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    This was started on another thread and I thought it need a new home cause its an interesting topic.

    Who do the Rams not protect in the expansion draft. I do believe the team must declare 5 players. The names that have surfaced are. You try to name 5 that expendable...not an easy task

    Yo Murphy

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    A tough quintet...

    Good question...

    My concern, however, is regarding the specific positions: a) how are the positions determined / who decides from where to trim? b) does the NFL assign replacements or is it up to the teams to choose? c) is it up to the team to decide about rookie Vs. veterans to pitch in for expansion?

    At any rate, my tentative selection for our quintet would be: :rolleyes:

    1. Willie Gary
    2. Yo Murphy
    3. Frank Garcia
    4. Mark Bulger
    5. Chidi Ahanotu
    You're right J-Ram, not an easy task.


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      Bulger no way...he is another Kurt Warner in the ruff. I like this kid...thought he should a lot of promise at camp this year!


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        I'm not so sure you release Ahanotu. He was a pro bowler a couple years ago


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          NO to Ahanatou and Young, they're starters and they're playing tough and hard.

          Bulger would be interesting. I doubt houston would bite instead going for an experienced backup/starter - a la Cleveland.



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            Didn't Ahanato sign a one year contract? If that is so he wouldn't be eligible for the expansion draft...your five wouldnt hold up ;)


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              On further review...

              Ok, Ok. Let's negotiate. :cool:

              But hey, the questions still stand: a) is each team allowed to determine on thier own as to what positions to contribute with? b) And rookies Vs. veterans? c) What does the team get in return? Forgive my ignorance... I just haven't understood this deal very well.

              On further review:
              1. Keep Young, he's much too good, strong and young as a DT.
              2. I'll give in, keep Ahanotu for another two years. Ok.
              3. I figured if Rams "sacrifice" Bulger, we'd shop for a solid DB.
              4. I went blank here.
              5. Where is Cedric Jones? Is he still in the line-up next season?

              Let the Houston Oilers game begin. Every team is being very careful about their "donations, of course. I just feel the St. Louis Rams have a very close, very well-put-together team right now.

              And I hope Ricky Proehl remains another year too! And Marshall, two more! And..., and... yes, it's a tough business. Happy Holidays.


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                Just off the top of my head...

                Without doing any homework, what about those new guys we had on 'D' during the 'Aints game?


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                  My 5 would be

                  Willie Gary
                  Dustin Cohen
                  Yo Murphy
                  Robert Holcombe
                  Marc Bulger

                  The teams can allocate who they like, but they must have been on the active roster ,not be injured, once one of your players is injured you can pull one back off the list. The other guys who might be in danger I think are Justin Watson and any of the back up Offensive linemen.