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    Wow, can you praise the defense enough? All those injuries, all those guys playing in pain. Grant Wistrom, Aenias Williams, London Fletcher, so many people just hung together and got it done. On the 3rd and goal from the 29 you could see when they lined up something was wrong. There should have been a 3rd safety in the middle of the field - only to find out Fletcher was supposed to drop deep...that had to be the most irritating thing of the evening. All in all, I was thrilled with their performance.

    Here's a list of things I'm positive about after watching the game in New Orleans:

    1) I'm positive there AINT anyone else in the world who could find their cheerleaders attractive but Bourbon Street rummies and toothless cajuns whose cousins were busy with their brothers.
    2) I'm positive there AINT anyone else in the world who could find the enjoyment in sucking a crayfish.
    3) I'm positive there AINT been a more overrated team in professional sports than the AINTS (imagine the audacity to think you're better than a team because they cough up the ball 8 times and you beat them by only 3)
    4) There AINT gonna be a team from Louisiana in the Super Bowl any time soon.

    Two more wins and the home field is ours, bretheren and sisteren [sic], in deference to you, MsWistram!

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    That was great!...

    Djccon! LOL big time! So right on all four pointers... Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Excelent! Haaaah-ha-ha-ha!! That is just too much! Jee-je-je-jee!

    And yes, it would sure be nice to see "...when the RAMS go marching in" that dome again in February! Alriiiight!

    Great DEE! Go RAMS!!! :helmet: