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  • My observations on the game

    I watched the full replay this morning on nfl network. Here are a few of my general views, with the flashing red light overview that these are only observations based on one preseason game, insufficient data is available to draw any conclusions.

    1) Jackie Slater is an Excellent broadcaster. He is also an enormous human being, his girth is quite impressive.
    2) Claude Terrell is the largest guard i have seen. He looked pretty impressive and is certainly ahead of sapaia on the depth chart.
    3) Willig was not terrible. He is brand new. sure, he got beat clean once, the other sack on him i thought was a coverage sack. remember we are not looking at him as a left tackle, if THe Big Man goes down, we have lots of troubles.
    4) Tucker struggled quite a bit. i wonder if playing him at tackle is an attempt to move his position for opening game or provide flexibility for later. He stayed in a long way and played a lot more than sapiaua. Tucker missed an entire year, i think people have been too harsh on him too soon.
    5) Claiborne looked good the little he played.
    6) Bartell had some nice plays where he was right with his guy.
    7) We got very lucky to win that game. A bear receiver dropped a ball that hit him in the hands in the end zone in the last 45 seconds.
    8) Fitz looked ok to me, nothing great. arm didnt seem that strong. Interesting choice, physical talent vs. brains. Smoker should get a real chance.
    9) Brandon Green was obviously dominating during scrubiny time.
    10) Dez was impressive on punt coverage. It is quite clear to me that his off season workout routine has paid big dividends.
    11) The chat room was great.
    12) Hard to tell yet on hodges. He sure didnt blow me away, but wasnt terrible. The biggest disappointment was the last punt, which really was awful when we had a chance to pin them down at the end of the game without timeouts.
    13) Barring injuiries, a little birdie tells me garrett is in trouble. I think ivy and fair are both ahead of him at this point.
    14) Pisa was really flying around out there. continues to remind me of isiah robertson.
    15) it was great to see leonard literally throw fred miller into the qb
    16) Mamliamamliamula is one of the most underated rams. His blocking has improved quite a bit IMO and he makes some very very tough catches. I think he can contribute more this year if given the chance.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: My observations on the game

    Good overview G.C. Pretty much what I gathered by listening to the game.Didnt hear much about Pisa during the broadcast,but your comparason to Robertson is very good praise for him

    Wish I could have seen the game today.
    it would have been fun watching Dez in kickoff coverage.

    I will now return to wool gathering..... psycho out


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      Re: My observations on the game

      It looks like the officials aren't gonna cut us an slack this year. The very first punt return was bogusly flagged for illegal block in the shoulder pads, I mean back. Then, later on in the game, their punt coverage team not only had a legitimate block in the back, but the same player held his guy when he got up. The last first down that was ruled fourth down was misplaced by half a yard in the bears' favor. Not to mention the nice goal area reception that was caught by 87 (Ridgeway) was ruled illegal touching by #33 (Harris). Speaking of illegal touching... When the Bears punt coverage player ran into his own receiver, and the ball was muffed, they hit the RAMS ST with an illegal touching that gave the Bears the ball at the 8 instead of the 3.

      On to things the RAMS can control.

      Our Defense looked good with the first team, but we will be hurting if we lose some starters. Especially in the Secondary and the LBs.

      Atogwe is a ball hawk. He was the one that grabbed a loose ball from the bottom of the pile and handed off to Carter while the officials were still looking to see which Bears player had the ball.

      Martin looked a whole lot better in the game than what I have been hearing about his camp so far. Granted he wasn't playing against the One's, but he deffinately out shined Bulger.

      Coakley looked to over persue on a few of the bigger running plays, leaving gaping holes.

      D'Lew looks like a man on a mission. I hope he can keep it up all year.

      Roland looks to be a nice addition to our blocking schemes. On at least one play the announcers gave 75 credit for a nice hole Williams created when he pulled from the left side.

      I was disappointed that OP wasn't in there, anyone know if there was anything major causing his absence?

      I hope the announcers are better in the next game. I am not able to keep up with the constantly changing number like I used to, but I knew which players made plays before the announcers did.



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        Re: My observations on the game

        The bears announcers in the second half didnt know the rams players of course and while big jackie was terrific, i agree that the rams play by play guy was really lousy.

        Also agree that martin was impressive, he will be the backup end of story. We are not going to go into the seaosn without an experienced backup, regardless of his arm strength.

        Ridgeway did look good out there. he stepped out of bounds before he made the one catch, the ref blew the announcement, not the call.

        Sure we have issues if some starters get hurt, doesnt everyone? Thats what the cap is all about.

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel


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          Re: My observations on the game

          Who is Dez?


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            Re: My observations on the game

            Originally posted by general council
            10) Dez was impressive on punt coverage. It is quite clear to me that his off season workout routine has paid big dividends.
            Is that to say nobody on the punt team could cover worth a crap?


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              Re: My observations on the game

              Friday night on NFL access I was able to see the Rams in small increments as they switched between the other 5 pre-season games going on. What a teaser it was to see the RAMS play and then theyíd switch to another game, dang it, how frustrating. But I was able to watch it in its entirety yesterday morn. It came on at 7 a.m. My highlights of the game were:

              Jackson, dang that boy is going to do awesome, heís fun to watch, our future and Iím glad heís a Ram!

              Ridgeway did great too, I like him.

              Jamie Martin threw some bullets right on the money. I was very impressed and happy to see that. Heís certainly maturing as a QB and I feel comfortable with him as our back-up.

              On a somber note, itís too bad about Grossman, that kid just canít catch a break.

              But on a positive outlook, I think we have a very exciting season ahead of us and I canít wait to see them whiners come September!!! WOOHOOOOO


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                Re: My observations on the game

                Actually, the point was that the leaner, meaner, sleeker version of dez appeared to shed blockers and break up the wedge like a veritable juggernaut.

                ramming speed to all

                general counsel


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                  Re: My observations on the game

                  Originally posted by the brent
                  Who is Dez?

                  ahem ...... Tadaa :helmet:

                  Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                    Re: My observations on the game



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                    • RamDez
                      by RamDez
                      , August 12, 2005
                      From Row HH
                      (Report and opinions from the game.)
                      Preseason Game #1: Rams 17, Bears 13

                      Mike Martz's goal for tonight was to see the Rams' young players in real game situations, and he got his wish. Not only that, but from players like Brandon Green, Claude Terrell and Ron Bartell, not to mention Steven Jackson, the coach and Rams fans should have liked a lot of what they saw in the Rams' victory.

                      Position by position:
                      * QB: Please tell me I'm not going to have to worry about Marc Bulger (3-5-38) throwing the ball to the wrong team all season. He played a quarter and threw two picks in the same possession, one, of course, called back for a defensive penalty. That pick was a dumb forced pass that Brandon Manumaleuna may not have been expecting. The second pick was even worse, a terrible pass intended for Isaac Bruce but a mile over his head and picked off by Charles Tillman at the goal line. Another failed drive in scoring territory for Bulger. He did hit Bruce and Torry Holt a total of 3 times for all 38 yards, and was under big pressure from a makeshift offensive line, so he's got some slack this week. But the ball needs to quit going to the other team, Marc. Saw a lot to like out of Jamie Martin (12-19-143). Mike Martz called the ideal offense for him Ė lots of plays with short drops and opportunities for him to get the ball out quick. At the same time, Jamie showed tons of poise in the pocket, throwing a lot of his completions a split second before being hit. And they weren't all dumpoffs; Martin threw a lot of medium-range passes and showed a pretty good arm for it. Martin played a quarter-plus and drove the Rams to both their TDs. Ryan Fitzpatrick (2-6-26) followed for a quarter and seemed to show good pocket poise and decision-making, but all I can really tell you about the guy so far is his arm's not very strong and he likes to call timeouts. Jeff Smoker (1-1-9) was the #4 QB, a first for Martz in a preseason game, but he threw only one pass and nearly committed a critical turnover on a blown exchange from center late in the game.

                      * RB: We all know Arlen Harris (9-27) is Martz's pet player for whatever reason, but he looks faster after losing last season's fullback weight, and he showed some of that tenacious running tonight he showed a couple of years ago in Pittsburgh. He appears to be ahead of Aveion Cason (6-7), who didn't get much of anywhere as the 4th tailback. Marshall Faulk (2-minus 2) was only in for a couple of plays. I'm expecting all this cool Martz-mad-scientist stuff when Marshall's in the game, and what do we get the first time Marshall touches the ball? One of those stupid delay inside handoffs that lost four yards every time the Rams ran it last year. And I believe it lost four yards. And, of course, there's Steven Jackson (7-47), who's starting to look like a breakout player. He showed excellent speed around the corner on an early...
                      -08-13-2005, 11:17 AM
                    • Nick
                      Thoughts on Tonight's Game
                      by Nick
                      Again, I'm not one to base my life savings on preseason games. But some of the things I saw tonight worry me.


                      -Wow, the first team offense looked confused out there. First of all, the offensive line. I think I could count on one hand the number of times I saw adequate blocking either for a pass or run play. We really miss Pace, and it doesn't look like anyone is really stepping up. All anyone has to do is blitz and the line folds like Swiss.

                      -Bulger looked bad. He was lucky to actually have time to throw most of the time, but some of his throws just looked off-target. He and Isaac couldn't hook up on the first drive (although I liked that 17-yard out later in the half), and he gunned that slant to Looker a bit too hard. He looked out of synch and rattled, understandably because of the pressure but still... and held onto the ball too long on some plays. Looked like he didn't even see Barber coming from midfield on that interception.

                      -Faulk showed a cutback here or there and looked quick, but didn't do much that I could see. With this line and the blocking we have, Jackson looks much better at this point. He can shed the first guy and gain a couple after that. Given what this line has showed us so far, we may be forced to depend on that.

                      -Chandler looked okay but not as sharp as he did against the Bears. Nearly got picked twice on two bad throws (one was probably penalty worthy on the Chiefs DB). Looks like he was suffering from some of the same O-line problems Bulger faced in the first half, but I don't think Chris was being blitzed as much, though.

                      -Kevin Curtis looks like he's answering McDonald's performance last game. He's had some nice grabs and has me optimistic about our depth at wide receiver.

                      -Just saw the line give up a sack on a three man rush, and not because Chandler was holding onto the ball too long. This is embarassing. SIGN PACE NOW!!!

                      -Smoker fumbled the snap. Ugh. Smoker's pass gets stolen by a KC defensive back. Double ugh. Smoker throws into double coverage and would have been intercepted had the DB come down in bounds. Ugh to the third power. On the bright side, I saw Smoker hit a number of guys... that were wide open. I guess that's better than whiffing on some.


                      -We can't stop the run to save our life. It's that simple. I don't know what they have to do, but it seemed like our lineman couldn't get off their blocks, and I saw Tommy Polley being taken out of a play by Dante freakin' Hall. DANTE HALL!!! He weighs 100 pounds wet. No wonder Polley's been demoted.

                      -Our defensive line has had some problems tackling the quarterback. Little looked like he was in a practice mindset by whiffing on Trent Green early in the game. When Tyoka did get to the QB, he was called for a bogus penalty. Other than that, the D-line hasn't impressed...
                      -08-23-2004, 07:49 PM
                    • evil disco man
                      Scrimmage Notes From A Bears Fan
                      by evil disco man
                      The following report was posted on the Herd board. I cut out the Bears part. Good read.

                      Posted by Isiah 58 on the RamBeat Mail List-

                      Although this is from a Bears' fan's perspective, it
                      is pretty interesting but long. The second half is
                      Bears' stuff, but I didn't edit the post. Note his
                      characterization of Stephen Jackson!
                      Isiah 58

                      Made it to Macomb in time for the afternoon practice
                      on Friday. Stayed overnight and attended the scrimmage
                      with the Rams today. Here are my observations. They
                      are uncluttered. I have not read the home page. I
                      tuned in WSCR on the way out of Macomb, as it was the
                      only AM station broadcasting something other than pork
                      belly and grain futures. However, the contradictory,
                      rambling, self-serving opinions quickly became
                      background noise. I have no idea what the heck those
                      guys were talking about.

                      Please remember that these are lay observations and
                      they are from memory. I wish I had video-taped the
                      scrimmage or had taken notes. There was an
                      extraordinary number of substitutions, with varying
                      combinations of personnel. It was really tough to keep
                      track of everyone. The plays were run very quickly.
                      Additionally, it was a beautiful day and there were a
                      lot of beautiful, comfortably dressed females in
                      attendance. I would like to take this opportunity to
                      say a special 'Hello' to the bleach blond in the
                      pink top and white SHORTs sitting with the skanky
                      looking dude by the south end zone and the 'Mom'
                      from the Quad Cities (with her 'father-in-law' over in
                      Section N ).

                      With that disclaimer, I begin this somewhat unedited
                      post (note re: Friday's practice - We watched the
                      Bears Offense play the Rams Defense. However, we sat
                      high enough in the stands that we could see the
                      adjacent field where the Rams O played the Bears D.):


                      -- The staff was extremely cordial and helpful. They
                      seemed delighted to be hosting this weekend. The
                      stadium was immaculate, the practice facilities
                      excellent, and everything seemed to go smoothly,
                      including Will-Calls and last minute general admission
                      sales. Traffic flow, 'signage', and police protection
                      was first class. They even had rent-a-cops standing
                      guard on the hilltops in case al-Qaida decided to
                      attack Hanson Field.

                      The place was completely packed. My son just came down
                      to tell me that ESPN reported 14,000 fans. I dunno
                      about that, but I am sure there wer ove 10,000. There
                      seemed to be an equal number of Rams and Bears fans.
                      Everyone seemed to get along quite well, even though
                      we were completely intermingled. Rams fans are
                      -08-09-2004, 09:12 PM
                    • HornIt
                      HornItís Rams vs. Raiders review Ė The Revenge of Chris Johnson
                      by HornIt
                      Yes folks itís true. The thing you never, ever, thought could possibly happen, happened.

                      Rams castoff Chris Johnson, the guy who stepped out of bounds on the Rams own 1 yard line on a kickoff return the first time he ever touched the ball as a Ram, made the Rams pay dearly Saturday night for their decision to set him adrift in the NFL sea of uncertainty. Well, he hooked on with the Raiders and haunted the Rams much of the night, be it with his excellent coverage or his TD saving big plays such as knocking the ball out of Fitzharvardís hands as he was driving for the goal line and through the back of the end zone.

                      This was just sort of the way the entire night went. Nothing much went right. What could go wrong did go wrong. Even what we thought couldnít go wrong, such as Johnson getting his revenge, went wrong.

                      Funny thing though is, after digesting my first viewing of the game and then watching it again on NFLN this afternoon, maybe not as much actually went wrong as I thought it did initially, and as a lot of people thought it did initially. At least, not as many fundamentally bad things came out of the game as it first appeared.

                      This would seem to give credence to the age old adage, never do game analysis after only one emotionally invested viewing of the game. You may just see things much differently after youíve had a chance to get over the original disappointment of the results not being exactly what you were hoping for. Thatís what happened to me this time anyway.

                      Watching it all again, really only two things stuck out in my mind as being responsible for how bad things appeared on first viewing last night. Those two things were penalties and Bulger, in that order.

                      The key play in every Raiders scoring drive was some kind of key penalty, and not just any old penalty, but big, huge, game changing penalties. 10 penalties for 157 yards, and the worst thing about that is, several of them truly were completely bogus calls. But even if they werenít, itís better news than the initial news that they simply got their butts whooped. That actually didnít happen.

                      Additionally, contrary to the popular narrative thus far, they were not conservative on offense and they did actually show quite a bit of their passing game, and they were making a concerted effort to go vertical and get the ball downfield. The thing is, they (mostly Bulger in this case) just didnít execute.

                      Think of 44 passes and 17 rushes, averaged 13 yards per completion and does that sound conservative to you? Does that sound like they didnít open up at least a little? The problem on offense last night was not a lack of imagination, it was a lack of execution.

                      So, letís take a look at it.


                      Initially I thought the O-line played fairly poorly, but on second...
                      -08-25-2007, 07:25 PM
                    • RamWraith
                      Lineahan on the Mic
                      by RamWraith
                      From today at Rams Park:

                      Coach Scott Linehan

                      August 11, 2007
                      (On the first preseason game)

                      ďJust one announcement and I take responsibility for this so donít get mad at me but we are going to have practice closed tomorrow. We are 50-50 whether we are going to be in or out for obvious reasons. It is supposed to be 100, 101 degrees tomorrow. I donít know what that does to the index. Itís not quite as humid today as it has been so if the index is still there and itís not extremely high we may go outdoors just for the conditioning and work outdoors and be able to get outdoors. We canít chance that if it is high, that we move indoors. We donít want to disappoint fans who are planning on coming and see that they canít get in to the indoor. We will do it day-by-day this week, we are not going to do the entire week. Hopefully, there will be a break in the weather or the humidity goes down and we feel good about it. If we go out tomorrow, there is a pretty good chance we will stay out all week. That is our plan for right now.

                      On the injury front, one change from last night. WR Dominique Thompson did have two, Iím not sure if I would call them broken ribs, but they are displaced down in the lower right side from the hit that he was knocked out for a few plays. He actually went back in and played which showed his ability to handle that, which had to be extremely painful. I would say he will be at least a few weeks before he is going to be able to participate in any contact. RB Brian Leonard also bruised his lower rib cage. He should be fine. He should actually be able to full go tomorrow with a little discomfort. CB Jonathan Wade is cleared. We will do the neuropsych test, the standardized test that we do for people who get a little shaken up. It will be done tomorrow and if that clears he will be cleared. WR Dane Looker took a knee to his lower back. He is questionable as to how much he will do in the next couple practices. He should be ready to go next week. With the old injuries, obviously DT LaíRoi (Glover) was held out. He took a little set back from pre-game warm up. He was planning on playing a series or two but he took a set back with his groin or hip flexor. I think WR Dante Hall will be much better this week. He had a good workout prior to the game. We just held him out based on not being 100 percent but he should be ready to go this next game. LB (Tim) McGarigle is improving. He is still probably going to be a game time decision next week but should be participating more in individual drills and we will see how he is by mid-week. T Ken Shackleford will do more drills. He has got a knee bruise that is somewhat painful but hopefully he will be ready. We are aiming for this week but it might be the next game. LB Raonall Smith has the shoulder that is fairly painful. Itís not anything serious, more of a contusion that shouldnít keep him out this week. That is where we are at, nothing...
                      -08-12-2007, 07:04 AM