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Cam Newton as our back-up?

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  • Cam Newton as our back-up?

    Read an article that was lobbying for the Ram's to make a play for Newton.

    Without workouts, it is tough to judge Cam's health, but at a bargain price, I would sign him.

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    I think despite him not yet having been signed, Cam still very much considers himself a starter. My gut tells me that he is not yet willing to concede his starting days are over and wouldn't be willing to sit behind Jared Goff for peanuts. I think Cam is going to wait it out and see which starting QB goes down with a big injury before deciding on his next team.


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      He's 31, he's beat up, he has durability issues, he sees himself as a starter, and he'd create a instant QB controversy. Plus, he's been available since March with zero takers. No thanks.


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        If the Rams were bonifide Super Bowl contenders it might make sense to sign a back- up of Cam's ability. Won't be needed this season.


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          Flaco just signed with the Jets for $1.5 million plus 3 miilion in possible incentives, and Falco is 35 with a recent neck surgery.

          Chase Daniels signed with the Lions on a 3 year $13 million dollar deal, and he has thrown 7 TD passes in 10 years.

          Cam not being willing to sign, and waiting for the season to start is most likely, but the more I think about it, IF (a BIG IF) we could sign Cam as a backup, we should.

          And its just possible with questions surrounding the 2020 season, Cam might want to get a contract, and count on getting traded if a big-name qb goes down early if the season goes off as scheduled. That way, if the season IS disrupted, he still makes something.

          Truth is, we are too poor to make a serious play, unless Cam really wants to come to L.A.


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            Honestly I would rather spend the money elsewhere instead of on Cam. I would rather sign someone like Devonte Freeman that we can actually get a real benefit from instead of a high priced backup that will probably never see the field. Every cap dollar counts right now.