event? They're just going to throw the new uniforms out there with no notice? This whole episode is bizarre, plain and simple. I have a bad feeling about it. Hope I'm wrong.


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      they are out NOW

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      • r8rh8rmike
        Cal coach Sonny Dykes: Rams 'very wise' to wait with Jared Goff
        by r8rh8rmike
        Cal coach Sonny Dykes: Rams 'very wise' to wait with Jared Goff

        Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer

        THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Cal coach Sonny Dykes learned everything he ever really needed to know about Jared Goff during Goff's freshman season as a teenage quarterback for a program that won only once in 12 tries.

        "He never blinked," Dykes said in a phone interview this week, days before Goff makes his long-awaited debut for the Los Angeles Rams. "I think we played Ohio State in Game 3 that year, and we werenít very good, and we were playing with a ton of young players. Bunch of freshmen. Bunch of O-linemen that werenít ready to be playing, I can promise you that. He got hit a bunch, and I learned that he was incredibly tough physically, incredibly tough mentally. He never complained one time. He just got up, dusted himself off, went back to the sideline and went back to work. And thatís the best thing about Jared Goff."

        This won't be easy for Goff, the No. 1 overall pick in this year's NFL draft.

        His own coaches have cautioned as much. Jeff Fisher, who warned against judging Goff solely on the merits of his first game Sunday at home against the Miami Dolphins, said Goff is "going to have some moments, like all young quarterbacks do." Or offensive coordinator Rob Boras, who acknowledged that taking practice snaps is "different than actually playing." And quarterbacks coach Chris Weinke, who talked about how the Rams "have to accept that thereís going to be some bumps in the road."

        Goff will be tested from Day 1 against a Dolphins team with a devastating front four and standing behind an offensive line that has not performed well this season.

        One thing that should help him, Dykes believes, is his footwork in the pocket and his willingness to absorb hits, a trait teammates have already picked up on.

        "When they sat down and looked at all the quarterbacks, I think thatís what made him stand out, made him unique and made him the first pick," Dykes said. "It was his toughness, ability to stand in there and throw the ball with somebody in his face. Also, his ability to shuffle around and create space is pretty unique. The NFL game is different than the college game. Everything has to happen much faster than it does in college, but Iím sure heís made that adjustment. I think heíll do a great job."

        The Rams waited to start Goff largely because he came from an offense in which he did not take a snap from under center and did not call plays from the huddle. Besides getting acclimated to NFL speed, those have been his two biggest adjustments. The system Goff ran at Cal was the pass-happy Air Raid offense that lends itself to gaudy collegiate statistics but traditionally has not produced successful NFL quarterbacks.

        Goff ran a lot of run-pass options that mostly required

        -11-18-2016, 09:42 AM
      • RockinRam
        California Cool - By Michael Silver Jan.19, 2019
        by RockinRam
        EDIT: This was written by Michael Silver on January 29th, not the 19th. Sorry for the confusion.

        Jared Goff's football career has been a roller-coaster ride, but the 24-year-old Rams quarterback offsets all highs and lows with an unwavering chill.

        LOS ANGELES --The mood was tense. The stakes were enormous. The din was deafening -- and that was just in the Los Angeles Rams' huddle.

        Trailing 13-0 early in the second quarter of the NFC Championship Game in New Orleans two Sundays ago, his team rattled by a cacophonous Superdome crowd he'd later describe as "the loudest thing I'll ever experience ... disorienting ... dizzying," 24-year-old quarterback Jared Goff finally snapped. Yet it wasn't the relentless roar of the 73,028 fans that triggered the young passer; rather, it was the well-intentioned intervention of some of the equally besieged men in his midst.

        "He took control in a way that I'd never seen before," veteran tackle Andrew Whitworth recalled last Thursday. "It was crazy loud, and a bunch of us kept trying to chime in and give input, and he just said, 'Hey! Everybody shut up. I'll get you guys into the right places. This is my show. I've got it.' First time I've ever heard him do that ... and you know what? Everybody listened."

        Said guard Rodger Saffold: "He said it with some bass in his voice. That was pretty cool. It was like, OK, Jared -- I see you. The noise was insane, but the fact that he was able to settle us down, show his leadership and lead us to victory shows you how much he's grown these last three years. He had so much poise -- and that's the biggest thing you need to know about Jared Goff: He has poise, win or lose."

        After spurring the Rams to a 26-23, overtime victory over the Saints, Goff charged onto the field and made some noise of his own. As he recalled last Wednesday during an interview at his home near Calabasas, California, that will air on NFL Network's "GameDay Morning" on Super Sunday, "As soon as we got a few points on the board, it started to get a little more quiet. The more we'd score, the more quiet it'd get. You know, after a big play, it'd be dead silent. And when Greg (Zuerlein) hit that (game-winning, 57-yard) field goal, all you could hear was us screaming."

        Now, Goff and the Rams have a chance to make some legacy-defining noise in Atlanta, where on Sunday they'll face living legend Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The matchup between a pair of quarterbacks raised in Northern California a generation apart is not one Goff will take lightly; he called the opportunity to compete against the 41-year-old Brady, who has been to eight previous Super Bowls and won five, "an honor."

        That said, he is highly unlikely to get overwhelmed by the enormity...
        -01-29-2019, 03:17 PM
      • mde8352gorams
        Goff Willing to Restructure his Contract
        by mde8352gorams
        Jared Goff is showing the element of teammate in the enclosed article.
        -04-16-2020, 11:01 AM
      • Curly Horns
        The No. 1 hype is great, but now Jared Goff wants to get down to business
        by Curly Horns
        The No. 1 hype is great, but now Jared Goff wants to get down to business
        Bill Plaschke

        When the lights went dark and the questions dried up and Jared Goff was finally able to stalk toward an exit after enduring the grandest of entrances, the quarterback paused and threw his first pass as a Los Angeles Ram.

        It was a 50-yard scowl.

        "I am done," he said softly, glancing at the spent litter of cameras and microphones and hype. "I am so ready to get this thing started."

        He looks like Ryan Gosling but with the fire of Nolan Ryan, a bit of which finally appeared after his introductory news conference Friday afternoon in a cramped hotel meeting space near L.A. Live.

        Less than a day after the Rams chose him as the No. 1 overall draft pick, working on little sleep and surrounded by hordes of pressure, Goff managed to give all the right answers. But lurking through the pretty words, and later evident in that expression, was all the right stuff.

        "He's got a lot of pressure," said Jim Everett, the former Rams quarterback who showed up with Vince Ferragamo to welcome Goff to the Rams family. "But if the composure he showed in this first press conference is the same thing when he's in the pocket, he'll be just fine."

        He said he loved to be in Los Angeles, the Bay Area dude even calling this place "home." But the former California star also sighed wearily and said the most important area of town was the one where he could get a football and a playbook.

        "I'm ready to get back into football, ready to get back into playing," he said. "I really just want to get back into playing."

        He is going to be a singular star. Just check out his good looks and strong presence, an aura such that his agent Ryan Tollner refers to him simply as "The Natural." But now click on the draft night video of dozens of his Cal teammates erupting in what appeared to be sincere jubilation ó hooting and hollering and dancing ó upon hearing the news that Goff had been the top selection. He might stand alone, but he also clearly has teammates believing he stands with them.

        "It was special and really cool to see," Goff said. "It means a lot to me to see how excited they were."

        He talked in lofty terms about his work and personal ethic, saying, "I hold myself to a high standard on and off the field." But if he feels wronged, well, did you see his 3-year-old tweet after the Dodgers' Yasiel Puig allegedly showed up his beloved San Francisco Giants?

        "I really hope Yasiel Puig gets a fastball in his ribs tomorrow," read Goff's 2013 tweet, which doesn't come close to matching Larry Nance Jr.'s old tweet about Kobe Bryant, but is still fiery enough.

        Three years later, on Friday morning, Puig finally responded...
        -04-29-2016, 10:17 PM
      • Nick
        Rams' Jared Goff impressive in first pro practice with Rams
        by Nick
        Rams' Jared Goff impressive in first pro practice with Rams
        By Rich Hammond, Orange County Register
        POSTED: 05/06/2016 08:58:59 PM PDT | UPDATED: ABOUT 8 HOURS AGO

        OXNARD -- On day one, Jared Goff appeared to conjugate all his quarterback verbs correctly.

        "The way they say it, and it's absolutely right, it's almost like learning a different language," Goff said Friday, shortly after the Rams' recent No. 1 overall draft pick completed his first (and quite informal) pro practice. "I felt like I picked it up as I went along, and it got better."

        The Rams started their two-day rookie minicamp for 27 players who either were drafted, signed or invited on tryouts. Most of the work is off the field, with introductory and informational meetings, but players also got on the field Friday for about two hours to show their wares.

        Major analysis would be pointless. There was no tackling; players ran at half speed and spent much of their time working with coaches on positional drills. Coach Jeff Fisher roamed around and took a good look.

        Mostly, the afternoon seemed to have symbolic significance. Players wore Rams uniforms on a field in Southern California for the first time since 1994, and the practice marked the start of the Goff era.

        Goff, the former Cal star, presumed to be the Rams' quarterback of the future -- if not the present -- looked the part. A basic, meat-market evaluation indicated that Goff comes as advertised, with great footwork, a quick release, a good, accurate arm and plenty of confidence. He didn't seem overwhelmed by the moment.

        "It's just a lot of fun to be able to get back out here with the guys and enjoy football again," Goff said, "and get out of the whole pre-draft process and be able to actually play again."

        Goff took snaps out of the shotgun formation, as he did almost exclusively at Cal, but he also spent significant time working with coaches on under-center snaps.

        If there's any question about Goff, this is it, whether his skills can translate to a pro-style system. But Goff looked fine in under-center snaps -- which basically is to say he didn't fumble or trip over his feet -- and said his acclimation to the Rams' playbook, which he has had for only a week, has been smooth.

        "There is a lot that translates," Goff said. "Most of the (shotgun) stuff translates, almost all of it. Then there's under-center stuff that I'm picking up as I go along."

        Goff's experience this weekend is markedly different than other mini-campers because he's essentially the only one guaranteed to be on the roster at the start of the season. For Goff, this is about learning and growing. For the other two dozen players, it's about making an impression.

        Fourth-round picks Tyler Higbee (tight end) and Pharoh Cooper (receiver) and sixth-round...
        -05-07-2016, 05:53 PM