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CB Ramsey says he will not hold out, plans to report to training camp

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  • CB Ramsey says he will not hold out, plans to report to training camp

    Steve Wyche

    Rams CB Jalen Ramsey said that he would report to training camp without a contract extension. He just said that on a video call with reporters. Ramsey is entering the final year of his contract.

    1:27 PM · May 26, 2020·TweetDeck

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    Rotoworld's take...

    Ramsey has as much leverage as any player in recent memory after the Rams gave up the farm to get him last October, but he has decided to play nice, at least initially. The new CBA features amazingly punitive holdout fines, though not for players still on their first contract. It seems like both sides want to get something done here.


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      Steve Wyche

      Rams Coach Sean McVay on contract extension situation with CB Jalen Ramsey: “The anticipation in acquiring him is that he is a Ram for a long time. We went and got this guy with the hope that it’s not a short-term thing.”

      3:49 PM · May 26, 2020·Twitter for iPhone


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        Originally posted by Nick View Post
        Rotoworld's take...

        [Ramsey] has decided to play nice, at least initially. The new CBA features amazingly punitive holdout fines, though not for players still on their first contract. It seems like both sides want to get something done here.

        Not sure if this is more of a surprise or an expectation fulfilled. Either way...

        GOOD for Rams & Ramsey!

        On the other hand, from the Friskies press:

        Whiners should benefit from Rams' poor choices,
        Jalen Ramsey extension

        NBC Sports
        By Brian Witt
        May 26, 2020 p.m.

        The Los Angeles Rams are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and it's unlikely to get any more comfortable any time soon.

        Forget the fact that they've been passed up by the Whiners and the rest of the NFC West. Ignore the fact that they're spending nearly $30 million in dead money this coming season to have running back Todd Gurley and receiver Brandin Cooks play for other teams. Gloss over the fact that quarterback Jared Goff might have the most burdensome contract in the NFL. Overlook the fact that they rank dead last in available cap space, and pay no mind to the fact that the Rams don't have a first-round pick in next year's draft.

        Instead, let's focus on the move that arguably put them in such a terrible position, and likely will keep them there for several seasons to come.

        Make no mistake, Jalen Ramsey is an amazing player. He might be the best cornerback in all of football, which is why it cost Los Angeles such a pretty penny to acquire him last season. To get him, the Rams sent their 2020 and 2021 first-round draft picks and a 2021 fourth-round selection to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags never intended to sign Ramsey to the lucrative contract extension he surely would command, which was the main impetus in trading him. The Rams appeared ready to do what Jacksonville would not, particularly considering all the value they gave up in trading for Ramsey.

        Well, the time to pay the piper is fast approaching, and it doesn't sound like the Rams should be expecting any sort of a discount.

        "The Rams know where I stand," Ramsey said Tuesday on a video conference call with reporters (H/T ESPN's Lindsey Thiry). "I think that's all that matters at the end of the day. It will be handled. They know where I stand. They've been in contact with my agent. They're on the same page as my agent."

        "I feel like everybody knew what type of situation it was gonna be once they traded for me," Ramsey added, "so I think it doesn't really need to be talked about that much. It'll get handled."

        Ramsey's next contract is expected to reset the cornerback market, and deservedly so. He has all of the leverage, as Los Angeles cannot afford to let him go. They don't want to, but the hefty annual salary they'll be forced to pay Ramsey inevitably will make it much tougher to fill out the rest of their roster.

        "The anticipation was to acquire him with the hope that he's a Ram for a long time," Los Angeles coach Sean McVay told reporters. "You want to figure out, 'How do we get him taken care of the way that he deserves and still make sure we're mindful of the entire team?"

        McVay is considered one of the brightest minds in all of football, but even he is going to be extremely challenged to solve that quandary. The Rams can't afford to let Ramsey go, but they can't really afford to pay him, either. The most likely outcome is that they ultimately sign Ramsey to a record-breaking extension, but upon doing so, they'll be squeezed even tighter than they already are.

        Los Angeles had its window. The Rams took their shot, and they missed. Trading what they did for a player of Ramsey's quality is far more defensible than giving an unproven Goff $110 million guaranteed, but combined -- along with some other moves that backfired -- they appear likely to put the Rams in the NFC West cellar, and to keep them there for the foreseeable future.

        The Whiners' division currently is considered perhaps the toughest in the NFL. But thanks to the Rams shooting themselves in the foot, that could change relatively soon.
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          The above article is awfully negative.....and unfortunately true, as I see it. The Ramsey deal is simply the latest irresponsible contract doled out by the Rams, and it's a lose-lose proposition. Option 1 is to keep the guy and have to pay him a fortune, which will hamstring you financially for years and prevent you from filling out your roster with quality players. Option 2 is to decline signing him, in which case we'll have traded away two #1's and have nothing to show for it.

          The Rams recent management strategy is to overwhelm guys with money- some before they really needed to even consider it- and then watch as the organization struggles to free up cap space. It's a tremendous gamble, and I can't tell you enough how strongly I'm against this approach. It is fiscally irresponsible. The Rams were wooed by Gurley's early productivity, then foolishly extended him with outrageous money only to see him (inevitably, with his history) break down. They paid handsomely for Cooks, only to see him miss significant time with concussion issues, necessitating his trade. They gave Goff a Brink's truck full of dough, and there are major questions as to whether this guy is actually an upper tier QB or one in disguise. And now Ramsey, whose signing was ill-timed and I feel, ill-conceived. Ironically, the one guy who unquestionably deserved his money the most is Aaron Donald, with whom the Rams played hardball.

          I'm not a financial genius, but I do know this: Too many outrageous contracts in a league where there's a hard salary cap impacts your ability to adequately address needs elsewhere. That's Football 101. My choice with Ramsey? Dump him. Don't give in to what will surely be outrageous demands.Take the short term hit and swallow your pride. I don't give a damn how good people think the guy is, he's not worth setting ourselves up for what will be a dreadful period in which we can't obtain afford to make meaningful roster moves for quality talent. Mark my words.
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            Originally posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
            The above article [post #4] is awfully negative...

            Of course it is, it's a biased piece of writing from the Friskies press. (^_^)

            But I hope you are wrong in that the article is "true".


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              Originally posted by RealRam View Post
              Of course it is, it's a biased piece of writing from the Friskies press. (^_^)

              But I hope you are wrong in that the article is "true".
              That's exactly the point I came here to make. The guy is a writer for the Bay Area division of NBC Sports. I'm rather pleased I don't find myself agreeing with his take on things.


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                From my take, it is not too far off. At least on paper during off season. I just read an article about NFC West and who the top QB is. Of course Wilson was top rated. The debate went on about Whiners and Cardinals signal callers. at the very end, a quick mention of Goff as brining up the rear and his regression last year.

                I hope this year, the Rams use these type of articles and opinions and come on strong. It seems they are not on the radar screen just two year after the SB egg. There is plenty of talent on this team.

                My guess is if they had to do it over again with Ramsey, they would not. But we are where we are.


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                  NJ & mac, I must respectfully pushback a bit with your assertions concerning the Ramsey deal. Yes, we paid a hefty price for him, but with those 2 1st round picks we're likely talking about picks around #20, not top ten. Given that scenario, I have to trust that Rams looked down the road and felt that at that place there weren't going to be the plug n' play type of prospects found in the top ten. So that means a year or two of college to the NFL growth. Now let's admit that there is a Super Bowl window for us given the Goff and Donald contracts plus their aging. Not to say it cannot happen, but Ramsey is an assured quantity, injuries notwithstanding. In looking at this year's 1st round the only player drafted in the 20's that I can say I would have liked for us was Cesar Ruiz C, given our needs. The strategy for the Rams in the draft right now is 2nd round-mid-round prospects and thus far we haven't done too badly.

                  On this matter I like what our defense is looking towards with Donald and Ramsey as well as some other additions/promotions such as A'Shawn Robinson, Leonard Floyd, Terrell Lewis, Micah Kiser and Terrell Burgess, plus as Peter Schrager of NFL Network called him our "secret weapon", Brandon Staley.

                  On your other assertions, I do agree we were a bit generous with the Goff contract, but he was the #1 pick and these days QB's get outsize amounts of money. Let's see what Mahomes gets. The Gurley deal was timely and a bit generous, but has since been eclipsed by Elliott of the 'Boys and McCaffrey. The main reason we're unhappy is the arthritis issue and who could have foreseen that? The Cooks matter is almost similar, although he had to be signed as he was at the end of his rookie deal and could have cost more if he hadn't been signed at the time of his acquisition, which is my understanding.

                  NJ & mac, I'm not saying you're wrong, but let's travel back to the John Shaw days when he wouldn't spend any money and the Rams were nowhere in the scheme of contending teams. Plus, given the WR's and TE's in our division having a shutdown CB who has positional versatility combined with our other defensive players may make us a team to be truly reckoned with. I am looking forward to seeing our new defense in action.


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                    Interesting, interesting and sound views -- even in opposition of each other.

                    Come on Ramsey, don't let us down!


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                      Fun fact: I was one of Peter Schrager's High School Phys. Ed. teachers.

                      That aside, I've made my feelings quite clear about Ramsey. And the draft picks at this point are a secondary issue to our ability to shape our roster in the future. Spending money is all well and good but it must be spent wisely. The Rams haven't done that with several huge contracts, and instead have put themselves in a tenuous position financially.


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                        Originally posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
                        Spending money is all well and good but it must be spent wisely.
                        I would honestly love to hear some examples of what you think money spent wisely is. I'm not trying to be snarky, I sincerely want to know.

                        I say that because locking up a versatile 25-year-old player widely considered to be among the best in the league at his position seems to me like a perfect example of spending your money wisely, but obviously you disagree.

                        This reminds me of the discussions about the Rams extending Donald and how some people felt like it was just going to be too much, even though it was clear his talent and ability was worthy of an extension.

                        Personally, I've seen too many years of the Rams fielding embarrassing rosters to not want to lock up an elite player when they have one.

                        Originally posted by macrammer View Post
                        My guess is if they had to do it over again with Ramsey, they would not.
                        What do you base that on? I would think if the Rams felt that way, they would have tried to move Ramsey to regain draft capital. There's been no indication they've been anything but thrilled with him. I don't think Staley comes out and lavishes praise on the guy if they aren't happy to have dealt for him.

                        My guess is the Rams don't value late first round draft picks as much as fans do, probably because their professional evaluations of players over a number of years did not reveal a significant difference in the grades of late first round players compared to second round players. Time will tell whether they're right or not, but they're definitely not the only team whose moves suggest they follow this philosophy.


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                          There is no right or wrong in most of the posts here. There are opinions. you make good points but I am of the train of thought that the cap hell we are in was completely avoidable. A few of the contracts were just not necessary. Now we are paying roughly 30% of our roster for players no longer here. This started back with Tavon.... We have key players to sign after this year. Ramsey is a great player, no doubt. How much will he cost and what toll does it take to sign Kupp, Johnson and others?

                          In the meantime, the NFC West has caught up with the Rams. The Whiners especially tough one to swallow.

                          I am certainly hopeful the Rams are not headed back to the desert walk we have all experienced too many years since 1989. This team has talent. I have faith in Sean. But the FO is not giving me loads of confidence with some of the moves they have made with contracts dating back to Tavon.

                          And thanks for bringing up John Shaw. Many years of therapy to forget that guy! lol


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                            mac, you're welcome regarding the John Shaw reference. I think all Rams fans were in therapy after that debacle. When I said right or wrong I was alluding more to the Rams being right or wrong in their actions concerning the Ramsey deal and the contracts given to Gurley and Cooks plus Goff and Donald. I apologize for that misunderstanding. I respect yours and NJ's opinions. BTW, we are in total lockstep about Tavon, which wasn't just a bust pick, but we traded up 8 spots to select him!

                            Its interesting that you cite resigning both Kupp and Johnson, who I too desperately hope we can resign, but they are 2 examples of the Rams draft strategy concerning mid-round picks. As you say, we are in a division where talent is all around us and we need to keep pace. For that reason having an elite CB like Ramsey is a valuable asset.

                            I will add that my greatest concern is if there are no fans in stadiums which I stated was a huge revenue stream for owners could result in a reduction in the salary cap for next year. The one plus is that the ***** will need to resign Trent Williams, which could give them cap problems although I admit to not knowing their situation that well.

                            Looking ahead I feel that we have a coaching staff that evaluates talent better than previous ones. To me, that signals we have a plan and know which players fit our scheme best. Injuries can always derail those plans, but that's the nature of the beast.


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                              Originally posted by Nick View Post

                              I would honestly love to hear some examples of what you think money spent wisely is. I'm not trying to be snarky, I sincerely want to know.

                              I say that because locking up a versatile 25-year-old player widely considered to be among the best in the league at his position seems to me like a perfect example of spending your money wisely, but obviously you disagree.

                              This reminds me of the discussions about the Rams extending Donald and how some people felt like it was just going to be too much, even though it was clear his talent and ability was worthy of an extension.

                              Personally, I've seen too many years of the Rams fielding embarrassing rosters to not want to lock up an elite player when they have one.

                              I think I already referenced examples of questionable financial decisions in my previous post involving Gurley, Goff and Cooks, specifically, but to get into the particulars, here goes:

                              We extended Gurley with a ridiculous amount of money-with $45 million of it guaranteed- two years before we had to, only to have to cut the guy two years later. This was a shortsighted decision given his injury history and the short shelf life of workhorse backs in the NFL. This was the start of it all.

                              The Rams gave Goff a deal with an NFL record $110 million in guaranteed money before he needed to be extended. Goff wasn't publicly seeking a new deal right away. Yes, had Goff gotten better the Rams would possibly have had to pay even more for him to stick around, especially since Sean McVay publicly (and many say foolishly) extolled the guy's virtues as he was approaching new contract time. But Goff has regressed, starting with an awful SB performance and continuing to the point where some have even suggested his days could be numbered (I have not gone so far as to feel that way just yet), but the fact remains that the Rams right now have an average QB making top dollar.

                              The Rams gave Brandin Cooks an $80 million extension. It is bad luck that Cooks has subsequently dealt with concussion issues, but he's apparently healthy enough to play elsewhere, and the Rams are on the hook for a portion of his dead money.

                              And I will continue to say until my dying freaking' breath that a cornerback is not a guy one should break the bank for. I don't care WHO he is. Why would it have been bad strategy to instead get a guy, draft a guy or develop a guy who is solid and can play the position well, instead of obtaining a guy in mid-season for the Fort Knox that Ramsey will undoubtedly command?? Isn't this lending to the untenable cap situation the team has just had to turn over stone to try and dig itself out of? It's these kind of moves which prevent the Rams from being able to better upgrade areas of need.

                              Only Aaron Donald has shown the kind of staying power along with excellence that warrants the money he's been given. And none of this of course even addresses the #1 draft picks we've forked over while all this was going on, which is an entirely separate issue.

                              Not much more I can really say- I simply feel the Rams have not allocated their money wisely, and adding another monstrosity of a contract at the expense of everyone else will not help them retain their own guys or obtain free agents of note.


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                              • Guest's Avatar
                                by Guest
                                When did Steven Jackson make the Rams "brass" aware that he would not be ,actively, participating in "any Ram(deer) games" or practices without a new contract? Two weeks after the end of the '07 season? One month before the '08 preseason camp? The day before camp? The day that camp started?

                                Just curious.

                                RAM ON!
                                -08-06-2008, 05:35 AM
                              • PeoriaRam
                                It's the first day of training camp....
                                by PeoriaRam
                                And Bradford is not signed. Even better, contract negotiations have had hiccups emerge.

                                Good job Team Devaney. You had almost 7 months to get a deal done and still didn't. :| In your next jobs, start contract negotiations a little sooner.
                                -07-29-2010, 06:31 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Rams Report to Training Camp with Optimism for '07
                                by RamWraith
                                Thursday, July 26, 2007

                                By Nick Wagoner
                                Senior Writer

                                As player after player jumped out of their cars and unpacked in front of the team’s training camp hotel to report for the first day of the 2007 training camp, the usual message from all NFL teams was the message of the day.

                                With the arrival of training camp comes the emergence of hope in 32 NFL cities. The real games are over a month away and the records are all the same. In St. Louis, it was no different as the Rams talked about trying to carry over momentum from their flourishing finish a year ago and the possibilities for an offense that, on paper, has the ability to be one of the best in the league.

                                Following his breakout season in 2006, nobody exemplified the eternal optimism of the first day of camp more than running back Steven Jackson. As he hopped out of his Mercedes vehicle, Jackson had a big grin on his face and his “I Believe” t-shirt on with the sunny disposition of a player with grand plans for the 2007 season.

                                “It’s part of a promotion and I thought it would be perfect to wear today because it’s a new season and a fresh start,” Jackson said.

                                Indeed. A new beginning equals a new chance to vie for the NFL’s top prize and a berth in the Super Bowl. What might be a realistic goal for some teams isn’t as realistic when the season starts. But for at least a month, those hopes stay intact.

                                For the Rams, a strong finish to an average season has created plenty of enthusiasm in Earth City. While it remains to be seen if any of that momentum can actually carry over from one season to the next, the Rams have reason to believe they can make more strides in the second year of the coach Scott Linehan era.

                                For that reason and many others, this is Linehan’s favorite part of the year.

                                “In all seriousness it is,” Linehan said. “There has been a lot of work put in by everybody to get here. There is a lot of work ahead. It’s exciting when guys show up in shape. I have a good feeling about that. Some guys have a look about them and there’s a lot of excitement within the team and the players. I think that’s the fun part.”

                                Most of the 86 players listed on the Rams’ roster reported to camp Thursday afternoon. Only three players were not present. Quarterback Marc Bulger and rookie defensive tackle Adam Carriker (see accompanying story) were not in attendance as their representatives worked on contracts for their clients. Undrafted rookie linebacker Kevin McLee was also absent because of a death in the family.

                                But the optimism around the team is more than reasonable considering the way the team finished the year and the offseason it had. When practice opens Friday morning, every Ram in attendance will be cleared to play as all injuries have been healed to the point of full clearance. That means linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa is ready...
                                -07-26-2007, 04:59 PM
                              • turbofargo
                                When will Bradford's contract be done
                                by turbofargo
                                Will it be done before the ownership issue is complete or will it be contingent on the completion of the new deal. When do talks usually heat up?
                                -05-14-2010, 03:41 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Get It Done
                                by RamWraith
                                By Howard Balzer
                                Thursday, August 14, 2008


                                MEQUON, Wis. – If there was any significance to Rams contract negotiators Jay Zygmunt and Samir Suleiman not being in attendance at the final practice of the Wisconsin portion of training camp Wednesday, we should know fairly soon.

                                Both have been consistent attendees throughout camp, yet both had no presence at the afternoon workout that was cut short by a 30-minute downpour.

                                The key words when Zygmunt broke off negotiations with Eugene Parker, the agent for running back Steven Jackson, on July 25, were “training camp.” When Zygmunt was blind-sided by Jackson’s decision to boycott camp without a new contract, he said there would be no more talks until Jackson reported to “training camp.”

                                Well, officially, “training camp” is now over. Yes, there are still 80 players on the “training camp” roster. And yes, there are still two weeks of practice until the final cutdown to 53 players on Aug. 30.

                                But, two-a-days are now over. The team “breaks camp” and leaves for home today. That gives both Zygmunt and Jackson the perfect opportunity to extricate themselves from their public stance and get this done by the weekend.

                                Had Jackson reported to camp, he would have cashed his bonus check two weeks ago, at the latest. Had he been as professional as Eagles running back Brian Westbrook was, he would have his new deal already, and wouldn’t have alienated even more a portion of the public that already didn’t care for him, much less having added a fresh legion of fans that can’t figure out what he is up to.

                                Westbrook, in case you hadn’t heard, also changed agents just before training camp, and was seeking more money within the contract he was under, one that had three years remaining. But Westbrook reported to training camp, and he had his new deal on Aug. 8. That attitude was highlighted by Eagles president Joe Banner, who said, “There was never one single moment, privately, where there was any threat of, ‘I’m not playing in the game, I’m not coming to camp.’ We all knew the realities of what his options were. They couldn’t have been more positive and professional throughout the whole thing. All of us knew, ‘Let’s get this done as quickly as we can, and certainly let’s get this done before we’re going to ask him to go out and play a game.’

                                “This is a premier guy, leader, player. What he has done over the last few weeks here with this going on and still working; he came out there when he had strep throat and practiced. He just wants to win so badly. He wants the team to be the best it can be. That’s what drove him, it’s what has always driven him.”

                                Meanwhile, with Jackson, we hear rumblings once again that he’s not happy with his agent. The reality is, Steven Jackson will be an extremely wealthy man when...
                                -08-14-2008, 02:28 PM