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  • O-Line Kudos

    To our Offensive Line, that has done such a great job with the running game and protecting Warner lately, you guys get the Kudos this week. Great, great job protecting Warner and giving him the time to throw the ball. New Orleans can come with a relentless defensive pressure, but you guys did a great job.

    I always take a shine to the people who get their hands dirty at work, and you guys work very hard making our offense the #1 offense in the NFL. Thanks for a great season and good luck in the playoffs.


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    I agree...

    But, I have a question. Does anyone from the RAMS organization (office or preferibly the team) read or post to this forum? Something I have wondered about lately...
    This space for rent...


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      Dosen't matter, this is for the fan of the Rams. :helmet: :shield:


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        the O-Line has definitely helped out now that they are healthy, they were in the doghouse back in preseason, but i really liked the one play where the line was starting to break and warner stepped into the pocket and got that shovel pass type thing to Bruce...