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  • hank0066
    Guest replied
    Often, instead of opening the game attempting to run, the Rams should go deep. If a receiver is open it is pay dirt otherwise Warner should just intentionally overthrow it (extra protection would be necessary to ensure Warner can get the ball off). The Rams should waste at least 1 play per quarter in this manner. This would force any "D" to respect the deep threat and, in turn, open up the short slants and outs as well as draw plays.

    Maybe my perception is off but, in many games this year, the Rams have gotten away from the deep ball and allowed teams too tighen up their zone defense. This has resulted in a crowded short to mid range field and many more picks (albeit, Warner has thrown some awful balls for INT's - but when he is on he is on).

    Go Rams! From Ontario, Canada on the Minnesota Border (Viking Country).

    :ram: :shield: :ram:

    P.S. Obvioulsy, the above is easier said than done!

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  • Warner13
    Guest replied
    Yes i have noticed that the rams loose for 2 reason

    1. Turnovers
    2. They play a 1D game.. They get into the mindset that the passing or rushing game will carry them thoughout the game, the D catchs on and we are screwed

    WHy did it post 2 times,, arg i hate the "enter button"

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  • hank0066
    Guest replied
    I agree - it would be interesting to see the Packers and how they look on turf.

    The Rams can't play away from their strength and be successful. I believe the term, run to set up the pass applies to running teams. The Rams are a gun-slinging team and need to pass to set up the run. As long as a team uses its strength to set up its weakness and focuses on ensuring a balance exists in every game they will be highly successful as this keeps any "D" off balance. The concern I have is the Rams over commit to running or passing and become a one dimensional team (sometimes against teams like T.B. they seem to become too conservative and play right into the hands of the Defense).


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  • Randy
    started a topic Martz-Players coach

    Martz-Players coach

    Listening to Mike Martz's press conference on Tuesday 12/18 the players have to love this guy. He stood up for Hakim, stating that he is coached to look in front of him to view where the oncoming defenders are at, and the problem lies in his feet positioning. I don't know if I buy that but that's his statement, how can you catch a ball if you are not concentrating on it. Praising Kurt & Grant on the best games of their short NFL careers. Standing up for his players when they wanted challenges. That may burn us in the playoffs but you got to like the aggressive offense. All the other teams in the league except us and San Fran are BORING. RUN-RUN-PASS-PUNT. LOOK FOR RAMS TO GO 14-2, huge blowouts againest Indy and Falcons. Once playoffs start, What do the Bears have? we beat SF consistantly finally, Philly nothing, watch the Pack.

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  • AJD45
    Need more vertical!
    by AJD45
    Anyone know how often the Rams have thrown the ball deep this year? Dunno if this qualifies as a "criticism", but I wish the Rams would throw deep more. To me, what makes Warner special in a league of mediocre dink-pass "West Coast offense" passers is his ability to throw the bomb, and it's frustrating that he rarely showcases his talent in this area.

    His numbers the past two seasons in passes 30+ yards:

    1999: 7 of 24, 341 yds, 5 TD, 1 INT, 101.4 PRS
    2000: 9 of 18, 510 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT, 112.3 PRS

    And of course, going deep got us our fame and glory (Proehl v. Bucs in NFC Championship, Ike in SB). So why is Warner only throwing deep only 1.5 times per game?

    I can see the argument that throwing it only when it's available is what makes it so effective, but I would like to see him open it up more and take more chances deep. I think the deep pass is utterly devasting to defenses in terms of demoralizing and it opens things up underneath even more (which might help cut down on INTs). I think it would have been especially effective against the ***** to go deep a lot more with those very poor corners hovering on the shorter to intermediate routes.

    Anyway, that's my only "complaint" with the Rams right now. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with only 35 points per game. ;)
    -10-10-2001, 05:40 PM
  • txramsfan
    Takeaway/Giveaway ratio for 2001
    by txramsfan
    Going into the Saints game this week, the Rams currently have 8 more turnovers than takeaways. Being somewhat of a math wiz (I can cipher) this means we have had 8 less attempts at the end zone.

    So, what does this mean? Well, I believe we must take our shots a little more realistically, and play the offensive side of the ball similar to the Whiner game. Keeping the ball close to the vest, almost 50/50 run pass, dumps over the middle, ball control essentially, will make it difficult for opponents to defeat the Rams.

    I know I am not saying anything new, but I just thought I would bring to light a couple of things as to why this should work throughout the playoffs:

    1. Warners Thumb. Haven't been real successful this year with the long ball as in the past. Either the ball is underthrown or the touch isn't there. We have WR's who are setting the pace this year in YACs (Yards After Catch) and even with a bumb thumb, Warner can make a dead eye 10 yard pass all day.

    2. The Defense. The Rams no longer need the big play on every offensive possession. The one thing this defense does is keep folks out of the endzone. The D this year is only yielding 15.8 pts a game, with the New Orleans game in St. Louis skewing that number high. The turnovers in that game field position wise put the defense in quicksand.

    Point being, if the Rams only turn the ball over 3 times or less, it should always turn up a W for the :lid:
    -12-14-2001, 02:52 PM
  • harkin-9
    Still plenty to learn.....
    by harkin-9
    Az Hakim looking upfield before he catches the punt.

    Warner forcing two passes early in the game that could easily have been intercepted.

    Martz still seemingly clueless about conserving timeouts.

    The Rams outplayed the Saints last night but if they continue to display poor game management and decisions in pressure situations then they are ripe for a playoff upset. Warner seemed to make the most progress as his passes after the early mistkaes were crisp and on the mark. He even tucked the ball away a few times and took the sack instead of throwing up potential INTs.

    The defense was STELLAR as they swarmed Brooks and did not let up till after the whistle.

    You may think I'm nit-picking but I want the Rams to win another Super Bowl.

    They have three games left to get their act together. The opponents are all second-tier teams but the Rams should concentrate on possession, minimizing penalties, time management and NO FREAKING TURNOVERS while they secure HFA.
    -12-18-2001, 06:13 AM
  • Nick
    [PD]: Warner can relate to Bulger's struggles
    by Nick
    Rams Q-and-A: Warner can relate to Bulger's struggles
    Wednesday, Sep. 20 2006

    Former Rams quarterback Kurt Warner can relate to Marc Bulger’s early-season struggles.

    After leaving St. Louis, Warner had to adjust to new systems in New York and Arizona. So he understands the transition Bulger must make to new Rams coach Scott Linehan and his offensive system.

    Warner offered these assessments of the Rams during his conference call with the St. Louis media:

    On the challenge of learning a new system:

    “It is always difficult to learn a new system and really learn the ins and outs of it. It’s one thing to kind of know what you are supposed to do, but it’s another thing to get to the point where it is second nature where you can react and respond and see what’s going on and be to the point where you just play football -– especially when the philosophy is so much different than what they experienced before.

    “Sometimes it takes a full season. I remember when I was in New York, that whole season I never really felt 100 percent comfortable with what were doing and really felt like I could play football in a comfortable type fashion. It was always kind of a struggle, always second-guessing and thinking about things more than I had to before. It makes you play the game differently and sometimes it is frustrating.”

    On the Rams’ struggle to score points:

    “When you look at the playmakers they’ve got, the talent they’ve got on the offensive side of the ball . . . it’s always interesting when a team like that can’t score, but we’re very familiar with that. We’ve had a lot of talent on offense last year, too, and moved the ball, just had trouble putting the ball in the end zone. You understand how much more difficult it gets down in the red zone.

    “Just with my limited understanding of their offense, they are a ball-control offense where they take the ball down . . . they are going to have a lot of opportunities, probably within the 20-yard line, maybe inside the 10-yard line. But the thing that is hard about it, you come to understand when you’re trying to throw the ball inside the 10-yard line, it gets a lot more difficult. In the old offense, you would get a couple touchdowns a game on 30-, 35-yard pass plays or run plays.

    “That’s what we experienced last year. We moved the ball between the 20s, but we never got a lot of big touchdowns so we always had our backs against the wall on short fields trying to spread teams out and throw the ball, which makes it very, very difficult. That’s what happens when you have a ball-control-type offense.”

    On whether he has talked with Bulger about his situation:

    “We actually talk quite a bit. I actually talked to him just last week. He did tell me he is working through it. It is a work in progress,...
    -09-20-2006, 01:36 PM
  • txramsfan
    Where is the passion this year?
    by txramsfan
    Is it just me, or is all the passion of the team this year solely on the defensive side of the ball. I haven't seen the offense have fun since Detroit. I just don't see the same salt and vinegar on the offense this year. It is like the Rams O has began to believe all the media poison. "Greatest Show on Earth", "Only the Rams can stop the Rams" that sort of thing. Well, wouldn't it be a crying shame if the Rams did stop themselves? They may just do that if they don't fix a few problems.
    -11-27-2001, 05:16 PM