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Rams new logo and helmet design also works as a logo for the Microsoft Edge browser

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  • Rams new logo and helmet design also works as a logo for the Microsoft Edge browser

    Demoff must be furious that Microsoft bested him with its visionary "3 banana" style

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    Speaking of who should be furious:

    Click image for larger version

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      Yes, I saw the Angelo State one too. It's better than ours because it's still got a proper curl at the end. Guess they didnt see the need to accomodate the fibonacci sequence.


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        Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
        Speaking of who should be furious:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	download.jpg
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        Wow- If I were Angelo State, I'd slap a trademark infringement lawsuit on us and force The Rams to change it up!


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          Originally posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
          Wow- If I were Angelo State, I'd slap a trademark infringement lawsuit on us and force The Rams to change it up!
          My thoughts exactly, although turnabout is fair play. The Angelo State football helmet looks pretty familiar:

          Click image for larger version

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            Originally posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post

            Wow- If I were Angelo State, I'd slap a trademark infringement lawsuit on us and force The Rams to change it up!

            'You beat me to it, seriously! (^_^)

            Angelo State / L.A. Rams / Microsoft ... one way or another, start looking up those Copyright laws and contact Ph. numbers.


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              Extraordinary! How does a multi-billion $ organization let this happen? Preferences aside this is embarrassing.


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                Wow, wow , wow.

                nice find r8rh8rmike

                Some quick googling indicates the mascot for Angelo State was the Rams at least as early as 1940, and pictures online prove that particular horned logo has been their logo for a number of years. The phallic ram head logo was bad enough, but this is a very bad look. Given the logo steal, our Rams have a lot of 'splaining to do.


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                  Great research guys. I can conclude then, that the new logo is not only unattractive but unoriginal as well. The latter should be truly embarrassing since the whole point of the redesign was to create something new. Right?
                  “Oh, 100 percent,” Donald said. “I feel like the words, ‘Thank you,’ ain’t enough. You’ve got to show it... Instead of saying thank you — show it.”


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                    Right IB4E! ...What a way for us to come up with something 'N E W'!
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                      Here is Mike Mayock's Top 100 prospects list:

                      [/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]Using this list as a guide, which player do you think will be the biggest "riser" (drafted the greatest number of spots above his Mayock ranking) and "faller" (drafted the greatest number of spots below his Mayock ranking)?[/LEFT][/LEFT]...
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                      Okay here is wild switch to 3-4 defense draft
                      by RamsSB99
                      I would like to see us get a free agent C. Ideally sign Jason Brown or Matt Birk.

                      Free Agent:
                      Jason Brown C 6'3 320

                      Rd1 Aaron Curry LB 6'3 250
                      Rd2 Ron Brace NT 6'3 325
                      Rd3 Fenuki Tupou OT 6'6 325
                      Rd4 Domonique Johnson CB 6'2 200
                      Rd5 Sammie Lee Hill DE 6'4 325
                      Rd6 Curtis Taylor SS 6'3 205
                      Rd7 Quinn Johnson FB 6'1 265 (May need to package a late comp pick to move up & get him)

                      Our new defense:

                      LE - Hill 6'4 325
                      NT - Brace 6'3 325
                      RE - Carriker 6'6 310

                      LB - Long 6'3 265
                      LB -Witherspoon 6'1 240
                      LB - Curry 6'3 250
                      LB - Little 6'3 265

                      CB - Bartell 6'1 210
                      CB - Johnson 6'2 200 4.4 - alternates Hill 5'10 185, King 5'11 195

                      FS - Atogwe 5'11 210
                      SS - Taylor 6'3 205 4.5

                      Defensive review:
                      We could switch to a 3-4 with Brace as a NT and Carriker and Hill at DE which they have played in college. I know Spags has not done this much but it would allow us to get bigger and apply pressure. 325, 325, and 310 would be good size for the front three.

                      Drafting Curry and moving Little and Long to LB along with Witherspoon would give us a stout LB crew that all could blitz the passer. Imagine trying to run against this crew.

                      Bartell did a good job at CB last year and parring his 6'1 210 frame with another 6'2 200 frame that can run a 4.4 40 would help against bigger receivers and in run support. Tye Hill and Justin King could be used at nickle back.

                      Atogwe has been a lone ranger in the safety department with Chavous not supplying much production. Pairing him with a 6'3 205 SS who can run a 4.5 40 and hit hard would help improve our secondary.

                      Our new offense:

                      QB - Bulger 6'3 205
                      RB - Jackson 6'2 235
                      FB - Johnson 6'1 265
                      TE - McMichael 6'3 255

                      WR - Avery 5'11 185
                      WR - Bennett 6'5 200 - alternate Burton 6'1 200, Stanley 5'11 180

                      LT - Pace 6'7 325 (Restructurer contract) alternate Barron 6'7 315
                      LG - Incognito 6'3 320 alternate Setterstrom 6'4 315
                      C - Brown 6'3 320 (FA)
                      RG - Bell 6'4 295 alternate Greco 6'4 315
                      RT - Tupou 6'6 325 alternate Barron 6'7 315, Greco 6'4 315

                      Offensive review:
                      Bulger will be better with the an improved OL, running game, FB, and Mc Michael back at TE.

                      Jackson will be even better if healthy and has a big FB (6'1 265) blocking for him and a bigger OL. We have needed a good FB for a long time Hedgecock looked decent but was not good until he left here. James Hodgins was the last good FB we have had. Johnson at 6'1 265 might be the next good blocking FB for the Rams.

                      TE play has suffered when we dont have McMichael which has been often. If he is healthy he could be a big time contributor.

                      WR will be better with Avery, Burton, and...
                      -02-14-2009, 04:12 PM
                    • RamsSB99
                      Franchise QB's?
                      by RamsSB99
                      I get the feeling some people often get attached to theories that are made up and buy into them. Is it really necessary to draft a so called franchise QB in the first round or are you just as well off getting a QB with NFL experience via free agency or trade? I dont believe in the theory you need to draft a franchise QB in the first round. I have seen articles (showing QB has more busts then RB & WR) and I believe history shows there has been several first round QB busts.

                      The following shows Super Bowl QBs from 2000-2009 along with who drafted them and where:

                      QBs drafted 1st round with the same team:
                      Peyton Manning Indy (Round 1 pick 1 Indy)
                      Eli Manning NY Giants (Round 1 pick 1 NY Giants)
                      Donovan McNabb Philadelphia (Round 1 pick 2 Philadelphia)
                      Steve McNair Tennessee Titans (Round 1 pick 3 Houston Oilers at the time)
                      Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh (Round 1 pick 11 Pittsburgh)
                      Rex Grossman Bears (Round 1 pick 22 Bears)

                      QBs Drafted late with same team:
                      Tom Brady New England (6th round pick #199 New England)

                      QBs not with original team:
                      Kerry Collins New York Giants (Round 1 pick 5 Carolina)
                      Trent Dilfer Baltimore (Round 1 pick 6 Tampa Bay)
                      Rich Gannon Oakland (4th Round pick 98 by New England)
                      Matt Hasselbeck Seattle (Round 6 pick 184 Greenbay)
                      Brad Johnson Tampa Bay (9th round pick 227 Minnesota)
                      Jake Delhomme Carolina (Undrafted signed by Saints)
                      Kurt Warner Rams (Undrafted tried out with Green Bay in 1994 & Bears in 1997 did not make it)

                      Notable QBs that did not appear in a Super Bowl over the last ten years:
                      Brett Favre (Will be a HOF QB 10-Pro Bowls)
                      Drew Bledsoe (Was consistently among the top QBs 4-Pro Bowls)
                      Mark Brunell (Was consistently among the top QBs 3-Pro Bowls)
                      Drew Brees (Has consistently been among the top QBs 3-Pro Bowls)
                      Trent Green (Was consistently among the top QBs 2-Pro Bowls)
                      Carson Palmer (Has consistently been among the top QBs 2-ProBowls)
                      Tony Romo (Has consistently been among the top QBs 2-Pro Bowls)
                      Marc Bulger (Was consistently among the top QBs 2-Pro Bowls and had the GSOT around him)
                      Phillip Rivers (Has consistently been among the top QBs Pro Bowl)

                      The following shows QBs drafted in the first round from 1999-2008 and how many made it to the Super Bowl.

                      QBs Drafted since 1999 in the first round:

                      1999 Draft
                      #1 Tim Couch
                      #2 Donovan McNabb
                      #3 Akili Smith
                      #11 Daunte Culpepper
                      #12 Cade McNown

                      2000 Draft
                      # 18 Chad Pennington

                      2001 Draft
                      #1 Michael Vick

                      2002 Draft
                      #1 David Carr
                      #3 Joey Harrington
                      #32 Patrick Ramsey

                      2003 Draft
                      #1 Carson Palmer
                      #7 Byron Leftwich
                      #19 Kyle Boller
                      #22 Rex Grossman

                      -12-31-2009, 12:53 PM
                    • RamsSB99
                      We could buy a good free agent with an extra 14 million in cap space.
                      by RamsSB99
                      If we cut Holt (8mil) and Pace (6mil) we could save 14 million. That's what's not guaranteed in their contracts. If we draft Andre Smith we could have Jacob Bell, John Greco, and Alex Barron compete for the RT spot. We have to replace Pace soon anyway.

                      The extra 14 million could buy us a good free agent and possibly a lesser one.

                      Some possible 2009 Free Agents (don't include people that might get cut from teams)

                      Free Agents:
                      Albert Haynesworth 6-5/320
                      Rocky Bernard 6-3/290
                      Jovan Haye 6-2/295
                      Terrell Suggs 6-3/260
                      Julius Peppers 6-7/283
                      Chris Canty 6-7/300
                      Karlos Dansby 6-4/240
                      Jonathan Vilma 6-1/230
                      Channing Crowder 6-2/247
                      Nnamdi Asomugha 6-2/210
                      Chris Gamble 6-1/200
                      Dunta Robinson 5-10/184
                      Ronald Bartell Jr. 6-1/205
                      Jermaine Phillips 6-1/214
                      Oshiomogho Atogwe 5-11/210
                      Sean Jones 6-1/215

                      Matt Cassel 6-5/225
                      Rex Grossman 6-1/217
                      Kyle Boller 6-3/220
                      Chris Simms 6-4/220
                      J.P. Losman 6-2/212
                      Byron Leftwich 6-5/250
                      T.J. Houshmandzadeh 6-1/199
                      Bryant Johnson 6-3/211
                      Antonio Bryant 6-1/205
                      Ashley Lelie 6-3/195
                      Stacy Andrews 6-7/342
                      Richie Incognito 6-3/305
                      Matt Birk 6-4/309
                      Jeff Saturday 6-2/295
                      Jason Brown 6-3/320
                      Eric Heitmann 6-3/318
                      Jordan Gross 6-5/300
                      Marvel Smith 6-5/321
                      Mark Tauscher 6-4/315
                      Jon Runyan 6-7/330
                      Tra Thomas 6-7/335
                      Khalif Barnes 6-5/325
                      Marc Colombo 6-8/320
                      Vernon Carey 6-4/333
                      Max Starks 6-7/337

                      Did not include some older players.
                      -12-22-2008, 05:14 PM