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Rams to gain $5.5 million in cap space Tuesday from Gurley's release

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  • Rams to gain $5.5 million in cap space Tuesday from Gurley's release

    Cameron DaSilva
    4 hours ago
    The Los Angeles Rams aren’t exactly flush with cap space at the moment, sitting on just over $569K as of June 1. But on Tuesday, they’ll get some much-needed relief.

    Because the Rams designated Gurley as a post-June 1 release, they’re able to spread his dead cap charge over the next two years instead of taking all of it on in 2020. The drawback was that they didn’t get any relief when they cut Gurley back in March, but the money will come through on Tuesday.

    The Rams will gain $5.5 million this week from Gurley’s release, which will put them at more than $6 million in cap space. That will surely be used to sign their rookie draft class at some point, and possibly open the door for some free-agent help at linebacker. It’s unlikely the Rams will go out and sign anyone, but at least now they’ll have the ability to.

    When the Rams did cut Gurley, it cost them $20.15 million in dead money, which will be accounted for on the 2020 salary cap, as well as next year’s. It was a lot of money to take on, but it also rid the team of his sizable contract.

    So who we gonna sign ???

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    The money will likely go towards the signing of Jalen Ramsey.


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      mde is probably right. Draft class is first, obviously. But after that, it makes sense to lock up Ramsey and use his 5th year as a means to spread out his guaranteed monies, thus lessening his cap impact in later years. I doubt we see any influx at LB


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      • eldfan
        (BLOG) A Look At The St. Louis Rams' Salary Cap Situation With Kevin Demoff
        by eldfan
        Ryan Van Bibber TURFF SHOW

        The NFL trade deadline is a week away. That, a rash of injuries, and a whole bunch of unmet expectations have fans wondering about the St. Louis Rams' salary cap situation. It was reported last week that the Rams had $6 million in available cap space. If only it were that simple. Rams Executive Vice President of Football Operations and Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff took some time to explain the team's cap situation with us recently.

        In reality, the Rams are approximately $1.345 million under the cap, in terms of "true salary cap dollars," according to Demoff. Those numbers reflect the most recent additions of WR Nick Miller and CB Brian Jackson.
        The discrepancy in the reported amount versus what Demoff calls the "true salary cap dollars" stems from the September restructure of Chris Long's contract, which freed up $4 million in space. Except it didn't free up $4 million in cap space.

        "While we freed up $4 million in the Chris Long grievance resolution, that is for a few remote salary cap contingencies that could kick in at the end of this year," Demoff explained. "So we always have to save that $4m for the end of the season. The likelihood is that $4 million will not be used this year and will roll over into 2012, which means the actual accounting of the Chris Long contract will not change as a result of the re-structure (we add $4 million in charges next year and get a $4 million credit for next year - a wash)."

        If the Rams do end up using that $4 million for contingencies this year, it would translate into a reduction in salaries owed in the 2012 season. The bottom line, however, is that money is not available for random additions, etc. this season. "The $4m was never designed to be "used" in 2011," said Demoff. "We entered the regular season with $3m of salary cap space and that should be enough to get through the season."
        The NFL salary cap is a complex beast. After the jump, Demoff explains the cap in a little more detail, and paints a picture of the Rams' cap situation for 2012.

        That $4 million aside, Demoff says that the Rams will be tight on cap space for the 2012 season, for the same reasons as this year.
        Our salary cap through 2012 is somewhat constricted because we had very high draft picks in 2008-2010. When you factor in those contracts, they account for nearly 32% of our salary cap, which means the remaining 50 players, IR and practice squad and cuts have to fit in the rest of the 68%. Factor in Steven Jackson and that number jumps to roughly 40%.

        According to Demoff, the Rams expect to have about $10 million in cap space for 2012, assuming a relatively flat cap and players returning on their current contracts as well as signing draft picks. It's also worth pointing out that most of the Rams' free agent additions this...
        -10-12-2011, 07:48 PM
      • Barry Waller
        Ramds Cap situation and possible moves available
        by Barry Waller
        Cook counts $4 million, the Rams had about $15-$17 million at least in cap.

        Hayes cost a couple million cap.
        Cudjo a million

        So they have about $8 or $9, and Long will probably count $6 of that.

        They will need $4 million or so for draft picks.

        They would have to either move some money around on their high paid guys, or cut one of the veterans that saves the most cap, which would be Kendall Langford $3 million and Harvey Dahl $4 million.

        Langford is almost guaranteed to be cut next year, as it would then save $6 million in cap, and they could draft his replacement with one of those 2 #2 picks in 2014.

        Same for Dahl who still counts $4 mill next year.

        Chris Long has lower cap numbers the last two years of the deal, so the Rams could save $10 million in 2013 cap JUST by guranteeing his $13.5 million salary which turns it into pro rated bonus.

        The way Finnegan is set up, his salary is just #1 million a year, so they can't do anything there.

        Same for Wells, Laurenaitis.

        Looking at the Rams cap hits the next three or four years, most of the big money guys PEAK THIS year, because of money deferred to save cap last year and the year before.

        Next year, Finnegan counts $10 milllion instead of $15 Million he is this year.
        Long is the same next year, but he goes from $13.2 to $10 in 2015 and $11 mil in 2016, unless they redo him as I said, which seems necessary unless they really cut some guys.

        Bradford goes UP $5 million in 2014.
        Laurinaitis goes from $12.6 to $10.4 cap hit in 2014, then he'll be a bargain at $4 million $6 million and $8 million cap hit the next three years. That's really going to help them when Quinn, Brockers, Jenkins and others are FA.

        Wells stays at $6.5 million cap hit in 2014, with no dead money if cut, so he's as good as gone unless he redoes a deal.

        The Rams are really saved by the ability tp lower Long's cap hit by $10 million without the player having a say at all.

        If they add $10 million to the $12 they have left, then signes Long at $6 million cap year one, and Delmas at $4 million max cap hit year one, they STILL have $12 million left to sign more free agents, and could add $7 million MORE by cutting Dahl and Langford which could be used to sign a better DT, or another safety, a veteran CB, or a RB.

        Their absolute max would be that even after Long, Cook , Cudjo, and Hayes, plus Delmas, and $4 million for draft picks, the Rams would STILL have $15 million to spend.

        They probably won't do that, but if there was a guy they really really wanted, they have the means to signthem and still be way under the cap, thanks to Long's whole cap hit this year being SALARY, ll

        The idea that they are almost out of cap really is meaningless. They...
        -03-13-2013, 09:02 PM
      • Barry Waller
        For those that say rams have no cap room
        by Barry Waller
        Once you understand the rules, you can see how easy it is to create a large amount of cap room, as long as you factorin future effects of course.

        The next two years, the cap will go up $17 million, which kind of takes care of a big future issue.

        Lots of confusion about what the Rams have now available, with dead money and other stuff tweaking the actual amount.

        I'll go by what Jim Thomas has said, as he has inside info from Demoff himself.

        He said they have $9.5 million available, with another $9 milion added by cutting Finnegan and Dahl.

        If they can get Wells to do something about his cap, it will be added.


        Are you aware that by just guaranteeing Wells $5.5 million SALARY for 2014, it adds &2.75 of room this year? It is added to 205, but then you have that relief from Long and Laurinaitis deals going DOWN, NINE million dollars.

        NOW, are you also aware that by guaranteeing Laurinairis $10 million salary, of which only $1 million is still guaranteed, you can lower HIS 2014 cap number by $6.75 million, which is then spred out for thr ee years at $2.25 per year. His 2015 cap would still only be $6.25 million.

        So with just two moves the player doesn't even have to approve, the Rams can add ANOTHER $9 million of cap room, without cutting Wells.

        Here are some other players, and the amount saved this year by guaranteeing their salary and turning it into pro rated bonus:

        Langford $2.5 million (added to 2015)
        Bradford $4 million (added to 2015)
        -03-05-2014, 01:55 PM
      • Nick
        Rams rework Rob Havenstein’s deal to create more cap space
        by Nick
        Rams rework Rob Havenstein’s deal to create more cap space
        Posted by Charean Williams on April 24, 2020, 4:33 PM EDT

        The Rams have reworked offensive tackle Rob Havenstein‘s contract to create salary cap space.

        Field Yates of ESPN reports the team converted $2.34 million of Havenstein’s base salary into a signing bonus. That creates $1.56 million in additional salary cap room for 2020.

        The Rams needed the space to accommodate the signings of Leonard Floyd and A'Shawn Robinson.

        Havenstein signed a four-year, $32.5 million contract extension with the Rams before the 2018 season.

        Havenstein, who turns 28 next month, has started 68 games in five seasons. The Rams made him a second-round choice in 2015.
        -04-24-2020, 04:11 PM
      • bruce4life
        So our cap number is approx 23-25 million???
        by bruce4life
        What are we going to do in order to fill the voids .
        -03-10-2013, 08:56 PM