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  • Az???

    After another fumble, what should the Rams do?

    (this poll has been posted before, but after monday, it was warranted)
    Re-sign him, he's a great receiver
    Re-sign him, then trade him
    Give him an offer, but don't persue it too much
    Let him go in Free Agency

    The poll is expired.

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    I have to stick by him guys. I think he'll be worth it. Proehl may retire, Az knows the system. Take him off punt returns, get someone in the draft or via FA. Made a big catch after fumbling the punt.


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      Damn, he made me MAD monday, but i agree with TxRam, he knows the system, he's a pretty good reciever. Remmember however, the SuperBowl? Warner threw a pretty pass to him in the 1st and he muffed it. Martz says he's sticking with him, so what can we say? Go Rams.


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        I say..

        I don't know the money situation. Can the Rams afford him? I don't know? Especially with London coming up on FA. What does the team do?

        Hakeem is a good receiver who could start for anyone else. He just can't keep returning punts. BOTTOM LINE! He is a liability back there.

        Personally, I would like to keep him (as a WR) but ultimately I think he get's traded. You can't let him walk as a FA with nothing in return.


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          I've posted this elsewhere, but the P-D has reported that the Rams only project being able to sign 2 of 3 free agents.

          Fletcher, Little, and Hakim are all up after the season.

          Fletcher is a given, he's the heart and soul of the defense, and the toughest to replace in Lovie's scheme.

          I argue for Little; in his 1st year as a starter, he has been dominant at times. Could have challenged Strahan for the sack lead if not for the injury. A lot of St. Louisans are still upset about the drunk driving death his rookie year, but he's been a good citizen since then, and he did serve his sentence.

          I say try to trade Az, and if not, let him go. Try to keep Ricky for one more year, and draft a WR/KR in the 2nd or 3rd round. There has got to be someone that fumbles less than Az; with our offense, field position is less important that actually HAVING THE BALL!


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            i like longhorn's thoughts...

            it's definitely known that two of the three will return next year and Az is considered #1 to the Rams. Little will probably be the one to go, unfortunately.

            I too would like a WR picked in the early rounds to replace Az.


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              Az is a good WR, keep him, work with him in the off season on his catching skills on PR's, and see what happens. If it dosnt imporove, then you will have a trading option, but if u just let him go, you wont get anything for a great talent at WR like that:mask:


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                Looks like.....

                most want to keep him & I agree. W13 has the right idea, practice, practice, practice!!

                I must say though, when he fumbled that punt, I was ready to give him away. :upset: He did redeem himself somewhat though.

                Drafting a PR & making Az the #2 or 3 rec. With Ricky planning retirement & Ike not getting any younger, it's a good move.

                BTW, longhornrams, I read somewhere Fletch would be the odd man out. :eek: I love the guy, "heart & soul" as you say. I hope it was just some media type spouting off!


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                  If the choice is between Fletcher and Az, Az has to go. He is the third wr and Fletcher is the Defense. Wiht Holt and Bruce AZ is expendable.


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                    while most are saying to flat out and keep him, if you combine the other three categories for not keeping him or just not persuing it - it's about 50-50. Half the people want him to stay, but at the same time the other half have doubts and other ideas about him.


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                      I think Hakim's fumble today was the final straw.Martz finally benched him.We had a chance to put the game away and Hakim's fumble put Carolina right back in it.We cant afford for him to do this in the playoffs.Az hasnt returned a punt for a TD this year,so the pros and cons of having him return punts is on the side of the cons.I say, sign Fletcher and Little and let Az do what he will.I like Az,but he is not worth a huge contract.

                      :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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                        I have posted previously to keep him, but after today I am not too sure. He just dosen't seem to concentrate, like his head really isn't in the game. Last year, his fumbles in the previous games would have been devastating.

                        I just don't see how his upside outweighs the fumbles anymore.
                        Last edited by txramsfan; -12-23-2001, 06:51 PM.


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                          Get rid of that loser Az Za-whatever. This guy makes me madder and madder every week and your're right, last year he would definitely have lost us everything. My sister could hang on to the ball better. :mad: What is this guy's major malfunction?!!!!!!!:mad: :angryram:


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                            On a previous post, I too thought we should keep Az, just not at the expense of Fletcher or Little.

                            After today's game enough is enough. Dre Bly needs to be the return man from here on in. Az should be a 4th receiver only (Proehl holds on to the ball).

                            On the one hand I am impressed by his natural talent bu talent counts for nothing where a player doesn't play with either their heart or head in the game (Az's head just doesn't seem to be in the game as of late).

                            Remember, after a near glorious comeback against the Saints in the playoffs last year, it was Az who fumbled a punt and ended the season for the Rams. He has done little to redeem himself this year.

                            The punt is off :upset: :eek: :rolleyes: :mad: Az Fumbles!


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                              I said let him go in free agency, and I feel that even more after yesterday.

                              He wasn't even close on the fumble (and it was the only punt he tried to catch). Hit him square in the chest.

                              And did you see how Carolina played punts? Put 4 guys 3 yards from Hakim in a circle, just waiting for the inevitable fumble. Ridiculous.

                              Didn't Proehl used to return punts for Arizona? Could we put him back there just to fair catch?


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                                Terry Glenn??
                                by txramsfan
                                I know I am may be way overboard here, but if the Rams let Az go his own way, would Terry Glenn be available on the cheap? Or some other receiver a team may be looking to dump, like a Joey Galloway?
                                -12-23-2001, 05:02 PM
                              • sbramfan
                                Antwon Randle El... FA?
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                                Not that we have the luxury of picking up a FA on offense, but I was hoping the Rams would have got this guy when Az left.

                                I know that most of you would say that we have finally filled the "slot" receiver role with Curtis, but if there was anyway to remove MacDonald and his salary, and pickup this guy, I would be all for it. For punt returns, of course, and for the occasional gadget play....but mostly as another quick receiver to keep 'em guessing.

                                On the flip side, I hope the Rams go out and get a tall receiver, even if it's late in the draft. Just someone who can come in for a mismatch against a small corner. We are falling behind in this area. Maybe the TE Linehan will likely pick up will be tall? Any good TE's in the draft that are 6'6-6'7?
                                -02-15-2006, 11:04 AM
                              • txramsfan
                                Qadry Ismael for Az Hakim?
                                by txramsfan
                                That could be an option. The Ravens are having a fire sale, and Ismael is on fire. He could fit in perfect as the third wide out. If Yo can return kicks and learn to catch clutch passes this year in NFL Europe, there could be your lineup.
                                -02-27-2002, 07:41 PM
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                                Jared Cook
                                Andre Smith
                                Phil Loadholt
                                Dustin Keller
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                                Someone else (who?)
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                                Az Hakim
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                                Az is a speedy receiver and returner, but has an EXTREMELY high fumble ratio (i believe 7 out of 100 catches or something like that). Should the Rams spend a lot of time and money to keep him in St. Louis??
                                Yes - his speed is critical in this offense
                                No - his fumble problems are too much
                                -11-28-2001, 07:22 PM