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  • Week 1 Rams v Cowboys

    Yes, the season begins. At the inaugural game at sofi, the fans will be nowhere in the stadium. From the looks of it, this stadium is amazing! i look forward to the day when the place is packed....We need many Moonjoe's there!

    The Cowboys lead this series 18-17 dating back to 1960. Most recently, these two team played twice within 1 year.

    The Rams hosted a divisional playoff game on 1/12/19. Rams were victorious 30-23 on their way to the Super Bowl.

    Just about a year later, they met in week 15 whereby the Cowboys dominated 44-21

    To me, the two match-ups ere illustrate the Rams slip in 2019.:

    Rams were able to own the ground on the playoff game Rams had 17 first downs by rush Cowboys had 9 Total yards, Rams had 459 Cowboys had 308 Yds per play : Rams 6.1 cowboys 5.6
    In last year game, Rams had 3......Cowboys had 16 first downs by rush JUST 3 !!!!! For Rams Total yds, Rams had 289 Cowboys had 475. Yds per play Rams 4.2 to the Cowboys 7,0

    So, now we head into this weeks kick-off with what looks to be running back by committee. To be obvious, the team with the best running game will most likely be victorious.

    I think this is not a good match-up at his point in the season for the Rams. They will be trying to find their seal legs with running game while the Cowboys have a strong rushing game. Rams appear suspect in the LB position. I think the Cowboys will exploit this with strong rushing opening up their passing game.

    I hope I am wrong!

    Cowboys 28
    Rams 20

    What say you?

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    My first thought was we are going loos this game but I am now shifting into game mode. This will be a win for the Rams

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      The Rams will win 26-24. A big factor in my mind is the absence of Travis Frederick at C replaced by Joe Looney. Aaron Donald will exploit this situation by playing over the center. That could affect Prescott's passing and Elliott's running. I also believe our first home game in our new house will motivate the players.

      I am astounded that in 60 years we've only played each other 35 times.
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        Originally posted by MDE8352gorams View Post
        I am astounded that in 60 years we've only played each other 35 times.

        For the record (or FWIW), there was also a Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys "Playoff Bowl" game from the 1969 season. It was played the first week of 1970 in Miami, Florida. The Rams won this [exhibition / consolation] game easily, 31-0.

        So we finished ... "number 3".

        Ahh, I was soooo looking forward to the Rams winning Super Bowl IV!!! That year, 1969, we won our first 11 games. QB Roman Gabriel was the NFL MVP and the Rams defense was formidable beyond the Fearsome, it was awesome. But in agony, we ended with several key players badly injured and, incredibly, lost the last three games then the playoff challenge against the pesky Vikes.

        For those not familiar with the so-called Playoff Bowl, aka the Bert Bell Benefit Bowl (Bell, former NFL commissioner), was commonly considered "3rd Place Winner" after the respective NFL Champions -- later Super Bowl champs -- and runner-up team. It began in 1960 and all together there were 10 of these games, but by the middle of the decade they were heavily criticized and even scoffed at by a good percentage of players and coaches alike. Fans soon followed suit and it turned infamous, going down in history as 'The Losers Bowl' or even the Toilet Bowl.

        In any case, this Rams / Cowboys match was the last one to be organized.

        PS: The action pic below is from the regular season game against Dallas that year, 1969. A difficult, tough battle for both teams, the Rams won 24-23 to keep their undefeated streak at 10 [then defeated the Redskins the following week to go 11-0].

        Two great NFL mainstays of the mid 60s - mid 70s. HOF All-Pro DT Bob Lilly is cleanly blocked by another HOF great, Rams All-Pro G Tom Mack (65). Lilly was the first Cowboy inducted to the Canton shrine.

        Mack played his entire 13 year career with the Rams, tallying 184 consecutive games.

        No. 73 is ironman G/T Charlie Cowan, loyal 15 year career with the Rams.

        Upper left corner (34) is RB workram / workhorse Les Josephson. Coincidentally, he was drafted by Dallas in 1964 but was soon traded because they needed another OL. The Rams picked him up that same year and Les, strange injuries and all (serious leg injuries while casually running, then jumping rope; also broken jaw) ... became a strong, steady cog in the backfield. I really liked him. He also starred in a few movies. Died New Year's Day this year.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Rams - Cowboys, 1969b.jpg Views:	52 Size:	77.3 KB ID:	833496

        Living in the past, NFL style -- whilom memories of mine. BTW, Jethro Tull's famous song by that title also appeared earlier in 1969 in the 'Living in the Past' album.

        Again, taken from my erstwhile pages. Thanks for your patience.

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          And to get back on track for the season opener: RAMS!

          Look deeply, carefully into the eyes of this veteran grunt bighorn (well, actually between the eyes).

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Carnero7.jpg
Views:	90
Size:	43.7 KB
ID:	833498

          Clic on image for better "view" of outcome. Best wishes! (^_^)


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            I think the defense will shine in this one, with a 17-9 win as Prescott is rusty, and Donald puts pressure on.


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              I have no clue who wins or what the score might be. Lots of new faces on defense. Hard Knocks hasn't really shed any light on what kind of team we might have. Some talking heads say the Rams could win 10 or 11 and go to the playoffs while more say the Rams are a last place team. Who knows. Hope the Rams come out of it with a win.



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                Originally posted by Cowboyhater View Post
                I think the defense will shine in this one, with a 17-9 win as Prescott is rusty, and Donald puts pressure on.

                Your avatar / name says it all. Go ... DEFENSE!
                I don't make predictions but sure root for the team. Go Rams!


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                  Originally posted by mde8352gorams View Post
                  The Rams will win 26-24. A big factor in my mind is the absence of Travis Frederick at C replaced by Joe Looney. Aaron Donald will exploit this situation by playing over the center. That could affect Prescott's passing and Elliott's running. I also believe our first home game in our new house will motivate the players.

                  I am astounded that in 60 years we've only played each other 35 times.
                  That is indeed surprising- especially considering my earliest memories as a little kid involved the Rams and the Cowboys, always seemingly meeting in the playoffs where more often than not Dallas won. I hated Dallas more than I did SF or anyone else in those days.

                  Regarding tonight, I expect a close game but otherwise have no real feel for what to expect. Hoping we don't lose on a Zeurlein FG.


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                    Have no idea what we will see tonight but I imagine both teams are going to focus heavy on the ground game with their being no pre-season at all. It will be a real test for the Rams D with some big questions at LB and a new DC.


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                      Ram's D is likely to be the key.

                      Rams 24

                      Boys 20


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                        Originally posted by bradwill View Post
                        Have no idea what we will see tonight but I imagine both teams are going to focus heavy on the ground game with their being no pre-season at all. It will be a real test for the Rams D with some big questions at LB and a new DC.
                        So far, prophetic.
                        “Oh, 100 percent,” Donald said. “I feel like the words, ‘Thank you,’ ain’t enough. You’ve got to show it... Instead of saying thank you — show it.”


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                          Originally posted by OmahaJason View Post
                          Ram's D is likely to be the key.

                          Rams 24

                          Boys 20
                          Congrats, you made the best prediction.


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                            A great history between these two teams. In the 70's, Rams and Cowboys squared off in the playoffs a number of times. I remember the 28-0 drubbing the Cows handed us in the '78 Championship game. I also remember the revenge we got a year later beating them 21-19 in divisional game as we made our way to SB XIV.....

                            We have dropped three in a row. I can see no other better message to send to the league then to beat the Cows on their turf. This Rams team is different.

                            My prediction

                            Rams 24
                            Cows 20

                            What do you think?
                            -09-27-2017, 04:32 PM
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                            When the Rams run the ball

                            Another tough challenge for Steven Jackson & Co. Dallas comes to town with the
                            NFL's seventh-ranked rush defense. The Cowboys have the speed at linebacker to
                            make it tough to get outside, and the size up front to make life difficult
                            between the tackles. One of the key matchups will be Rams center Nick Leckey
                            against Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff. This is the first 3-4 front the Rams
                            have faced in the regular-season, so Leckey will have the underrated Ratliff
                            over him all day. If Leckey can't neutralize Ratliff, who uses quickness and
                            leverage to his advantage, Jackson won't have much running room inside.

                            EDGE: Cowboys

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                            When the Cowboys run the ball

                            With speedster Felix Jones out with a hamstring injury, the Rams will see a
                            steady dose of Marion Barber all day long. Don't be surprised to see Barber
                            approach his career high of 28 carries Sunday. Barber enters the game ranked
                            seventh in the NFL in rushing (440 yards) and third in yards from scrimmage
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                            runs hard." A powerful, relentless runner, Barber also is a threat as a pass
                            catcher and a determined blocker. The danger for the Rams is getting worn down
                            as the game progresses, and pushed around by the Cowboys' big, physical
                            offensive line.

                            EDGE: Cowboys

                            * * * * * * *

                            When the Rams pass the ball

                            With Terence Newman out with an abdomen injury and Adam (Pacman) Jones serving
                            a league suspension, the Cowboys are paper thin at cornerback. Anthony Henry is
                            a solid, productive veteran at one corner. But rookies Mike Jenkins (starter)
                            and Orlando Scandrick (nickel) will be counted on at the other corner spots.
                            Safeties Ken Hamlin and Roy Williams are big hitters, but can be liabilities in
                            coverage. So there could be opportunities here for St. Louis, if the Rams can
                            protect quarterback Marc Bulger. The Cowboys are tied for sixth in the NFL with
                            15 sacks, and usually rely on outside linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Greg Ellis
                            for pressure, without much blitzing.


                            * * * * * * *

                            When the Cowboys pass the ball

                            No matter who's at quarterback for Dallas, the Rams will be hard-pressed to
                            cover all of the Cowboys' receiving threats. Any plans to double-team Terrell
                            Owens were dampened by Tuesday's trade with Detroit for wide receiver Roy
                            Williams. He's expected to be on the field for 15 to 20 plays Sunday, giving
                            the Cowboys another big target and playmaking threat. Tight end Jason Witten
                            runs routes with the precision...
                            -10-19-2008, 06:50 AM
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                            Double Coverage: Rams at Cowboys
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                            By Todd Archer and Nick Wagoner

                            The Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams will meet for the second time in three seasons at AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys won convincingly, 34-7, in 2011, but this Rams team is different. ESPN Rams reporter Nick Wagoner and Cowboys reporter Todd Archer bring you their Double Coverage preview.

                            Archer: It's always about the quarterback here with the Cowboys and Tony Romo, but I'm curious about Sam Bradford. Where is he in his development and is there any doubt he is their answer at the game's most important spot?

                            Wagoner: The Rams have made every effort to turn this into Bradford's team, and, through two weeks, it's absolutely become that. Bradford has had two strong statistical weeks to start the season, led a comeback win against Arizona in the opener and nearly did it again last week in Atlanta. He's clearly more comfortable in his second season with the same offensive coordinator in Brian Schottenheimer and surrounded by better skill position players such as tight end Jared Cook and receiver Tavon Austin. Bradford is showing signs of having the breakthrough season many have long expected. For the Rams' part, there's no doubt he's the guy moving forward and the decision-makers have repeatedly and publicly said as much.

                            Speaking of quarterbacks and committing, the Cowboys made their move to lock up Romo already. How has he responded to that financial vote of confidence?

                            Archer: I think it goes beyond the financial commitment, although wed all like to be guaranteed $55 million at some point in our lives. The bigger vote of confidence came from Jerry Jones wanting him in on the game planning with the coaches. Romo has more say now than he has ever had as the starting quarterback. Its his offense in a lot of respects. The Cowboys are doing more no-huddle work than ever before, and thats where Romo has complete control. Now there could be some drawbacks, too, because theyre not running the ball. The Cowboys talked about running the ball more and better in 2013 than they did in 2012, and they have 39 carries for 124 yards in two games. Romo has dropped back to pass nearly 100 times in two games. There is even more of a burden on him now, and hes already had to do so many things here lately to win games.

                            One guy I cant wait to see Sunday is Austin. Everybody had him pegged for greatness this summer, and hes coming off his first two-touchdown game. How have the Rams tailored their offense for him?

                            Wagoner: Well, it's been a bit of a mixed bag for Austin so far. Yes, he had a couple of touchdowns last week, but he also had some issues with drops. The Rams have used him as a receiver, lined him up at running back and used him as the primary punt returner, and those will all be ways they'll continue to use him moving forward. Through two weeks, they haven't been able to get him out in space where he can operate at his...
                            -09-19-2013, 12:09 PM
                          • RamWraith
                            Big Loss Leaves Cowboys Flustered
                            by RamWraith
                            By Bill Coats
                            ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                            A difficult week for the Dallas Cowboys reached its nadir Sunday, when the Rams pounded out a 34-14 victory at the Edward Jones Dome. The Rams' two-game winning "streak" mirrors the Cowboys' two-game slide.

                            In an overtime loss to Arizona last week, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo broke the little finger on his right (throwing) hand. He was replaced by 40-year-old Brad Johnson, who slogged through a rugged outing Sunday.

                            Speedy rookie running back Felix Jones and punter Mat McBriar also were lost to injuries. Then cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones was slapped with a league suspension Tuesday of at least a month for his involvement in a late-night scuffle with his own bodyguard at a Dallas hotel.

                            Pacman had just landed a starting role because Pro Bowl cornerback Terence Newman had groin surgery Oct. 10.

                            Suddenly, the Cowboys, popular preseason picks to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, are 4-3 and fighting to resurrect their flagging season.

                            "I'm angry, disappointed and embarrassed," second-year Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said. "We didn't want to get beat at all. But we shouldn't get beat like that, for sure. ... This is the worst game this team has played since I've been here."

                            Said tight end Jason Witten: "To be 4-3 at this point ... nobody would've thought that."

                            Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted that he but not his team, he stressed took the Rams too lightly. "I really did think when I walked out of our dressing room for the second half, I said, 'We'll get a couple of scores and we'll be back in it,'" Jones said. "I give the Rams the credit for that. I was just thinking a little lighter than I should have about this ballgame."

                            The Cowboys outgained the Rams 341 yards to 325. But much of the Dallas real estate was gathered well after the outcome was decided, and an uncharacteristically sloppy performance helped keep the Cowboys in arrears most of the afternoon.

                            Defensively, the Rams gobbled up four turnovers and sacked Johnson three times.

                            "We're not even giving ourselves the chance to put points on the board," Witten said. "Seven points against this team? We're not running the ball, we're not giving the quarterback time, and we're not getting open like we should. ... It's unacceptable."

                            Offensively, the Rams posted easily their highest point total of the year, prospering behind quarterback Marc Bulger's best day of the season, and running back Steven Jackson's 160-yard rushing output and three touchdowns.

                            "We obviously need to play better," linebacker Greg Ellis said. "We just need to stick together. Not a lot more needs to be said."

                            Wide receiver Terrell Owens insisted...
                            -10-20-2008, 04:24 AM