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Rams envision “a number of different capacity scenarios”

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  • Rams envision “a number of different capacity scenarios”

    Rams envision “a number of different capacity scenarios”

    Posted by Darin Gantt on June 26, 2020, 5:59 AM EDT

    Getty Images

    The league approved a measure to tarp off seats in the first several rows of each stadium to sell as advertisements, and more and more teams are coming to grips with the reality those might not be the only empty seats.

    According to Jourdan Rodrigue of, the Rams sent an email to season ticket holders which outlined “a number of different capacity scenarios.”

    The Rams are offering a refund for season tickets, or the option to carry over payments to 2021 in case they’re part of the small group who may be allowed in to a game this year. They’re also allowing fans to skip this season and maintain their season ticket holder privileges, as other teams including the Patriots and Giants have done.

    Given the social distancing need created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and local rules limiting the amount of people who can be in one place at a particular time, it seems apparent that fans will be in short supply at the start of the season for most teams, if they’re there at all.

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  • RamsFanSam
    Declining Attendance: Not Just the Rams Problem
    by RamsFanSam
    Sometimes I wish I could sign into my work intranet from home, just so I could copy and paste info for things like this...

    I work for a relatively small helathcare facilty - we have around 800 employees in 2 hospitals, as well as eight clinics and a small sattelite facility. Compared to the other guys in this town, we "ain't squat".

    I check out the employee bulletin board every now and then, and a notice that was posted caught my eye:

    "2009 NFL Season Tickets. Discount for Hospital Employees."

    Of course, I had to look. I wish I didn't.

    Inside, there was a copy of an e-mail exchange between our Human Resources Director and some guy in the KC Chiefs front office. Apparently, sales of the not-so-great seat season tickets have fallen flat - flat enough to offer them to people 180 miles away at slightly discounted prices.

    This got me to thinking about how there has been a lot of talk about not enough butts in the seats at Rams games. Now, I decided to do a very unscientific survey of the Rams fans I personally know. What I found out is that they fall inot two categories: 1.) They are economically comfortable, but have cut back on the "extras", including travelling to Rams games. or 2.) They are dirt-floor poor, and if they had some assurance that they would have a job come next month, they would gladly spend the cash for tickets.

    We all talk about how winning games, or player "X", or (insert idea here) will bring the fans to the games, but in all seriousness, how much of the attendance problem is economically related? I don't live in the St. Louis metro area anymore, so I don't know how things are up there. It's not too bad here, but is still bad enough. I know K.C. has been hit hard.

    OK, there it is - a thought to start a discussion. Now run with it.
    -06-04-2009, 04:46 PM
  • RamFan_Til_I_Die
    I am SHOCKED by these potential Inglewood PSL prices!!!
    by RamFan_Til_I_Die
    So I just got done taking a survey the Rams sent me about ticket and PSl prices for the new stadium. To say that I am shocked by the outrageously high prices is an understatement. Looks like I, and your average NFL fan, won't be attending any games in the new stadium, and I sure as heck won't be buying season tickets.

    The survey had you select different areas you were considering buying season tickets for, then showed you 5 possible pricing ranges for those sections, and asked questions on how likely you'd be to buy tickets at these prices. I only took a screen shot of the highest and lowest prices of each section, so you could get a feeling for the possible range these tickets will cost.

    As shocked as I am by the prices, I'm saddened knowing that while the Rams may be back in L.A., it's just not going to be financially possible for my family to attend games. I knew prices would be steep, but I never imagined they'd be this high. Kroenke is one greedy POS.

    For example. Let's take the seats I currently have. Visitors sideline, on about the 15 yard line, row 20. These tickets are $150/game. This same area will jump anywhere from $375 - $450/ticket plus a PSL that will be in the range of $30,000 - $60,000!!!!! Are you kidding me? Who's gonna pay that except for the super rich? It's completely insane. If I were to buy and keep these tickets for 10 years, the ticket price + PSL would still average out to be $675/game at the cheapest, and $1050/game at the most expensive end of the spectrum for these seats!

    To get a picture of how insane these prices are, at Levi's stadium, where the 49ers play, that was opened in 2014, my sets would be $150/game with a $6,000 PSL cost, or $210/game for 10 years.

    For 2nd tier corner seats the price ranges are $125 - $175 per ticket and $5,000 - $8,000 per PSL. So the 10 year average is $175 - $255 per ticket. While that is not nearly as bad, the seats aren't nearly as good.

    50 yard line lower section ranges were $375 - $450 per ticket, $50,000 - $70,000 per PSL!

    I wasn't asked about any other sections in the survey, so I have no idea what those prices may be like. But it looks like only the worst seats in the house will now be affordable to your average fan. Better bring those binoculars if you want to see anything!

    The way I've always felt about football games is, if the view is better from home, I'm staying home. Does that make me less of a fan? Nope. It means football isn't as high on the financial priority list as NFL owners think it should be. You could literally buy a house for the price of 4 of my current seats in the new stadium.

    Am I over-reacting or do you all think these prices are as ridiculous as I do?...
    -09-20-2016, 06:30 PM
  • GroundChuck
    Rams Ticket packages at Coliseum won't be as expensive as in St Louis.
    by GroundChuck
    From the LA Times:

    "The Rams, who received 56,000 season-ticket deposits for their first year back in Los Angeles, are planning to offer eight tiers of tickets, with nine-game packages ranging from $360 to $2,025 for the fall of this year.

    The club is scheduled to roll out the pricing plan in an email Thursday that will be sent to the people who made a $100 deposit in hopes of purchasing season tickets for 2016.

    The Rams will play at the Coliseum for three seasons while their $2.6-billion stadium is being built in Inglewood. During the next three years, the team will play seven regular-season games at home, as opposed to eight, because the franchise has agreed to play three international games in consecutive years, beginning with a London game in October. Additionally, the packages include tickets for two exhibition games.

    Jake Bye, Rams vice president, said the season-ticket pricing is significantly lower than what single-game pricing will be. Those prices will be released this summer.

    “We wanted to make Rams football accessible to as many people as we could, so the pricing we’re going with is extremely reasonable when compared to what people might have expected,” Bye said.

    Season-ticket packages in St. Louis ranged from $300 to $3,500 in 2015.

    Ticket prices are expected to rise dramatically when the Inglewood stadium opens for the 2019 season, and those will include the cost of personal-seat licenses.

    The Coliseum seating capacity for Rams games will be about 80,000. The seats at the peristyle end of the stadium will not be used because of the inferior proximity to the field and view.

    The pricing tiers for the ticket packages, per seat, are $2,025 (for eight midfield sections behind the Rams’ bench), $1,575, $1,350, $1,080, $810, $675, $585, and $360"...
    -03-31-2016, 02:28 PM
  • Nick
    Rams raise prices for 6th year in row
    by Nick
    Rams raise prices for 6th year in row
    By Jim Thomas
    Of the Post-Dispatch
    Tuesday, Feb. 15 2005

    Like Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day and Presidents Day, it is becoming a regular part of the February calendar for Rams football fans in St. Louis. For the sixth straight year, the Rams have raised ticket prices, albeit by a moderate amount once again.

    Personal seat license (PSL) holders at the Edward Jones Dome will pay between $2 and $5 more per ticket to watch the Rams play next season. The club sent out invoices earlier this month.

    The average ticket price for 2005 is $62.44 a game, according to Michael Naughton, the Rams' vice president of ticket operations, an increase of more than $3 a ticket over the 2004 average of $59.25. Those figures are for nonpremium seating only, which excludes club seats and luxury suites.

    Bob Wallace, the Rams' executive vice president, explained the latest increase in terms similar to how he addressed previous ticket hikes.

    "Once again, it's an attempt to remain competitive," Wallace said. "It's the cost of doing business. The salary cap has gone up. Everything's more expensive."

    The Rams did not raise ticket prices during their first five seasons in St. Louis. By the end of those five seasons, they had the lowest ticket price in the league, at $34. Then again, it was hard to justify a ticket increase during the team's first four seasons here based on the product on the field. From 1995 through '98, the Rams went 22-42 and never won more than seven games in any season.

    But since the beginning of the '99 campaign, the Rams are 70-36, including five playoff berths, two Super Bowls and three division titles. After the '99 Super Bowl championship season, the club hiked ticket prices an average of nearly 24 percent.

    Since then, the ticket increases have been more modest. The overall ticket increase for both 2004 and '05 has been 5.4 percent. The cheapest seats in the Dome - the upper-deck end-zone seats - now cost $44, up $2 over last season. The most expensive seats- the lower deck and terrace level seats between the 20-yard lines - now cost $85, up $5 a game from 2004.

    In 1995, the first year for the Rams in St. Louis, the price range for tickets was $25 to $45. So the cheapest seat in the Dome in 2005 ($44) costs only $1 less than the most expensive seat did in 1995 ($45).

    In a letter sent out to season-ticket holders, team president John Shaw wrote that the Rams' season-ticket package "remains an excellent value and maintains Rams ticket costs in the middle tier of the NFL."

    The Rams feel they can remain competitive by being somewhere in the middle one-third of the league in ticket prices. Last season, the Rams' average ticket price ($59.25) ranked 14th among the 32 NFL teams, according to Wallace....
    -02-15-2005, 11:25 PM
  • RamWraith
    Rams raise ticket prices for 8th year in a row
    by RamWraith
    By Jim Thomas

    For the eighth year in a row, the cost of attending Rams games has gone up.

    In a year when the baseball Cardinals decided not to raise ticket prices for 2007, and the hockey Blues announced a cutback in '07-'08 prices, the Rams announced a seven percent increase for 2007 season-ticket prices on Friday.

    The average cost of a ticket at the Edward Jones Dome increases to $68.28 from $65.50 in '06 -- figures that do not include club seats and luxury suites.

    Team president John Shaw told the Post-Dispatch on Friday that the increases were necessary to keep the team in the middle-tier of NFL teams in ticket prices.

    At the time of the team's move to St. Louis in 1995, the Rams had one of the most profitable financial setups in the NFL. Since then, however, nearly two-thirds of the teams in the NFL have either built new stadiums or done massive stadium renovations. According to Shaw, the Rams have dropped to the lower third of the NFL teams in terms of profitability.

    The news is not bad for all PSL holders. Forty percent of the seats in the dome experience no change in price or a price decrease. In fact, the price of tickets in the upper ring of the upper deck in the end zone decrease to $35 per game from $44. In addition, purchasers of the new $35 season tickets won't have to pay the one-time PSL -- or personal seat license -- fee.

    The rest of the upper deck end zone seats that were priced at $44 in '06 remain at $44 in '07. In addition, some upper deck end zone seats (those from the end zone to about the 20-yard line) remain at $55 a seat.

    But many of the prime seats in the dome cost considerably more in '07.

    For example, lower deck seats from the goal line to the 20-yard line have increased $10 from $78 to $88 per game. The price of lower deck seats between the 20s,and lower terrace seats in the upper deck between the 20s, have been hiked $9 -- from $91 to $100
    -02-16-2007, 01:56 PM