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After Monday night . . .

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  • After Monday night . . .

    I believe that Az has punched his ticket right out of town. Martz is trying to do the upstanding thing by "standing by his man", but what happens if he drops another punt in the playoffs last in the game. Put Ricky Prohel back there and just have him field fair catches or let 'em roll into the endzone.

    Hey MS Wistram Fan - After the game on Monday, did you here Grant say "We shut their pie holes" while doing an interview with channel 2? Classic

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    probably not

    I dont think they will get of Az, he is a great WR, he just is very fumble prone. They will work with him in the off season to correct the problem, or they will get a Punt Returner, something like that. He is too good of a receiver for them to just get rid of him because he has trouble feilding punts.:ram:


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      Has it just been this year?

      No. Eventually every game, they (television) flip up the stat that Az has fumbled the ball more than any other player in the league on a per touch basis.

      He is a talented player, but I would rather see him making mistakes in another uniform. I'm sure his agent isn't looking for him to take a pay cut in order to stay in St. Louis


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        Ah, the question of Az!

        Personally, I believe Az is an exceptional offensive talent. It's not so much of turning the ball over as it is of bad timing. Az seems to turn the ball over at critical times (when the game is on the line or the Rams have momentum in a game they have yet to put away).

        The Rams will sign Az and work on him throughout the summer as another post has already indicated. After last year, the 2001 offseason to improve and then his problems this year even I, an admirer of his talent, must question whether he can be taught ball security.

        I think the Rams should keep Az but not at the expense of Fletcher or Little.

        Go Rams!



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          Glad to see others share my opinions, makes me feel special :wiseman:


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            Az brings a lot to the offense, and perhaps you hit the key above...go get a legit punt returner and keep Az on the field to give defenses a little more to think about. I thought he was HUGE in the 2-minute offense at the end of the first half. There are some buts, though:
            1) Will the cost be prohibitive?
            2) At what point in the draft do you take that return man? (Colorado's Roman Hollowell ought to be available in the 4th round - maybe we use a #3 on him? He returns kicks and punts!)
            3) With his abbreviated role in the offense this year (catches are way down) will he even want to stay?
            4) Is he getting the Tony Blanks [sic] treatment around St. Louis?

            I have a feeling he won't be wearing our uniform next year.


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              Hopefully not

              I hope Az stays in St. Louis. But of course it isnt about if your team wins it all anymore, most althleats just go wherever there is more $$$$, regardless:upset:


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                No matter how much I wish they got rid of him - trade preferable - they won't. Martz backed him at the press conference and he is already #1 on the FA priority. He will return and continue to do punt returns - maybe he'll hold onto the ball and keep the fans from getting heart attacks everytime we see him back there.

                I posted a poll on this a while ago and i think i'll do another one. I would like to see him go. While he is a speedy great receiver, his fumbilitis has run its course.


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                  Originally posted by hank0066
                  Ah, the question of Az!

                  Az seems to turn the ball over at critical times (when the game is on the line or the Rams have momentum in a game they have yet to put away).

                  I think you said it perfectly yourself. How long will Martz "stand for" turnovers at critical times in "big games"?

                  I find myself always saying "HOLD ONTO THE BALL" every single time that the other team punts to us.

                  The other night, I didn't say it before he muffed the punt and look what happened . . . Well, maybe I'm just a superstitious freak.


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                    Signman is right; I cover my eyes every time we're on punt return.

                    I like the idea of putting Proehl back there to fair catch every punt; with our offense, its not like moving the ball is a big problem.

                    Let Az go, re-sign London and Leonard! Maybe we can draft that kid out of Hawaii who took 3 back against BYU.


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                      Of Course . . .

                      . . . Martz is basically in a position of HAVING to say he's going to stick with Az. Can you imagine the mental impact overall (including his contributions on offense - which we must admit, he HAS done!), if Martz were to come out and say, "Az fumbles too much, we're going to put Ricky back there to fair catch, and go get a #3 or #4 WR in the next draft or free agency."

                      I think we'd all agree he can't mess with the psyche of the team like that. What I LOVED Monday night was seeing everyone on the bench go give Az some love...and Az responded in the last two minutes of the first half.

                      I still would like to see Roman Hollowell (Colorado) in Rams horns next year. He'll be available late, and was among the top punt AND kick returners in the country. He's also a WR, who'd make a good #4 or #5. . .and I believe the Rams need all of the above.

                      Is it just me, or does anyone else sense that Philly beats the Whiners, we beat the Prancers, and become the NFC West it should be?


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                        And then the following week . . . .

                        the Lions knock off the Bears and we beat the Colts to wrap up HFA through the playoffs. That would mean that the Rams would play 4 of their final 5 games at home!


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                          Amen, my brother!


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                            Hey, smsec124, wussssssssup? Ya see the HERD board moved again?

                            I'd like ta see 'em keep Az. Just teach him ta WATCH THE BALL IN! Instead of looking up field for lanes or gunners. Methinks you make him a full time receiver, he'd be awesome!

                            Move him or trade him, ya still have ta draft a PR guy.