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Cam Akers tears Achilles, out for year

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  • Cam Akers tears Achilles, out for year

    This is awful news...was looking forward to him being workhorse this year

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    That SUCKS!


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      Absolutely horrible news. Akers is an emerging NFL star with amazing abilities, and a critical piece of the Rams offense. He can't be replaced, but I'm hoping someone picks up the slack as effectively as possible. Regardless, the Rams offense has taken a major hit. Not the start we needed to 2021.


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        Henderson will pick up the load, one hopes

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          Henderson is great, he just gets dinged all the just disappointed, i wanted to see a whole season of Akers as the go to guy... dare i say they bring Gurley back? Leveon Bell? Peterson?


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            It's time for the Funkster to show what he's got. Hendy is good, but doesn't appear durable enough to be an every down back. Real bummer about Cam. I was so looking forward to him meshing with our revamped O-line.


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              I dont want gurley back. bad attitude and he is a fraction of his former self. Peterson, leveon bell,, other roster cuts, dont underestimate snead with trades. I like henderson, but as others have said, not durable. I miss malcolm brown already. I hate training camp and preseason. i have been saying for 50 years that you cant win anything at this time of year but you can lose plenty.

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel


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                Originally posted by RamDez View Post
                Henderson will pick up the load, one hopes
                I like Henderson, but he has not shown he can be a difference maker. He's going to get a chance, but IMO, he's no Cam Akers,


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                  Aaaargh! Now why would he do something like that! This was Akers' time to shine.

                  RB Emergency Plan is now under review. Stay tuned.

                  It's time for the Funkster to show what he's got. Hendy is good, but doesn't appear durable enough to be an every down back.

                  -- MauiRam


                  2 reasons the Rams shouldn’t worry
                  after losing Cam Akers for the season

                  LA’s road to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium just encountered a detour, but things should be okay

                  SB NATION
                  By Christopher

                  With the devastating news of Cam Akers’ season ending Achilles tear, are the Los Angeles Rams’ “Super Bowl or bust” expectations still realistic? At this current moment, it is a bit harder to answer that question with a resounding “Yes!” than it would have been this time Monday.

                  However, there are still many reasons to be hopeful for a deep playoff push this season.

                  While the run game may take a slight dip this fall, the Rams offense is still talented enough to overcome this injury

                  Head Coach Sean McVay most certainly has enough at his disposal to scheme together a top-10 offense this season. LA will still be a run first team, but there will have to be more reliability on the passing game.

                  The deal to acquire former Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford now looms even larger than before. While I appreciate Jared Goff’s contributions, I am much more confident in the outlook of the Rams season with Stafford leading the way and that should lessen LA’s need for a top-flight running back like what they had hoped for even a couple days ago.

                  The Rams may have lost Akers in July, but thank goodness they traded for Stafford in January.

                  Los Angeles’ new QB1 is used to playing with much less from a running back perspective than Darrell Henderson, who we would now assume to carry the bulk of carries at running back this year. I am willing to bet that Stafford will still get enough out of the backfield to provide him with the best running game he has had in his career. Don’t believe me?

                  The Lions only ever produced one 1,000-yard back during Stafford’s 12 seasons with the team: Reggie Bush had 1,006 yards in 2013. Surely, Henderson can at least compete with those numbers.

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                    Rams RB depth chart: Who moves up
                    with Cam Akers going down?

                    Akers suffered a torn Achilles on Monday

                    SB NATION
                    By Kenneth Arthur
                    July 20, 2021 p.m.

                    The LA Rams received devastating news this week: running back Cam Akers will be out for the entire season with a ruptured Achilles tendon that was suffered on Monday and reported on Tuesday morning. The injury means a long road to recovery for Akers and a short trip to the next guy on the depth chart for the Rams. Akers may not start a game for Los Angeles for a long time yet, but somebody is going to have to do it in Week 1.

                    After they’ve been through a string of running back injuries in the last few years, the Rams will also have to keep a close eye on those who just became the main backups to the new starter as well.

                    It may not be long before any of these guys are forced to start a game at running back for the LA Rams. Not satisfied with this list? We also identified 16 backup running backs in the AFC who might be available on the market if Les Snead decides to pick up the phone.

                    Darrell Henderson
                    Age: 24

                    Career: 177 carries, 771 yards, 4.4 YPC, 5 TD, 20 rec, 196 yards, 1 TD, 0 fumbles

                    Henderson is now the only running back on the roster who has any real NFL experience under his belt. A third round pick in 2019, the team hoped he could be an heir to Todd Gurley following his own set of injuries, but that never came to fruition. Henderson had an injury setback before Week 1 of last year, leading to Akers and Malcolm Brown getting a heavier workload. He then saw more playing time and rushed for 195 yards in Weeks 2 and 3 combined but he then fell out of favor and only had a couple more games where he contributed much.

                    Henderson finished the 2020 season on injured reserve. He now becomes the de facto number one but I think training camp will be an opportunity for another player to step up and start at running back for the Rams. Whether he’s on the roster already or not, there should be competition for Henderson.

                    Xavier Jones
                    Age: 24

                    Jones has more career tackles (3) and kick returns (1) than he does career rushing attempts or offensive snaps (0). He was an undrafted free agent out of SMU in 2020, rushing for 1,276 yards and 23 touchdowns as a senior in 2019. Jones did deal with some injuries in college, requiring missed time.

                    Raymond Calais
                    Age: 23

                    Calais rushed for 886 yards on 117 carries during his final college season at Louisiana. He was a seventh round pick of the Buccaneers in 2020, then waived and picked up by LA. He has zero career offensive snaps and is expected to be more of a kickoff return specialist.

                    Jake Funk
                    Age: 23

                    Injuries were a major part of Funk’s identity at Maryland, where he suffered a torn ACL to each of his knees. He barely saw the field for the first four years of his college career, then had 60 attempts for 516 yards (8.6 YPC) as a fifth year senior. He was a seventh round pick of the Rams this year.

                    Otis Anderson
                    Age: 22

                    Finally, Anderson was an undrafted free agent pickup out of UCF this year. His career high was 726 rushing yards on 113 carries during his junior season in 2019. Last year, Anderson had 125 carries for 687 yards.


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                      Now all sort of speculations will begin in terms of potential signings for a RB.


                      Is Adrian Peterson on his way to a team in the NFC West?

                      By Adam Patrick
                      July 20, 2021 p.m.

                      Former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson could be a candidate to replace Cam Akers for the Los Angeles Rams.

                      At 36-years-old and currently with no team to play for, the chances of former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson suiting up in the NFL again are probably as low as they’ve ever been.

                      After spending last season with the Detroit Lions, Peterson has yet to sign a deal anywhere for the upcoming season. He’s continuing to train like he’s going to play this year, but he’s still waiting to get a call from a team looking for his help.

                      Filling in for an injured player might be one of the best ways for Peterson to continue his career in the league in 2021. On Tuesday, the LA Rams suffered a blow in their offensive backfield, and the former Vikings running back could be someone they consider

                      Could former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson sign with the Los Angeles Rams?

                      On Tuesday, NFL Media’s Tom Peliserro delivered some unfortunate news when he revealed that Rams starting running back, Cam Akers, suffered a torn Achilles during a training session, and he will miss the entire 2021 season.

                      Darrell Henderson will probably take over the majority of Akers’ snaps this year. But behind Henderson on Los Angeles’ running back depth chart is a group of guys that are lacking NFL experience.

                      So if the Rams end up looking to add a veteran to their offensive backfield to work with Henderson, Peterson could potentially be someone they consider.

                      With Los Angeles, the role of the former Minnesota running back would likely be similar to what it was with the Lions last season. With Detroit in 2020, Peterson was on the field for 30 percent of the team’s offensive snaps and he averaged 10.5 touches per game.

                      10.5 touches per matchup might even be a little too high in a role with the Rams. But if Peterson is just looking for a place to play next season, then it might not matter to him how much Los Angeles chooses to utilize him each week.

                      A report has already come out from ESPN’s Adam Schefter saying the Rams aren’t rushing to sign another running back anytime soon. But it wouldn’t be surprising if they gave Peterson or another veteran back a call before the start of the 2021 season.


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                        I certainly share everyone’s disappointment. Akers gave us a multi-talented RB that will be hard to replace. I do worry that this could be an omen. Having said that it could cut the other way. Teams that have to face adversity can be inspired. Specifically I am referring to back-up players. Anyone remember Kurt Warner?

                        Having this occur before TC gives us the benefit of time to see what we have in-house before chasing a FA. Heard that Duke Johnson could be a good option. We still have a good season to look forward to.


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                          Ugh. Terrible news. So we have Henderson and a bunch of nobodies. Not good.


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                            Originally posted by MDE8352gorams View Post

                            ...Teams that have to face adversity can be inspired. Specifically I am referring to back-up players. Anyone remember Kurt Warner?

                            Having this occur before TC gives us the benefit of time to see what we have in-house before chasing a FA. Heard that Duke Johnson could be a good option. We still have a good season to look forward to.

                            Duke is a good receiver RB. Not sure of his overall value given Aker's absence.

                            Regular season stats, 2015-20:

                            GP -- GS - Att. - Yd - Avg - Lng - TD - Rcv - Yd - Avg - Lng - TD - Fum Lst
                            16 7 04 379 3.6 39 0 61 534 8.8 52 2 1 0
                            16 1 73 358 4.9 22 1 53 514 9.7 32 0 2 1
                            16 0 82 348 4.2 19T 4 74 693 9.4 41T 3 4 2
                            16 2 40 201 5.0 23 0 47 429 9.1 32 3 1 0
                            16 2 83 410 4.9 40 2 44 410 9.3 21 3 1 1
                            11 5 77 235 3.1 23 1 28 249 8.9 48 1 3 2


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                              Cam akers
                              I just want to thank any and every person sending prayers my way and wishing me well. I hate this happened but I’m in great spirits and I understand God makes no mistakes. I’ll be back better than ever in no time I’m a soldier. Again, thank you.

                              Great player, great person. I feel awful for him, but love his attitude.


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                              • general counsel
                                Updated Rams injury report on whitworth, forbath, and rapp
                                by general counsel
                                Whitworth not out of the year, out 6-8 weeks. That is sensational news and gives us hope that we might have him back for the playoffs, and who knows, maybe next year. Rapp out 2-4 weeks on IR with a knee sprain. Forbath to IR with ankle injury, which i dont care about because he was terrible anyway. Rams have the CFL guy and they brought in Marvin Gay who kicked for tampa last year for a tryout. According to the article i read, gay has a big leg but issues with accuracy. Probably not a solution. Ebukam battling an injury also, seems more minor. McVay did not mention Williams which is hopefully good news, nor everett or edwards. Let's hope no news is good news on those three guys.

                                Ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -11-16-2020, 09:19 PM
                              • NJ Ramsfan1
                                Rams Draft: "How Did They Do?"
                                by NJ Ramsfan1
                                Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the 2020 draft in its totality and of course how the Rams fared. I'll get it started.

                                First, I thought the virtual draft went exceptionally well- much better than I thought it might go. One could even make a case that the more understated way it was handled due to logistical constraints was preferable to what we usually see with the over-the-top circus-like atmosphere of idiot fan reactions and every guy feeling like he has to Bro-hug Roger Goodell.

                                Now, the Rams. I am generally pleased with what they did. And although my criticism of them not having a 1st round selection for 5 years running remains as steadfast as ever, at least with deals and compensatory picks they had a solid number of total picks.

                                1st round- Cam Akers- The thinking here was to get someone to replace Todd Gurley. The plan is sound, and Akers produced in less-than ideal circumstances for an FSU team which struggled last season. We know you don't need a feature back to win in today's NFL. And if Henderson/Brown/Kelly can compliment him, it's back in business with successful play action in McVay's schemes.

                                2nd Round- Van Jefferson- Mixed feelings here. On the one hand, the consensus seems to be that Jefferson is a solid possession guy and an excellent route runner who should have a productive career. The thinking is that he's a straight up switch for the departed Cooks. The flip side is that Jefferson presents the same basic skill set as Cooper Kupp, and the "Jefferson in place of Cooks" philosophy is a misplaced one. I'm also surprised that the Rams made no effort to go after an O-lineman here in a spot where several guys (eg. Cleveland and Jones) were available. Whether Jefferson sticks and does a great job or bypassed O-linemen prove to be solid elsewhere, this is an area where Snead and Co. can look smart or incredibly stupid. And I'm not at all sold on our current collection of offensive linemen.

                                3rd Round- Terrell Lewis LB- I think this could potentially be a steal, but as too often seems to be the case, his injury history gives us pause (ACL, several fractures). The Rams need linebacker help. And If Lewis is healthy, he can compliment Donald and be a disruptive force in the pass rush where help is also needed.

                                4th Round: Terrell Burgess S- Another solid pick based on all I've read and seen. Many think Burgess could see significant time this year if he progresses the way they think he can, and that's encouraging.

                                4th round: :Brycen Hopkins, TE- I have concerns with this selection. First, with Higbee and Everett (and if you throw Mundt in there) it's not an area of need. Secondly, multiple sources have questioned his hands and his ability to improve. I'm always concerned when an offensive skill player has poor hands (like a pitcher who can't throw strikes or a basketball player who can't shoot). Curly said he viewed a highlight tape...
                                -04-27-2020, 12:43 PM
                              • Nick
                                What the Rams’ Day 2 draft picks reveal about their short-term plans
                                by Nick
                                What the Rams’ Day 2 draft picks reveal about their short-term plans
                                By Rich Hammond
                                Apr 24, 2020

                                Out: Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks.

                                In: Cam Akers and Van Jefferson.

                                It’s not that simple for the Rams, of course, but they followed up their two highest-profile moves of the offseason — cutting Gurley and trading Cooks — by using their first two picks on a running back and a receiver during the NFL Draft’s second round on Friday. It’s bold. It’s the type of big-swing approach that general manager Les Snead has become known for, although coach Sean McVay is said to be very high on his two new skill-position players.

                                Akers, a running back from Florida State, went to the Rams late in the second round with the No. 52 overall pick, while Jefferson, a receiver from Florida, got drafted five spots later. The Rams addressed defense in the third round with Alabama edge rusher Terrell Lewis (No. 84) and Utah safety Terrell Burgess (No. 104).

                                Snead said Akers and Jefferson were “the ones we wanted to get done,” meaning the Rams had targeted them since the start of the second round. In all, it was a balanced day, and the Rams added at positions of need. The order of selection was intriguing and revealing and speaks to where the Rams might be headed on both sides of the ball, both in 2020 and beyond.

                                In Saturday’s third and final day of the draft, the Rams have single picks in the fourth, sixth and seventh rounds, and more depth will arrive. However, Friday’s four picks will be the ones most scrutinized. So what do they mean? Here are the main takeaways and questions from the Rams’ big draft day:

                                The Rams might not have a lead back
                                Without question, the Rams need to improve their run offense, which was dismal in 2019. That wasn’t going to happen with just three running backs on the roster: career backup Malcolm Brown, untested 2019 rookie Darrell Henderson and John Kelly, who has bounced between the main roster and practice squad.

                                The Rams needed to add to that group. The question was whether they would do it early or in the middle rounds. Clearly, they felt great about Akers, who had two 1,000-yard seasons at Florida State even though he had questionable blocking. Does this mean Akers now is the bell-cow back? And, if so, what does that mean for Henderson, a third-round pick a year ago?

                                I asked coach Sean McVay, and not surprisingly, he didn’t tip his hand, saying the distribution of carries was “to be determined.” Snead was a bit more forward on Akers, saying he “runs like a warrior, he runs angry, he runs like he wants to punish a defense.” That sure sounds like a running back the Rams want to give the ball as much as possible.

                                As for Henderson, let’s try to avoid some revisionist history. The Rams drafted the Memphis standout with the thought of having him be a change-of-pace...
                                -04-25-2020, 10:17 AM
                              • MauiRam
                                Are There Reasons for Optimism Regarding the Rams Improving Dramatically This Year?
                                by MauiRam
                                I believe the answer is yes, and I've listed a few for openers ...

                                1) First and foremost we have a young energetic coach who is an offensive specialist. It may be his first rodeo as a HC, but I think itís fair to say he has had some success as an OC at the NFL level. This in itself is a big upgrade over last yearís offensive game planning.

                                I donít know what percentage of improvement we can expect from coaching alone, but it is not unreasonable to believe there will be improvement. (Percentage of improvement due to better coaching might make an interesting poll in itself.)

                                2) If McVay as touted, designs his offensive strategies on both the strengths and weaknesses of his particular players, I think we may be pleasantly surprised. There has been a great deal of discussion here about our O-line. We have upgraded two very important positions on that line Ė left tackle, and center Ė that will help. (Yes, injuries could derail those upgrades, but letís not downplay the upgrades over what ifs.)

                                3) I believe McVay will design passing plays that are largely predicated on the ball coming out of the Qbís hand in 2 -2.5 seconds. The keys will be creating personnel mismatches, number one, and number two, the receivers exploiting those mismatches by actually catching and holding on to the ball. Sounds simple right? Gone are Brian Quick, Kenny Britt, and Lance Kendricks. Enter Woods, Kupp, Reynolds, and Spruce, not to mention our TEs. In particular, Woods, Kupp and yes Spruce should provide more reliability when it comes to completions. Oh, and then there is Austin. The last regime couldn't find a way to utilize his talent consistently. Given what I've seen of McVay, he'll certainly give Tavon opportunities to shine - or not. If it ends up being "not," this will be Tavon's last season wearing horns. I'm rooting for "shine."

                                4) Weíve gone back and forth here regarding Gurley - will he or wonít he Ė rebound this year? I donít pretend to know the outcome, but I am more optimistic than pessimistic that Gurley will have a better year. It is possible that McVay will try to use the passing game to set up the run. We have already tried it the other way around under Fish, with less than stellar results, and thatís being charitable.

                                5) Last but not least, McVay was able to hire Wade P., which should be the frosting on the cake. I expect our D to be solid thereby allowing Sean to focus on fine tuning the O.

                                6) One last thing: Stan Kroenke. Many here give voice to the perception that Stan only cares about the money, and doesnít care about winning. Stan moved the team, and making more money was definitely at the core of the move. This is America Ė a capitalist nation. So please, letís not beat Stan up for a no brainer move business wise. That said, why wouldnít Stan want to win? He doesnít say much publicly, but the man has an ego just like the rest of us. Kroenke...
                                -06-25-2017, 01:31 PM
                              • evil disco man
                                News Clips - July 6, 2004
                                by evil disco man
                                Rams - Bulger Relaxed And Settled In As Starting QB
                                Jim Thomas, Sporting News

                                Now that Marc Bulger knows he's the guy, he should be more relaxed--and effective. An underrated leader, Bulger is accurate and has improved at reading coverages. Even though the offense emphasizes aggressive play, Bulger needs to be a better judge of when to take chances, which will help him cut down on interceptions.

                                Seahawks - TE Mili's Mistake Is Stevens' Gain
                                Clare Farnsworth, Sporting News

                                TE Itula Mili, who caught a combined 89 passes the past two seasons, made a mistake in holding out for portions of recent minicamps. Mili did not get the contract he wanted, and his absence gave more reps to Jerramy Stevens, who has a head start going into training camp. The team is eager for Stevens, a former first-round pick, to emerge as a a downfield threat.

                                Chargers - Rookie QB Rivers To Start Immediately?
                                Jim Thomas, Sporting News

                                Drew Brees and Doug Flutie return, but first-round pick Philip Rivers is expected to claim the starting job. Coach Marty Schottenheimer will make the call during the exhibition season. Rivers (6-5, 229) is big and strong and has a quick release. He is a quick study but will have to adjust to the speed of the pro game; his strengths are accuracy and ball security.

                                Steelers - Don't Count Out QB Roethlisberger For This Season
                                Gerry Dulac, Sporting News

                                Tommy Maddox should be the starting quarterback in 2004. The plan is to groom Roethlisberger for 2005, but coach Bill Cowher will play the first-round pick if he is who gives the team the best chance to win. Some thought Roethlisberger was the most talented quarterback in the 2004 draft class; he has all the tools. He will get an opportunity in training camp to show he can play immediately.

                                Giants - QB Warner Likely To Start But Could Have Short Leash
                                Neil Best, Sporting News

                                Kurt Warner was shaky in minicamps and got frustrated as he tried to learn the system. It will be crucial for him to establish early in camp that he has something left. Rookie QB Eli Manning has the tools to be the centerpiece of the offense for years. His smarts and pedigree should allow him to learn quickly, and if Warner falters there will be little hesitation about starting Manning.

                                Vikings - Culpepper's Improved Study Habits Key To Success
                                Bill Williamson, Sporting News

                                Diligent study habits helped Daunte Culpepper make great strides last season. Culpepper, 27, showed a better understanding of defenses and reduced his turnovers, but he still has a lot to learn. Now that Culpepper makes better reads, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan lets him throw deep more often. Culpepper...
                                -07-06-2004, 11:18 PM